The Legend of Futian
270 A Prepared Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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270 A Prepared Battle

Chapter 270: A Prepared Battle
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Xiao Wuji's group of six spread out as well. Yu Qingshan warned them, "Be careful."

Though the six people were all top talents of the Eastern Barren College, the Qin Dynasty was also well-prepared with six people chosen just for them.

Yesterday, Lu Nantian was defeated. This time was another chance for the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan to gain back their reputation. They would not accept another failure. Therefore, this would be a fierce battle.

The Eastern Barren College and people here all knew what they would face. However, the six people selected to be adversaries were all famous geniuses of the College. Thus, there was no possibility of a refusal even though the other side must be well-prepared.

Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo sat cross-legged in a line. What appeared before Qin Mengruo was a guqin. Instead of a flute, Qian Shanmu had a zither. People were surprised by their instruments. Since ancient times, the guqin and zither played together had alluded to conjugal intimacy. This time, this couple was going to fight with guqin and zither.

The guqin and zither sounded at the same time. The guqin sounded gentle like a flowing spring while the zither was majestic, like the roar of a crane or dragon. In an instant, the sound turned into an invisible aura, directly falling down on the four figures in front. Their auras instantly strengthened. Power in the world resonated with the music. Some terrible forces grew in their bodies and seemed ready to erupt at any time.

Dragons appeared, hovering and soaring behind the four people. The golden dragons were extremely scary for they seemed to be becoming real. More frightening was that the four people's temperaments appeared to be fused together by the music, forming a stronger airflow.

Xiao Wuji's group had already acted. The power of ice shot out, going to freeze the four people.

Suddenly, a dragon's roar was heard. The earth quaked fiercely as if a real dragon was born. The sonorous roar shattered the spell. Many of the spectators were caught off guard. They felt like their eardrums had been shattered. The weaker groaned for their mentality was almost crushed by the roar.

Xiao Wuji's group was obviously confronted with even stronger power. Their bodies trembled. Clearly, they didn't anticipate the roar could contain such terrible power.

Even worse, the dragons punched while roaring. The punch broke through the air and the dragons above the four cultivators combined into one. A horrible golden dragon appeared, ferocious and enormous, soaring to the sky and rushing toward Tang Ye and another disciple of the Eastern Barren College.

The two had just suffered that roar. When the ferocious golden dragon crushed toward them, the two's faces changed. There was no time for them to escape. They could only release their dharma to resist with all their might.

At this moment, a terrible rhythm penetrated their brains. Then the large dragon arrived.

Bang. There was the terrible sound of a collision. The two people were thrown into the sky. They spat out blood in the air and fell down below the platform. They were defeated by just a blow.

"It's a joint attack." People all stared at the four on the platform. It was not just a joint attack. Their attack, assisted by the instruments of Qin Mengruo and Qianshan Mu, could erupt in an instant and shatter the world.

"It's the Imperial Dragon Spell."

What the top forces saw was not Tang Ye's defeat but the abilities of the four. The four had transformed their Spiritual Qi into dragons. This was not difficult for many strong cultivators but it was special because the strength was coupled with the support from Qin Dynasty. They knew that this was definitely the Imperial Dragon Spell of the Qin Dynasty.

The Imperial Dragon Spell was passed down the generations in the Qin Dynasty, known as imperial spell. Reaching the extreme, the imperial cultivator could ride dragons. Even at the elementary level, the cultivator could have a body with dragon's strength and shape.

The four strong cultivators all practiced the spell. What did it mean? Were they all the descendants of the Qin Dynasty royalty? Or did the Qin Dynasty pass the spell to the disciples of the Dongqin College? If so, it was even more terrifying. The Qin Dynasty had taken a very shocking step.

Boom. Four figures stepped out, moving like thunder, surrounded by indistinct dragons. They went straight towards Su Muge and Jiang Teng with amazing speed.

Their strategy was very clear: defeat the weak first. Xiao Wuji and Yu Qingshan were the strongest who couldn't be defeated at the first. They would deal with the strongest two only after defeating the others.

The four people were very strong as if they had no opponents. Su Muge's face changed slightly. It might be very difficult for him to contend with the four strong cultivators, especially when the four were assisted by two rhythmic sorcerers.


Right at that moment, a figure descended from the sky like a god. A terrible force followed, crushing down. A mountain appeared and fell toward the four. The four raised their hands and dragons soared toward the mountain. However, Xiao Wuji stood before them, stopping them.

A powerful gravity spell subjected the four to extremely strong pressure while dragon vines appeared, rolling over toward the four. But at the time of the spell's release, a terrible sound wave came and the dragon-shaped vines were cut off and shattered. Simultaneously, that melody turned into light, bathing the four people as resistance to the oppression of gravity. Even the spell of wind came upon their bodies.


The four stepped forward simultaneously, shaking the platform. Xiao Wuji said, "Go take care of the two behind them. I will stop the four." Yu Qingshan, Su Muge, and Jiang Teng nodded and acted. Yu Qingshan moved straight toward Qian Shanmu while Su Muge and Jiang Teng went to Qin Mengruo. They had obvious targets.

Qian Shanmu just ignored them. He played the 25-string zither with an incredible speed, constantly releasing majestic melodies. Su Muge and Jiang Teng, moving toward Qin Mengruo, felt their brain get penetrated by countless arrows. Their face turned pale. Soon, the guqin spell played by Qin Mengruo also came, transformed into dragons and crushing toward the two. Su Muge and Jiang Teng were thrown away.

"How..." People's hearts trembled. In this intense battle, four people from the Eastern Barren College had been defeated.

It was clear that the six from Dongqin College acted as one while the six from the College were too scattered. Two were wounded at the beginning. Then Su Muge and Jiang Teng, who couldn't be matches of Qian Shanmu at all, were also defeated.

The two strongest cultivators in Dongqin College were Lu Nantian and Qian Shanmu. The latter was known as number one in Rhythmic Sorcery. Su Muge just couldn't take even one shot from him.

Xiao Wuji was strong. However, he was faced with four strong cultivators who were good at joint attack and the Imperial Dragon Spell.

In this battle, the Eastern Barren College would definitely be the loser.

In Xiao Wuji's battlefield, the four strong cultivators were attacking fiercely. Every punch they threw out would bring enormous dragon figures out. However, Xiao Wuji's pace was assisted with the wind spell which helped him escape from the attack. The dharma behind him kept absorbing Spiritual Qi. It was an illusory figure which was very similar to Gu Dongliu's.

Seven sacred wheels rotated crazily with dazzling lights. The seven wheels represented all seven attributes.

Seeing the four coming, Xiao Wuji's illusory figure shone with horrible illusory light. A spiritual attack rushed toward the four, However, the four's minds were united as one. Qin Mengruo's guqin spell had also arrived. The spiritual attack could do nothing to them.

Behind Xiao Wuji, the seven sacred wheels burst out with bright light, releasing spells of seven attributes in an instant and crushing toward the four strong cultivators.

"Xiao Wuji is really strong!" People kept looking at the battlefield. If the four were not good at joint attack and were instead separated, they would have been defeated by Xiao Wuji immediately.

Facing the horrible spell attacks, the four stood together and the dragon figures on their body soared into the sky and crisscrossed as a dragon-shaped curtain to block the attacks.

Then, they retreated. They stopped fighting with Xiao Wuji and went to Qian Shanmu. At this moment, Qian Shanmu was fighting with Yu Qingshan. Yu Qingshan was trapped by his rhythmic attack.

"Watch out," Xiao Wuji warned. Yu Qingshan tried to retreat but Qian Shanmu's rhythmic attacks became more violent. Everything was locked, seeming to immobilize him. At this time, the four went toward Yu Qingshan and attacked.

Yu Qingshan wanted to resist but Qian Shanmu didn't allow it. Notes kept exploding in his brain. His mentality was going to break down. Bang… With a loud noise, Yu Qingshan was shot down. His body fell down to the platform.

Boom, boom, boom. Xiao Wuji came too late. He attacked the four cultivators with his spell and finally separated them. Two of the four were wounded. But then, notes kept descending on him. Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo were free since only Xiao Wuji was left now.

Xiao Wuji's eyes became very cold. He stepped forward with a violent aura, ready to fight alone.

"Junior Xiao, it's enough," Bai Lishu shouted.

Xiao Wuji stopped in hesitation. He reluctantly turned around and stepped down from the platform with Yu Qingshan. Su Muge and Tang Ye were very indignant.

They lost the battle too miserably.

"This is a well-prepared strategy. Is this fun?" Zhu Qing glanced at the Dongqin College.

Qin Yu laughed and said, "This battle is just for mutual learning. The result doesn't matter. Moreover, the four disciples of Dongqin College are all geniuses from top family forces and chose the Dongqin College to cultivate in. They are talented in martial arts so we taught them the Imperial Dragon Spell. Today was like a test for them.

People all looked at Qin Yu. The result didn't matter? Naturally, whatever the winner said was right, since the loser was the humiliated one.

But people were more surprised by Qin Yu's last sentence. People realized that the significance of this battle was not just to defeat the Eastern Barren College but to tell the world what the Dongqin College could bring to its disciples.
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    《The Legend of Futian》