The Legend of Futian
202 You Are Not Qualified to Understand My World
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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202 You Are Not Qualified to Understand My World

Chapter 202: You Are Not Qualified to Understand My World
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The drums were cracked but the drumbeats continued reverberating throughout the air. Ye Futian's crazy sound still echoed through the minds of many.

At the top of Mirror Mountain, Xiao Wuji had chosen his clan. He stepped onto the mountain for the first time today and revealed unsurpassable talent. He could easily communicate with statues of various elements, leave an Image on the Wall, beat the nine drums, and make the Noble images appear.

Ye Futian beat the drums after Xiao Wuji. To many, he was overestimating his own ability. With Xiao Wuji's example, everyone would seem nondescript. They all thought that no one in the Ancient Barren World could have Xiao Wuji's talent. The glory he created could not be broken in a long while.

Was it true? Before Xiao Wuji even left, Ye Futian used his actions to tell everyone that Xiao Wuji was not unmatchable. He had beaten the drums 16 times and created an abnormal phenomenon, causing the drum's intent to pour out and explode. The drums were now broken but the record was for eternity.

This was a true record. Xiao Wuji's record was able to be broken. Countless eyes looked at the silhouette. Ye Futian seemed to still be feeling the intent power pouring into him. His white robe fluttered without wind.

Liu Chenyu had a strange look in her eyes. Servant? She glanced at Ye Wuchen beside her. He looked calm as if he didn't find anything strange—as if this should happen. He must be completely confident, Liu Chenyu thought. Ye Wuchen believed that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's talent was above the top talent of the Eastern Barren Territory.

Ye Futian seemed to have proved Ye Wuchen's words from before. At least now, he'd definitely surpassed Xiao Wuji.

Liu Chenyu looked over slowly towards where Tang Ye and Xiao Wuji were at. Tang Ye, the wild student of the College, had a strange look in his eyes. Hua Qingche was the same.

Those who understand me will understand my arrogance. What is wrong with abandoning those who do not understand me?

Was this the reply to them? It was indeed wild enough.

"You can continue after nine drumbeats. If you knew this, I'm sure you would do the same," Tang Ye said to Xiao Wuji beside him.

Xiao Wuji glanced at the shattered battle drums. This was his first time to the Mirror Mountain and first time beating the drums. After the ninth sound, the drums on the nine sides sounded together. The intent poured out and everything seemed complete. He didn't know one could continue. If he knew, he would have done so. How could he not do what the others could do?

"Of course." Xiao Wuji nodded. This was confidence in his own abilities but the drums were broken so he couldn't prove it. Everyone heard him and nodded. Ye Futian had impressed them but with Xiao Wuji's talent, he could probably do it too. Finally, Ye Futian moved. He rose slowly and walked in another direction. Seeing him, many eyes flashed. He was walking towards the Image on the Wall. Xiao Wuji had broken the record here. Was he…

Many people felt strange. Was this guy repeating Xiao Wuji's steps? Was he serious? Did Ye Futian want to challenge Xiao Wuji? But that wasn't his intention. He'd come to Mirror Mountain to choose a clan. Xiao Wuji had set the precedent so the easiest way for Ye Futian to reach his goal was to break Xiao Wuji's records. If he did so, no one could doubt him.

Of course, perhaps this was just Ye Futian's excuse. His true reason was that he was pissed. He was pissed at Tang Ye's attitude as well as Hua Qingche. Earlier, he didn't refute the other. A vocal refutation meant nothing. What was stronger and simpler than actions?

The Donghua Clan and College had ignored him because they were fighting for Xiao Wuji. If that was the case, then he had something to show them!

The Image on the Wall shone faintly. The stone was like a mirror. At this moment, Ye Futian stood before a huge boulder. At the mountaintop, everyone stared at him. He became the sole focal point.

In reality, he'd taken the Witch as a servant so many people came for him. However, Xiao Wuji came to choose a clan and instantly stole the spotlight. In everyone's eyes, only Xiao Wuji existed. There was no room for anyone else. But now, Ye Futian once again was the center of attention.

Could he break Xiao Wuji's record at the Image on the Wall?

The stone glowed dimly and enveloped Ye Futian's body. At that moment, Ye Futian felt his intent get swallowed by the stone. That instant, Ye Futian felt countless intent, all from different strong cultivators. He picked up his feet and walked over. Instantly, countless intent flooded at him. He couldn't endure the extreme pressure for a moment.

One inch for the Image on the Wall. Outside, many people saw Ye Futian's image appear, branded onto the stone.

Ye Futian continued walking. Soon, the figure sank in two inches, three inches… At that moment, Ye Futian seemed to understand something. With every step forward, the pressure grew stronger. Not only did the pressure come from the stone's own intent, it also included the intent from people before.

The stone tablet was very strange. If you wanted to leave an inch, you needed to face the intent of those who left an inch before. The further you went, the stronger the pressure. If you wanted to break the record, you had to overcome the intent everyone left in the Image on the Wall. That was why everyone who said that the deeper one's image was, the more terrifying the talent. Breaking the record was like surpassing the power of everyone's intent before him.

Not too long later, Ye Futian's image was seven inches.

Many people's hearts trembled and grew nervous involuntarily. The Witch Gu Biyue stared at Ye Futian without blinking. Seven inches was the record before Xiao Wuji. Now, Ye Futian had reached this step. How could he be so talented? It seemed that it wasn't embarrassing to lose to him.

This guy was indeed terrifying.

Seven inches. One more step and he'll be tied to Xiao Wuji. Everyone stared at Ye Futian. At this moment, he took another step. The stone tablet shone with frightening light as if endless intent flew violently at Ye Futian. But he didn't budge at all. Gradually, his image on the wall was eight inches.

He'd tied the record. He had once again done what Xiao Wuji had done.

Tang Ye earlier said that Xiao Wuji was unparalleled in the Ancient Barren World. Was he really? Then what was the Ye Futian that he had embarrassed?

Ye Futian didn't show any sign of leaving either. He lifted his foot again and stepped forward. He was about to carve his body into the stone.

Ye Futian's image became nine inches.

Xiao Wuji's record was broken by Ye Futin within two hours. Everyone was speechless; they didn't know what to say.

Even Xiao Wuji's eyes changed. He hadn't tried his hardest with the Image on the Wall but Ye Futian had broken his record twice. It was already extremely frightening. Ye Futian was qualified to be seen at the same level as Xiao Wuji. He didn't think that someone else could be so powerful and not belong to any top force.

"Who is he?" Xiao Wuji asked Tang Ye. He rarely cared about others but he was interested in Ye Futian.

"Ye Futian," Tang Ye replied.

After the nine inches, Ye Futian stopped. It was enough to break the record. The stone tablet couldn't help him gain anything substantial. So this was enough.

Ye Futian walked away from the stone tablet. He returned to the statues area he'd been cultivating at. At this time, strands of sharp intent descended. The Fuyun Sword Clan walked over with Li Daoyun amongst them.

They couldn't let Ye Futian continue. He'd already broken two records. The other forces were all interested. However, the only force that Ye Futian wouldn't join was the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Li Daoyun had chopped off Ye Wuchen's arm. How could this hatred be dissolved?

Seeing Li Daoyun walk over, Ye Wuchen and Loulan Xue walked before Ye Futian, blocking the Fuyun Sword Clan's path. Liu Chenyu and Liu Feiyang also stepped forward, stopping the clan.

Seeing that the Fuyun Sword Clan was about to act, the various forces all walked over, approaching the statues area.

Tang Ye and Xiao Wuji walked closer too. Seeing Ye Futian stand before a flame statue, Tang Ye said, "Xiao Wuji already reached the limit in this area. It's meaningless to communicate further. If you really want to compete, go prove yourself at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall."

Tang Ye was clearly interested as well. He didn't feel disdain like before.

Ye Futian looked over with a strange expression. "Earlier, you said you don't like how I act," he said. "But that's your business. Now, I really don't like you so please shut up about my business."

Everyone's eyes hardened. Ye Futian was replying to Tang Ye's aggressive words from before.

Tang Ye's gaze hardened. He stared at Ye Futian and replied with a sneer, "Even if you're truly talented, the College is still the most suitable place for cultivation. What is the point of cutting off your own path because of your personal feelings? As a Second-plane Dharma, you made enemies with the Fuyun Sword Clan and took Gu Biyue in as a servant. Have you ever thought of the consequences? Is this not stupidity?" He still didn't think he had said anything wrong. If Ye Futian didn't enter the College, it was his own loss. It had nothing to do with Tang Ye.


Ye Futian ignored Tang Ye. He looked at the huge flame statue. Then powerful firelight came from the statue, quickly engulfing him. Then, just like Xiao Wuji earlier, Ye Futian melded into the flame statue's body to feel the sentiment inside the statue. He seemed to be proving that he could do what Xiao Wuji could do. But was that all?

The flame statue grew wilder. The Spiritual Qi in the surrounding environment rushed violently into the statue. Ye Futian's body was completely melded into the statue as if he was part of it.

A shocking flame aura flowed. The next moment, a pair of huge eyes flew open. Firelight shot out from those eyes—they were the statue's eyes.

That moment, the statue's eyes were filled with vitality. They turned slowly to Xiao Wuji. The next moment, under everyone's shocked gazes, the huge statue actually moved. The enormous flame statue turned around and moved before Tang Ye.

Then an extremely overbearing voice came out of the statue.

"You are not qualified to understand my world!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》