The Legend of Futian
208 Waves
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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208 Waves

Chapter 208: Waves
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With Yu Sheng's roar, everyone's heart shuddered too.

What exactly was the Cangye Kingdom like? The top three prides had tested their talents at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. They were all extremely brilliant, equal to the top figures of the Eastern Barren Territory. Yu Sheng especially had made four noble figures appear. Xiao Wuji had stopped at that point.

His was a record and Yu Sheng had tied with him as a Third-level Dharma Plane. Since Ye Wuchen, Hua Jieyu, and Yu Sheng were all from the Cangye Kingdom, then what about Ye Futian?

The Hundred Lands was a barbaric land but how did such a small country nurture such talented people? Were they doing this for the name and dignity of the Cangye Kingdom?

At that time, countless eyes looked somewhere—obviously in Ye Futian's direction. Ye Wuchen, Hua Jieyu, and Yu Sheng had all displayed their talents. Now, the one they'd all been waiting for should go now.

Yu Sheng walked over. He stood to the side and also looked at Ye Futian. Under everyone's scrutiny, he stepped forward and walked to the Stone Wall.

This guy… Countless eyes stared at him. After waiting for so long, was he finally going to do it? Since Yu Sheng could make four noble figures appear, he must be able to do it too.

Ye Futian made his way to the Stone Wall. Facing it, he released his fate. At that moment, dazzling noble fates of all elements rose up. They wove together beautifully.

He's Full Attribute. Everyone's hearts shuddered. Ye Futian surpassed Xiao Wuji in aspect of fate. All that remained was the test of the Stone Wall. If he could tie with Xiao Wuji's record and make four noble figures appear, and judging from his Full Attribute talent and his other performance at the mountaintop, he could surpass Xiao Wuji.

That moment, everyone felt that they were witnessing the birth of another top talent of the Ancient Barren World.

Ye Futian's fate charged into the Stone Wall. The wall flashed instantly. Like a mirror, it enveloped Ye Futian. At that moment, Ye Futian felt his mind enter the wall. It was a void, like inside the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

A terrible will pressed down on him. It was noble intent. Then it transformed into a figure and came down on Ye Futian. But Ye Futian's own will was so powerful now. Fiery noble intent burst forth and danced, branding onto the noble intent, destroying it. A noble figure instantly appeared on the Stone Wall.

"So fast," the people muttered, seeing the figure that appeared instantaneously. He was too fast. The first noble figure seemed to pose no threat to him.

In the void, the second noble figure appeared. It was made from pure flame intent and burned towards Ye Futian. Ye Futian's figure, also created by intent, was extremely cold. Icy intent was released, sealing everything. The flame intent was covered by frost. Then thunder intent exploded and destroyed everything. The flame intent disappeared.

On the Stone Wall, a second noble figure appeared. Many advanced cultivators in the Eastern Barren Territory could do that. But the third noble figure was a huge challenge. Many were defeated here. Those that could succeed were all the top figures of each force.

The third noble figure appeared before Ye Futian. It was created by flame intent and was very pure. It felt like the emperor noble he'd met at the Loulan Relic. Ye Futian had to use his emperor's intent to defeat him.

Ye Wuchen had lost to the third figure on his first try.

This figure was covered in horrible fire that flowed across him like lava. He was like a demon ruling over hellfire. He walked towards Ye Futian's intent. The powerful heat rushed over to burn Ye Futian to nothing. His will transformed into a furnace. It also bathed in endless fire and seemed to shine like a sun. He was like a sun god. Ancient runes of fire flashed around him like godly flames.

The limit of noble fire intent? He wanted to see if his own could defeat the extreme.

The two flame bodies walked towards each other with shocking firelight. The body of the demon king and the body of the sun furnace crashed. Fire flowed wildly.

At that moment, Ye Futian understood something. The first intent he'd released after entering was flame intent so the flame intent here grew stronger. Now, such a terrifying king appeared. It contained noble level flame techniques and clashed against his intent. Now wonder Ye Wuchen had been defeated the first time.

The second time, he'd clearly surpassed his limits with his sword and made the third figure appear on the Stone Wall.

Since Ye Wuchen could do it, Ye Futian wouldn't use his emperor's intent either. He used his own abilities to battle against the flame intent. He didn't even use other elements. He knew that having noble intents of various elements would give him an advantage here.

Various flame runes gradually appeared on the demon king. They stacked atop each other and glowed faintly. They gradually began burning on his body and grew even brighter. They were dazzling. Gradually, the entire demon king burned. The huge body transformed into three ancient runes. Finally, it turned into formless power and rushed into Ye Futian's body.

That moment, the third figure appeared on the Stone Wall outside. At the same time, the formless power surged into his body. Starting from the third figure, he could gain something from each one that appeared.

It's the third one. Countless eyes stared at the one standing before the Stone Wall. With only one more figure, he'd be tied with Xiao Wuji, the record-holder. That step was difficult but once he did so, everything would be different.

Yu Sheng had done so but he wasn't more brilliant than Xiao Wuji before. Thus, the people just thought that Yu Sheng was talented but wasn't as powerful as Xiao Wuji. However, they'd all seen Ye Futian's performance at the other three relics. If he could tie with Xiao Wuji's record here, it would mean something more.

At this moment, another figure transformed by intent appeared before Ye Futian in the void. It shattered immediately and then various flame figures appeared around him. Each one contained extreme noble intent.

Ye Futian trembled inwardly. No wonder so many prides were stuck here, unable to go on. If he could succeed, he could be the best of the best. These figures attacked directly at once. In an instant, the entire world turned into a world of fire. It destroyed everything and drowned the void. Ye Futian saw this and felt his will drown into nothingness.

Ye Futian looked up. His eyes flashed sharply and in an instant, a strong Ice Seal bloomed. It turned everything into a world of ice and fought against the fire. The terrifying fire broke apart the ice and continued towards Ye Futian. A cold moon appeared behind Ye Futian. It emanated shocking eerie coldness. All fire in its path was extinguished. A horrible icy storm was swept up. Everything froze where the moon shone down on.

But the fire nobles were so terrifying. The fire transformed into rivers of lava that flowed on the ice, continuing to sweep towards Ye Futian. More terrifying flame figures charged into the ice world, slapping down on Ye Futian with palms of fire.

Boom! Ye Futian strode through the world of ice. A staff of ice and snow appeared in his hands. It shone with gold light. Not only did it contain ice intent, it also had the strength of metal and earth. He waved his hands and the staff twirled. It created a windstorm that swept through.

He stepped forward. Like a demon ape, he swept his staff and instantly shattered the noble intent, destroying it. An even more terrifying power burst from him. He charged forward, waving his staff. The Nine Heavenly Attacks swept past everything, continuing to strengthen.

Booms sounded endlessly. Soon, the flame figures all shattered and finally turned into nothing. The world returned to peace.

Another gust of formless power surged into Ye Futian from the Stone Wall as if giving him some benefits. At the same time, a fourth noble figure flickered onto the Stone Wall.

The fourth figure appeared. At that moment, countless hearts shuddered. Ye Futian had done it. With his Full Attribute talent, he'd made four noble figures appear on the Stone Wall and he'd surpassed Xiao Wuji in three areas.

Another future top figure of the Eastern Barren Territory was born in the Ancient Barren World.

Is it too late? People from the top forces trembled inwardly. They didn't have people from their clan here. Ye Futian had acted suddenly and no one was prepared. Could they make Ye Futian choose them now?

What they didn't know was that some noble figures from each top force were also watching this, feeling shaken.

What was with today? Four strong cultivators had come to the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall today, one after another. Two had made three noble figures appear; two had made four. They'd all come from the Cangye Kingdom.

At this moment, everyone in the top level was asking what was with these people from the Cangye Kingdom. They were wondering, can they join us?
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    《The Legend of Futian》