The Legend of Futian
267 Win or Lose
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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267 Win or Lose

Chapter 267: Win or Lose
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Everyone was shocked by Gu Dongliu's changes. Was this his Dharma?

A frightening image appeared behind him. The nine ancient words spiraled. In that instant, Spiritual Qi resonated with Gu Dongliu's body. Frightening power radiated from him. All the fire spells that came at him were destroyed.

Clearly, he had fused his life spirit with his Dharma but what was his life spirit? Was it that image or those ancient words?

The terrible flames burned towards him but the nine words flashed. A nine-word light shield appeared around Gu Dongliu. They swirled around him and the flames couldn't get through. At the same time, Spiritual Qi seemed to reverberate, resonating with the nine words.

Above Lu Nantian, the sage intent enveloped the boundless space. Various Golden Ravens appeared with the Sun God sword. They flew towards Gu Dongliu at the same time. This was much more powerful than the Sunset River that Lu Nantian had released. Every attack contained some sage intent.

Gu Dongliu seemed to not see it. He stepped forward in the air. The surroundings all shook. Thousands upon thousands of ancient words wrapped around him and transformed into a huge palm. It kept slamming down on the incoming attacks.

In a moment, shocking currents burst forth and spread around the martial arts platform. Many strong cultivators walked forward, releasing powerful auras. They stood at the front to block the aftershocks.

Zhu Qing from the College stepped out too. A formless water spell was released and transformed into a mirror-like shield. It blocked the wild power that swept over. However, her eyes were glued to the platform.

Even as the mountain elder, she was still shocked by this battle. Both Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu were too powerful.

Right now, Lu Nantian could create a spell with a thought. His spells filled the sky and destroyed everything.

Thousands of ancient words wrapped around Gu Dongliu and resonated with the world. He seemed to contain unstoppable mightiness. The words circled and the image behind Gu Dongliu was like a spirit. The nine words transformed into nine beams of light. Bathing in the holy light, Gu Dongliu's temperament became even more extraordinary. His white robe fluttered magnificently. He stepped forward. The spells in his path were all destroyed. No spells could approach him.

So what if Lu Nantian had a Sage's power? Fight him!

Gu Dongliu's hands moved together. Instantly, endless ancient words whistled past him and gradually formed a mudra. With this, the entire world seemed to shake. Gu Dongliu was now like the ruler of the world. Behind him, various images flew out onto the mudra, strengthening it.

"Junlin Mudra," Gu Dongliu uttered. The mudra flew out, destroying everything in its path towards Lu Nantian.

When Lu Nantian saw this, his previously calm eyes finally looked uncharacteristically serious. He knew that the final battle had come. The opponent before him now was the most powerful Gu Dongliu.

The world of fire went wild. Endless fire moved towards Lu Nantian. Metal and wind elemental power went to him too. Right now, Lu Nantian seemed to be really burning. His power shot up, about to surpass the Noble Plane. The will released from his eyes was enough to kill a Noble.

With the Golden Raven, Lu Nantian was like the Sun God. He gripped the Sun God sword and tore at the incoming ancient words. There was a huge boom and the ancient mudra shook. It cracked and was about to extinguish.

"Combat Mudra." Endless ancient words flew over, transforming into an extremely terrifying mudra. It was filled with combat power and flew towards Lu Nantian. He stared forward. His body was extremely powerful and the Golden Raven rushed out. It collided with the mudra and the world shook.

"Destruction Mudra." Heavenly soldiers roared and transformed into an indestructible mudra.

"Iron Mudra."

"Murderous Mudra."

Gu Dongliu continued speaking. Nine mudras appeared in the sky. Endless ancient words hovered in the air, fighting against the Sage ability. Nine huge mudras were formed out of thin air and flew towards Lu Nantian.

The crowd could only see Lu Nantian wildly fight against the mudras. The Nine Seals hovered around him. Thousands upon thousands of words dropped from them endlessly.

"This…" The spectators seemed to stop breathing. They'd never expected a battle so fierce, despite Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu being the opponents. They were too powerful. The battle between the Sword Saint and Fuyun Sword Clan were probably just at this level too.

Lu Nantian had released sage intent. Everyone had thought that he would definitely win and there would be no surprises. But then Gu Dongliu seemed unwilling to let the Cottage's legend die. His abilities evolved again and he transformed into an undefeatable king.

Who could defeat a Gu Dongliu like this?

The Donghua Clan were no longer so confident. Right now, Gu Dongliu was too dazzling.

He had landed before Lu Nantian. The nine words circled him and the god-like Dharma behind him was undefeatable. When he landed, the heavy words became even stronger. They seemed to transform into a matrix and mudras streamed endlessly towards Lu Nantian.

Boom, boom, boom. Lu Nantian stood there as endless mudras flew to him. Power kept shaking around him. The sun that enveloped him trembled too. Staring at Gu Dongliu, toughness flashed past his eyes.

This was not just his battle. It represented the entire Donghua Clan.

Fire descended from the vast sky. Endless birds melded into his body as he released his will. He instantly entered a focused state. His body suddenly disappeared and became illusory. At the same time, his figure appeared in another space. The ancient words around him started burning.

Next, multiple images of him appeared in the sky. Each figure possessed the power to destroy everything. They only had one target: Gu Dongliu.

Gu Dongliu's long hair fluttered. He felt the omnipresent threat and his expression was as sharp as before. The Dharma behind him released horrible power and the nine words spun violently. He created a mudra and uttered, "Nine Seals to one. Kill."

Then, everyone saw an unbelievable scene. Endless copies of Lu Nantian charged towards Gu Dongliu at once. At the same time, countless ancient words and mudras grouped around Gu Dongliu.

Instantly, the sky and earth shook and rumbled without end. Everyone saw the various copies of Lu Nantian get destroyed. They also saw Gu Dongliu suffer a horrible attack but he still stood there like an undying figure. His body released a horrible aura. Like a god, all the power in the world seemed to be his. The next moment, they saw a sun with Gu Dongliu as the heart. It stretched out and the sky seemed to be close to burning.

"Careful." Elders of each top force felt the extreme power. Many high-level Nobles walked forward at once to release their energy and create a defense spell. Countless light shields rose up around the martial arts platform, stopping those horrible shockwaves. Cracks kept sounding as many spells were broken. And this was just the shockwaves.

What kind of pressure did the two fighters withstand?

Everyone stared forward. They could no longer see Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu anymore as they were at the heart of the storm. The shockwaves lasted for a while before the destructive force dissipated. At the same time, many people vaguely saw the two amongst the flames and light. They stood quietly, staring at each other. Time seemed to stop. Everyone canceled their spells as they stared at the two. Who won?

Many held their breaths, especially those from the Donghua Clan and College. Finally, under everyone's scrutiny, Lu Nantian fell over.

"Senior Brother!"


The Donghua Clan's hearts shook as if their belief had caved in. Many people charged towards the martial arts platform to help Lu Nantian up. But he raised his hand and stopped them. Blood kept flowing from his mouth. This top figure looked so pathetic now. However, he still tried to pick himself up. No one supported him. Glancing at Gu Dongliu, he turned with difficulty and walked away while swaying. Right now, he was bent over and his steps were unsteady. He was clearly badly injured.

Lu Nantian had lost. But could anyone say he wasn't strong? Could the Donghua Clan blame him?

Seeing that swaying figure, everyone was moved. In the cultivation world, losing was always humiliating but no one thought Lu Nantian's loss was embarrassing. He lost but was still a hero. His abilities were enough to be at the uppermost level of the Eastern Barren Territory. No one had the right to mock him. How many people could defeat him? They could only lament why the Cottage existed when there was someone like Lu Nantian.

The Cottage had Gu Dongliu.

Countless eyes fell on him. The past was the past and Gu Dongliu was now number one in the Eastern Barren Territory.

Disabling the Donghua Clan Noble outside the Qin palace had told everyone how proud he was. Today, they finally truly understood that the third disciple of the Cottage was at the same level as those big figures of the Eastern Barren Territory.

He was also someone at the peak now.

Lu Nantian had been the most monstrously talented in centuries in the Eastern Barren Territory. He was so powerful that he even possessed some Sage abilities. But even so, he still lost.

The winner between the Donghua Clan and Cottage was still the Cottage. The myth was not proved wrong and the legend was still a legend. The Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan wanted to kill the legend but even with Lu Nantian's unconventional power, they still failed.

What kind of place was the Cottage?!
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    《The Legend of Futian》