The Legend of Futian
266 Top Match
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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266 Top Match

Chapter 266: Top Match
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan saw this and understood that Gu Dongliu hadn't \gone all out when he went to the Qin palace last time. No wonder a mere step from him would scare the Donghua Clan into submission.

Now, Gu Dongliu finally showed his abilities. The frightening spiritual attack and swords arrived at once, about to overwhelm Lu Nantian. However, Lu Nantian was equal to Gu Dongliu. He wouldn't be defeated so easily.

The nine suns filled the sky and the three-footed Golden Raven entered the Dharma. After that, his body also gradually entered the Dharma, becoming one.

The nine suns became one. The Golden Raven shone dazzlingly inside the sun. Lu Nantian fused with the Sun God's image. The Golden Raven transformed into illusory light that shone over his body. The sun's fire surged into him.

Right now, Lu Nantian was like the Sun God.

The next moment, Lu Nantian raised his hand. A humongous Golden Raven's apparition appeared. The sun's flames melded into its body. It opened its mouth and spat out endless sun swords. It collided with the incoming sword technique. At that moment, sword aura streaked across the martial arts platform. The matrix shook. The unbelievable mightiness was like a battle between gods rather than Nobles.

The sword technique collapsed with the Golden Raven. Gu Dongliu disappeared again. He teleported and then everyone saw various afterimages of him. With Lu Nantian as the center, the sword technique exploded and a handprint covered the sky. Boundless power tried to kill him.

Lu Nantian was as brilliant as a god but he couldn't bear the spiritual attack. He seemed to fall into Gu Dongliu's world of Eye Sorcery. He looked like a god to the outsiders but only he knew what kind of state he was in.

Spells and martial arts techniques flew forward with the ancient words. He used all his power to fight back but Gu Dongliu's attacks still hit the sun. The sun shook violently and was about to collapse.

Boom! A violent flame burned the sky and earth. Lu Nantian finally moved. He seemed to transform into the sacred bird and actually changed his position while dodging the attack. He appeared right before Gu Dongliu's afterimage. A horrible attack formed in his hand and turned into a Golden Raven that could rip everything apart.

Gu Dongliu didn't fear this at all. The two actually started fighting move for move. Under everyone's shocked eyes, the two fought in close distance. The martial arts were unsettling and the entire platform shook. The matrix was unsteady.

They have no weaknesses. Everyone who witnessed this was shaken inside. Both martial arts and sorcery were the best of the best. They even combined the two well and both attack and defense were perfect. It would be difficult to top this match in the future.

"Gu Dongliu has the upper hand." The Nobles had keen eyes and could see the situation clearly. Gu Dongliu had a lower plane but he was skilled in spiritual sorcery. During the battle, Lu Nantian had to withstand attacks to his mind and was at a disadvantage. His rhythm wasn't as smooth as Gu Dongliu's. He had to defend while attacking; Gu Dongliu only had to attack.

Boom! Just then, there was a huge sound. The martial arts platform shook and everyone's eyes were glued there.

Lu Nantian had been hit.

A moment ago, Gu Dongliu had broken through the defense and his attack rushed into the sunlight. He hit Lu Nantian, forcing him back.

"This…" The Donghua Clan's eyes were frozen. Some couldn't believe that the man they believed in, the once-in-a-century talent, would lose. The Qin Dynasty also frowned. The Donghua Clan had told the King of Qin that they would definitely win. But now, Lu Nantian had no advantage at all.

Lu Nantian looked at his chest. Blood seeped from it. Countless eyes stared at that point. The blood seemed to be boiling in the fire, dissipating like smoke.

At that time, a figure appeared quietly in the crowd. She was so beautiful and flawless that she didn't seem to be from this world. But despite her beauty, no one noticed her now. Everyone was staring at the battleground.

However, Lu Nantian looked over. Seeing the flawless and calm features, he became calm. As if noticing his eyes, many people followed his gaze and saw that quiet yet purely beautiful figure. They guessed her identity.

She was, Hua Qingqing, the daughter of the leader of the Donghua Clan. She was also Lu Nantian's fiancée. She was a different type of beauty than Qin Mengruo and Chu Yaoyao. She was pure and clean. She wasn't as elegant as Qin Mengruo or as moving as Chu Yaoyao. She was just pure beauty as if untainted by the world. Looking at someone like her was easy on the eyes.

Was she here to support Lu Nantian?

Lu Nantian's gaze returned to Gu Dongliu. He didn't attack again after forcing Lu Nantian back. They were both clear that if Lu Nantian was only at this level, the winner would be obvious already. There would be no need to fight anymore.

Of course, Gu Dongliu wouldn't underestimate his opponent, especially someone known to be a once-in-a-century talent of the Donghua Clan.

Lu Nantian's eyes were extremely calm. Then sunlight shone from his body. The halo kept expanding and a world-burning fire arrived. With Lu Nantian as the heart, this world was about to turn into a world of sunlight and burn up.

Firelight arrived at the vast battleground on martial arts platform. The battleground was lit as flames grew. Finally, the entire ground started burning.

Whistles came from the world of fire. Everyone stared at this scene in shock. What had happened?

A dazzling sunlight halo appeared around Lu Nantian. He'd become the physical incarnate of the sun—a true god. Every shred of light and will on him could turn into a fire that burned the world.

The flames burned the matrix too. Then fire reached out from the light shield on the platform. The vast matrix was ignited.


It was impressive.

Everyone's hearts were shaking crazily. The matrix had been burned. Lu Nantian's fire was so powerful that it surpassed the matrix. It had been created in a joint effort by Nobles of two top forces. What did it mean for it to be destroyed now?

The fire broke free from the matrix's restraint. Endless flame Spiritual Qi went towards Lu Nantian. Gu Dongliu looked so lonely in this world of fire. The flames finally stopped spreading but the matrix was already broken. The spectators could feel the heat. The flames danced wildly and right now, Lu Nantian was god.

The hearts of the top Nobles shook as they felt the spreading heat. The power gave them heart palpitations. Was this the legendary intent power?

Crown Prince Qin Yu's eyes were extremely sharp as he looked to the battleground. Was this why the Donghua Clan leader was so confident? No wonder he thought Lu Nantian would definitely win.

"Lu Nantian is known as a once-in-a-century talent of the Donghua Clan. Now, it seems that it's not just the Donghua Clan. No one in the entire Eastern Barren Territory will be comparable to him in a few centuries," the leader of the Moon Clan lamented. The disciples trembled inwardly.

Virgin Chu Yaoyao looked to the elder. "Uncle-Master, what kind of power is this?"

"The Eastern Barren Territory belongs to the younger generation. Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu's powers are enough to defeat the leaders of the top forces," the elder said. In addition to the Moon Clan, everyone present understood what this top match meant.

Before, the first disciple of the Cottage came down to challenge the clan leader of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Now, did the third disciple of the Cottage and Lu Nantian of the Donghua Clan have the same abilities?

Ye Futian naturally felt the intent power in the heat as well. It felt familiar.

"Senior Brother, is this sage intent?" Ye Futian asked, gazing at the battlefield.

"Yes." Luo Fan nodded.

It indeed was Sage intent. The Sage Plane was above the Noble Plane. Lu Nantian had perceived a bit of a Sage's abilities now.

How many Sages were there in the Eastern Barren Territory? Some said that there were none. Others thought that some hid their abilities. Perhaps there truly was a Sage. But no matter what, Sages were the undisputable top in the Eastern Barren Territory.

Now, Lu Nantian released a bit of sage intent. Of course it would shake many hearts. This was why the Moon Clan claimed that even in the entire Eastern Barren Territory, no one could surpass him in a few centuries. A Sage could create a spell with a thought. Lu Nantian wasn't a Sage but he already had some of the ability.

At this time, Lu Nantian shone brilliantly. The Spiritual Qi resonated with him and endless flames burned towards Gu Dongliu. The fire transformed into Golden Raves, rain of sun swords, and world-burning flames.

Gu Dongliu's body flashed. He was almost supersonically fast. However, the world law's existed. No matter how fast he was, he couldn't be faster than Lu Nantian's thoughts.

Boom, boom. Gu Dongliu was hit and forced back. His body started burning. His white clothing was bathed in fire. Was the powerful Cottage disciple going to lose like this?

A legend was about to end in the Dongqin College. Was Lu Nantian about to step on the Cottage and become an undefeatable legend?

Gu Dongliu gazed at Lu Nantian. Fire danced wildly on his robe. Suddenly, unbelievably bright light blasted from him.

"Lin," he uttered. As soon as he spoke, a huge ancient world transformed into light and descended behind him.









He uttered the Kuji-In Nine Seals of Spiritual Power. The world resonated with him and incredible light burst from his body.

The next moment, an extremely brilliant apparition appeared behind him. It was like his shadow. The nine words spun around like something sacred.

The shadow descended like a god!
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    《The Legend of Futian》