The Legend of Futian
233 Overpowered
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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233 Overpowered

Chapter 233: Overpowered
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The music from the guqin spread out. Sitting down cross-legged, Ye Futian started to play the guqin. When his slender fingers stroked on the strings, he seemed to be the only person left in the entire place. The guqin and his senses merged together. In just an instant, Ye Futian entered the state to battle.

With a cold expression on his face, Gu Ming stepped forward. His body was immediately filled with purple lightning which was extremely violent. A very potent force seemed to be penetrating across the entire space and in an instant, a sky-blotting power erupted. In this terrifying lightning storm, many frightening lightning swords gradually emerged, and the scene was absolutely shocking.

Everyone around gazed at Gu Ming. Although he was only in the Fifth-level Dharma Plane, he was somewhat famous in the Donghua Clan and was a very powerful cultivator. In particular, he was outstanding in terms of combat powers. Otherwise, the Donghua Clan would not select him to fight against Ye Futian. After all, even if Ye Futian had not displayed his combat abilities, based on his overpowering performance in the Ancient Barren World, he would definitely not be weak.

There were vague signs that the Donghua Clan would become the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory, and it could then be well imagined how strong their spells were. A vast and invincible might engulfed the whole garden, making Ye Futian, who was sitting down cross-legged, appear to be particularly small. Behind Gu Ming, a realization of Dharma appeared: it was a shocking lightning storm which contained many sharp swords.

Accompanying an incredibly fierce roar, the might of the lightning seemed to have surpassed the music from the guqin and a spell bloomed out. The Purple Lightning Divine Sword fell from the sky and shot towards Ye Futian directly.

When the appalling spell attack fell, Ye Futian's right hand slid very smoothly across the strings of the guqin. Immediately, the sound of thunder blasted out and a terrifying musical storm collided directly into the incoming spell. Both the lightning power and the sword actually crushed and exploded simultaneously, turning into Spiritual Qi which vanished into the air.

Everyone's eyes sparkled. Ye Futian's music seemed to be totally suppressed by the might enveloping the region, but his attack was actually like the lightning from the highest heavens, crushing Gu Ming's spell attack directly in an overbearing manner.

After his attack, Ye Futian started to play slowly again. The music was melodious and the musical storm permeated the entire region, slowly spreading out into the surrounding.

Gu Ming frowned and then the Purple Lightning Divine Sword in the sky burst out again. This time, it was more fierce. The horrifying, sky-blotting attack annihilated space itself and pressed down on the seemingly tiny figure.

Ye Futian did not lift his head. The strings of the guqin vibrated and the musical notes pulsated. At the instant when the opponent's attack landed, another frightful piece of music bloomed. The invisible music seemed to be mixed with noble will, and cut open the sharp sword directly, extinguishing all the lightning.

Everyone discovered that Ye Futian's temperament was changing slowly. As the music spread out, he seemed to have turned into a noble figure. The previously small him had become an unshakable noble at the moment. He was as steady as a mountain which nobody could move at all. Meanwhile, the musical storm also became increasingly powerful, and it gradually enveloped Gu Ming completely.

"Such a strong spiritual will." Everyone seemed to feel something. At the moment, the entire space which Gu Ming was in was already engulfed by the growing spiritual storm.

Qin Mengruo walked out of the pavilion; she was graceful and charming. At the moment, she was gazing at Ye Futian. His music was so pure, as if nobody could disrupt his rhythm and music when he was playing, not even Gu Ming's violent attacks.

At the instant when he touched the guqin, he seemed to have fused with the music. Gu Ming also seemed to have felt the terrifying spiritual storm that filled the entire place. Music from the guqin was contained in the storm, as if it could burst out a shocking power at any moment.

The Musical Sorcerer class belonged to the Spiritual Sorcerer, and they were very strong at spiritual attacks. Naturally, Gu Ming knew that the longer this battle was dragged on, the more disadvantageous his situation would be.

A powerful noble will erupted from his body, which seemed to have become more burly and all-powerful. Since the Donghua Clan had asked him to fight, he definitely had obtained the noble fate. Ye Futian had the superior noble fate. Thus, even if someone without noble fate was at a higher level than Ye Futian, he would still be easily defeated by Ye Futian.

At this moment, Gu Ming's might became even stronger. In his Dharma storm, the purple sword bloomed like a noble lightning sword. At this instant, it flashed out like lightning and penetrated across space directly, shooting towards Ye Futian at an incredible speed.

Ye Futian did not seem to have noticed the sword. He stroked on the strings of the guqin and as the musical storm flew out, the lightning sword which was flying towards him was eradicated immediately.

Gu Ming's expression changed again, and his realization of Dharma spewed out a stronger lightning sword. However, at the instant when the sword appeared, a horrifying musical storm landed and crushed it directly. Hence, a very weird scene appeared. Whenever Gu Ming's spell just managed to form, it would be destroyed right away.

Even more terrifyingly, the music was becoming more and more lively and charged into Gu Ming's realization of Dharma, destroying everything in its way. Gu Ming felt that even his Dharma was going to collapse and his Life Spirit was trembling.

The music spread into everyone's ears. They only felt that at the moment, Ye Futian was not only a noble but also an emperor, a young king. When he sat there, he could overlook everyone else.

An amazing scene appeared in front of their eyes. They seemed to have seen a young emperor sitting high up, looking down at the sky, overlooking all of them, making them want to surrender to him.

The artistic conception that Gu Ming felt was the most intense. Apart from the scary artistic conception, there were also aggressive musical spells which would crush all spiritual powers. Whenever he tried to gather Spiritual Energy to resist, it would be eliminated directly.

Everyone saw that the Spiritual Qi around Gu Ming was becoming weaker and weaker, and that his spells could no longer form. Even his realization of Dharma was pressured and weakened.

A muffled humph was heard. Without notice, everyone discovered to their astonishment that the previously all-powerful and mighty Gu Ming was actually slowly losing the ability to resist at the moment, as his powers were nibbled away bit by bit.

On the other hand, Ye Futian was still playing his music. He was sitting cross-legged and was calm and placid, as if he was just playing quietly. He did not even look like he was fighting.

The music continued, and the young man who was playing was like an emperor who alarmed the world with just a piece of music and caused everyone to submit to him.

Sweat seeped out from Gu Ming's forehead, who was engulfed in the musical will, and his whole body was wet. He tried wildly to resist the pressure exerted on him by the overpowering spiritual will and was not willing to surrender, but his Spiritual Energy was continuously attacked. He only felt that his own willpower was also collapsing.

"He lost." Everyone's eyes sparkled.

Clearly, Gu Ming was defeated, and he was defeated badly. From the beginning to the end, Ye Futian never once launched any other attack. He was merely playing music.

However, Gu Ming had already lost all his strength at the moment. His body was trembling, as if he was struggling, and his legs were bent slightly, as if he would kneel on the ground at any moment.

The grandson of the king of Qin claimed that Ye Futian had never displayed his combat abilities. However, based on his performance in the Ancient Barren World, how could his combat powers be weak?

The Donghua Clan wanted to test that. Gu Ming fought with Ye Futian, but how much of Ye Futian's true strength did they see? Nobody knew; he only displayed his musical skills.

A deep roar came from Gu Ming's mouth, "Stop." His legs were slightly curved, as if he was going to kneel down or lie on the ground. The willpower was too strong and about to cause him to collapse. He knew that even if Ye Futian wanted to kill him at the moment, it could be done. However, Ye Futian obviously would not kill a disciple from the Donghua Clan. Thus, he would use such a way to humiliate Gu Ming.

How could Gu Ming tolerate such embarrassment?

"I do not know about music. Why do you want me to stop?" Ye Futian did not stop and said so in a toneless voice, after which he lowered his head and continued to play. At first, he was not interested in fighting, but the opposite party kept forcing him. Such being the case, he agreed to the fight. Now Gu Ming lost but did not even admit defeat. Did he expect Ye Futian to stop just by asking?

Since Gu Ming wanted to disgrace the Cottage by humiliating Ye Futian, naturally he would need to be prepared to be humiliated as well.

Everyone around seemed to be interested. At the moment, Ye Futian said again that he did not know about music, and this was like slapping on the faces of the people from the Donghua Clan.

The best musician from the Donghua Clan, Qian Shanmu, said openly that Ye Futian did not know anything about music. Now, a disciple from the Donghua Clan was humiliated by Ye Futian's music. This was somewhat ironic.

"How dare you." Seeing that Gu Ming was about to be humiliated, someone from the Donghua Clan stepped out. He, a friend of Gu Ming, was in the Sixth-level Dharma Plane and felt very strong. If Gu Ming was forced to kneel today, the Donghua Clan would be in shame in the future.

His body flashed, and he seemed to be extremely imposing. Golden light bloomed out and it was as if his body was made from gold and filled with invincible powers. Then, he ran straight towards Ye Futian.

Liu Feiyang frowned. Since it was a challenge, and Gu Ming had also not admitted defeat, why should Ye Futian stop? Another person from the Donghua Clan actually meddled in to attack. In addition, the people from the Donghua Clan showed no signs of stopping him.

A strange expression appeared on the face of everyone. The Donghua Clan has caused this fight in the first place. Now, are they losing control?

Dong. A deep sound was heard. Beside Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu, Yu Sheng stepped out, and devil-like wings appeared behind his back. Dark golden light glittered on his body and converged into a golden ax, landing before Ye Futian directly and charging towards the incoming Donghua Clan disciple.

At this very moment, his burly body seemed to have turned into a devil.

The cultivator from the Donghua Clan gave a cold humph and his fists punched into the air. He was good at martial arts and his attack power was shocking. The terrifying golden auroras from his fists penetrated across space as he punched out one blow after another. His momentum increased madly, as if he would crush any attacks in his way.

Against the incoming attack, Yu Sheng did not dodge at all. An incredibly wild power burst out from his body, and his battle ax struck out directly, all the way forward with an indomitable will. There were no martial arts techniques at all, only a pure slash. His move, in the eyes of everyone else, was like cutting a piece of wood—he chopped the opponent's powerful boxing technique as if it was a mere piece of wood.

As his ax struck down, the auroras from the opponent's fists were split apart continuously. It was as if he was just breaking a piece of bamboo and his attack was unstoppable.

The expression of the cultivator from the Donghua Clan changed slightly and his realization of Dharma bloomed out from his body. Immediately, a terrifying might erupted fiercely. Thousands of auroras from his fists destroyed the space and struck towards the incoming Yu Sheng as if they were going to eliminate everything.

A monstrous light flashed on Yu Sheng's devil-like wings which spanned across the air, while the battle-ax in his hand swung continuously at an incredible speed. In the sky, only images from the ax could be seen as they crushed the auroras from the fist steadily.

"Is he battling or cutting wood?" When the rest saw Yu Sheng's attack, a strange expression appeared on their faces.

The wood was all cut, and Yu Sheng's battle ax struck towards the person from the Donghua Clan. Thud! A stream of blood erupted and the cultivator from the Donghua Clan backed off quickly. On his chest, a strip of blood appeared, and he was almost cut into two like a piece of wood!
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    《The Legend of Futian》