The Legend of Futian
261 Small Tricks?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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261 Small Tricks?

Chapter 261: Small Tricks?
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The rod was glittering with the light of five different colors. Ye Futian was stunned for a while. It seemed that apart from the matrix, the power of the ritual implement was also used to seal the willpower of the ancestor of the Yin Family at this place.

He released his will and entered the rod. Immediately, a link was formed between Ye Futian and the rod. Extending his arm, the rod flew into his hand. The Spiritual Qi of the five elements circled around the rod which could change its color depending on the element.

"Five Element Rod." Ye Futian's eyes sparkled and he controlled his willpower. Immediately, the rod turned flame red, as if it could burn everything in the world. Then, he controlled his will again and the rod turned green and extremely soft. He swung his hand and the rod started to extend. It could even bend like vines.

"Err…" Ye Futian blinked his eyes. The Five Element Rod could actually change its form. It was indeed a treasure. It seemed that he really had to thank the Yin Family.

Raising his legs, Ye Futian began to walk outside. At the moment, the atmosphere outside the tower was already extremely tense. The master of the Yin Family wanted to enter by force, but Zhu Qing appeared before him.

The master of the Yin Family knew that although the Yin Family was a subsidiary force under the Qin Dynasty, if a war really was to break out, the Yin Family would suffer the most. Furthermore, it was still unknown whether the Qin Dynasty would really start a war because of the Yin Family in the first place.

Ye Futian walked out of the tower. At once, he was greeted by countless stares. Seeing the rod in Ye Futian's hand, the face of the master of the Yin Family instantly turned extremely cold as he stared firmly at Ye Futian. "You destroyed the matrix?"

"Yup." Ye Futian nodded and was very calm.

"You wanted to take away the demonic tripod of my Yin Family, and now you have destroyed the will of my ancestor. This is really too much," the master of the Yin Family roared in anger.

"Don't pretend like you have been wronged." Zhu Qing glanced at the master of the Yin Family emotionlessly. "I already know what happened. You said that the words from the person who guards the demonic tripod cannot represent the attitude of the entire Yin Family. Do you think the people from the College are all idiots? If it's just like that, we can ignore it. But when Yu Sheng was about to break the binding and lift the tripod, you suppressed him by force directly. If Yu Sheng is not a member of the College, I think that even if he was killed, you all would not even frown and hesitate a bit. Now, you want to act as if you are the pitiful person here?"

The people around were all speechless. This was, in fact, the reality: power is above everything. If Yu Sheng was not from the Cottage, he would not dare to think about taking the demonic tripod away. Otherwise, he would not even know what killed him.

The Yin Family felt wronged because they could not do anything, and that in turn was because of their strength, because they were against the College.

Just as they were talking, an extremely violent aura was released near the demonic tripod. Yu Sheng seemed to have turned into a devil completely and broke the binding continuously. He lifted the tripod to nine feet high and even the sky seemed to discolor. Following a loud roar, the endless power of the matrix dissipated and the repressive force vanished. Lifting the tripod, Yu Sheng ascended into the air like an overpowering demon king.

"He did it." Everyone was shocked. Yu Sheng caused the demonic tripod to break free from the binding of the matrix. The demonic tripod was still filled with a shocking demonic will, but the patterns and light on the tripod were disappearing slowly. In the next moment, the huge demonic tripod turned into a small tripod and landed in Yu Sheng's palm.

The demonic forces in the sky dissipated. Yu Sheng had done what nobody could in thousands of years. The demonic tripod finally found its master.

"Amitabha." The Arhat put his hands together and said softly, "Ominous sign."

Everyone around looked at the Arhat. Previously, the Arhat already said that if Yu Sheng was to get the demonic tripod, something very evil would happen. Now Yu Sheng did it. Did it mean that in the future, he would really kill a lot of people just like what the Arhat had said?

"The tripod was left by the ancestors of my Yin Family." The expression of the master of the Yin Family froze. The demonic tripod was really lifted by Yu Sheng. Clearly, he was planning to bring the tripod away.

"The demonic tripod has found its master and can finally release its radiance. The Yin Family should be happy instead." Zhu Qing glanced at Yu Sheng.

The master of the Yin Family looked extremely annoyed. In the Tripod Tower, both the demonic tripod and the will of their ancestor were actually indeed quite useless to the Yin Family. However, they were the only remains from the previous generations. They were the proofs that the Yin Family had once been glorious. The Tripod Tower zone was open to the public and anyone could come and try to lift the tripod. The purpose of this was so that other people in the world would not forget that the Yin Family was once grand. However, because of the events today, the remains were all taken away. Furthermore, the Yin Family had also lost all its face.

As for the death of his ancestor, he was actually not very bothered. The ancestor had been worshiped for so many years and was already valueless long ago. Now, he even brought a disaster to the Yin Family. The master of the Yin Family also knew that if the ancestor did not attack and almost kill Yu Sheng, the issue might still be alleviated. However, after he launched the attack, the conflict broke up completely. The Yin Family was wrong in the first place. Since the Cottage had all the reasons on their side, they would certainly be domineering.

Everyone knew what kind of place the College Cottage was.

The atmosphere froze at this instant. The College and the Cottage would not actively start a dispute. However, if they were provoked, they were not afraid to start a war. The others could choose whether to offend them or not. In fact, this kind of attitude would usually be the most difficult one to deal with.

They were all major forces standing at the top of the pyramid in the Eastern Barren Territory. Who would dare to start a war so easily?

Even if they did and one of the forces won, the force would also just barely win and suffer a huge loss. Those forces watching the war in safety would then reap the spoils without any effort.

"I heard that you were threatened by Gu Zhiqiu not long ago?" At the moment, among the people from the Qin Dynasty, Qin Li suddenly looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled, and he stared at Qin Li.

The people from the College and the Cottage frowned.

"You disgraced his junior sister as a servant and were threatened. Then, you came to the Yin Family and bullied them by taking advantage of your background. Only able to do those small tricks. Is that you, Ye Futian?" Qin Li smiled mockingly. "Since this is the case, Senior Yin, we will just give the treasure to the Cottage for free. A few days later, we will have some friendly fights with the College disciples. How is that?"

Hearing Qin Li's words, the master of the Yin Family knew that he could not do anything else. Clearly, the Qin Dynasty was not willing to start a war because of the issue. As the grandson of the king of Qin, Qin Li's words were naturally impactful. What did the Yin Family have to deal with the College?

"Alright. We'll give it to the College for free," the master of the Yin Family gritted his teeth and said. Many of the onlookers around felt somewhat disappointed. Do they not dare to start a war in the end?

Onlookers who are watching for fun will never be afraid that the matter may get out of hand. Of course, they also knew that it was not easy for these kinds of forces to start a war.

"Please." Qin Li signaled everyone to give way. Immediately, all the people stepped aside to allow the people from the College to leave. He appeared to be very polite. He smiled and looked at Ye Futian, as if he was not the loser.

"Let's go," Zhu Qing said. The group stepped out and passed through the crowd. When Ye Futian passed by Qin Li, he stopped for a moment. Looking at Qin Li, he smiled, and then he left the place.

Qin Li's eyes sparkled. The smile Ye Futian had before he left was very weird. What did he mean?

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian shouted. Yu Sheng followed the group and they walked away.

On the way, Luo Fan walked beside Ye Futian and asked, "What did Gu Zhiqiu do to you?"

"He warned me, but it's no big deal. Qin Li incited us deliberately. He probably hopes that we will fall out with the Witch Clan." Ye Futian smiled. He knew exactly what Qin Li was thinking.

The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan had teamed up. The two superpowers then established a college. Also, Qin Li went to the Moon Clan to chase the Virgin Chu Yaoyao. Obviously, they wanted to ally with various forces and give the College a blow first by pulling it down from its sacred position.

"Since when did you have such a low profile?" Luo Fan smiled and did not say anything else.

Ye Futian and his team went back to their individual residences. The news quickly spread in Chaoge City—a Cottage disciple actually snatched the treasure of the Yin Family by force. Ye Futian was even described by Qin Li as someone who could only do small tricks. Furthermore, according to Qin Li, the Warlock Gu Zhiqiu from the Witch Clan threatened Ye Futian because of his junior Gu Biyue. Both the Cottage and Ye Futian did not reply anything. Was it because they knew they were in the wrong?

Anyhow, Ye Futian's own level was not high, but he had been creating trouble in many places by relying on the name of the Cottage. It seemed that he was indeed a troublemaker and unworthy of his name.

Ye Futian's reputation was ruined in such an odd way. However, he did not bother to pay attention to the rumors outside. Common people were always like this. Their thoughts were easily changed by the words of others. They believed that whatever everyone else was saying must be true. However, if one was really that outstanding, there would eventually be a day when everyone would know one's name, and what kind of person one was.

There was no need to explain, or to deliberately prove anything.

In the next few days, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng both kept a low profile. In the inn, Yu Sheng was quietly cultivating. At the moment, he was sitting inside the demonic tripod. The tripod had restored to its original size and was standing on the ground.

Yu Sheng released his demonic art and drew the power of the demonic tripod. In an instant, the demon patterns on the tripod seemed to have come alive. A terrifying demonic light flew and gushed into Yu Sheng's body wildly. The entire scene was very appalling. A rumbling sound erupted forcefully from the demonic tripod. There seemed to be an extremely violent power that was perfecting Yu Sheng's physical body.

After cultivating for quite a while, a fierce bang was suddenly heard. A beam of dark demonic light charged up towards the roof and crushed the room. Yu Sheng emerged on the spot. The demonic tripod turned into a small tripod which he held in his hand. A monstrous demonic light was flowing on his body.

Ye Futian came to the place. Glancing at the room which had largely disappeared, he rolled his eyes. Can this guy not make such an exaggerated impact when he cultivates?

"You managed to break through?" Ye Futian asked Yu Sheng.

"Yup," Yu Sheng nodded, "I have entered the Seventh-level Dharma Plane."

"Can't you be quieter?" Ye Futian widened his eyes at Yu Sheng.

"I can't control it." Yu Sheng was somewhat innocent.

"Apart from enhancing the body and cultivating, what else can the demonic tripod do?" Ye Futian asked.

"It's all demonic powers. Not suitable for you." Yu Sheng simpered at Ye Futian.

"You should use it to help you to cultivate," Ye Futian said. In these few days, the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan had been spreading malicious remarks about him, but they were still considered to have had a low profile. However, on the opening day of the Dongqin College, the two forces would probably not keep to such a low profile anymore.

They had made the event so grand. The marriage between Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo was also meant to give publicity to the event. Furthermore, in the Tripod Tower, Qin Li tolerated his anger as well.

How could it be that the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan did not plan anything special?

It was just that at the moment, nobody knew exactly what kind of surprise they had planned for the College!
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    《The Legend of Futian》