The Legend of Futian
212 Return
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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212 Return

Chapter 212: Return
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Far from the Cangye Kingdom's palace, a group of figures sat at the top level of a restaurant, enjoying a feast. The restaurant was in a good position. Eating and chatting at the top level, they could see the Cangye palace. Luo Junlin was here at the moment. He sat across from a girl and was in a good mood.

"Will they hand them over?" the girl asked.

"They should. They wouldn't risk their lives just for some outsiders," Luo Junlin replied calmly. With the current situation, it was impossible for Emperor Ye to refuse.

"Oh." The girl smiled. "If they refuse, I'll send the message."

"Thank you, Xirou," Luo Junlin said gently. He knew that even though he was in the Arcana Plane, he still didn't have the ability to make the Nobles of the Royal Xuan Temple work for him. Nobles were proud and would never help a disciple take care of a small country's matters. Thus, he could only rely on the situation.

He wouldn't act so early if the Ancient Barren World didn't open. He'd entered it and he'd witnessed Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's talent. Once they reached the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane, it was highly possible they would be accepted by a top force. By that time, it would be very difficult to kill them.

He slowly looked over at the palace in the distance. A cold sneer appeared on his face. So what if Ye Futian had Minister Zuo's prediction? Even if Luo Junlin didn't want to be Nandou Nation's emperor, the position belonged to the Luo Family. No one else could take it.

Once he became a Noble and truly entered the upper level of the Royal Xuan Temple, he would have the Luo Family rule over the Hundred Lands. All other countries would bow before him.

At that time, he wouldn't be so kind to the Cangye Kingdom. When he had enough power, he could naturally be able to destroy them without the Royal Xuan Temple's help.

At the Cangye Kingdom, Emperor Ye was currently staring at Emperor Luo and the other emperors coldly. Emperor Luo had asked him if he was preparing to declare war if he didn't hand them over. If war began now, he could escape but the others in the Cangye palace would meet tragedy.

Before, he only faced Emperor Luo and guessed that the man wouldn't really declare war. Otherwise, they would both be destroyed in the process. It was different now. He'd come with other emperors to pressure him.

Emperor Ye scanned the others and said coldly, "You're doing this because Luo Junlin entered the Royal Xuan Temple and want to ally with him. But have you thought about Ye Futian's talent? He will definitely join a force in the Eastern Barren Territory. At that time, would you be able to withstand his revenge?"

Emperor Chu and the others frowned slightly. They'd considered this before but right now, Emperor Luo and Luo Junlin wouldn't let Ye Futian live. After capturing his relatives in Cangye and surrounding the palace, they would have people guard the entrances from the Ancient Barren World. They would capture Ye Futian as soon as he came out.

This way, it would be impossible for Ye Futian to escape. He would die—unless he stayed in the Ancient Barren World for decades without returning to Cangye. But there was a low possibility of this happening. After all, a youth who was not even 18 yet wouldn't have that much patience. Furthermore, there were so many strong cultivators in the Ancient Barren World. It was possible for Ye Futian to die there but not for him to enter a top talent. To them, the opportunity before their eyes was more important.

"You're still fantasizing that Ye Futian can live?" Emperor Luo said coldly. "The day he leaves the Ancient Barren World is the day of his death.

Emperor Ye looked up. Staring at the other, he laughed. "An emperor, someone of the Noble Plane, fears a youth to this extent. This is laughable. If you knew this, why would you send that letter in the first place?"

Emperor Luo frowned. There was a reason why he sent that order to the Donghai City. He'd ordered Minister Hua to personally capture Ye Futian but who would've guessed that he could escape? His talent was beyond expectation too. But Emperor Luo didn't regret anything. All of this was fated. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were destined to become his enemy.

He was just overly confident back then. He didn't think that he could send out an order as an emperor but still have Ye Futian escape. Thankfully, that was impossible now.

Ignoring Emperor Ye, Emperor Luo strode forward coldly, walking to the palace.

"Presumptuous!" Sword intent flowed. The palace was instantly enveloped by an extremely strong sword aura. Emperor Ye shot into the air and blocked Emperor Luo's path. They were at a stalemate with swords unsheathed.

At that moment, someone walked over from the distance. It was a young man in the Arcana Plane. When he appeared, there was faint arrogance in his eyes, even when faced with people of the Noble Plane. They were only kings of small lands and he looked down on them.

"The Royal Xuan Temple orders the Cangye Kingdom to immediately hand them over. Otherwise, you will pay for your actions," the man said arrogantly to Emperor Ye. The other emperors' eyes immediately hardened. With support from the Royal Xuan Temple, there was nothing to fear.

The young man gazed at them coolly and turned to leave. He didn't care about these things. If not for his junior sister, he wouldn't even come to such a barbaric place. His words might seem arrogant and almighty but he didn't feel that great. There was nothing to be proud of for the Royal Xuan Temple to threaten a small country.

"Did you hear clearly?" Emperor Luo threatened coldly. "I don't care if you're hiding Nandou's traitors. But now, I personally came to your palace to take them away. If you still stop me, you are treating all of us as enemies. Think clearly."

With that, Emperor Luo walked out. The other emperors followed behind Emperor Luo. One said, "Emperor Ye, why do you do this for outsiders? If we go to war, this palace will be the first to be destroyed. Is it worth it?"

"Can you fight against the Royal Xuan Temple's order?" another emperor said as they all stepped into the palace.

Emperor Ye's expression was uncomfortable. At the Tingfeng Banquet last time, he only faced Emperor Luo by himself. If Emperor Luo didn't care, then he didn't care either. But now, he faced pressure from all the emperors and even the Royal Xuan Temple. He either had to give in or declare war.

If war was declared, the first to be destroyed was the palace and the people inside. It was unclear if even he could survive.

"Halt." A group came from the distance. Everyone turned to see the group. Ye Xiao was at the front and he was the one who spoke. Behind him were some strong cultivators of the palace. Hua Fengliu, Yi Xiang, and the others were there too.

"We'll hand them over," Ye Xiao said to Emperor Luo.

Emperor Ye looked over, his eyes sharp. "What did you do?" he demanded.

"Father, they followed me voluntarily," Ye Xiao said.

In his opinion, it was unavoidable. They had to hand Ye Futian over but his father was too benevolent. Since he couldn't do it, Ye Xiao would.

He said some things while going to the palace and these people cooperated, coming voluntarily with him.

"Your Majesty, we will go with them," Yi Xiang said. Emperor Ye had already been kind enough to them. Now, he was faced with the Royal Xuan Temple's pressure and couldn't fight back. Since that was so, Yi Xiang couldn't let him take risks.

Since the end couldn't be chanced, they could only accept it. He just wished Ye Futian wouldn't come back.

"No." Emperor Ye looked at Yi Xiang.

"Your Majesty," Hua Fengliu said, looking at him. "No need to try and dissuade us."

At the same time, Hua Fengliu used Spiritual Sorcery to tell Emperor Ye, Futian and Jieyu are in the Ancient Barren World. Emperor Luo will put guards around the entrance. There are many things you must do still.

Emperor Ye heard Hua Fengliu's words and sighed inwardly. He knew that Hua Fengliu was right. Since Emperor Luo had come, they would definitely be guarding the Ancient Barren World's exit too. He had to stay alive to help Ye Futian.

At the same time, a huge demon descended from the clouds outside the Cangye Kingdom's imperial city. The Kunpeng spread its wings, covering the sky and sun.

The people below all looked up. Seeing the huge demon, their hearts shuddered.

"The Kunpeng! It's the legendary Kunpeng!" someone yelled in shock. It was their first time seeing a real Kunpeng.

Who's coming now? they thought as the Kunpeng landed.

Many emperors had arrived in the imperial city today and went directly to the palace. Apparently, the top force Royal Xuan Temple had come too, to make the Cangye Kingdom hand over the family of Ye Futian, the first on the Fenghua Rank. But now, a huge Kunpeng came from the clouds. There seemed to be many figures on its back but were blocked. Who were these people? Why did they come?

The Cangye Kingdom had suddenly become so lively.

"We're finally here," Ye Futian said, smiling at the palace. It had been almost one year. He missed his master and the others.

"This is the imperial city?" Liu Feiyang looked down and joked, "It's the birthplace of so many geniuses. Can I stay a few days?"

It was indeed rare for one country to have four prides.

Ye Futian chuckled. In reality, he wasn't from Cangye Kingdom. He was from Nandou.

"Brother Liu, you can stay as long as you wish. I'm just afraid you won't feel used to things," Ye Danchen said, smiling.

The Kunpeng continued forward at an extreme speed. Everyone under it looked up at the huge beast, their hearts trembling. Was it another strong cultivator from the Royal Xuan Temple?

After a while, the palace was close. Ye Futian looked over and vaguely saw some figures in the air. It seemed to be a confrontation.
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    《The Legend of Futian》