The Legend of Futian
213 Does Your Father Know?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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213 Does Your Father Know?

Chapter 213: Does Your Father Know?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Kunpeng zipped through the air and was now even closer to the palace. Ye Futian's eyebrows furrowed. "What's going on?"

"It's a confrontation. Looks like the beginning of a fight," said a Noble from the side.

Ye Lingxi and Ye Danchen also furrowed their brows in confusion. A fight at the Cangye palace? If it had to do with the palace, then it had to be something big.

At this time, both sides had already pulled swords at the palace. Emperor Ye had also been persuaded by Yi Xiang and Hua Fengliu. In their current situation, resistance would only get them all killed. Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, and the others were in the Ancient Barren World and would end up without anyone to help them.

Many people from various great powers of the Cangye Kingdom were also gathered around the palace. Powers like the Cangye College, the Qin Clan, as well as other clans, stood witness to everything that happened. They were flooded with emotion as they never thought their country would end up in such a situation.

Ye Futian was indeed a rare genius in the Hundred Lands but what had he brought to the Cangye Kingdom? Was his arrival a blessing or a curse? At the moment, it was a curse in the eyes of many. Ye Futian himself was in a lot of trouble.

Students of the Cangye College such as Zuo Qianfan and Yu Jiang, as well as Bai Qiu and others from the Qin Clan were all participants of the Fenghua Banquet alongside Ye Futian. Not only them, but many others had personally witnessed Ye Futian's performance at the banquet. He was a Glory Plane cultivator who defeated those in the Dharma Plane. He was powerful. But Luo Junlin was able to enter the Royal Xuan Temple. How domineering. No matter how gifted Ye Futian was, this seemed to be the end for him. There was no chance for him to keep growing.

Yi Xiang, Hua Fengliu, and the others walked forward. Beside Hua Fengliu was Nandou Wenyin and Tang Lan. He looked over at them and smiled, "I'm sorry that both of you have suffered by being with me."

"We went through tough times like this all those years ago. It doesn't bother me anymore. As long as Jieyu and Futian are well, I am content," Nandou Wenyin said as she held Hua Fengliu's hand.

"I'm jealous," Tang Lan said with a teasing smile. Hua Fengliu smiled and held her with his other hand. Tang Lan resisted a little but quickly gave up and allowed Hua Fengliu to hold her hand. They didn't bring any of their juniors as this was basically giving their lives away. Just them was sufficient.

Emperor Luo and his people smiled coldly at this sight. In the end, they had complied.

A chilling breeze blew over from afar.

"What is that?" asked one of the emperors as he lifted his head to look into the sky. His utterance caused many people to look in the same direction. The wind was blowing stronger and more intensely. However, the winds were not due to a change in the weather. It was a large demon beast, flying over in their direction.

The weird winds blew over the people. Even Emperor Ye looked over at the large beast in the sky. The beast was enormous. It was a top-level demon beast—the Kunpeng.

Yi Xiang, Hua Fengliu, and the others stopped in their tracks. When they noticed that everyone else was focused on the skies above, they turned their attention in that direction as well. Above the imperial palace was the Kunpeng. With every flap of its giant winds, the sea of clouds seemed to part, making way for the ferocious beast. The aura of this beast was also extremely terrifying.

A Noble beast. Everyone felt a shiver down their backs. A Noble Kunpeng had appeared in the Cangye Kingdom. Who else had arrived?

Faraway, at the top floor of a restaurant, Luo Junlin and Xirou were drinking wine happily. However, their expressions changed as soon as they took notice of the Kunpeng's appearance in the distance.

"Does the Royal Xuan Temple have a Kunpeng?" Luo Junlin asked Xirou.

"No." She shook her head in response. "That isn't a beast from the Royal Xuan Temple." She frowned and her eyebrows knit together. The Kunpeng was an incredibly powerful demon beast. A Noble level Kunpeng would most definitely only belong to a great power and was definitely not from a place like the Hundred Lands.

Anyway, she did not care too much about it. Even if it was from a great power, the Royal Xuan Temple was also one of the top powers in the Eastern Barren Territory. How many top powers out there could pique the interest of the Royal Xuan Temple? Which one of those top powers was bored enough to come to this aboriginal land?

Very quickly, they realized that the Kunpeng had stopped. It seemed to have come in relation to what was going on at the palace. Luo Junlin stood and Xirou followed.

"I'm a little worried," he said.

"Then let's go check it out," she answered. Luo Junlin nodded and led their group in the direction of the imperial palace.

The Kunpeng stopped in the air above the palace. Its gargantuan body blocked everyone's view as it descended slowly.

Who is it? Emperor Luo and everyone else stared at the Kunpeng, specifically at its back as its body lowered. At the front, a couple of people stepped into view. Their eyes sharp and their auras stood out. They seemed to be Nobles.

Emperor Ye watched these people. Had the powerful cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple arrived? If so, he feared that Emperor Luo would come after him as well. Naturally, he understood that Emperor Luo would take this opportunity to get rid of himself and tie up loose ends.

As the Kunpeng continued to lower itself, the view became clearer and they were able to see the people on its back. Just then, the figure of a young man came into view. A handsome face with an ice-cold expression. The coldness reached his eyes as well.

As soon as he saw this figure, Emperor Luo's heart squeezed as if it had been struck by something, and his expression changed immediately. How was this possible? How was it him?

The emperors of the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom also saw the figure and felt the same sensation as Emperor Luo. A bad feeling brewed in the pits of their stomachs.

Just a while ago, they were feeling extremely relaxed. Now, their hearts felt like it was crushed by a boulder in the blink of an eye.

A breeze blew by and the young man's white clothes moved with the wind. At first, Emperor Ye froze in shock at the sight of the young man's face. Then, his eyes lit up and his fists tightened. Right now, his thoughts ran wild and were filled with a hint of excitement.

The Kunpeng continued to descend and the figures on its back were now clear. Spectators were met with the faces of the youths and the entire palace went silent. Tension was in the air.

This... From afar, the cultivators from the Cangye College, the Qin Clan, as well as other clans saw the faces of the newly arrived. Their hearts skipped a beat. Especially those who knew Ye Futian from their time together at the Fenghua Banquet. Their breathing became uneven.

He's back.

Not only did he come back safe and sound, he came back on a top-level beast, a Kunpeng.

People thought he would be killed as soon as he exited the Ancient Barren World but he wasn't.

He wasn't the only one who came back. Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Ye Danchen, Ye Lingxi, and the others were also back. Beside them seemed to be some very powerful people. They had escorted the group back to Cangye.

Ye Futian's eyes were extremely cold. Previously, the people couldn't see him but he could see everything from up above. His eyes swept over to Emperor Luo, then to Emperor Chu and Emperor Yan.

Ye Futian had entered the Ancient Barren World in hopes of taking care of Emperor Luo's threat but he did not think it would happen so fast. The results would have been unimaginable had he arrived even a little later.

Emperor Luo was actually making a move. Was it because of the Royal Xuan Temple?

"Father, Mother," Hua Jieyu called out as she looked at Hua Fengliu below.

"Master," Yu Sheng also called out.

Ye Futian averted his gaze slowly. Their group descended on the ground and arrived in front of Hua Fengliu and the others. He greeted, "Master, Masteress."

"You're back," Nandou Wenyin said with a gentle smile. Her eyes were now a bit red. She did not think that Ye Futian would come back at a time like this, and on a Kunpeng at that. It was obvious to her, Ye Futian must have had some interesting encounters in the Ancient Barren World. However, it was still unknown whether they would be able to resolve the issue at hand.

"Yes, Masteress. Everything is okay now," Ye Futian said softly.

"Can it be resolved?" Yi Xiang stepped up and asked Ye Futian. This was his personality, simple and direct.

Ye Futian lifted his head and looked at Yi Xiang. "That depends on how it's taken care of."

Seeing the look in his eyes, Yi Xiang knew that things would be okay. He couldn't help but turn to Yu Sheng and ask, "How was the Ancient Barren World?"

"Master, I'm fine and in the third level Dharma Plane now," Yu Sheng replied.

"Not bad," said Yi Xiang, nodding his head. He had improved very quickly. They had entered the Ancient Barren World in the Glory Plane.

Ye Futian then turned to Emperor Ye. "Your Majesty, you were almost put in harm's way because of me."

"You came back right on time," smiled Emperor Ye. "If you had come a little later, I wouldn't have been able to save your teacher and the others."

"We'll talk about this a little later," said Ye Futian. He then turned his attention over to Emperor Luo and his people. Emperor Luo gave the Nobles who had come back with Ye Futian a once over. He didn't dare to be rash. The identities of these people were still unknown. Had Ye Futian also joined a great power during his trial in the Ancient Barren World? Hopefully, it wasn't one of the top powers from the Eastern Barren Territory.

Ye Futian moved his gaze away from Emperor Luo. Looking at Emperor Chu and the others, he said, "How do you guys plan to settle this?"

The emperors of Yunchu, Yan, and other countries froze. They were confused by this situation. Ye Futian was actually speaking to them like this. Where did he get the confidence?

They looked over at Emperor Luo, not knowing how to answer Ye Futian. He had arrived on the Kunpeng with Nobles as escorts. This was power they didn't dare go against.

"We'll settle this with your life." Just then, another group had arrived. Emperor Luo's people parted to make way. Luo Junlin and Xirou had arrived. The person who had just spoken was He Xirou. She already knew that Ye Futian was the one Luo Junlin wanted dead. He was the very reason for their trip here to the Hundred Lands.

Ye Futian looked over. He didn't know this woman, but seeing how she arrived with Luo Junlin, Ye Futian knew exactly where she came from. She obviously came from the Royal Xuan Temple. Only people from there would speak so rashly even at the sight of Nobles. It was their confidence as part of the Eastern Barren Territory's top powers.

The emperors of Yunchu and Yan relaxed a bit when they saw He Xirou step in. What was there to be afraid of when they had the Royal Xuan Temple backing them up? One word from He Xirou could end Ye Futian's life.

At that moment, He Xirou lifted her head and saw the Nobles of the Liu Kingdom. She then introduced herself, "Royal Xuan Temple, He Xirou." There was no way to say for sure that these people were from the Eastern Barren Territory's top powers, even if they were, they would have to retreat with her status.

Her family name was He and she came from the Royal Xuan Temple. If they were from the Eastern Barren Territory, they would definitely know what this meant.

Liu Feiyang looked at He Xirou with confusion and surprise. "You're the daughter of the Royal Xuan Temple's fifth lord?"

"If you know this then you should hand him over and leave," He Xirou said proudly after seeing the look in Liu Feiyang's eyes. Behind her, the looks in the eyes of Emperor Luo and his people became heated and sharp.

"Of course, I know," nodded Liu Feiyang. "But does your father know that you're this arrogant?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》