The Legend of Futian
239 Coming for Someone
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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239 Coming for Someone

Chapter 239: Coming for Someone
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Sunlight bathed the Qin palace, filling the sacred ancient palace with majesty.

In the main hall, a figure walked to the throne step by step. He was an old but majestic man wearing the royal robe. His eyes were full of stateliness too. He went to the throne and looked to the crowd. People didn't dare to look into his eyes.

He was the king of the Qin Dynasty.

As soon as the king sat in the throne, the armored soldiers and nobles all knelt on one knee before him. "Your Majesty."

The people in the seats all stood up and slightly bowed to show their respect to the king.

The king of the Qin Dynasty was one of the most powerful men of the Eastern Barren Territory. Therefore even the other top forces needed to salute him.

"Welcome you all," said the king. "Please take a seat." Everybody looked up and saw his smiling face. The king continued, "It is my honor to have you coming here from afar."

"Your Majesty." A strong cultivator of the Donghua Clan smiled and bowed politely. "It is our honor to witness this grand ceremony."

"No need for polite small talk." The king laughed. "Declare my words."

A strong cultivator beside walked out with the edict in his hands. He declared loudly, "As per the king of the Qin Dynasty's orders, it shall be known to all that Qin Yu is now the crown prince of the Qin Dynasty."

His voice transformed into powerful sound waves that echoed throughout the whole palace.

As per the king of the Qin Dynasty's orders, it shall be known to all that Qin Yu is now the crown prince of the Qin Dynasty.

The voice could even be heard outside the palace. The people under the steps all looked up, their eyes brightened.

Qin Yu was declared to be the crown prince. They knew this was a transition. In the future, the Qin Dynasty would belong to Qin Yu.

The most dazzling genius of the Eastern Barren Territory, Qin Yu, was finally at the forefront of the Qin Dynasty. He was going to dominate the future of the Eastern Barren Territory.

Those armored soldiers and nobles knelt again, together with countless people in the palace complex, faced towards the king.

Crown Prince Qin Yu climbed the steps and accepted the edict. He stood beside the king and looked at the crowd, bathing in the attention and worship of the entire world.

"Congratulations to Your Majesty and Your Highness," everyone said. Similar voices rang out throughout the palace.

For a time, the words sounded everywhere as if the whole majestic Qin palace was shaking. Even people outside the palace were enthusiastic and felt their blood boiling.

The sound lasted for a very long while.

Standing in the front of everyone in the hall, the king smiled while Qin Yu looked very calm.

On the other hand, the eyes of Qin Li, the king's grandson, flashed. He smiled proudly. From now on, his father would go down in history. The father and the son would fulfill their ambitions and bring the past glory back to the dynasty.

The top forces all sent congratulations. It was a bustling scene in the palace.

The people outside the palace were also excited about this news. Qin Yu gained a good reputation in this kingdom. His talent was known to all since he was young. People all placed great expectations on him. That was why they were so happy for him to become the crown prince.

Suddenly, a dragon's roar was heard from the distance.

Everyone looked up to the sky with shock and saw a black dragon rushing toward the palace.

"It's a dragon!"

People were shocked that someone had come on the dragon. The dragon was huge and had a horrible aura. Just looking into its eyes would make people's heart shaking.

"Is it the Demon King?"

"Who is coming?"

"It should be one of the guests."

Many people whispered. The comer should be here to send congratulations. But with a dragon as the mount, he must be a strong cultivator from one of the top forces.

"Look, there are two people."

Many people looked at the dragon's head and saw two figures standing there calmly.

The leading person was in white, standing with his hands folded behind. His spotless clothes made him look like a scholar.

Though scholarly, his eyes were proud and he stood out from the crowd. He looked toward the Qin palace emotionlessly as if the sacred palace was just a normal building. The other person behind him was proud too, looking at the palace contemptuously.

Seeing the two, people began to doubt whether they came for congratulations. They didn't show much respect.

When the black dragon flew over their heads, its roars filled the sky. It stopped outside the palace and hovered in the sky. The soldiers guarding the palace were confused.

Seeing the two newcomers entering the palace, a soldier asked, "Who are you?"

No one responded. The two figures didn't even look at him. Being overlooked made the soldier frown—not because of being ignored but because it showed that the newcomers were powerful enough to do so. However, they were guards for the palace. If the newcomers ignored them, it meant that they did not come with friendly intentions.

But why would they come to the ceremony for Qin Yu to be conferred as the crown prince, if not to give congratulations?

The soldiers couldn't figure out the reason. No one dared to make trouble on this occasion. Even those top forces of Eastern Barren Territory didn't dare to do so.

The figure in white stood on the dragon, facing the Qin palace, and said loudly, "I am Gu Dongliu from the Cottage, coming to visit your Majesty."

Hearing the voice, everyone trembled. They kept looking up to the figure in the sky silently.

Gu Dongliu was the third disciple of the Cottage, one of the talents from Eastern Barren Territory. He was at the same level as Qin Yu, the new crown prince.

If somebody else came in this way, he would be thought of as a rude visitor. But this man could absolutely be this way because he was Gu Dongliu.

Just like the edict, his voice filled the sky. It traveled into the palace and was heard by everyone, including the king and the strong cultivators. The people of top forces were all stunned.

The Cottage had come.

Gu Dongliu had come.

Just as they had predicted, the Cottage wouldn't rest as they had supposed. They just didn't expect that Gu Dongliu would come so soon.

The people of Qin Dynasty frowned, especially those who had been present, including the king's grandson and Qin Mengruo. Why did the Cottage come at this moment and cause such a sensation? Didn't they know that this was a big day for the crown prince?

Or did Gu Dongliu know about the ceremony but not care at all?

The cultivators from Donghua Clan were uncomfortable as well. They knew what Gu Dongliu came for.

The king, sitting at the throne, was shocked. He was told what happened yesterday but he still didn't expect the Cottage to come so aggressively.


The king of Qin Dynasty spoke loudly. His voice resounded through the palace. Even with a long distance between each other, the two could still have a conversation.

Gu Dongliu walked straight into the palace but the black dragon and the other person waited outside.

Soon, Gu Dongliu arrived at the location of the ceremony. He walked through the crowd to the king. He didn't even look at people of Donghua Clan around him.

"Your Majesty." Gu Dongliu stood before the throne and bowed. He was polite like a scholar but his innate haughtiness was still undisguised to the king.

"Why are you late?" The king smiled.

"Our Cottage was invited to the ceremony so my two juniors came. However, my junior was attacked by someone. Your Majesty, do you know about this?"

People were all stunned. Gu Dongliu was really direct and went straight to the point.

"I heard about that. I apologize for being a bad host and allowing the young people from the Donghua Clan and from the Cottage to have conflicts," the king responded lightly.

"Was the Qin Dynasty involved?" Gu Dongliu asked directly and sharply. This was his style.

The king looked at Gu Dongliu while Gu Dongliu looked back at him. Beside the king, Qin Yu also looked at the one at the same level as him.

"Gu Dongliu, what are you implying?"

"Nothing. However, my junior was mistreated in the Qin palace so I must ask. If this has nothing to do with your Qin Dynasty, then you won't mind if I take someone today, right?" Gu Dongliu was still looking at the king.

Hearing this, people of Donghua Clan all looked uncomfortable.

Gu Dongliu directly said to the king that he came to take someone. Everyone knew who the one in question was. Gu Dongliu truly did not respect the Donghua Clan.

All the top forces were speechless after hearing that he came for taking someone. Even the king's face changed a little. This was the day of the crown prince but Gu Dongliu came not for congratulating but taking someone. Was he joking?

But Gu Dongliu never joked. He just didn't respect the king at all!
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    《The Legend of Futian》