The Legend of Futian
242 Who Dares to Bully?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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242 Who Dares to Bully?

Chapter 242: Who Dares to Bully?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Dharma book transformed into ten thousand scrolls and flew out. Every page transformed into a powerful spell. One attack was like a thousand spells. How powerful was this talent? How exactly did the disciples of the Cottage cultivate?

Even Ye Futian, standing on the black dragon, was shocked by his fourth senior brother and his eyes flashed.

Second Senior Sister had told Fourth Senior Brother to transcribe the books and Ye Futian had laughed that he would never finish. But now he wondered if he'd really only been transcribing.

He thought of Yu Sheng's words. Third Senior Brother had said that transcribing, cooking, and chopping firewood was all cultivation.

Thinking of how Fifth Senior Brother's power was fire, Ye Futian felt speechless. Who said that the Cottage didn't teach their disciples how to cultivate?

They were taught according to their needs. They seemed to have started cultivating as soon as they entered the Cottage. Even eating was a type of cultivation.

There were ten thousand spells in the scrolls. Countless spells came to life at once; many of them were powerful. They all swept towards the Donghua Clan. Some of them were like spell scrolls where each page was a different one.

Though there were many people from the Donghua Clan and fought at once, they were still surrounded by spells.

"The thing the Cottage is least afraid of is facing a large enemy," Xue Yue said nonchalantly. He still stood in place. All the Spiritual Qi seemed to have turned into a windstorm. The book pages were like a vortex, violently swallowing Spiritual Qi to turn into spells.

Everyone was speechless. There were only eight disciples from the Cottage but each showed that they were the best of the best. Many of the pages flew towards one direction—towards He Jiang.

Seeing all the pages coming, He Jiang retreated furiously. He was only a low-level Noble. Luo Fan, the fifth disciple of the Cottage, had easily defeated him. The fourth disciple was even stronger. He definitely was no match.

Xue Ye stood in the air. Powerful spiritual energy engulfed the space, and he cast many spells. Spiritual energy was the basis of sorcery. If Xue Ye could instantaneously cast so many spells, his spiritual energy was definitely extraordinary. His control of spells was definitely strong.

Xue Ye was a pure sorcerer. He didn't study martial arts and didn't need to waste energy on that. His spells could fill in for all weaknesses.

The Donghua Clan members were all trapped in the spells, struggling furiously. Some powerful Nobles stepped out to charge towards Xue Ye. However, he just smiled. Waving a hand, more book pages flew out.

One transformed into a horrible tornado. The sky became dark, collapsing onto everything. At the same time, countless pages melted into the tornado. Fire, lightning, and golden swords instantly appeared in the windstorm.

This terrifying tornado went forward like the end of the world.

Powerful sorcerers could combine spells of different elements and cast them together. With Xue Ye's talent, he could do this well. Now, the combined spell was terrifying even for Nobles.

"Retreat!" All lower level Nobles retreated quickly when seeing the incoming windstorm. However, it swept past at a shocking speed. There were pathetic cries.

One Noble was stabbed in the gut by a golden sword released by the windstorm. Blood flowed out. Some people were struck by lightning, their entire body turning black and their hair standing up. They felt numb all over.

He Jiang hid at the back of the crowd and tried to escape. However, the pages followed him directly. They transformed into a weight that made the sky and earth sink down. He Jiang's speed slowed too. At the same time, golden ropes swept towards him, circling in the air. It sealed off all escape routes.

"You still want to escape?" Xue Ye asked indifferently. He was enveloped in the spell made from the pages. He stepped out and appeared inside the windstorm he'd cast. He walked with the storm through the crowd of Donghua Clan Nobles.

Everyone retreated; no one dared to block him.

In only a moment, Xue Ye was before He Jiang. The golden rope wrapped around He Jiang tightly. His face paled considerably.

"Let go of him." The Donghua Clan's cultivators grouped again. Their auras were furious as they surrounded Xue Ye.

"Are you kidding?" Xue Ye scanned them and mockery filled his eyes. "Mistreating my juniors when you're only in the Noble Plane. Did you forget the Cottage exists?"

The people in the distance were shaken. The fourth disciple of the Cottage had come and he was another powerful figure. His personality was different from Gu Dongliu. While Gu Dongliu was sharp, Xue Ye was indifferent but arrogant. He didn't seem to care about anyone. Though they were different, they had the same proudness. It seemed to be the Cottage's temperament.

"Gu Dongliu, is the Cottage trying to make a scene?" a Donghua Clan cultivator in the air said to him.

Gu Dongliu didn't attack them. Merely standing there was able to put terror in everyone. No one dared to act recklessly.

There was no need for fighting. Just him standing there was enough.

Gu Dongliu gazed at him coolly, not feeling the need to reply. His arrogant eyes were filled with disdain.

Did the Donghua Clan expect this would happen when they bullied Yu Sheng and Ye Futian? Since they hurt the two, they would have to pay. Since they already committed the crime, there was no more need for small talk.

Xue Ye had He Jiang's body tied and he walked forward casually. The book remained in the air. Thousands of pages danced with the wind, releasing shocking spells at any time.

His steps were as light as him. He didn't care about the strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan around him at all.

He Jiang's expression was as horrible as it could be. As a Noble in the Donghua Clan, he obviously had his own pride. Who in the Eastern Barren Territory, other than the Qin Dynasty and College, would dare to look down on him? He was high up wherever he went. But now, he was tied up by the Cottage's disciple like a criminal. There were so many people from the Donghua Clan here but no one could save him. It was depressing.

"Third Brother, how should we punish him?" Xue Ye asked, looking up at the white-clad figure in the air.

Countless eyes looked up at once. Punish? Was the Cottage prepared to punish a Donghua Clan Noble here?

"Gu Dongliu, do not destroy the harmony too much," Qin Yu looked up and said.

"Crown Prince, you should say that to the Donghua Clan," Gu Dongliu said indifferently. Then he uttered coldly, "Disable him."

Countless hearts shook in the vast space. A Noble figure from the Donghua Clan was extremely respected no matter where in the Eastern Barren Territory. Who dared to disrespect him? But today, outside the Qin palace, Gu Dongliu's punishment to him was only two words—disable him.

He would disable a Donghua Noble on the spot.

"Gu…Dong…liu…" In the air, the elder's voice was so heavy. Only Gu Dongliu dared to do this. Only he would disable a Donghua Noble before everyone.

"Okay." Xue Ye nodded and then gazed at He Jiang.

At this moment, He Jiang just felt cold. He looked at Xue Ye's look of disdain and knew that he dared to do so.

The frightening ropes transformed into the sharpest blades and dug straight into He Jiang's body. In an instant, He Jiang grunted and his face was ashen.

Xue Ye didn't just dare to do so. He did it without any delay. He Jiang's body was icy and he couldn't help but shiver. In addition to pain, there was terror. For a cultivator to have his fate taken away, it was worse than death. He would rather die.

A Noble needed courage to live after being disabled.

The horrible power went wild inside his body, destroying all his veins.

"No!" He Jiang roared. He was a Noble of the Donghua Clan. He was high and mighty, looking down on countless people. But now he would be disabled just because he had slapped Yu Sheng?

He couldn't accept this. Golden light went crazy on him. He roared in pain and yelled in anger.

Everyone watched him with pounding hearts. This was the Cottage—the proud Cottage. No one could mistreat the Cottage, not even the Donghua Clan. So what if the Donghua Clan was the number one clan? Even the cultivators of the top forces were shocked. They would never forget this scene.

Who would dare to bully the Cottage after this?

The Cottage had shown their style with two battles in the past. Today was the third battle. News of it would spread throughout the Donghua Clan just like the previous two.

The Donghua Clan watched powerlessly as their Noble was disabled. They rose up and down in anger, clenching their fists. However, Gu Dongliu and Xue Yue were like a thousand-man army.

If the Cottage were like the other clans, how could they gain their reputation with just the few of them?

Qin Yu and the others from the Qin Dynasty were aghast as well. They weren't directly involved but anyone could notice some things. He Jiang was disabled right outside the Qin palace. This made things difficult for the Qin Dynasty.

Gu Dongliu was equal to Qin Yu but was even more arrogant and cruel. As for his words, Gu Dongliu completely ignored him.

Time would tell. This event wasn't over yet.

Ye Futian quietly watched all this from the back of the black dragon.

Gu Dongliu had gone to the Cangye Kingdom to invite him into the Cottage. At that time, he'd said that no one in the Eastern Barren Territory would dare to mistreat the Cottage's disciple. He had been very proud.

Now, Gu Dongliu and Xue Ye had used their actions to prove these words. No one dared to bully the Cottage—not even the top clan, the Donghua Clan, or the Qin Dynasty!
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    《The Legend of Futian》