The Legend of Futian
200 Surpassed by None?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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200 Surpassed by None?

Chapter 200: Surpassed by None?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

All cultivators of the Noble Plane in the Eastern Barren Territory had heard of Xiao Wuji's name. The disciples had told them many times about this man who'd broken many records in the Ancient Barren World.

But the first time they met Xiao Wuji was at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

Naturally, all forces were interested in someone who was known as the most talented of the young cultivators in the Eastern Barren Territory. No one knew who he would choose.

Now, all eyes were on Xiao Wuji at the top of Mirror Mountain. The horrible fate, hundreds of meters high, rushed into the Stone Wall. Then the wall turned transparent. A strange glow covered Xiao Wuji.

"What's inside the Stone Wall?" Ye Futian asked Ye Wuchen out of curiosity. He'd heard that only Ye Wuchen had tried the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall before.

"There's a figure created by noble intent. It clashes and fights with your own intent," Ye Wuchen said. "And it gets stronger. Whenever it defeats a Noble, a new one will appear on the wall."

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. Ye Wuchen had defeated two Nobles and failed with the third one. This meant that two Nobles appeared on the Stone Wall. How many Nobles could Xiao Wuji put onto the wall?

Soon, a Noble appeared on the smooth mirror-like wall, representing Xiao Wuji's accomplishments.

So fast, everyone thought. Clearly, Xiao Wuji had defeated the opponent with extreme speed.

After a while, a second Noble gradually appeared. Everyone grew anticipatory. With the Nobles of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall, it grew more difficult as it progressed. It was already difficult to make two appear. Only the top figures could make a third appear. As for four, only the most crazily talented ones of the Eastern Barren Territory could do it.

How many could Xiao Wuji make appear?

Gradually, a third Noble flickered onto the Stone Wall. It glowed but wasn't solid yet before a terrifying glow enveloped Xiao Wuji. His black hair fluttered and he stood up straight. The Noble figure on the Stone Wall trembled before finally solidifying. The moment that happened, a horrible light rushed into Xiao Wuji's body.

According to rumors, when the third Noble was imprinted onto the Stone Wall, the challenger could receive great benefits. It was the feedback from the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. Xiao Wuji must have received it.

After that, an even more terrifying light enveloped Xiao Wuji. He seemed to be trying again. A fourth Noble figure flickered in and out. It was about to be carved onto the wall and something frightening appeared. At that moment, Xiao Wuji seemed to be enduring horrible pressure. His body started trembling. One could guess as to how terrifying the Stone Wall was.

There were many people present but few had completed three Noble figures. They'd experienced this scene before and understood what Xiao Wuji was going through.

Finally, under that horrible sight, a fourth statue appeared. It was branded onto the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. An even more dazzling light washed over Xiao Wuji. His entire body shone brightly and brilliantly.

The fourth Noble. Everyone's hearts trembled. This was the record of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. Only the best of the best had done this before and no one had surpassed them.

So powerful. The people were shaken but Xiao Wuji continued to challenge. The situation at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall couldn't be described as only "frightening" now. The strange phenomenon filled the sky, drowning everything. Xiao Wuji's mind was bearing incomprehensible pressure. Finally, there was a muffled sound and he retreated. He couldn't continue challenging.

The Mirror Mountain Stone Wall shone brilliantly and gradually dimmed. The Noble figures also disappeared gradually. Even though he had failed, no one looked down on him. They were all impressed.

He'd beat nine drums, left an eight-inch Image on the Wall, and easily comprehended three statues. If he continued, he could do even more. At the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall, he'd tied the record, making four Noble images appear on the wall. This record was so amazing. He could be compared to any top figure without seeming weaker. In fact, he seemed even better.

"Wow," Ye Futian praised as well. Xiao Wuji was incredible. He didn't know about the others but Ye Wuchen could only make two images appear on the wall. Xiao Wuji had done four. It was obvious how powerful he was. This was possibly also related to cultivation. Ye Wuchen was skilled with the sword but Xiao Wuji was a Full Attribute Sorcerer. He had various types of noble intent and would naturally hold advantages while challenging. Even so, the talent Xiao Wuji displayed was already impressive enough. No wonder the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory all came for him.

The Witch Gu Biyue grinned at Ye Futian. Her senior brother was no weaker than Xiao Wuji. He was the type of talent that could command the skies and earth.

"The fifth Noble will probably never appear on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall," Xiao Wuji sighed. He turned slowly and looked at everyone. This was both his first and last visit to the top of the mountain. After this, he would choose a clan to join and try for the Arcana Plane.

Will he choose a clan now? Everyone's eyes flashed in anticipation.

"Xiao Wuji, would you like to join the Royal Xuan Temple? We will definitely give you the best treatment," a cultivator from the Royal Xuan Temple said. Even though they weren't the most powerful, Xiao Wuji would be the center of attention if he joined. This was beneficial to him.

The other groups all started speaking. However, the Fuyun Sword Clan, the Sword Saint Mountain, and Qianqiu Temple were Buddhist clans. The Moon Clan was female-only. Many guessed that Xiao Wuji most likely would only choose between the Donghua Clan and College. However, these two forces didn't hurriedly invite him.

"Xiao Wuji, if you join the Qin Dynasty, we will allow a princess to marry you," a prince of the Qin Dynasty said. Many hearts shook. The Qin Dynasty was so aggressive. In order to get this talent, they were willing to make a princess marry below her class.

This way, Xiao Wuji wouldn't have to worry about his status in the Qin Dynasty. He would be part of the royalty. This was to remove his concerns.

"The Donghua Clan is most suitable for your cultivation," Hua Qingchi said.

"I am from the College," Tang Ye said now. He spoke slowly. "The College extends an invitation to you."

Everyone was shaken. Was this the College's confidence?

I am from the College. What kind of confidence was this?

Countless eyes fell upon Xiao Wuji. What would he choose?

Xiao Wuji gazed at everyone and slowly said, "I choose the College." There was no hesitation in his voice. He chose the College. Clearly, he'd already decided beforehand. This was why the College was confident. They didn't have to say much. Tang Ye only said that he was from the College and invited Xiao Wuji.

Now, Xiao Wuji agreed. Another top cultivator belonged to the College.

A smile appeared in Tang Ye's eyes. He said, "Welcome." Today, he came for Xiao Wuji and the visit was not wasted. Being able to witness this scene was indeed something to be happy about.

The other forces all looked disappointed. Of course, the Donghua Clan was the most disappointed. After all, they were the top contenders with the College. But this was Xiao Wuji's own choice. No one had forced him so they could only accept it.

"Shall we go straight to the College?" Tang Ye asked.

"Okay." Xiao Wuji nodded. He'd already prepared when he came.

"Then, let's go." Smiling brightly, Tang Ye said, "After you."

Xiao Wuji strode forward. Everyone subconsciously moved aside. They watched Xiao Wuji and Tang Ye leave together. The two walked to the edge of the Mirror Mountain and down the steps. Tang Ye had come for Xiao Wuji. Now, he left in satisfaction and there were no other problems.

Hua Qingchi of Donghua Clan looked disappointed. He glanced at Ye Futian's group and left too. They'd given Ye Futian a chance before. Since Ye Futian didn't want them, then whatever.

The Sword Saint Mountain, Qianqiu Temple, and Moon Clan all left as well, disinterested.

They'd all come for Xiao Wuji today.

However, the Fuyun Sword Clan didn't leave. Li Doayun's expression was sharp as he looked to Ye Futian's group. He wasn't in a hurry. He'd wait for everyone to leave. In his eyes, Ye Futian was already dead.

As if a banquet had ended, many people looked dazed and at a loss.

"It was so great," Gu Biyue said cheerily.

"Indeed." Ye Futian smiled. Then he started walking somewhere. Gu Biyue was confused. Where was he going?

Ye Futian wordlessly walked to the battle drums, standing before the nine drums.

Boom. The first beat was soft. Everyone's eyes flashed at the sound and looked to Ye Futian. With Xiao Wuji's performance, did someone else want to try? It would be so boring in comparison.

Boom… The second beat came. Even though everyone heard it, there was still no feeling.

Boom, boom, boom! The third, fourth, and fifth beat came. The air started shaking as the beats became louder.

Many people of the top forces were going down the steps beside Mirror Mountain. Hearing the drumbeats coming from the mountaintop, they were all shocked. Was someone still beating the drums?

They paid no heed and continued descending.

Boom, boom! Then the sixth and seventh beats came like thunder.

On the stairs, Tang Ye smiled at Xiao Wuji. "I wonder who is trying to compete with you?"

Boom. With the eighth beat, the air shook crazily as if struck with lightning.

At the mountaintop, many people looked at Ye Futian. At the moment, his white robes fluttered and his long hair flew. Without stopping, he punched like a dragon. His fist beat onto the drum; the drumbeat was like a dragon's cry.

Boom! The skies and earth shook together as the drum sounded for the ninth time. The scenery changed. Everyone at the mountaintop looked at Ye Futian, impressed. He was indeed talented.

Tang Ye and the others on the steps heard this too. They paused slightly but smiled and continued down.

Nine drumbeats were nice but not amazing.

Standing before the battle drum, Ye Futian's clothing and hair flew in the wind. He raised his arm once again!
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    《The Legend of Futian》