The Legend of Futian
201 Those Who Know Me Understand My Arrogance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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201 Those Who Know Me Understand My Arrogance

Chapter 201: Those Who Know Me Understand My Arrogance
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At the top of the Mirror Mountain, countless eyes looked at Ye Futian, watching as he raised his arm once again. The nine battle drums had sounded at once, shaking the skies and earth. What was he doing now? This time, Ye Futian's heart was as calm as still water. Powerful strength swept from the drums, rushing into his body. The intent power was terrifying.

He could cultivate with this.

Yu Sheng's noble intent had changed here, turning into mid-level noble fate.

Ye Futian raised his arm again. Purple lightning cracked terrifyingly above and melded into the intent fate. A dragon's roar streamed faintly from his arm.

Under everyone's eyes, Ye Futian's arm went to the drum. The drum sounded again.

Boom! With that thunderous crack, the battle drum became one with the intent. In the sky, a dragon roared and lightning danced. It turned into a horrible thunderstorm that swept through the sky.

The sky turned into a world of lightning and thunder dragons danced. Under this terrifying phenomenon, frightening lightning charged into Ye Futian's body. It bathed him, turning him into a god of thunder. The drums had sounded ten times. Thunder and lightning had appeared.

On the steps, those that were descending stopped. They looked up and saw a crack of lightning flash in the sky.

Tang Ye stopped again. Seeing the phenomenon, he finally lost his cool. Who could make the drums beat ten times? In addition to Tang Ye, many people stopped, trembling inwardly. Even Xiao Wuji was shocked by this scene. The tenth boom was louder than the previous nine.

The lightning faded slowly but the drum's boom still resounded throughout. At the mountaintop, everyone's expressions grew heavy. They gazed in the direction of the battle drums, staring at the white-clothed figure. Lightning washed over him and he seemed to be withstanding horrible pressure. His body was about to explode, his consciousness extinguishing.

But he stood up straight as if he would never fall down.

The drums quieted. But once the sound dissipated, it would begin again.

Under everyone's eyes, Ye Futian raised his arm once again. This was the eleventh time.

Many hearts trembled at this moment.

There was no longer lightning on Ye Futian's arms. Instead, it glowed brilliantly with golden light. He seemed to transform into a Golden Roc. Horrible intent rushed in and then his arm went to the battle drum.


The nine sides sounded at once. It was like a tidal wave crashing. Golden light shot up into the clouds. Another phenomenon was created; there seemed to be a Golden Roc spiral up.

This sound beat directly in the hearts of many.

The eleventh time.

Princess Liu Chenyu and Gu Biyue stared at the proud figure standing there. At that moment, he seemed to have become someone else. Just like when he played his guqin, he was like a powerful emperor.

Which was the true him—the him right now or the flirtatious one?

Liu Chenyu thought of what Ye Wuchen had said and had a strange feeling. Mayhap… She still couldn't believe it but the battle drums had really been beaten before her eyes.

Lin Yueyao gazed at Ye Futian. Was this guy finally starting? As expected, those who had looked down on him would finally see what he was truly like.

In the Fuyun crowd, Li Daoyun's eyes instantly sharpened. What was Ye Futian doing? Was he copying Xiao Wuji to join a top force?

On the steps, Tang Ye looked to Xiao Wuji, who looked back at him.

"Go look?" Tang Ye asked.

Xiao Wuji nodded. They turned and strode upwards quickly. Not only them, many others also returned to the mountaintop. When they reached the top and stood at the edge of the Mirror Mountain, they saw the figure clearly. He was bathed in endless golden light and his body was about to be ripped apart and drowned in the windstorm. However, they could see who he was.

It was Ye Futian—the one who didn't value the opportunity Hua Qingchi gave him. The one Tang Ye had said was a fanatic and idiot.

Hua Qingchi and Tang Ye were both shocked. How could it be him?

The people from the Qin Dynasty and Royal Xuan Temple were shocked and stunned as well. They'd vaguely heard about this person before. He'd robbed the Fuyun Sword Clan cultivators of their fates and defeated Gu Biyue in musical sorcery, taking her in as a servant. His talent was stronger than expected. Could they have an unexpected result?

At that time, they saw Ye Futian raise his arm again. He was going to hit the drum again. Even with the horrible attack earlier, he still didn't give up.

At that time, Ye Futian clearly felt the terrifying feeling of his intent pouring out. At the same time, he realized how frightening it was to be bathed in this intent power.

The nine drums could sound nine times but after that was the true essence.

At the peak of the Mirror Mountain, very few people could beat the battle drums nine times. Those were the rare talents. Those who can hit more were extreme talents who had to endure unimaginable pressure, including Yu Sheng. Everyone also believed that nine strikes were perfection.

With this misunderstanding, who would continue with the tenth strike? Who could complete the tenth strike?

As strong as he was, he could clearly feel the ripping feeling. He had to bear unbelievable pressure with the tenth strike. The eleventh strike was about to destroy his intent. However, he still didn't give up. He couldn't give up. He had felt the great benefit and felt his intent transform.

After the ninth strike, each boom was a storm of spiritual qi. Thus, he beat it a twelfth time. There was another boom of thunder. The skies and earth shook as one; everyone's hearts trembled with the drums. This time, it was the flame intent.

Thunder, gold, and fire. Everyone was shocked at how Ye Futian had already displayed so many elements. With each strike, he released a different element.

Xiao Wuji was a Full-Attribute sorcerer. Was Ye Futian one too?

The raging flame intent charged into Ye Futian's body, trying to burn him. He protected himself with the emperor's intent but was still under extreme pain. However, he remained standing.

This was not only for cultivation. Why had he come to the Ancient Barren World? It was because his plane had been too low and he'd been too weak. Emperor Luo made him despair with just a command.

He went to the Cangye Kingdom and was number one on the Fenghua Rank. Afterward, he performed brilliantly in the Tingfeng Banquet but Emperor Luo still wanted to kill him. Luo Junlin entered the Royal Xuan Temple and became so powerful. Coincidentally, the Ancient Barren World opened at that time. Thus, he came.

He couldn't wait.

He stepped into the Ancient Barren World and kept advancing until he finally came to the Barren City and to the top of the Mirror Mountain. He wanted to prove himself here; he wanted to choose a top force to join.

Only this way would Emperor Luo lose all qualifications to be arrogant. Luo Junlin would never be able to act proudly before him.

At the mountaintop, he was absolutely confident in himself. He was only waiting for the right time. And now, with all the top forces present, was the right time. However, Hua Qingchi had told him that he would not have another chance after that. Tang Ye of the College had called him an idiot who didn't know his place.

In contrast, Xiao Wuji had shone and all the top forces had waited for him to choose a clan. He could choose any of the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory.

Since that was the case, Ye Futian would tell them all who he was. He wanted them to see his brilliance. Who could break Xiao Wuji's records? He could.

He knew that everyone was watching him at this moment. Right now, his white robes fluttered and his long hair flew, complementing him.

He raised his arm again and uttered, "Those who know me, understand my arrogance!" As soon as the words were spoken, the drums began to beat. The skies and earth shuddered and his sound waves swept through the heavens.

Those who know me understand my arrogance!

His voice swept through, reverberating in everyone's ears, almost ingrained in their minds with the drumbeats. But this was still not the end.

Ye Futian raised his arm again. "It is not a waste to abandon those who do not!"

Boom! The atrium shook and a horrible windstorm blew on everyone's bodies. It was so aggressive. Their clothes flapped while their hearts shook.

That voice was too impressive.

Those who know me understand my arrogance. It is not a waste to abandon those who do not.

He was so arrogant and powerful. He was Ye Futian.

Was it over? No. Under his raised arm, the drumbeats filled the sky. The entire world shook and the figure seemed to be eternal.

Finally, as the sixteenth drumbeat sounded, a horrifying intent storm charged at Ye Futian. The nine drums trembled at the same time and some horrible intent poured into Ye Futian's mind.

Boom! With a huge sound, the first drum shattered.

Boom, boom, boom…

There were continuous explosions. Under their shocked gazes, the nine drums shattered one after another. Each explosion was heart-stopping. Finally, they shattered and turned to dust.

Only that powerful figure remained standing. Light enveloped his body. At that moment, even Ye Futian's backside was so magnificent.
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    《The Legend of Futian》