The Legend of Futian
211 Enemy at the Gates
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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211 Enemy at the Gates

Chapter 211: Enemy at the Gates
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While Ye Futian was on his way back to the Cangye Kingdom from the Liu Kingdom, many Nobles listened as the younger generation members of their clans told them about what happened that day in the Ancient Barren World.

One person in the sixth level Noble plane and three in the third. Out of the four youths, two were able to draw out three Noble figures, one made four, and the last person actually took the light of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. They came from the Cangye Kingdom in the Hundred Lands and may very well be heading back there from the Liu Kingdom.

The Fuyun Sword Clan of the Eastern Barren Territory was located on a mountain range consisting of seven summits that reached above the clouds. These were the Seven Summits the Fuyun Sword Clan were famous for.

Just then, at the cliff of the Seventh Summit stood an elder with his hands behind his back. He stood there and looked out at the clouds as they floated by. Light reflected off the blades of swords flashed by as some people descended behind the elder.

"Go to the Cangye Kingdom and invite Ye Wuchen," said the elder. The people bowed and answered, "Yes." Then, they became a blade of light and disappeared.

Moments later, another figure descended. He looked at the elder and shouted, "Senior Brother, you want Ye Wuchen to join the Seventh Summit? I'm afraid the First Summit would have thoughts about that."

Li Daoyun was of the Fuyun Sword Clan's First Summit.

"What can they say if he was the one that lacked the skill to defeat his opponent?" the elder said nonchalantly. "He was able to cut off the arm of another person. It is obvious others would be able to do the same to him. So, what if the First Summit has an opinion about it?"

The newly arrived man shook his head with a bitter smile. "But Ye Wuchen has something against the Fuyun Sword Clan. I'm afraid he won't trust the clan."

"He's a swordsman. The Fuyun Sword Clan is the best-suited place for his cultivation. If he thinks the clan will come up with schemes against him simply because of his rivalry with a younger generation clan member, then he is not suited to be a swordsman." the elder said slowly.


Central district of the Eastern Barren Territory, Eastern Barren College.

This was the most ancient college in all of the Eastern Barren Territory. All of its 3,000 students were extraordinary cultivators. Presently, many of the students were discussing something in the college.

Months ago, Xiao Wuji had entered the college and that caused a huge ruckus. But now, there was a genius cultivator who could be even more outstanding than Xiao Wuji.

Rumors had it that the college was contemplating whether or not to send people to the Cangye Kingdom.

Tang Ye was also among the crowd. From time to time, someone else in the crowd around would look over at him, causing his expression to become unnatural. What happened in the Ancient Barren World all those months ago was a stain on his record. He never in a million years would have imagined that Ye Futian would be able to surpass Xiao Wuji's performance at the three big relics. He even broke the record at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. And because of this, he was the joke of the entire school.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for something. Their eyes were trained somewhere ahead. In that very direction stood a young man. One step at a time, he approached the crowd.

Tang Ye's eyes widened as someone in the front of the group asked, "Senior Brother, has the college made a decision?"

The young man who had just joined the crowd nodded, "Yes."

His reply got everyone's attention immediately. They all looked at the young man intently.

The young man lifted his head to look at the crowd and smiled, "Stop worrying about things outside the college and focus on cultivation. The college decided not to go."

Hearing his words, the crowd burst into an uproar. That person from the Cangye Kingdom had beat a record in the Ancient Barren World. He even caused the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall to dim and dull. Had the college really decided not to pursue such a genius?

But then, they thought in the college's perspective and many began to understand the reasoning behind this decision. The college was a school, not a great, powerful clan. It had always been others who came begging to study at the college. When had they ever begged others to come to cultivate at the school?

The college was a place to pass on knowledge. After many of the students became strong and powerful, they left the college. The college has never forced anyone to do anything against their will. It was because of this, it did not really matter to the college whether or not an individual was extremely gifted. If someone came to the college, then they would be taught. If they didn't, it wouldn't be thought of as a pity.

Back when Xiao Wuji announced that he would be choosing a clan in the Ancient Barren World, an elder from the college who valued talent asked Tang Ye to head over and ask Xiao Wuji if he would be willing to cultivate at the school. However, there were no conditions brought up to purposely lure him in. When Tang Ye met Xiao Wuji, only a few words were spoken. "I come from the college and would like to invite you to join."

Without hesitation, Xiao Wuji chose the college.

This was the charm of the college.

Ye Futian did not choose a clan. If he had stayed after breaking the record at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall, he would have been welcome to cultivate at the college if he wanted to. But he didn't. He chose to leave the Ancient Barren World and headed back to the Cangye Kingdom.

Ye Futian wanted the clans of the Eastern Barren Territory to go all the way to the Cangye Kingdom to invite him to join them. For a younger generation low-level Dharma Plane cultivator to do something like that showed just how untamed and arrogant he was. Then again, he had the right to be. He broke many records and even accomplished what had never been done before. Therefore, it was definite that the great powers of the Eastern Barren Territory would go to him. But the college was different from the other great powers. The college was a school and had its own reputation and honor to uphold.

A glow reached Tang Ye's eyes, and he thought to himself, even though you're really gifted, you've missed the chance to enter the college.

Ye Futian was too arrogant, and arrogance came with a price.

Just then, not too far away from the crowd, a figure approached. This figure was clad in a long scholarly robe. It was simple and clean, untouched by all that is unclean. He wore a headpiece and looked like a scholar.

This figure seemed to have lacked presence and went unnoticed. Very quietly, he walked closer to the group.

The young man who brought the news that the college wouldn't be heading for the Cangye Kingdom was surprised after taking one look at the figure. What is he doing here?

"Those who understand me will understand my arrogance," murmured the scholar.

Tang Ye froze and sharpened his gaze as he turned over to look at the scholar.

He spoke again, "What is wrong with abandoning those who do not understand me?"

All the student disciples around turned to look at him strangely. What was this guy doing muttering the words Ye Futian left in the Ancient Barren World?

The scholar smiled and shook his head. Then, he continued on his way, leaving the crowd.

The young man in front of the group froze and seemed to have gotten something from the words the scholar repeated.

Those who understand me will understand my arrogance.

What is wrong with abandoning those who do not understand me.

So, Ye Futian had already stated his attitude through his words.

Those who understood his arrogance would naturally go to him.

Was the scholar going for Ye Futian?

At the thought of this, the young man shivered before turning to leave.


The end of the year was nearing and Year 10001 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar was about to pass. In the Cangye Kingdom, there was not a hint of celebratory air. On the contrary, great trouble was headed their way.

Some time ago, Crown Prince Luo Junlin of the Nandou Nation returned to his country.

With him, came a Noble from the Royal Xuan Temple, along with many of the temple's disciples.

In the group of disciples was a girl. She was of superior status at the Royal Xuan Temple and now, she was Luo Junlin's girlfriend. She was also the daughter of his master.

From the top power of the Eastern Barren Territory, these powerful cultivators of the Royal Xuan Temple had arrived in the Nandou Nation. Emperors from kingdoms all around came to pay their respects. At the same time, they were wishing deep down that this might pave the way for the young cultivators to enter the Royal Xuan Temple in the future. Even if they didn't become core disciples, simply getting in was going to be an important first step.

Big countries such as the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom had sent their prodigies into the Ancient Barren World for trials and many had already returned, but none of them yielded any positive results. None of them were able to acquire noble fate. So now, they had to come up with a different way for them to succeed.

It was said that Luo Junlin's girlfriend promised some things to them.

At the same time, Emperor Luo claimed the emperor of the Cangye Kingdom went against rules and harbored fugitives of the Nandou Nation. Now, Emperor Luo had started a war with them and hoped that the emperors of these other countries would team up with him to force the Cangye Kingdom to hand over the fugitives.

Rumor had it that the Yunchu Nation, the Yan Kingdom, and many other countries had already agreed. They were going to head to the Cangye Kingdom together under the leadership of Emperor Luo of the Nandou Nation to get these people back.

Chu Kuangren of the Yunchu Nation personally witnessed what Ye Futian and his friends accomplished at the Noble Grotto and hypothesized that he would be able to acquire noble fate and become a member of a great noble power.

However, now that Luo Junlin was back and had the Royal Xuan Temple backing him, it didn't seem like he was going to give Ye Futian the slightest chance. He wanted to get rid of him once and for all.

Under these circumstances, Ye Futian was destined for death upon his return.

Neither Emperor Luo or Crown Prince Luo Junlin of the Nandou Nation was going to give Ye Futian the chance to mature his powers.

It was the end of the year, and it was very possible that Ye Futian might return. This journey back home was going to be his very last.

Finally, on this day, all the emperors set off and arrived at the Cangye Kingdom's imperial city. Emperor Luo even brought many of his country's most powerful cultivators. An entire army arrived in the city and surrounded the Cangye Kingdom's imperial palace.

Just like that, the Cangye Kingdom was in big trouble.

Many people gathered around the imperial palace and watched these newly arrived figures in fear. Emperor Luo had actually gathered the emperors of other countries and led them here. Were they planning on destroying the Cangye Kingdom?

On top of the palace door, Emperor Luo stood with his clothes fluttering in the wind. He looked domineering as he overlooked the Cangye Kingdom's imperial palace.

Emperor Ye came from inside the palace then looked at Emperor Luo. With a cold demeanor, he asked, "What is the meaning of this, Emperor Luo?"

"You are harboring fugitives of my country and you want to ask me what I mean?" Emperor Luo's tone was cold as ice. "Hand over the traitors of Nandou Nation immediately."

"They are now citizens of my Cangye Kingdom," replied Emperor Ye.

"Emperor Ye, we all heard the story of what happened. You're protecting the Nandou Nation's traitors. It is only right that you hand them over," said Emperor Chu.

"Emperor Ye, you're in the wrong in this situation. If you hand them over, perhaps Brother Luo will be generous enough to spare you," said another emperor. Now that they wanted something from either Emperor Luo or Luo Junlin, the emperors were all on their side.

It could only be said that Emperor Ye was unlucky.

Luo Junlin came back too quickly. The Ancient Barren World was now open and he did not want to give Ye Futian a chance to prepare to fight back.

"Are you all going to gang up on me like that?" Emperor Ye asked coldly.

"I'm already being very nice. Do you really want war?" Emperor Luo asked, slightly threateningly. Emperor Luo knew that his abilities were similar to that of Emperor Ye and if a war started, Emperor Ye might be able to get away. Otherwise, he would have saved his breath and just killed his way into the palace. He wouldn't be here negotiating.

If Emperor Ye escaped, there would be other troubles. First, they had to capture Ye Futian's family and friends who were in the Cangye palace. This way, they would have leverage against Ye Futian no matter when he returned. As long as they got rid of Ye Futian's threat, Emperor Luo's rivalry with Emperor Ye could be taken care of slowly. There was no rush for that.

His son, Luo Junlin, was now doing well at the Royal Xuan Temple and his girlfriend was the daughter of a high official at the temple. Sooner or later, little ole Emperor Ye would be taken care of.
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    《The Legend of Futian》