The Legend of Futian
259 Just Learned Nothing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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259 Just Learned Nothing

Chapter 259: Just Learned Nothing
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Hearing Yin Zhen's words, Ye Futian looked up ar Yu Sheng in the sky. He knew it from the eyes of the Yin Family—there was a great possibility for Yu Sheng to take the Demonic Tripod. At this moment, both Yin Zhen and Yin Mo were a little bit nervous, especially Yin Mo who had spoken carelessly because he never predicted this situation.

Were they going to take their words back?

"Since you belong to the Yin Family and you have been the keeper of the Demonic Tripod for so many years, you can represent the Yin Family. Your words count." Ye Futian looked at Yu Sheng instead of Yin Zhen. At this moment, the scene was strange. The sky was dark and frightening. Since Yin Mo had said they could do whatever they wanted, they would definitely take this treasure away. Moreover, this Demonic Tripod was perfect for Yu Sheng.

Standing in the center of the storm, Yu Sheng's life seemed to be at stake. Therefore, it was impossible for Yin Zhen to end things by saying that Yin Mo could not stand for the Yin Family.

Yin Zhen stepped forward to under the Demonic Tripod, followed by his other family members. He glanced at Ye Futian. He did not have much fear when facing a disciple of the Cottage.

The Yin Family was low-key but that didn't mean they were weak. As the former lord, they still dominated Chaoge City even though they had declined. Moreover, they were attached to the Qin Dynasty. There was already a conflict between the Qin Dynasty and the Cottage, so he didn't have to fear the disciples of the Cottage.

"Yin Mo didn't speak properly. He will get punished. However, if you, as a disciple of the Cottage, purport to seize our treasure that has been passed down through generations, intending to bully us, the Yin Family will not let you go." Yin Zhen stared at Ye Futian coldly. "Now that the Demonic Tripod is lifted high enough, it's time for him to stop or he will be hurt. We don't wish to see someone from the Cottage get hurt."

"He has never had such a worry." Ye Futian glanced at Yin Zhen and said, "Therefore, don't bother yourselves."

People in the distance sensed the hostility growing between the two. They realized that it was very possible for Yu Sheng to take the Demonic Tripod away. Obviously, the Yin Family couldn't allow that.

Yin Zhen stared at Ye Futian but Ye Futian didn't look at him. He still looked at the figure in the sky.

The pressure on Yu Sheng's body had reached a dreadful level. Endless dark lights flowed through him. The Demonic Tripod rose extremely slowly but it was still rising. Every inch higher was enough to make the Yin Family tense up. They desperately looked forward to seeing Yu Sheng be killed just like the former crown prince.

A terrible storm was coming. The patterns on the Demonic Tripod seemed to be alive like devils. Just then, Yu Sheng roared. The magic lights were still flowing in him. His body continued ascending fiercely inch by inch, gradually approaching nine feet. The sky changed. Those devils seemed to come to life. Beams of lights projected straight into the sky. The magic lights here were so dazzling, even going to the tower behind the tripod. Beams of light burst from the Tripod Tower like lights of the five elements and descended onto the Demonic Tripod.

A voice was heard from the tower. "Put it down." This voice fell on the Demonic Tripod like thunder. More pressure descended on it like a tyrannical will accompanying the lights of five elements.

With a loud bang, the Demonic Tripod shook. Yu Sheng spat out a mouthful of blood and fell down. The weight above the tripod pressed down to crush him. Yu Sheng was going to be killed!

There was a shocking roar and a devilish apparition appeared above Yu Sheng. It pushed against the Demonic Tripod so that it couldn't kill Yu Sheng on the spot.

Everyone looked up to the tower. Who could it be? Acting at this critical time, the speaker intended to kill Yu Sheng.

The scene was too thrilling. Yu Sheng had been pushed down to three feet. If he wasn't strong enough, he would have been killed. Though the power contained in that voice was not very strong, any slight force could be fatal to Yu Sheng when he was fighting against the power from the Demonic Tripod.

Was it the Yin Family's act? But by common sense, they should not be so bold.

After all, Donghua Clan had done a similar thing not long ago and the result was that the Noble was disabled. The Yin Family was indeed attached to the Qin Dynasty but they did not belong to the top forces. They wouldn't dare bully the Cottage or the consequences could be disastrous.

Ye Futian's expression changed. He looked up to the tower with extremely cold eyes. How could someone dare to intervene at this time? Yu Sheng had almost been killed. His extremely cold eyes fell on Yin Zhen. Even Yin Zhen's expression had changed a little. He knew what was going on but that was not what he wanted to see.

Ye Futian stepped out but he was stopped by Yin Zhen. Yin Zhen persuaded, "Let him stop. We are sorry for what happened in the tower but we didn't mean to do it."

"Move." Ye Futian looked at Yin Zhen coldly. They just denied what Yin Mo had promised. Now they wanted to shirk responsibility too?

He would like to see who was in the tower. Ye Futian walked toward the tower, followed by Ye Wuchen. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu were left to watch Yin Zhen's people.

Ye Futian flew straight to the sky above the tower. He suddenly saw two figures standing in the corridor of the tower. The man's handsomeness was peerless while the woman's beauty was matchless.

People were all amazed at the sight of the two.

They were Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo.

Qian Shanmu was known as number one in Rhythmic Sorcery among the young generations. Qin Mengruo was the princess of the Qin Dynasty. They were the bride and bridegroom who should be preparing for their wedding in Chaoge City. Why were they here? Clearly, the Yin Family invited them here. However, Qian Shanmu shouldn't be the one who had spoken. There was something still unknown in that tower.

Ye Futian stood before it. He was stopped by Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo. The entrance was behind them.

"Move." Ye Futian glanced at the two.

Qin Mengruo frowned. Her eyes were proud. She didn't expect that Ye Futian would talk to her in such a rude way.

"This is the Yin Family's land," Qian Shanmu said. "It's inappropriate for you to come here."

Ye Futian didn't care about them and just released his Dharma. The moon and sun appeared at the same time.

Qian Shanmu frowned. "You aren't my match yet."

Sunlight and moonlight from Ye Futian's Dharma came down at the same time, shooting toward Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo. Qian Shanmu took out his flute and began to play. Suddenly, a frenzied storm came and shrouded the area. The flute was sharp and harsh. When the Dharma met the sound, it turned into Spiritual Qi and dissipated.

Ye Futian stepped forward with an amazing speed. His body seemed to have transformed into flames. He released ancient words that burned towards Qian Shanmu. He also raised his hands and sent out a handprint that destroyed everything.

Qian Shanmu's music turned into sharp swords and ripped Ye Futian's Dharma apart. That terrible spirit contained in the sound seemed to turn into arrows. Spiritual Qi went wild and the golden arrows, guided by the Rhythmic Sorcery, shot toward Ye Futian.

Boom, boom, boom. Frantic power broke out. Arrows were burnt but the handprint broke too. Ye Futian backed off but the icy intent released by the Dharma kept blooming. Countless arrows froze and fell down.

"So powerful. Ye Futian deserves to be a disciple of the Cottage. But there is still a distance between him and Qian Shanmu," people commented. However, Ye Futian didn't intend to give up. He kept moving forward while his aura was growing more furious.

Almost at the same time, a sword appeared. Ye Wuchen had acted. The sword went directly toward Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo.

"Go inside," Ye Wuchen told Ye Futian. His sword was stopped by Qian Shanmu. But the next moment, both Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo fell into his sword world. They saw countless fierce swords rushing toward them.

Qian Shanmu's flute grew harsher. It was as if numerous spiritual arrows penetrated into Ye Wuchen's brain. However, his spiritual swords also penetrated into Qian Shanmu's brain. With countless swords sweeping over, Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo were forced to retreat.

"Who is he?" someone saw Ye Wuchen and asked.

"He is Ye Wuchen from the Cangye Kingdom," another answered. "He and Ye Futian became famous in the Barren Ancient World at the same time. He is now the disciple of the Fuyun Sword Clan." They didn't expect that Ye Wuchen to be strong enough to beat back Qian Shanmu.

Ye Futian rushed into the tower with an extreme speed.

There was another door in the tower. There were strong cultivators guarding outside the door of the Yin Family. They stared at Ye Futian indifferently, blocking his path.

Ye Futian looked inside coldly.

"Tell him to give up," one of them said indifferently. Judging from their auras, they were at the Noble level. The guards were actually Nobles!

"You've learned nothing, have you?" a voice said from the outside. Then a figure rushed into the tower. It was Luo Fan. He looked at the two nobles beside the door and asked, "Do you remember what happened at the Qin Palace?"

The two nobles frowned. They knew what happened outside though they were always guarding here. They had heard about what happened in the Qin Dynasty too.

"But we won't let the Cottage rob the Yin Family's treasure," one of the Nobles responded coldly.

Luo Fan stepped forward. The fire stick in his hand instantly turned red. Suddenly, Flame Dragon Whip appeared, dancing in the tower.
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    《The Legend of Futian》