The Legend of Futian
230 Accomplished Beauty
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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230 Accomplished Beauty

Chapter 230: Accomplished Beauty
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu left. The outside world was shocked by Emperor Qin's grandson's words but the Cottage seemed not to care. What could they say? Time would prove everything. They anticipated the brilliance Ye Futian would display in the Ancient Barren World.

Even though his current plane was low, Liu Feiyang and the others believed that, judging from his earlier performance, he might become as Luo Fan had predicted after entering a truly high plane. Then those people would shut up naturally. However, the outside world didn't see it that way. The more people talked, the truer it became.

Especially when the speakers were those like the Emperor Qin's grandson and the strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan. Not everyone could see things clearly like Luo Fan. Most people accepted this view. Ye Futian indeed attracted too much attention recently and his plane wasn't enough to support his reputation. After all, he hadn't truly displayed his combat ability yet. Perhaps, after a few years and Ye Futian rose in plane, he would truly qualify for the attention. It was still too early now.

Days passed in the blink of an eye. There was only one more day before the crowning ceremony of the crown prince. That day, someone from the Qin imperial city came to the Book Tower, inviting the College and Cottage to reside in the palace and observe the ceremony in the morning.

All top forces received the invitation.

The Qin Dynasty invited the top forces into the palace the day before. This way, they wouldn't disturb the top forces but would also display enough respect.

That day, many people waited in the large square before the Qin palace. They wanted to see the top forces. At that time, a group descended from the sky. They had powerful auras and were unparalleled. They were the Donghua Clan. Landing directly in the square, they strode to the palace.

Not long after, the fairies of the Moon Clan arrived. The leader of the group was an extremely beautiful lady. She looked otherworldly. Her eyes were clear as water and her skin was unblemished. She had a thin waist and her beauty was like an angel. However, she also seemed pitiful and gentle. She was like a fairy in the mortal world, making people want to approach her.

"Chu Yaoyao, the Virgin of the Moon Clan." Seeing her beauty, many people's hearts quivered. They wanted to protect her—they seemed to forget that her status. She didn't need their protection but that was her charm.

The top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory were often mentioned together. Apparently, Princess Qin Mengruo was elegant and graceful. Her beauty made her a goddess in many people's eyes. Hua Qingqing of the Donghua Clan was, according to rumors, pure and sweet. Nobody who saw her could think of anything dirty.

As for Chu Yaoyao, they all saw her today. She made one want to protect her and feel pity.

Now, Chu Yaoyao entered the Qin palace. She probably would soon see the other great beauty. What would that scene be like? It was a pity that Hua Qingqing hadn't come. Otherwise, the three beauties together would make for beautiful stories.

Another group of strong cultivators descended. It was the Liu Kingdom. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu had obviously seen the Moon Clan and saw Chu Yaoyao.

"As expected of one of the top three beauties. She's even prettier than you," Liu Feiyang said to his sister. Liu Chenyu's eyes flashed but she didn't mind. "However, the title of the three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory might disappear soon and be replaced with the four beauties." Liu Feiyang thought of someone else.

Liu Chenyu nodded in agreement. Hua Jieyu's features were at the same level as Chu Yaoyao. She'd also joined the Moon Clan.

"Let's go." The people of the Liu Kingdom also walked towards the Qin palace. They had invited all top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory and the Qin palace grouped everyone.

Of course, only representatives of the top forces came. The true leaders weren't present. It was just a ceremony for the crown prince and wasn't important enough for them. The leaders might come if it was the crowning of the emperor.

The other forces arrived gradually. The College arrived too, as well as the Cottage. Though the College didn't like the Cottage and the Cottage looked down on the College, those were private matters.

The College's arrival attracted much attention. The three from the Cottage snatched even more attention.

Is that Luo Fan, the fifth disciple of the Cottage? I heard he's already in the Noble Plane.

Ye Futian was also surprising. He was more handsome and charismatic-looking than the others had imagined.

The group ignored the spectators and walked straight into the palace. People welcomed them outside the palace and guided them to where the other forces were. They walked down the road and met many people from the other forces. Coincidentally, they ran into Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu.

Seeing Ye Futian, Liu Feiyang walked up with a smile and said, "I'm not going to the pavilion first. I'm going to look around." With that, he walked over and grabbed Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was embarrassed. He said to Luo Fan, "Senior Brother, I'll walk around."

"Alright." Luo Fan nodded lightly. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng left with the Liu siblings.

"What's so interesting about the palace?" Ye Futian asked Liu Feiyang. That guy was really dragging him around.

"Don't you want to see the three top beauties?" Liu Feiyang asked, grinning.

Ye Futian blinked. "Beauties are nothing to me. I'm actually not interested."


"But since I'm already here and there's nothing to do, there's no harm in looking," Ye Futian said.

Behind him, Liu Chenyu gave him a look. Then she looked away as if disgusted by the two guys in front of her. Men were lustful indeed and were always interested by beauties.

They went to a garden. There were many pagodas and the environment was peaceful. There were already many people there. They were all the young members of each top force. They all looked at the same place.

At the front of the crowd was a pagoda. A girl sat inside quietly with a guqin before her. She seemed to be preparing to play a melody.

So pretty, Ye Futian couldn't help but think. Of course, he was just appreciating her. As a loyal man, he wouldn't think about anything else.

The girl in the pagoda was elegant and graceful. A single glance at her was like a hit to the heart. Every man fantasized about a dreamy, fairy-like girl like her.

Ye Futian's arrival didn't attract much attention. It wasn't that they didn't notice but that everyone was distracted by the girl. They didn't have time to pay attention to him. Some also purposely ignored him. After all, many of the crowd were extraordinary figures of the top forces.

"Qin Mengruo, princess of the Qin Dynasty," Liu Feiyang whispered. Ye Futian nodded.

"Chu Yaoyao over there." Liu Feiyang pointed elsewhere. There was a group of beautiful girls. One of them was just as beautiful as Qin Mengruo. "Who do you think is pretty?" Liu Feiyang asked.

"My girlfriend is the prettiest."

"Just between the two of us." Liu Feiyang smiled at Ye Futian with a knowing look.

"I'm different from you," Ye Futian said seriously, looking at him with disdain.

"Seems like you're taught well." Liu Feiyang patted Ye Futian's shoulder, making his expression darken.

He looked around and saw many familiar figures, such as Gu Biyue of the Witch Clan.

Li Daoyun and Li Daoqing of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Hua Qingchi of the Donghua Clan was present as well.

"Why aren't we starting?" Ye Futian was confused. Qin Mengruo was already before the guqin, ready to play, but she didn't move.

"Waiting for someone," Liu Feiyang said.

"Who?" Ye Futian found it strange. So many prides were here, even the Virgin of the Moon Clan. Who could make everyone wait like this?

"Qian Shanmu of the Donghua Clan," Liu Feiyang said. "Yesterday, Qin Li spoke of two monsters of the Donghua Clan. Qian Shanmu is one of them."

Countless days ago, Qin Li had used the two monsters of the Donghua Clan to pressure Ye Futian.

Of these two, one was someone equal to Gu Dongliu, third disciple of the Cottage, and Qin Yu, soon-to-be crown prince of Qin. The other was Qian Shanmu.

Ye Futian was a bit surprised. Even Qian Shanmu shouldn't be this important. Merely looking at the beauties Qin Mengruo and Chu Yaoyao, one was a princess while the other was a Virgin. They were both equal in status to Qian Shanmu.

"Qian Shanmu is skilled in music," Liu Feiyang said. "You can say he's the best at musical sorcery in the younger generation. Qin Mengruo invited everyone here so they could hear it. Therefore, we must wait for Qian Shanmu. Earlier, you fought with Gu Biyue with musical sorcery. You're also skilled in the guqin so you can enjoy this well today."

As they spoke, a figure walked over slowly. He was extremely handsome and had a free and easy feeling about him. He was dressed in all white. Looking forward, he seemed not to see anyone present. No one seemed worthy of his gaze.

"He's here." Everyone looked over to Qian Shanmu. Known as the most powerful musical sorcerer of the younger generation, he'd arrived at the Qin palace.

Though talents from all over were here, not many were equally reputable as Qian Shanmu. Even the beauties Qin Mengruo and Chu Yaoyao were slightly lower. It was only because of their extreme beauty that they could be as well-known as Qian Shanmu.

His talent was evident!
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    《The Legend of Futian》