The Legend of Futian
254 Warlock Gu Zhiqiu
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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254 Warlock Gu Zhiqiu

Chapter 254: Warlock Gu Zhiqiu
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Walking out of the inn, Ye Futian looked up. He could see the towering building in the distance. It was the Dongqin College. The top forces all resided in the region near the Dongqin College. Going past them, he walked down the road. Many people seemed to be grouped there now, looking at something.

Ye Futian glanced to the side. Two groups were facing each other. Faint sharpness radiated from them—the sword aura.

"The Fuyun Sword Clan?" Ye Futian's eyes flashed. He walked over there, entering the crowd of spectators. He saw many familiar faces. There were people from the Fuyun Sword Clan, the Sword Saint Mountain, and Witch Clan. Other than the College, all top forces had sent their disciples here. The seven peaks of the Fuyun Sword Clan were independent of each other. All seven had their own disciples here but Ye Futian didn't see Ye Wuchen amongst them.

The people facing off were from the Fuyun Sword Clan and Sword Saint Mountain. They had always been rivals. Ye Futian didn't know what had happened between them this time. More strong cultivators were hurrying over at this time.

A pair of pretty eyes from the Witch Clan fell on Ye Futian. The girl smiled. "Young Master Ye, long time no see. Your charisma is even stronger now. I truly miss you."

It was the Witch, Gu Biyue. Her voice was soft and her eyes were alluring. She seemed to want to ingrain herself into the others' minds. She was so mesmerizing.

"If that's so, why don't you come serve me?" Ye Futian said, smiling at the Witch.

Gu Biyue smiled sweetly. "I wish I could but I'm here with my senior brother this time. He's very strict. I can't trouble you."

Their conversation attracted much attention. Many gazes fell upon Ye Futian. People had heard some things about how Ye Futian had taken Gu Biyue as his servant in the Ancient Barren World.

"Trouble?" Ye Futian remembered what Tang Ye had said back then. He knew that there was a powerful figure in the Witch Clan—the Witch's senior brother. He must have come to Chaoge City too.

Li Daoqing was amongst the Fuyun Sword Clan group. He stared chillingly at Ye Futian, his eyes full of murderous intent. His brother, Li Daoyun, had first had his arm burned and then was killed in a challenge because of his conflicts with Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen's group. Li Daoqing would never forget this.

At this time, another group arrived. Someone called, "Ye Futian."

He turned around. Seeing Ye Wuchen, Liu Feiyang, and Liu Chenyu, he had an odd look. Smiling without really smiling, he looked at Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu. "Seems like I'm not needed anymore."

Liu Chenyu glared at him but she was used to his teasing.

"We met on the road," Ye Wuchen said. Ye Futian noticed that many swordsmen-in-training from the Fuyun Sword Clan followed him. Ye Wuchen seemed to be the leader. Seeing this, Ye Futian understood that Ye Wuchen had some status in his clan.

"Ye Wuchen, remember your position," a cool voice said. It came from the people of the Fuyun Sword Clan's first summit that were facing off with the Sword Saint Mountain. The speaker was Luo Xiao. He was the leader of the younger generation of that summit and was extremely powerful.

The Sword Saint had used the Fuyun Sword Clan to make a name for himself. He was absolute glory for the Sword Saint Mountain and Cottage. But to the Fuyun Sword Clan, it was an unforgettable humiliation. Because of this, the Fuyun Sword Clan hated the Cottage. Their attitude towards the Sword Saint Mountain went without saying.

Ye Wuchen glanced at Luo Xiao. "You should know that we were at Cangye together before joining the Fuyun Sword Clan."

"Since you joined the clan, you must forget about the past," Luo Xiao said. His voice was calm but his eyes were extremely sharp. Ye Wuchen had killed Li Daoyun in a test battle. This had already the First Summit but the battle had been hair. Li Daoyun had accepted it and was killed with the Arcana Plane. The First Summit could say nothing. But now, Ye Wuchen was talking with someone from the Cottage.

"I do not need your permission to act," Ye Wuchen said indifferently.

Luo Xiao's gaze hardened. His eyes glinted and then he looked away. The surrounding people were shocked. The most famous of the Fuyun Sword Clan was the first and seventh summits. Now, the disciples from those two summits had clashed in public. It was interesting.

As they spoke, another group appeared. The people from the Royal Xuan Temple walked into the crowd.

One gaze stared straight at Ye Futian. It was extremely cold and murderous. It was Luo Junlin. Beside him, Xirou's gaze was also cold. After returning from the Cangye Kingdom, she had been punished by her father. Luo Junlin had been punished too. Because of the event, her father had been humiliated as well.

Xirou never cared about the barbaric Cangye Kingdom. But now, Ye Futian joined the Cottage and quickly became known throughout the Eastern Barren Territory.

Ye Futian naturally saw them too. His eyes turned cold. This crown prince of the Nandou Kingdom had once wanted him to be a servant. He wondered what Luo Junlin felt after meeting again here.

The two met eyes. Luo Junlin didn't disguise his murderous intent at all. Now, Ye Futian was truly a threat to him and the Nandou Kingdom. If Ye Futian was allowed to progress into the Noble Plane, it would be the end of the Nandou Kingdom. With the Cottage there, not even the Royal Xuan Temple could help him.

"It's so lively here," someone said at this time. Qin Li, grandson of King Qin, had come too. He seemed to have hurried over because he heard of the commotion. Chu Yaoyao of the Moon Clan came with him. This scene made many people wonder. According to rumors, Qin Li had gone to the Moon Clan earlier. The fairies had come to Chaoge with him.

"In a few days, it will be the wedding between my aunt and Qian Shanmu of the Donghua Clan," Qin Li said cheerily. "It is also the opening ceremony of the Dongqin College. Everyone present is a success of the Eastern Barren Territory. Why don't you all show off your talents on that day?"

The Dongqin College was a joint creation of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan. Many of their prides would also announce that they would cultivate at the college on that day. Other than the challenge between Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu, there must be other events too. Otherwise, how could they show off how extraordinary the college was?

Seems like they won't fight now, many spectators thought. The relationships between the clans were very complicated. However, Qin Li seemed to want them all to take care of everything during the opening ceremony and use it to make news for their college.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. He didn't want to be here. For some reason, he really didn't like Qin Li. He wanted to beat the guy up. However, Gu Dongliu said that the Cottage was a place of reason. He couldn't pick fights. Thus, he would just walk away. His group turned to leave but Luo Junlin's eyes were still on Ye Futian. In his eyes, only Ye Futian existed.

Ye Futian's group stopped not too far away. In the near distance, there was a figure clad in black. His inky black hair fell down his shoulders. He was indescribably attractive. His eyes were extremely deep and black. People could drown in them. Though he didn't release his aura, he still gave off a threatening feeling just standing there.

Ye Futian's group couldn't help but pause.

Ye Wuchen's brows knitted. Sword intent snaked around him. He could sense extreme power from the man.

Liu Feiyang and Lui Chenyu studied him. Liu Feiyang's eyes flickered. A figure appeared in his mind but he wasn't sure.

The figure clad in black looked up, gaze falling upon Ye Futian. His eyes seemed to suck one into them. "You're Ye Futian?" he asked indifferently.

"What do you want?" Ye Futian glanced at him. He didn't know the man. As soon as he spoke, he seemed to see demonic fire flash through those black eyes and burn into his mind. At this moment, it felt like Ye Futian's Spiritual Energy was burning. It was as if he was on fire and the flames of darkness wrapped around him, trying to burn him down.

"Be careful," Liu Feiyang warned Ye Futian, seemingly knowing the man's identity. When he saw dark fire rise in Ye Futian's eyes, his heart trembled.

"Gu Zhiqiu, stop it," Liu Feiyang roared. Ye Futian closed his eyes and rushed backward. The man's eyes had a terrifying power. His Spiritual Energy was in pain. When he retreated, the attack disappeared into the void and he stopped. His eyes opened and flashed as he focused on the man.

It was Gu Zhiqiu, the Warlock of the Witch Clan. He viewed Gu Biyue as his true sister.

"In the future, I hope to never hear the word 'maid' or 'servant' from your mouth again, even if you are from the Cottage," Gu Zhiqiu said calmly. Then he walked away. He seemed peaceful as if nothing had happened. Clearly, he was warning Ye Futian, disallowing him from calling Gu Biyue those names.

Gu Biyue was like his sister. How could he let someone use those words to insult Gu Biyue? If Ye Futian hadn't joined the Cottage, he would have done much more.

Staring at the man's back, a strange look passed through Ye Futian's eyes.

He'd heard of the Witch Clan's Witch Requiem. During that one glance, Gu Zhiqiu seemed to plant demon fire in Ye Futian's mind. This man's plane was much higher than his. His reputation as Warlock of the Witch Clan was not unfounded!
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    《The Legend of Futian》