The Legend of Futian
209 What Are You Looking At?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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209 What Are You Looking At?

Chapter 209: What Are You Looking At?
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Everything would have been fine if one genius showed up at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall, but now there were four. It was pretty hard for something like this to go unnoticed by seniors in the Noble Plane. Furthermore, all of these people had come from the same place, the Cangye Kingdom.

Based on the gifts they displayed, it would be difficult to find four people like them even in the great powers of the Eastern Barren Territory. After all, it wasn't an easy task to make four Noble figures appear of the stone wall. Not to mention, two people who were able to do so appeared at the same time.

The seniors had already prepared to send people into the Ancient Barren World with invitations to join their own clans.

Of course, the people at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall had no idea of this. What they did know was that these four people would the talk of the town for quite a while after what happened today. Many of the great powers in the Eastern Barren Territory will know of their existence. And also, the name of the Cangye Kingdom.

He's still going. Just then, the people noticed that Ye Futian remained in his spot in front of the stone wall. Just like Xiao Wuji, Ye Futian was going to keep trying even after the appearance of the fourth Noble figure. But this was a record that no one had ever broken, not even Ye Futian was likely to do so.

All throughout history, the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall was a place to test the gifts of cultivators. All the geniuses from great powers in the Eastern Barren Territory had come here and even the top-level geniuses were only ever able to make four figures appear of this stone wall. No one had ever reached five.

Supposedly, one of these top-level geniuses had said that it was impossible because they were still only in the Dharma Plane. They had yet to truly enter the Noble Plane. Even Xiao Wuji had said that day after he gave it a try that he was afraid the fifth Noble figure may never appear.

For someone like him to think so, it was obviously an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Perhaps this was a record that would truly never be broken.

Just then, another figure formed by will appeared in front of Ye Futian at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. Standing there, the figure looked like a majestic king and strong energy radiated off from head to toe. Ye Futian could feel a threatening force from him, a very strong threat.

All that anyone could see following that was the release of a terrifying force of will from Ye Futian. With a long rod in his hand, he looked as if he could wipe out the heavens. He made his way forward one step at a time. His aura was strong. Ye Futian struck out with his rod with enough power to split the skies.

The figure exploded with a ferocious force of will power. A blinding ray of golden light radiated from him and formed in golden rings of light. The rings then gathered to form an enormous ancient bell.

A loud noise rang throughout the air. The ancient bell cracked but had not been split open completely. It was obvious that this golden bell was another powerful defense spell.

After this strike, the powerful Noble figure reached out one hand. This hand kept extending until it was outside of the ancient bell and morphed into a long vine that unraveled at Ye Futian wildly.

Ye Futian backed up quickly. However, his opponent moved as fluid as the wind and as fast as lightning. WHOOSH! The vines wanted to take over Ye Futian's body.

Are they formed by absolute noble will of all elements? Ye Futian thought to himself. He finally understood why Xiao Wuji failed at the fifth figure and why no one had ever broken the record of four Noble figures. After all, those in the Dharma Plane were not true Nobles. When encountering anything formed by an absolute noble will of all elements it was almost impossible to challenge its power. If so, then five Noble figures could be the limit.

It was entirely possible that five Noble figures was the maximum at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

Ye Futian also had the wind of will around his body. He could move around very quickly. At the same time, in the skies behind him, the sun and the moon hung high. The flames and the ice alternated. A terrifying force of flame will was released, forming ancient characters that floated in the air. A golden divine flame attacked and meet the incoming vines, burning them to a crisp.

Ye Futian's opponent was formed from full-attributed noble will, and he was the same.

The moonlight shined down and cooled the temperature down to the point of freezing, wanted to seal the approaching figure in ice. The cold and the heat alternated. The flames and the ice were like yin and yang, working together to strangle the opponent.

BOOM! The figure took a step forward. A frightening force of spiritual will exploded and a terrifying force could be felt pushing down onto Ye Futian. All he knew was that his body felt extremely heavy. Above the figure, there seemed to be a flow of water. The running sounds of the water were endless. The powerful spell that Ye Futian targeted at the figure followed the flow of the water back to himself.

The look in his opponent's eyes became terrifying. A spiritual spell descended upon Ye Futian and at that moment, he felt as if his body was trapped in a cage of spiritual energy.

Just then, the same terrifying look was seen in Ye Futian's eyes. A horrifying spiritual storm seemed to have washed over his opponent's spiritual will and absorbed all the spiritual energy. The entire area filled with an endless golden light. The rays of light were like fragments of gold. With the wind, these fragments shot towards the figure. The golden light was like a metal storm that wanted to crush Ye Futian's opponent into pieces. Just like maple flames, this was a spell he got from enlightenment by the statues.

Another loud thump was heard when the figure took another step forward. An even scarier force of power erupted and the world seemed to have been put on pause. The metal storm that circled wildly actually stopped moving in the air. Ye Futian also seemed to be frozen in place.

Had the figure perfectly merged noble will and sorcery? It was no wonder why no one was able to beat the record of four Noble figures. To make a fifth figure appear was an obstacle set by the heavens. These were the true limits, a boundary not to be passed.

But Ye Futian refused to believe so. There were no limits. Limits were meant to be broken.

Behind him, golden roc wings appeared. His body was fluid and majestic like a dragon. He grew big and tall like a divine ape, ready to amaze the world. The sun and the moon hung high in the sky, destroying what was below. Ye Futian's spiritual will exploded and he was like a young emperor.

With the long rod in hand, he struck directly in the air ahead. A dull noise sounded and a force gathered in the surrounding area. He continued to step forward looking fiercer than ever before. He must break through the gravity spell weighing down on him.

Witnessing this scene, the figure released the light of lightning which spread throughout the sky. The lightning attacked right away, striking down on Ye Futian. Infused with noble will, the lightning wanted to destroy Ye Futian's will. However, his will was firm right now. He allowed the lightning to strike down on him. In his hand, the long rod danced and the power of the lightning was attracted onto the rod. When he swung his weapon again, the air around him seemed to have split.

The sun and the moon, yin and yang, descended on the figure. Ye Futian continued to advance. Another attack. He was making a path for himself by cutting through the air. The force of power from the figure grew even more horrifying. It was as if it was ready to eliminate everything on earth and wipe out the universe.

BOOM! With a loud noise, Ye Futian lifted into the air. In the air, he looked like a god. The long rod struck downward. The roar of the divine ape, the growl of the divine dragon, and the arrival of the divine roc.

The figure lifted his head and then transformed into a ray of light. All types of will revolved around him like he was the ultimate Noble. Up him went, headed straight for Ye Futian.

When the two bodies collided, a blinding light shined over the world.

Away from this scene, countless pairs of eyes were focused on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall and the figure in front of it. They saw a terrifying force release from Ye Futian. His noble fate rushed crazily into the stone wall and his mental state seemed to be pushed to the limits. He was still challenging the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall's fifth Noble figure. However, it seemed like the figure would never make an appearance.

The faint image of it came and went and showed no signs of stabilizing.

"He's still fighting. He hasn't given up," someone murmured.

"Looks like he's not willing to admit defeat. He wants the challenge. Xiao Wuji had done the same before but in the end, he thought it was impossible for a fifth Noble figure to ever appear."

Everyone was in discussion. Some were even trying to determine which clan Ye Futian would choose to join. The Donghua Clan? The College? Or was it going to the Qin Dynasty or the Liu Kingdom?

Just as they were deep in discussion the world around suddenly grew brighter. There was actually an extremely bright light coming from the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

What's going on? Everyone looked over to the stone wall in surprise. They then watched as the stone wall emitted a never before seen light that glowed over Ye Futian's body.

A fifth Noble figure had not appeared on the wall. However, the four original figures had actually moved. The circled on the stone wall and moved in four directions. Then, they all headed toward the faint image of the fifth figure in the center and at the very end, they formed a single Noble.

A bright light exploded from this new figure. The stone seemed to be taking shape. Following that, the light gathered into a single ray that shined out of the stone wall.

A small stone figure floated in front of Ye Futian. Within this small stone figure seemed to be the purest noble will.

This… Everyone was surprised and then shocked when they realized that the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall had dulled and its shine was no more. It was not just because the Noble figures had disappeared. It was more like the entire stone wall was different. It could not go back to the way it used to be. The stone wall no longer contained powerful noble will.

What did he do? Everyone stared dead at Ye Futian. Indeed, the fifth Noble figure had not appeared but Ye Futian somehow managed to dull the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

Just then, Nobles from the great powers of the Eastern Barren Territory suddenly lost their view of the Ancient Barren World's Mirror Mountain. Their spell seemed to have diminished. Many people shared the same question: what is happening?

Ye Futian froze for a moment before taking the stone figure into his hands. He turned around and walked over to Hua Jieyu. Countless pairs of eyes were glued on him, watching like he was some kind of freak.

Who could tell them exactly what was going on? Had this guy swallowed up the stone wall's will?

Looking at the dull stone wall, it just looked like any ordinary stone wall. Many people felt a squeeze in their hearts. Did this guy come to challenge the relics or to ruin them?

What was the small stone figure in his hands? Was it formed by the will from the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall?

"What are you looking at?" Yu Sheng shouted at the people when he noticed all of them giving Ye Futian strange looks. Did they still have a problem with him now?
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    《The Legend of Futian》