The Legend of Futian
238 Attending the Ceremony
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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238 Attending the Ceremony

Chapter 238: Attending the Ceremony
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The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were two top forces. They had sent a Noble Plane cultivator and many Dharma Plane cultivators to deal with Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, both of whom were in the Fourth-level Dharma Plane.

The Cottage had never been bullied in such a way.

The issue was serious.

Hearing Luo Fan's words, the people around also realized that the matter was really going to get out of hand. The fight between juniors could perhaps still be controlled, but a noble overpowered the people from the Cottage directly and almost killed Yu Sheng with a slap. How could the Cottage let this go?

A fight between juniors had turned into a fight between nobles. After that, it would probably be a fight between the two forces.

The many nobles in the sky looked at Luo Fan and their looks turned serious. The elderly person said, "Today, I think that both of the parties have made mistakes. How about you give the Qin Dynasty a face, sit down and let us mediate the issue?"

"Today, nobody gave the Cottage any face," Luo Fan sneered then looked at the people in the sky. He pointed at the noble who had attacked Yu Sheng and said, "I only ask this: are you going to give him to us?"

The elder from the Qin Dynasty frowned. Luo Fan was somewhat supercilious.

The people from the Cottage indeed have the same character—supercilious and arrogant.

"I have not asked you yet. So many of my Donghua Clan disciples are injured. How do you pay for this?" A strong noble from the Donghua Clan stepped forward. He glanced at the horrible sight of the Donghua Clan disciples and asked in a cold tone.

"They were bullied by two Fourth-level Dharma Plane juniors to such an extent. You actually still have the face to ask?" Luo Fan smiled and said. "You really deserve the name of the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory. Terrific." His words were somewhat grating. A group of Dharma Plane cultivators from the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory lost so badly to two Fourth-level Dharma Plane cultivators. If this news spread out, it would be embarrassing. Moreover, it was the people of the Donghua Clan who started this fight.

"Our Qin Dynasty invited everyone to come and observe the ceremony. Tomorrow is the day when the crown prince will be conferred. Does the Cottage really want to cause trouble at this point?" the elder from the Qin Dynasty looked at Luo Fan and said. It would be impossible for the Donghua Clan to hand over their member just because of Luo Fan's words, especially when the person was a noble.

"Oh, so I am the one causing trouble." Luo Fan smiled and turned around. He knew that it would be pointless to discuss further. Even if the previous events were ignored, it was the noble from the Donghua Clan who had attacked Yu Sheng. Now, he said that the Cottage was causing all the trouble.

"Whether the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan team up or not, it's not the Cottage's business, and we also do not care. However, if you want to bully the Cottage…" Facing everyone with his back, Luo Fan smiled. He approached Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and said, "I will bring Yu Sheng back. Since the Qin Dynasty has invited the Cottage to attend the ceremony, you will stay here to represent the Cottage."

"Alright," Ye Futian nodded.

Just like that, Luo Fan brought Yu Sheng away. He had only left one sentence, asking Ye Futian to stay. Nobody had expected such an abrupt departure. Furthermore, he just left Ye Futian at the Qin Dynasty and actually did not worry that the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan might attack Ye Futian at all.

Of course, the people from the many forces knew that under such a situation, the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan definitely would not dare to attack Ye Futian again. The College was present, not to mention the Cottage eldest disciple and the third disciple. Although the College had had some conflicts with the Cottage, if there was really a major battle, the College would naturally side with the Cottage. Furthermore, rumors in the Eastern Barren Territory all claimed that Mr. Du from the Cottage did not know how to cultivate. But did he really not know that?

God knows!

Therefore, the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan would not really touch Ye Futian, unless they would like to stay at their places and not go out in the future.

Ye Futian stared at Luo Fan as he brought Yu Sheng away. Then, he turned to look at the many nobles in the sky, and then at Qian Shanmu, the best musician in the young generation of the Eastern Barren Territory, and Qin Mengruo.

His look was very calm, and there was not even hatred. However, this calmness made people feel somewhat frightened instead. Many people looked at him, including many nobles. Then, they saw Ye Futian turn around and leave, walking towards the palace he was staying in.

Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu followed behind him closely.

"Let's go." Situ Wu also glanced at the many people in the sky coldly and followed Ye Futian. The people from the Sword Saint Mountain left as well, and the people from the various top forces left one from another. Luo Fan had left, but they knew that the matter was not over yet; it was far from being over. Otherwise, Luo Fan would not leave Ye Futian at the Qin Imperial Palace.

They realized that some conflicts may happen in the Eastern Barren Territory. As to what extent the conflict would reach, nobody could predict it at the moment. However, judging from the situation when the Cottage eldest disciple and third disciples went down the mountain, it was definitely going to be serious.

Of course, it would certainly not be like the two disturbances during that time. The Donghua Clan and the Qin Dynasty were not just very strong forces, but the very top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory. The Cottage alone would not be able to do much to them.

The people from the other forces left the place. Only people from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan remained at the area. The atmosphere at the moment was somewhat tense. A noble from the Donghua Clan looked at everyone below and asked, "What actually happened today?"

The cultivators from the Qin Dynasty also wanted to ask the same question. Even though the two forces had teamed up, and it was indeed a meet-up between the princess Qin Mengruo from the Qin Dynasty and Qian Shanmu, what happened during the guqin recital was not arranged by them.

The event that happened was somewhat out of control.

Below, a strange look flashed in Qin Mengruo's eyes; the incident on that day was caused by her.

"It's meaningless to look into this now." At the moment, a figure walked over. It was the grandson of the king of Qin, Qin Li. He looked at the nobles in the sky and said, "Today, the people from the Donghua Clan are defeated so miserably, but you are instead threatened by the Cottage. This does not look like the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory."

The people from the Donghua Clan all felt very embarrassed. Just like what the king's grandson had said, the Donghua Clan was even more tragic than the Cottage today. A few of their nobles were overpoweringly injured by Luo Fan, not to mention their Dharma Plane cultivators. Under such a circumstance, their momentum seemed to be totally suppressed, and they had been threatened by Luo Fan.

"I want to see, what can the Cottage do?" a noble from the Donghua Clan said coldly. They did not continue to investigate the cause, because that was no longer important.

"I believe that the Donghua Clan will show the imposing manner which the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory should," the king's grandson smiled and said. Then, the people from both parties also started to leave separately.

The people from Donghua nodded and left the place. Qin Li looked at Qin Mengruo and said, "Little aunt, how is Qian Shanmu?"

Although Qin Mengruo was one generation older than Qin Li, their ages were actually quite similar. Qin Mengruo was the princess, while Qin Li was the son of Qin Yu, the elder brother of Qin Mengruo.

Qin Mengruo's eyes sparkled as she thought of Qian Shanmu. She nodded lightly and said, "Not bad."

"That's great." Qin Li smiled gently. "Qian Shanmu is one of the two most gifted geniuses in the Donghua Clan. Now, the other person is already a towering figure in the Eastern Barren Territory, and Qian Shanmu is the only key training target of the Donghua Clan. In the future, he will definitely become one of the most accomplished people in the Eastern Barren Territory. Little aunt, you will not suffer because of this."

Qin Mengruo nodded lightly. In fact, because of her identity, she did not have many choices when selecting her partner: she could only choose among the brightest people in the various forces. Although there was a disturbance during the guqin recital today, she was quite fond of Qian Shanmu. In particular, both of them had a common hobby—music.


The people from various forces returned to their individual palaces where they cultivated. People and demons soared into the air, leaving the Qin Imperial Palace. The guqin recital disturbance in the Qin Imperial Palace had already involved the three strongest forces in the Eastern Barren Territory. They had to inform their clans about this event.

The news spread to various top forces rapidly. On the other hand, in the Qin Dynasty, it was already the day when the crown prince would be conferred.

This day, outside of the Qin Dynasty, people had fully filled the space below the stairs. Countless cultivators had come to send their congratulation. However, apart from the various top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory which were invited and could enter the Qin Imperial Palace, only the very strong forces in the Qin Dynasty were entitled to enter the palace and observe the ceremony. In addition, only the leaders of the forces could enter.

The gates of the Qin Imperial Palace were open. Many cultivators with outstanding temperaments stepped in one after another. They followed the path in the palace and walked towards a hall in the deeper part of the palace.

Here, many people had already arrived. The people from the various top forces were sitting on the viewing platforms on the two sides. In the middle, many dignified and burly armored warriors were standing in a neat row, looking frightening. Behind them were the lords and nobles of the Qin Dynasty who had come to observe the ceremony.

Moving further forward, there was a throne.

The prince Qin Yu had already arrived. He stood in front of all the lords and nobles below the throne, waiting to be conferred.

Many people looked at Qin Yu. This former genius had already grown up to become one of the strongest cultivators in the Eastern Barren Territory. He was one of the best in his generation and was as famous as the genius from the Donghua Clan and the third disciple from the Cottage. Today, he would be conferred as the crown prince of the Qin Dynasty. In the future, he would control the Qin Dynasty and become the most powerful person in the Eastern Barren Territory.

The people from the various top forces had all reached and they sat on the viewing platforms.

Ye Futian had also arrived. He was with the College, and he represented the Cottage. As the eighth disciple of the Cottage, he was naturally qualified to represent the Cottage. The cultivators from the Liu Kingdom and the Sword Saint Mountain were sitting beside him to observe the ceremony.

At the moment, the thoughts of the people from the various forces were different. If the event on the previous day did not happen, the ceremony today would surely be a ceremony. There would be no twists and turns. However, because of the disturbance on the previous day, a shadow had been cast over the conferment of the Qin Dynasty crown prince today. Nobody knew what Luo Fan would do after going back, and nobody knew what the Cottage would do either. According to the style of the Cottage, they would surely do something.

The Donghua Clan was closest to the seats in front and was very close to the Qin Dynasty. From their positions, their relationship with the Qin Dynasty could vaguely be felt.

The king's grandson, Qin Li, and the princess Qin Mengruo were naturally here as well. They both stood behind Qin Yu who was the first person in front. Qin Mengruo looked at the crowd and then Qian Shanmu, and both of them glanced at each other. Then, Qin Mengruo nodded gently and Qian Shanmu similarly smiled in return. They withdrew their stares very quickly. It was not rude and appeared to be just nice.

Qin Mengruo glanced at the College and the Cottage again and her eyes were uncontrollably locked onto Ye Futian, who had left a deep impression in her mind during the battle on the previous day.

She saw that at the moment, Ye Futian was extremely quiet and just sat there in silence, as if he was really just an ordinary guest who had come to observe the ceremony!
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    《The Legend of Futian》