The Legend of Futian
203 Burning Arm
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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203 Burning Arm

Chapter 203: Burning Arm
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A domineering yet impressive voice came out of the statue. It was Ye Futian's voice.

At that moment, Tang Ye's expression grew uglier. He'd said that Xiao Wuji had gone to the limit and it was meaningless for Ye Futian to continue. However, had Xiao Wuji really gone to the limit? Then what was Ye Futian doing now? Xiao Wuji could comprehend the statue but Ye Futian could control it.

Tang Ye had called Ye Futian an idiot twice, but why? Ye Futian was in the Second-level Dharma Plane but had done things outside of his ability. He couldn't handle the Fuyun Sword Clan and couldn't anger the Witch Clan. These two forces could both kill him in the Ancient Barren World. So in his opinion, Ye Futian was an idiot. No one could refute him. Even though Ye Futian had displayed absolute brilliance, he still didn't think he said anything wrong. Ye Futian was an idiot.

But now? Ye Futian had controlled the statue. Who could say that the Fuyun Sword Clan and Witch Clan could definitely kill him? Ye Futian's "you are not qualified to understand my world" was a slap to his face. Was Ye Futian an idiot or was he ignorant?

Liu Chenyu and Gu Biyue were shocked, their hearts beating madly. Earlier, Xiao Wuji had quickly comprehended three statues consecutively and entered the statues to cultivate. They'd naturally thought that Xiao Wuji was better than Ye Futian. It was because Ye Futian had stayed longer in the area but didn't reach Xiao Wuji's level. Now, they finally understood why Ye Futian stayed in that area, studying each statue. He'd already tried quietly to control the statues, doing something no one had ever done without anyone realizing. They'd doubted his talent but he already had ideas.

He'd struck the battle drums 16 times and then they exploded.

He'd left a nine-inch image on the Image on the Wall, breaking the record.

He could control the statues.

Ye Futian had completely defeated Xiao Wuji in the three relics.

Earlier, everyone was still shaken by Xiao Wuji's talent and thought that no one could surpass him. But after such a short period, someone walked out and was even more brilliant.

The battle drums had shattered; his record was for eternity.

He could directly control the statues. Who could surpass that?

This was a true record—an unbeatable record.

Countless eyes stared at the giant body of flames, their hearts shaking. Had someone more talented than Xiao Wuji truly appeared? And it was someone who'd been overlooked all this time, humiliated by Tang Ye.

It was so ironic.

The statue was still facing Tang Ye. It uttered, "Do not use your scale to measure me. You do not qualify."

Tang Ye's expression grew uglier. He couldn't refute it. The things he'd said earlier were truly based off of his own mindset and level. It shouldn't be a problem but the man before him now was an outlier.

"Also, you said I had cut off my own path. Are you sure you can represent the College?" Ye Futian continued.

Tang Ye paled considerably. Ye Futian's words had gone straight into his gut. His talent had surpassed Tang Ye and even Xiao Wuji. At this time, could Tang Ye really represent the College?

Obviously not.

If Ye Futian's performance at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall was as impressive as in these three relics, if he would beat Xiao Wuji's record again, all the top forces would fight for him. What did it matter if Tang Ye disliked him at that time?

Could Tang Ye represent the College?

He had no right to choose Ye Futian. At that time, Ye Futian would be the one choosing, just like Xiao Wuji.

In addition to Tang Ye, Li Daoyun also looked aghast.

Back then in the Ancient Loulan Relic, he'd been so arrogant. He'd been so powerful and looked down at Ye Futian. But now, he saw the true Ye Futian.

He definitely did not imagine that Ye Futian would be so powerful. None of the four strong cultivators at the Loulan Relic had expected this. However, the other three forces only wanted to fight over the treasures and didn't have any deep rivalries. Li Daoyun, on the other hand, had taken Ye Wuchen's arm.

With Ye Futian's talent, once he joined a top force, Li Daoyun would become his mortal enemy. Plus, Liu Chenyu had already sided with Ye Futian against him. He had pursued Liu Chenyu before. Even though she didn't answer him, there was still hope. Now, when he wanted to fight Ye Futian, Liu Chenyu had walked up and was full of cold animosity.

Looking at that beautiful face, he sighed inwardly. When he gazed at Ye Futian, the murderous intent in his eyes intensified.

"Let him come," Ye Futian said. Liu Chenyu and Loulan Xue glanced at the statue and moved aside.

Li Daoyun's gaze shot towards the statue and stepped forward. With one step, he shot into the air and landed before Ye Futian.

"You told me you're waiting for me. So it seems that this is your confidence," Li Daoyun said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian didn't speak. The flame intent was to the extreme on the statue.

"In the lower Ancient Barren World, the Dharma Plane is the limit," Li Daoyun said. "Even if you can control the statue, your actual cultivation will only be the Dharma Plane but the power of the will isn't restricted. I have noble intent. I've fought against a true noble in the Ancient Loulan Relic. I'd like to see what you can do with this statue."

"Enough," Ye Futian said. He understood what Li Daoyun was doing. There was a limit to the lower Ancient Barren World. No matter how powerful the statue was, it was the flame intent that was actually powerful. His statue's body could swallow the flame Spiritual Qi in the world but would still be restricted to the Dharma Plane. But wasn't it enough for him to be at the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane?

Li Daoyun stood atop his sword in the air. The sword Qi filled the air. He was holding the ritual implement sword that he'd received in the Loulan Relic. His sword started dancing and the skies changed. Powerful sword intent burst in his body. All the Spiritual Qi in the world converged, transforming into sword Qi.

Li Daoyun was very serious. His personality was wild but seeing Ye Futian's talent, he didn't dare underestimate him. He used all his power. If he could, he would kill Ye Futian on the spot. He hadn't joined any force yet. If Ye Futian was killed, no one would be able to say anything.

Various afterimages formed. Countless images of Li Daoyun appeared in the sword Qi. It was like his Dharma's ability. The countless figures all wielded their swords at once and the sword Qi strengthened. The windstorm was about to destroy everything. It seemed that only swords remained in that sky.

Ye Futian's statue burst with horrible fire. It clenched its fists and its body burned furiously. It was like a furnace, able to melt the entire world.

Li Daoyun finally moved. The countless afterimages moved together. At that moment, there seemed to be rivers of swords in the sky, flowing to Ye Futian. Li Daoyun guided the sword river forward. He floated lightly like a cloud but left behind the fatal swords.

Boom! In the sky, horrible flames exploded, and wind blew through the sky. Countless flaming maple leaves appeared. They danced with the wind and swept towards Li Daoyun. With rustles, the horrible flaming maple leaves glowed with golden light. Like inextinguishable fire, they burned away Li Daoyun's afterimages to nothing.

In the distance, the sky actually burned with golden fire. The world of fire created by the maple leaves engulfed the sword river, destroying it all.

The statue's sorcery. Xiao Wuji's eyes flashed as he looked at the maple leaves.

Many afterimages were burned but one was able to slice apart the sky. The maple leaves all died away under his sword. That was the true Li Daoyun, fighting his way over to Ye Futian's statue. A swordsman's close-combat ability was honestly terrifying. But just then, Ye Futian closed his palms. The giant hands of his statues were extremely quick as if predicting the path of Li Daoyun's sword. The statue's hands closed around the sword.

"You're gonna die," Li Daoyun uttered coldly. His sword was a ritual implement. How could Ye Futian capture it with his hands?

Sword Qi erupted, destroying everything. The furnace-like hands were about to shatter as well. His sword was the sharpest weapon in the world and it stabbed towards the statue.

The palm crumbled bit by bit. At the same time, horrible fire crept onto Li Daoyun's arm. It kept going, about to seep into Li Daoyun's body.

"Break!" Li Daoyun roared. The sword Qi shattered the statue's arms and then angled up to the head. But almost simultaneously, his body suddenly lit up with countless fire prints. They were like holy fire and pain arrived. His body was about to burn up. His sword-wielding hand trembled and his arm shone with golden flames.

His face paled. Instead of continuing the attack, he chose to retreat decisively.

In this battle, he would kill if he could; if he couldn't he would retreat. There was no reason to fight to the death.

"Give me an arm," Ye Futian said coldly. The statue's eyes were just like his own. Horrible fire intent shot out from those strange fiery pupils. Then Li Daoyun's arm seemed to set on fire. An ancient fire rune appeared.

"Ah!" There was a horrible pained cry. The sword in Li Daoyun's hands fell shakily. He stared at his right arm. It was burning without stop!
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    《The Legend of Futian》