The Legend of Futian
257 Resonance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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257 Resonance

Chapter 257: Resonance
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Spiritual Qi went crazy around the Demonic Tripod. A gust of powerful weight fell upon Ye Futian's body. At that moment, Ye Futian's body was like a demon—a dragon or golden Roc. He withstood the horrible weight.

The Divine Ape straightened its back and pushed the Demonic Tripod up bit by bit. The higher it raised the tripod, the heavier the weight. After a moment, the tripod was one foot in the air. Many people stared at Ye Futian. He was indeed a disciple of the Cottage. He could raise the Demonic Tripod to one foot at once. His body didn't even directly touch the Demonic Tripod. Instead, he used his Dharma to create a demon that did it.

Images on the tripod shone. Those demonic pictures flowed with horrible light and formless power descended upon it, making it thousands of pounds heavy. It was about to collapse everything. At the same time, horrible demonic will rushed into Ye Futian's mind, transforming into invisible pressure. The pressure went from invisible to visible. The stronger he fought back, the stronger the pressure became. There was no limit to its pressure.

Ye Futian's movements were slow but they didn't stop. The Demonic Tripod continued rising. He didn't dare lift it all up at once. The fiercer his moves, the stronger the backlash was. If he suddenly hit the limit he could withstand, he would be dead.

This tripod had an evil reputation and really had killed people.

When the Demonic Tripod reached two feet, the pressure was even stronger. Various demonic images appeared in Ye Futian's mind. A burst of power pressed down on him uncontrollably. The national treasure of the Qian Dynasty really could repress anything.

Ye Futian felt this pressure. The strong will inside his mind fought against the demonic will that entered. He used the emperor's intent to protect his mind and light flowed through his body. He was practically undefeatable. However, the Demonic Tripod stopped. Ye Futian didn't continue lifting it. The power coming from the tripod was already powerful enough. Even though he could continue raising it, he didn't.

The powerful intent protected his own from extinguishing. At the same time, his spiritual intent bore the Demonic Tripod's power. The intent accidentally entered the Demonic Tripod. He seemed to enter a magical image. It was the devil's world.

A moment later, Ye Futian's intent retreated. He couldn't borrow the power from the emperor's intent. He couldn't fight against the devil's intent but he could protect himself from extinguishing.

Endless light fell upon his body; powerful intent rushed into his mind. He actually activated the body-enhancing technique. Dragons seemed to crash around his body and a Roc appeared. A Divine Ape roared. He used the outside force to challenge his body.

Liu Feiyang was right. He could indeed use the Demonic Tripod to exercise his physical body. However, the average man would not do this. After all, who could survive for this long under the Demonic Tripod?

Only the best of the best could do so.

Ye Futian maintained that posture without moving. The Demonic Tripod stayed at two feet in the air. He closed his eyes, letting the endless power wash over him. To outsiders, Ye Futian was using a technique to resist the Demonic Tripod.

"He can only do two feet?" someone muttered while looking at this scene. It would be impressive for someone else to do this but this was Ye Futian. Two feet wasn't much to brag about. But upon more thought, Ye Futian didn't have a high plane of cultivation. Two feet was already very impressive. Their expectations for the Cottage disciples were probably too high.

But then they saw Ye Futian stay there without moving. He seemed to be at a stalemate with the Demonic Tripod. He bore the pressure endlessly.

"What is he doing?"

"Does he wish to continue trying?"

Just as people were discussing amongst themselves, Ye Futian started moving. The Demonic Tripod rose a bit again. His body rumbled as if his blood was roaring. He was under such extreme pressure.

"It seems that he isn't satisfied," someone from the Donghua Clan said, chuckling.

So what if he wasn't satisfied? It will only get more and more difficult. It was hard for Ye Futian to advance further. After another while, the Divine Ape above Ye Futian rose up another inch. The pressure was even stronger. Ye Futian squeezed his eyes shut. Sweat beaded on his body.

"Are disciples of the Cottage this cautious?" Yin Mo said indifferently as he watched. He wished Ye Futian would try more fiercely. It would be hard to get killed if he was so cautious and tried bit by bit. Of course, if Ye Futian wouldn't give up and suddenly couldn't withstand it, he could still die.

Everyone had different thoughts and ideas but Ye Futian was completely focused. He was submerged in his own cultivation. Using the body-enhancing technique, he continuously exercised his body with the Demonic Tripod's pressure. Every now and then, he would push the tripod up a bit higher. This was adding more weight so his cultivation was at the optimal state.

Finally, when the tripod was 2.5 feet high, Ye Futian's body seemed ready to burst. A horrible windstorm whipped against him and his body pulled taut. His muscles were at their limits. Invisible power rushed in reverse. Spiritual Qi formed a terrible windstorm. Ye Futian opened his eyes and looked up. The Divine Ape roared and raised its hands as if to lift up the sky. Endless physical strength exploded on Ye Futian's body. The power hit against the tripod, making it shoot up.

Seeing this, Yin Mo's eyes flashed scarily. He really anticipated a scene like this. However, the moment Ye Futian's body erupted with boundless power, he flashed and walked out from the tripod like a Roc.

The horrible power from the Demonic Tripod almost crushed the air. The tripod fell heavily to the ground, shaking the ground like an earthquake.

"Three feet." Everyone saw the distance of the last movement. Had Ye Futian used all his power to lift it to this limit? In a way, Ye Futian hadn't even done three feet because he'd escaped the moment he erupted with power.

"Previously, the top talents of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan only lifted three feet as well," Yin Mo said. Hearing this, many people's eyes flashed. Ye Futian's plane was low but he was close to those people.

And the Arhat was the most formidable.

Ye Futian glanced at Yin Mo and chuckled. He didn't say anything. At that moment, his body had reached its limit. He made a breakthrough in the technique and leveled up in martial arts cultivation. Right now, he felt so good. As for lifting the tripod… was there any meaning if he couldn't cultivate with it? So what if it three feet or four? Someone as modest as him wouldn't care what the others thought of him.

Right now, he stared at the Demonic Tripod with burning eyes. This was such a precious item. It was unfortunate he couldn't take it away.

"Do you all want to try?" Ye Futian asked when he returned to his group.

Ye Wuchen shook his head. He was a pure swordsman-in-training. There were no benefits in lifting the tripod.

"Yu Sheng." Ye Futian's eyes fell on him. Yu Sheng nodded; he clearly understood what Ye Futian meant. He walked towards the Demonic Tripod. This tripod also suited him. He could exercise his physical body.

"Yu Sheng from the Cottage."

Many gazes fell upon him. Even though Yu Sheng wasn't an official disciple, he'd called himself the firewood-chopper of the Cottage at the Qin Dynasty. No one dared to overlook him.

He walked under the Demonic Tripod. He was as muscular as Kua Shan and grabbed the two legs of the tripod. With a burst of strength, he lifted the tripod.

Horrible pressure came from the Demonic Tripod. Yu Sheng roared but the tripod kept rising. It quickly reached one foot.

Kua Shan's eyes hardened, feeling speechless. This guy was more powerful than him. Tuoba Yun also shut his mouth. He'd already shut his mouth when Ye Futian started lifting the tripod because he couldn't do it.

When the pressure weighed down, Yu Sheng's body glowed dark gold. He seemed to be covered in armor. Endless power crushed down. When the formless demonic intent descended, Yu Sheng's eyes turned eerie and demonic. The powerful intent feared nothing and he continued raising the tripod.

Slowly, the tripod reached two feet.

"So terrifyingly powerful." Everyone watched Yu Sheng. He glowed with demonic dark gold light. His body was about to explode. It was scary but the tripod was still rising.

Horrible demonic intent flooded into Yu Sheng's intent. His own intent was frightening too. His eyes seemed to turn into demonic orbs and whirlpools seemed to appear in his skin that swallowed the power pressing down. At the same time, his intent was absorbing the demonic intent and exercising himself. He pushed the tripod up. It reached two feet one inch, two inches… It approached three feet.

Many people's hearts trembled. He was close to three feet and was stronger than Ye Futian.

"Oh?" Ye Futian's eyes flashed and there was a strange glint. He sensed something different. Using the Freedom Meditation, he saw something shocking. The demonic strength flowing through Yu Sheng was resonating with the power produced by the Demonic Tripod.

"This…" Ye Futian knew that Yu Sheng's technique was suitable for lifting the tripod but he didn't expect this. What kind of power did his godfather give Yu Sheng to cultivate? He was even swallowing the power of the Demonic Tripod.

Yu Sheng's body was still rising. The Demonic Tripod had passed three feet and was still going. There wasn't any sign of slowing down.

"What's going on?" The strong cultivators nearby were all shocked.

Just then, there was a terrible flash behind Yu Sheng. Then, huge wings appeared like the wings of a devil. They flapped powerfully as Yu Sheng continued up. The Demonic Tripod became higher and higher.

Three feet, four feet…it didn't stop. He had already surpassed the Arhat but didn't seem to have reached his limit yet. It also seemed that he had no limit.

Ye Futian was intrigued. Could they take the Demonic Tripod away today? If so, he really had to thank the Yin Family!
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    《The Legend of Futian》