The Legend of Futian
265 My Turn
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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265 My Turn

Chapter 265: My Turn
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Ye Futian stared at the two battling. The River Sunset was a long river of fire that connected the sky with the ground. The sun fell down and Golden Ravens continuously poured out. The entire martial arts podium turned into a world of flames.

This was the ability of a top Noble. If it wasn't for the matrix that sealed the martial arts podium, a Noble that wanted to kill could destroy everything. He couldn't be defeated by number. Ye Futian vaguely remembered the worries that Emperor Ye and Emperor Luo had. They were afraid of truly going to war.

"This spell matches the abilities of Lu Nantian. He probably didn't get it merely from cultivation," Ye Futian murmured.

"Of course," Luo Fan said, nodding. "It's clear this is a modified spell. It matches Lu Nantian's talent, which is why he can release such mighty power. He created it. There are thousands upon thousands of spells in the world. However, they were all created by our predecessors. They can be used directly for cultivation but they might not suit everyone. A genius can create their own spells and martial arts methods that suit themselves."

Ye Futian nodded. His senior brother was teaching him without meaning to.

On the martial arts podium, a second sun fell. It was even more powerful.

Gu Dongliu still stood calmly. Before him, nine summoned war gods stood before him in a formation. After that, Gu Dongliu created a mudra. Nine large ancient words burst from his hands and fell upon the nine war gods. Horrible power came from them.

These nine words were the Kuji-in, the Nine Seals of Spiritual Power. Together, they meant: may the presiders over warriors be my vanguard.

Horrible power swept through. The Kuji-in continuously appeared within the nine war gods. They created the mudras together and resonated with the sky and earth. Spiritual Qi went wild. Every mudra was different.

Various suns pressed down. The pressure kept building but couldn't break through the defense of the nine war gods.

"Third Senior Brother must have cultivated many martial arts mudras," Ye Futian murmured. The nine war gods formed different mudras and were clearly controlled by Gu Dongliu. He was using his cultivation through the war gods to fight against the Sunset River.

"It's still early. I don't even know how many abilities he has," Luo Fan said, chuckling. Who in the Cottage could rival the third senior brother?

The ones who had tried before had all been beaten up and became obedient. As for his abilities, probably only First Senior Brother knew.

Apparently, Gu Dongliu had gone to the Sword Saint Mountain many times for friendly challenges with First Senior Brother and to practice martial arts. This was probably what "the experts are lonely" meant. He rarely had any competitors.

Now, Lu Nantian of the Donghua Clan was one.

Of course, the one who could restrict Gu Dongliu was also in the Cottage. It was Second Senior Sister.

Nine suns descended along the flaming river. At this moment, the nine suns of the Sunset River were about to burn the heavens. They wrapped the entire sky in the flames. Gu Dongliu and the nine war gods were at the heart of the storm.

Nine Golden Ravens flew out. The deep and dark red was shocking.

At almost the same time, the nine words on the nine war gods burst violently. The mudra shot forward. The nine war gods each pounced towards a sun. Simultaneously, they seemed to transform into one body. The sky and earth resonated and a burst of invisible power shattered everything.

Everyone saw that area go wild. It was like a lawless battle. The nine war gods walked towards the sun, tearing apart the Golden Ravens and charging at the sun.

The nine suns and war gods shone with horrible light at the same time and shot out in all directions. The horribly powerful light shot into the light screen above the martial arts platform. It shook and the entire platform shook. The matrix was very unstable and was about to collapse.

The matrix had been created by the top talents of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan. It was practically unmovable. However, the battle between these two could shake even the matrix. One could imagine how mighty the fighting was.

Next. Everyone's hearts shook as they focused on the platform.

The Sunset River had disappeared, the sun extinguishing. The war gods summoned by Gu Dongliu had disappeared too. In the fiery world, Gu Dongliu stood steadfast as if nothing could move him.

Even Lu Nantian's world-breaking Sunset River couldn't humiliate him at all.

Lu Nantian rose in the air arrogantly. He was like a sun god. His Sunset River had been blocked but he didn't look taken aback. The third disciple of the Cottage lived up to his reputation.

Behind him, blades made of golden fire shot out from the Sun Dharma. They transformed into sun rain that poured down to Gu Dongliu. It was so fast it looked like a rain of sun swords. If it was a group of Nobles facing him instead of Gu Dongliu, Lu Nantian could probably kill them all.

Gu Dongliu stood calmly. A frightening aura burst from his body and ancient words glowed faintly on him. Shocking Spiritual Energy wrapped around him. When the sun swords rained down, they stopped abruptly before him.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh… With extremely piercing sounds, the sun swords rained down, shaking with invisible power.

Gu Dongliu stepped forward. His white clothing flapped in the wind and his sharp eyes stared at the endless rain of swords. With a cold voice, he uttered, "Break."

His voice was like an avenue. As soon as he spoke, the endless rain crumbled. A path opened up wherever his voice passed.

When the sword rain was destroyed, a true Golden Raven descended suddenly. It was so fast that it broke through the Gu Dongliu's formless Spiritual Energy shield. This terrifying raven gripped the Sun God in its claws and shot towards Gu Dongliu.

The sword was so powerful it could kill anyone before it. A white shadow flashed by. The extremely fast Golden Raven whistled past but the sword was met with air.

Gu Dongliu appeared elsewhere, still standing on the martial arts platform.

So fast. Everyone trembled inwardly. The three-legged Golden Raven's speed was at the extreme. But just as it arrived, Gu Dongliu seemed to have teleported. It was hard to see with one's naked eye.

Lu Nanian still stood there. The Golden Raven was his Dharma. It had now evolved to the level of a top demon king.

Where's Gu Dongliu's Dharma? The people finally realized that Gu Dongliu still hadn't released his life spirit or Dharma. This confused many people. Was the man still hiding his abilities now?

Others might overlook this but Lu Nantian obviously wouldn't. He'd noticed earlier that Gu Dongliu still hadn't released his life spirit or Dharma. However, he was still calm. The sun swords rained down towards Gu Dongliu. At the same time, the Golden Raven with the holy sword continued towards him.

Lu Nantian wanted to see how far Gu Dongliu could go without using his Dharma.

Gu Dongliu disappeared again and moved as fast as lightning. Shocking sharpness emanated from him. He seemed to turn into the most terrible ritual implement or soldier in the world. He grasped the law in his hands. Frightening sword intent whistled through the air as Gu Dongliu pointed forward.

He pointed at the ground and a sword matrix appeared. It seemed to be formed by ancient words. The matrix spun wildly and ancient words flashed.

When the Golden Raven and sun swords arrived, he pressed that finger down. Everything was in turmoil suddenly.

The Sun God sword collided with the sword matrix and then returned to Lu Nantian's side. As for the sun sword rain, it couldn't get close to Gu Dongliu at all.

"Third Senior Brother has too many tricks." Ye Futian was shaken. There were many Mandate Sorcerers in the world who practiced both martial arts and sorcery. They were skilled in every element. However, geniuses like Gu Dongliu were different. He could summon war gods for battles and he could use the Kuji-in words to release his mightiness. He was skilled in all types of laws and his spiritual attacks were of the same level. Now, he could also use sword matrices.

They were vastly different skills but he was amazing at all of them.

"Read more." Xue Ye glanced at Ye Futian and chuckled. "Do you want to transcribe books with me?"

"You can do it alone." Ye Futian shuddered. He wouldn't do that even if his life depended on it.

"Hey, I'll suggest it to Second Senior Sister and Third Senior Brother," Xue Ye said. "Third Senior Brother said that people with many talents should read more. For a genius like you, transcribing books is the best way method of cultivation."

"Fourth Senior Brother, I'll definitely suggest to Second Senior Sister to let you down the mountain more in the future," Ye Futian said.

Xue Ye's eyes brightened and he quickly smiled. "In that case, the best way of cultivation for you is to do whatever you wish."

"Can't you two be more serious?" Luo Fan gave them a look.

"No matter how we act, Third Senior Brother is going to win," Xue Ye said nonchalantly. He had absolute confidence in Gu Dongliu.

Countless people in the space around the martial arts platform stared at the battlefield. They were shaken by the two's power.

Gu Dongliu had been reputable before but very few witnessed his skills with their own eyes. They knew he was powerful but didn't know exactly how powerful. Now, they finally had the chance to see the third disciple of the Cottage battle.

The two figures on the martial arts platform stood separately in the air and on the ground. They stared at each other and stopped attacking.

Gu Dongliu looked up at Lu Nantian. Sharpness exuded from his scholarly aura. Then, he uttered his first sentence to Lu Nantian.

"My turn." With that, he picked up his feet and walked forward. The next moment, he disappeared.

He re-appeared before Lu Nantian.

A horrible and invisible spiritual storm invaded instantly. Lu Nantian seemed to drown in a pair of frightening eyes. Then Gu Dongliu pointed forward, releasing his sword. His action was like lightning!
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    《The Legend of Futian》