The Legend of Futian
217 Speaking Humbly
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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217 Speaking Humbly

Chapter 217: Speaking Humbly
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When the cultivator from the Royal Xuan Temple saw Luo Junlin and the rest of his people at the Cangye palace, the first thought he had was that he might be acquainted with Emperor Ye. It was said that he was also the son of an emperor in the Hundred Lands. This was why they asked if he knew Ye Futian and his friends. However, the cultivator frowned at the sight of a pale-faced Luo Junlin. There seemed to be something amiss. "What's wrong?"

Luo Junlin lifted his head to look at the Noble Plane cultivator in front of him. He didn't know what to say. It wasn't like he could tell the Noble that he was here to kill Ye Futian.

He Xirou had the same helpless look on her face when she asked, "What did Ye Futian and Yu Sheng do? Why have so many people from the Eastern Barren Territory come here?"

One Noble looked at He Xirou. They were the headmaster's people and also Nobles. So, even though He Xirou was the daughter of the fifth lord, they needn't be especially respectful.

"Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's noble fate is of the upper-level. Yu Sheng made four Noble figures appear on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall and Ye Futian took the light of the wall," answered the Noble. He Xirou's heart pounded heavily and her face paled. The same went for Luo Junlin; he could feel a suffocating pain in his heart.

They were disciples of the Royal Xuan Temple so naturally, they knew what the Noble figures on the Ancient Barren World's Mirror Mountain Stone Wall stood for. Four Noble figures. That was something only top-tier geniuses of the Eastern Barren Territory could accomplish.

And Yu Sheng had done it.

The Noble also mentioned that Ye Futian took the light of the stone wall. This… Did he become famous overnight? The top powers of the Eastern Barren Territory sent people to fight over the two of them.

"What is it?" the Noble continued to ask. There was a strange look in the eyes of He Xirou and Luo Junlin.

Upon hearing the Noble's continued questioning, the couple kept their mouth shut. Behind them, Emperor Luo, the emperor of Yunchu, as well as the rest of their group all had a stuffy feeling in their hearts. This was especially so for Emperor Chu and the other emperors. They had originally thought that even though they were making an enemy out of Ye Futian, they would still manage to acquaint themselves with the Royal Xuan Temple, but now, it seemed like Liu Feiyang was right. Could He Xirou really represent the Royal Xuan Temple?

So, he saw this coming.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had not joined the Liu Kingdom. They were simply escorting the group of youths back. Now, various top powers of the Eastern Barren Territory had come for them.

It's all over. Everyone shared this same thought. Although they were Noble Plane cultivators, they understood what everything that happened today added up to. Was it even a question that the people fought over by top powers of the Eastern Barren Territory would become Nobles? And there wasn't just one person. It was four.

In the future, there would be multiple Nobles in the Cangye Kingdom. They were also going to be Nobles from different top powers. Even if the emperors could escape unscathed now, would they be able to run from them later? They were the emperors of entire countries. The only thing they could do to save themselves was to abandon their countries and run.

"The daughter of a Royal Xuan Temple lord and other disciples surrounded by palace today in attempts to kill Ye Futian. How are we worthy of a "formal visit" from the temple?" A voice rang out from within the palace. It was Emperor Ye. The Noble from temple had already guessed that something was wrong by the looks in He Xirou and Luo Junlin's eyes but when he heard what Emperor Ye had said, his expression darkened even more.

The Royal Xuan Temple's chances of winning the fight over Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were slim to begin with; however, they still wanted to give it a shot and that was the purpose of this trip. But now, since the daughter of the Royal Xuan Temple's fifth lord had come and tried to kill Ye Futian, what was the point of trying to fight for him? They had already greatly offended him.

Many Nobles turned to stare at He Xirou and then at Luo Junlin. To him, one of the Nobles asked, "It's because of you?"

He Xirou had been cultivating at the center of the Eastern Barren Territory, so how was it possible to start a rivalry with Ye Futian? They probably didn't even know each other.

Luo Junlin was from the Hundred Lands. He Xirou had come here with him and to kill Ye Futian of all things. It was obvious, Luo Junlin was taking advantage of her.

Luo Junlin was pale as a ghost. Although he was the disciple of the fifth lord, his status was nothing compared to the powerful Nobles under the headmaster. How was he going to react to the Noble's questioning?

"This had nothing to do with him. It was my decision," He Xirou said protectively.

The Noble looked at He Xirou with his cold eyes. In the world of cultivation, men had an innate advantage over females. Why? Because men were more logical and stronger emotionally. Women, on the other hand, were emotional and easily blinded by their emotions. It was obvious that He Xirou had already fallen deep. Perhaps she knew what Luo Junlin was using her powers for, but women in love often refused to admit the bad things even if they already knew.

It was clear to everyone around though.

But they couldn't do anything to her. He Xirou was the daughter of the fifth lord.

"You shall report back to your father personally," said the Noble. As he finished what he had to say, he led the others into the sky, leaving the palace. Their chances were already slim, now with what He Xirou and Luo Junlin had done, was there really a point in staying?

"Xirou," Luo Junlin called out to his girlfriend. She didn't look like the strong girl who had stood up to protect him anymore. He Xirou looked like a gentle and frail, pretending to be calm. "It's nothing, Junlin. Let's go back."

"Okay," he nodded. What was the point in staying here now? What was he going to do? Terrorize and put pressure on Emperor Ye? Who was putting pressure on who?

Cultivators from top powers kept arriving. Every clan that showed up added to the stress weighing down on them.

"Miss He, what about what you promised before?" Emperor Chu and the others looked to He Xirou who had just turned around, preparing to leave.

"You guys are on your own now. Take care," said He Xirou. She had to return and answer to her father now. How could she possibly bring people back to the temple with her? What was she going to say? These people were the ones who helped me attempt to take down Ye Futian?

The color drained from all their faces. They felt a deep regret. Was this really the end?

That b*tch. She was just going to go back on her words so easily? Why did they come with Emperor Luo to threaten Emperor Ye? Why did they try to hurt Ye Futian's family?

With tightly clenched fists, they all glared at Emperor Luo.

He was in a daze right now. Emperor Luo no longer had the same imposing manner as he did when he gave the imperial order some time ago. He once said that in this big, big world, the fate of Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu was not decided by the heavens, but by him. What about now? Could this emperor from the Nandou Nation still decide Ye Futian's fate?

Everything had happened so fast. He was not prepared. It had only been about a year. A year that seemed like a dream now.

Even if he is a genius that top powers fight over, his powers are not yet mature. He can still die, Emperor Luo thought to himself. He refused to believe this. All of this would be over as long as Ye Futian and the others died.

"Since things have already gotten to this point, how about you all follow me back to Nandou and we can figure out how to deal with this. How does that sound everyone?" asked Emperor Luo.

"You still want to drag us into this with you?" Emperor Chu questioned in anger. They still had a way out. They hadn't actually lifted a hand to hurt any of Ye Futian's family. There was still hope for them to be spared. But if they left with Emperor Luo at a time like this, it was going to be like tying themselves down on a sinking ship with him.

Emperor Luo stared at his fellow emperors. His expression did not look good when he huffed loudly and left. After he left, Emperor Chu looked around at the other emperors. "Now what?"

The looks on their face were not good. Had the opposing party only had one person join a top power, they wouldn't be like this. But now, as shocking and unbelievable as it was, all the top powers of the Eastern Barren Territory have gathered. Four of the opposing party was going to join a top power. If the emperors didn't find a way to resolve this situation, their emperor statuses wouldn't even be enough to change their fate.

One, they could abandon their countries and run off somewhere far away. Or two, wait for Ye Futian and the others to come for them.

Of course, there was another option—to leave with Emperor Luo and find a way to kill Ye Futian and his friends. However, it was too risky. If they decided to do that and anything went wrong with their plans, then they would truly be dead meat. These emperors had not gotten to Emperor Luo's level yet. He had long since created this unresolvable rivalry with Ye Futian.

"We'll apologize," said the emperor of the Yan Kingdom. It wasn't easy for an emperor to apologize to a youngster but they had no other choice right now. Not only did they have to apologize, they were probably going to have to accept any conditions or requests he had.

Many of the emperors sighed. This was their best bet. They all walked in the direction of the Cangye palace. The royal guards looked at them coldly.

"Please relay my message, I would like to see Emperor Ye and Ye Futian."

The guards snickered sarcastically before saying in a cold tone, "When Young Master Ye asked you guys to resolve the situation, no one stepped out. Now, you guys want to take care of it? Young Master Ye is very busy now. You think you can just see him whenever you please?"

"You..." Emperor Chu was a bit embarrassed. How dare a mere palace guard talk to him like this?

"I what?" The guard had a large physique. His eyes widened as he stared at Emperor Chu coldly. What was he doing, acting all mighty? Things were different now.

When these emperors of different countries arrived, they looked so imposing. Their aura was strong enough to crush everything in the palace. Now, they were ready to speak humbly and ask for forgiveness. Did they still think they were high and mighty emperors? If so, then they could scram and wait for Ye Futian to come knocking.

The events of today had taken a complete one-eighty. No one cared about minor characters such as the palace guards but they too were shaken up. The future was so unpredictable. Emperors who were all high and mighty just a while ago were now only able to act humbly. These people wouldn't even dare do anything to the guards.

"We want to give our most sincere apologies. Please relay our message," said Emperor Chu with his hands clasped. He had to just put up with it.

"Wait here," said the guard. He felt pride. So, what if that was an emperor. He still had to lower his head to me. This was such an exhilarating feeling.

But the guard knew, all this was possible because of Ye Futian's return. Otherwise, the Cangye Kingdom would be in a dangerous situation. However, from here on out, the Cangye Kingdom's status in the Hundred Lands was going to be like no other. No other country could possibly compare. This was what real power was.

Far away, the gathered crowd heard the conversation between the emperors and the guards. It took a while for them to recover from their shock. When one person succeeded, all those around them would benefit. Luo Junlin was the best example of this. Now, Cangye had not just one, but four extreme geniuses. Furthermore, three of them were actually from the Nandou Nation. How ironic.
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    《The Legend of Futian》