The Legend of Futian
207 In the Name of Cangye
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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207 In the Name of Cangye

Chapter 207: In the Name of Cangye
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It was only natural that Ye Futian had no clue about Luo Junlin's murderous intent all the way at the Royal Xuan Temple. But then again, taking care of him was the main reason why Ye Futian wanted to join a powerful force in the Ancient Barren World.

Having Luo Junlin in the Royal Xuan Palace was a threat, after all. Especially to the Cangye Kingdom. Ye Futian owed Emperor Ye so much, he would not allow the kingdom to fall into danger.

On the top of Mirror Mountain were many relics. These past days were spent accompanying Hua Jieyu. With Ye Futian guiding her enlightenment by the relic statues, her fate strengthened tremendously.

Then again, she was highly gifted to begin with. She was also a Full-Attribute sorcerer and could comprehend all the different elemental statues. Otherwise, she would not have had any improvements even with Ye Futian helping her.

During these past days, more people had left. They could not keep waiting. They thought Ye Futian would probably do what Xiao Wuji did and make an announcement before choosing a force. That way, at least the different powers could prepare and head for Mirror Mountain.

Presently, things were quiet on the mountain. The wind blew and the sunlight was warm. Many people cultivated by themselves. Just then, a figure headed for the stone wall quietly. Someone noticed the figure and widened their eyes in surprise. It's him? Did he want to try the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall again?

Liu Chenyu had a glint in her eyes as they followed the figure. It was Ye Wuchen. Others had not taken notice, but just a while ago, she saw Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen speaking. And right after that, Ye Wuchen headed for the stone wall. What did it mean?

Liu Chenyu's eyes were trained in the direction of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. She watched as Ye Wuchen sat down on the ground in front of the wall and released his fate.

Why does his sword will feel so different from that of others? So terrifying. At this point, everyone was dazed by Ye Wuchen as the area around his released fate seemingly filled with a force of formless swords, giving off a dangerous feel.

Ye Futian was not surprised by this. Ye Wuchen was not only a swordsman, he was also a spiritual sorcerer. His Life Spirit was a small silver sword, a natural-born swordsman.

Cultivating with comprehended will was associated with the element of spirit. Ye Wuchen was enlightened with sword will and was able to combine his will, fate, and spiritual energy. The noble will which he possessed was different from that of others. It was more powerful. Even his formless spiritual sword intent had extreme attack powers. If his opponent did not have noble will, Ye Wuchen would easily be able to destroy them even if they were in higher levels.

Although Ye Wuchen only had mid-level noble will, he was definitely no weaker than a cultivator with upper-level noble will. After Ye Wuchen acquired the fate of the Noble from his ritual implement, he also absorbed the fates of multiple powerful cultivators from the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Right now, the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall looked almost transparent once again. A formless force encapsulated Ye Wuchen's body. Gradually, more and more people took notice and turned their attention to him.

Ye Wuchen was going to challenge the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi were also looking over. This cousin of theirs had been cultivating alongside Ye Futian in the Ancient Barren World and they had no idea what level he was at now.

Slowly, one Noble figure appeared on the stone wall. Nobody was surprised by this. When Ye Wuchen had come in front of the stone wall months ago, two Noble figures had already appeared. And then, just as everyone expected, the second Noble figure appeared.

Can he challenge three? Everyone's eyes sparkled as they watched on. Liu Chenyu's eyes were glued in Ye Wuchen's direction, full of anticipation. Although it seemed like the chances for a third figure to appear were slim, Ye Wuchen had already improved greatly since his last attempt. He was in a higher level of cultivation so it would not be completely impossible.

The force field remained over Ye Wuchen. The stone wall released a bright shining light. There was a faint figure of another Noble which caused all spectators to become extremely nervous. Their eyes were stuck on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

A crazy force of will erupted from Ye Wuchen and filled the entire area with sword qi. The figure on the wall become clearer and clearer until it was completely opaque, so real that it was as if the figure was imprinted on the stone wall.

The third Noble figure had appeared.

So powerful. The onlookers stared at Ye Wuchen. Everyone had previously focused solely on Ye Futian and seemed to have neglected those around him. This one-armed swordsman was terrifyingly gifted.

In the Ancient Barren World, only those who were freakishly powerful had been able to make four Noble figures appear on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. However, there were also very few people who were able to make three figures appear, so to do so was already an impressive feat. And now, Ye Wuchen had done it.

An invisible force was emitted from the wall and entered into Ye Wuchen. He remained unmoved, still wanting to challenge the fourth Noble figure. As all the spectators focused on the wall, the faint image of the fourth figure came and went. Finally, Ye Wuchen sighed when that faint image of the Noble figure never showed itself completely. But that did not change the looks of amazement people had when they looked at Ye Wuchen.

"Chenyu, it seems like you two have a pretty good relationship," Liu Feiyang teased his sister beside him.

"Don't think too much of it." Liu Chenyu did not feel like humoring her brother.

"He just made it to the sixth level Dharma Plane. There's still so much potential," said Liu Fengyang. "Plus, his looks and the aura around him are also outstanding."

Liu Chenyu was speechless. Were there really older brothers like him? What was the meaning behind his words?

The light still shone on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. Ye Wuchen stood there looking at it. A little while later, he spoke, "The Hundred Lands, Cangye Kingdom, Ye Wuchen." After introducing himself, he turned and left the stone wall.

The Cangye Kingdom, Ye Wuchen. Everyone one committed this information to memory. He actually came from that place on the border of the Eastern Barren Territory. The Hundred Lands was a place that people from the Eastern Barren Territory did not head for often. It was too out of the way for them. What was Ye Wuchen's purpose for making his information known?

Those from great powers stepped forward, seeming to want to extend an invitation to Ye Wuchen. But just then, they saw Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu walk toward the stone wall.

"Go," Ye Futian said softly.

Hua Jieyu nodded and stepped in front of the wall. By this time, everyone was already looking over at her. Deep down, they felt as if the thing they had long anticipated was about to come true.

In front of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall, Hua Jieyu released her fate. Noble fate of all elements rushed out and climbed high into the sky. Hearts pounded and everyone looked dumbstruck at the scene ahead. The multi-elemental noble fate that radiated off of Hua Jieyu's beautiful figure was upper-level fate.

The Witch, Gu Biyue, never left Mirror Mountain. Also watching Hua Jieyu was Loulan Xue. This was when both females realized that Hua Jieyu's beauty was not the only reason Ye Futian was wrapped around her fingers. This powerful female was the reason Ye Futian never paid other women any attention.

Lin Yueyao was dazed. Was the gap between her and Hua Jieyu really that big? If that jerk, Ye Futian, would have helped her like he did with Hua Jieyu, Lin Yueyao could very likely have acquired noble fate already.

Very quickly, the first Noble figure appeared.

Then, the second.

Everyone could feel the heavy pounding of their hearts. They felt it deep down. Something big was about to happen.

"Hurry and notified the people of the clan," ordered someone from a great power. Many of his fellow clan members scurried. Their status was not enough to persuade Ye Futian and the others to join their clan.

"It's too late," said someone else. Nobody expected Ye Futian's group to make their move so suddenly. There was no hint and they definitely did not give out a specific time beforehand as Xiao Wuji did.

The Mirror Mountain Stone Wall glowed with a bright light. The light grew brighter and brighter until the third Noble appeared, sending a shiver down everyone's back. Another genius cultivator who was able to make three Nobles appear. She also possessed upper-level fate. On top of that, she also seemed to be a Full-Attribute Sorcerer!

Hua Jieyu challenged a fourth figure, but just like Ye Wuchen, she failed in the end.

Looking up at the stone wall, she spoke softly, "Cangye Kingdom, Hua Jieyu."

Another one from the Cangye Kingdom. Everyone was shocked.

Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi felt a squeeze in their hearts. The siblings exchanged a glance filled with shock. They shared a realization, the Cangye Kingdom was about to become famous.

Hua Jieyu returned beside Ye Futian and was met with a bright smile.

Then, Yu Sheng stepped out from Ye Futian's side. He also stopped in front of the stone wall.

Do they plan to keep going? Spectator's had their gazes frozen on the large figure. Yu Sheng released his fate, the will of strength, metal, and wind were released. All of the noble level.

Another person with upper-level fate.

The people were now desensitized to this. Both Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu were only in the third-level Noble Plane but were both in possession of upper-level noble fate.

When had it become so easy to acquire noble fate?

The Mirror Mountain Stone Wall glowed again, its light blanketing over Yu Sheng. Mere moments later, the first Noble figure appeared.

Will he also make three figures appear? Everyone's thoughts were running wild. Was there going to be four freakishly powerful people from one batch of visitors who were able to make three Noble figures appear?

Not too long after, a second figure appeared. Bystanders took a deep breath. He should have no problem with a third figure.

Just as they expected, a third figure appeared on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall a while after. Yu Sheng basked in the strong, bright light emitted off the wall.

What's going on today?

All the people on the mountaintop were rendered speechless. Gu Biyue's eyes sparkled in amazement while Liu Chenyu's heart pounded loudly. This whole group of people was freakishly gifted.

On the stone wall, the faint image of the fourth figure flickered. But nobody cared too much this time around seeing that Ye Wuchen and Hua Jieyu had been able to do the same before and had both ended in failure. It was most likely going to end the same for this person. Even so, everything these three people had accomplished had already shocked everyone around.

Slowly, the fourth Noble figure's image became clearer. The flickering of the image became shorter, seemingly stabilizing.

"Look!" shouted a spectator.

This is not possible.

Everyone stared at the stone wall. The image of the fourth figure was becoming more and more opaque. And just like that, in front of their very eyes, the fourth Noble figure appeared, imprinted on the stone wall.


Many people were extremely surprised. Making four Noble figures appear on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall was something only top-level geniuses could do. And now, Yu Sheng had also accomplished this. Furthermore, he was only at the third-level Dharma Plane.

"Cangye Kingdom, Yu Sheng," he shouted loudly. Everyone jumped at his volume.

Cangye Kingdom, Ye Wuchen.

Cangye Kingdom, Hua Jieyu.

Cangye Kingdom, Yu Sheng.

In the name of Cangye!
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