The Legend of Futian
271 Evil Fourth Senior Brother
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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271 Evil Fourth Senior Brother

Chapter 271: Evil Fourth Senior Brother
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The people of the Eastern Barren Territory were not very shocked. The Eastern Barren College had lost pretty badly, but upon closer thought, wouldn't the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan prepare well before creating the college and calling everyone to Chaoge City? They naturally wouldn't underestimate the College or Cottage. Similarly, they were also at the same level as the College. This victory was a well-planned result.

It was just that Gu Dongliu's powerful performance yesterday destroyed their preparations. They must have been absolutely confident in Lu Nantian. If Lu Nantian had won, the Dongqin College would completely steal the Eastern Barren College's spotlight.

The College understood this too. Zhu Qing, Zong Xu, and Bai Lishu were all clear. The two forces partnered up to create the Dongqin College just to replace them. They could see from this arrangement. It was definite.

To be honest, they could have left after yesterday. However, the Dongqin College had sent out the challenge. If they had left, it would be the same as avoiding the battle.

Qin Yu gazed at everyone and continued speaking, "All strong cultivators of the Eastern Barren Territory have gathered here. Today, anyone who wishes to try can do so. As mentioned before, the Dongqin College will enroll students during the next three months. This is the examination stage.

"In addition, one battle platform doesn't seem to be enough. Thus, I would like to divide the platform into four: martial arts, sorcery, rhythmic sorcery, and free fighting. Mixed battles are allowed. This way, we can see the talents more clearly and having multiple people challenging simultaneously will be more efficient."

Everyone admired Qin Yu's plan. He was using the other forces to hype up the Dongqin College and also using the stage to find students. It was a great tactic.

As soon as he finished, people went up. A matrix lit up on the platform, dividing it into four battle platforms.

In the Eastern Barren College group below, Xiao Wuji said, "I will challenge again."

The earlier defeat was a group one. He was not satisfied.

"If you wish to challenge, your opponent can only be Qian Shanmu. Are you confident?" Bai Lishu asked.

Xiao Wuji stared at the man on the other side. He was confident in his own abilities but he didn't know if he could beat Qian Shanmu. He'd already experienced the rhythmic sorcery but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

"Qin Yu purposely made a separate platform for rhythmic sorcery," Bai Lishu said. "Why? Who can beat Qian Shanmu and the Donghua Clan in that aspect? I heard that Hua Qingqing's musical sorcery isn't any weaker than Qian Shanmu's."

"The Donghua Clan leader's wife used to have the title of number one musical sorcerer in the Eastern Barren Territory," Zhu Qing said from the side. "Her students will definitely be skilled." Though it was the era of the younger generation, as a strong cultivator from the older generation, she naturally knew who the clan leader's wife was.

Once the most beautiful in the Eastern Barren Territory, she had both looks and talent. Back then, her fame wasn't any less than the three beauties of today. Hua Qingqing apparently had inherited 90% of her skills.

"Xu Yan, you should go," Zhu Qing said.

Behind her, a pretty girl nodded. "Yes, Master." With that, she walked towards the free fighting platform.

Bai Lishu glanced at Xu Yan. She was in mid-Arcana Plane and was one of Zhu Qing's favorites. She wasn't well-known but was very powerful.

Xu Yan didn't say who she wanted to challenge. She just announced her name and plane. Then the Qin Dynasty sent someone from the same plane to fight her.

In this battle, Xu Yan easily crushed the opponent. Everyone understood that the College was still the College. Even though the Dongqin College could shake the Eastern Barren College's status, it couldn't completely crush them. It was impossible. In the end, they would probably just tie. But even so, the Dongqin College still won.

If they could be even to the Eastern Barren College and pass down techniques like Imperial Dragon Spell, it would show their stance. The Dongqin College would become a powerful force in the future. Their disciples would also continuously join the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan.

In the Eastern Barren Territory, the College was the most attractive place for geniuses. There was no competition. This was probably why the two forces joined together to create the Dongqin College.

Next, the other forces gradually opened up and went up to the platform to fight. The atmosphere intensified. Disciples from even those top forces wanted to go up and witness the abilities of the best.

The fights between the two colleges were most interesting. They both had losses and wins and were very exciting.

The Dongqin College had geniuses good at every type of skill. The Qin Dynasty was better at martial arts while the Donghua Clan was better at spells. Though many geniuses studied both, they still leaned towards one. Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Hua Jieyu were the best examples.

However, the one platform where the Dongqin College never lost was for rhythmic sorcery. Many geniuses, even Gu Biyue from the Witch Clan, went to try and were defeated.

The battles were getting more and more exciting. The atmosphere grew hot as well. However, some people noticed that the Cottage still hadn't arrived.

Right now, they were at the inn.

"Fourth Senior Brother, why aren't we going today?" Ye Futian asked Xue Ye.

"Today is the glorious day for the Dongqin College. Why should we go?" Xue Ye asked.

"To push them down," Ye Futian said.

"The Dongqin College already lost a critical battle yesterday. Do you think they'll give the Cottage a chance today?" Xue Ye said indifferently. "They'll definitely try to threaten us with rules. For example, you're in the Dharma Plane. If they make a battle of the Arcana Plane, you won't be able to participate. Even if you can win some rounds, so what? How many disciples does the Cottage have? How many rounds can we win? The Dongqin College prepared for a whole year for today. They will definitely do well."

A little depressed, Ye Futian muttered, "Yes, but I still don't like it."

Last year, the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan had defeated Yu Sheng at the Qin palace. The Noble's one hit had injured Yu Sheng gravely. Now, they were targeting the College and Cottage again, challenging Third Senior Brother. Though the Cottage had won, Ye Futian was still annoyed.

"That's right." Xue Ye chuckled. "Junior, what can you do if you go up?"

Ye Futian blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Regular victories in this competition are meaningless. You win one round and they can win one too. We're the only ones left in the Cottage. Either we don't fight or we completely squash them, understand?" Xue Ye chuckled.

"And when they're all proud, stomp them down? Wow, you're so old and wise." Ye Futian stared at his fourth senior brother. He was still too inexperienced.

Xue Ye glared at Ye Futian. He was so handsome—he wasn't old!

"Can you do it?" Xue Ye asked.

Ye Futian's brows smoothed and he smiled brightly. "I'll try."

"Rest well today." Xue Ye patted Ye Futian's shoulders.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded and then said, "Senior Brother, are all scholars so simple-minded?"

"F*ck off," Xue Ye muttered after a pause.

"Evil. I'm going to turn bad because of you." Ye Futian left while laughing and said, "Yu Sheng, get ready."

Xue Ye watched Ye Futian's back. This guy didn't need to learn to be bad. They were all the same. Ye Futian had the second senior sister wrapped around his finger. The others couldn't do that.

Just as Xue Ye had predicted, today indeed was the Dongqin College's day. Their disciples were able to display extraordinary talent on either of the four battle platforms, especially for rhythmic sorcery. Hua Qingqing had gone once and defeated a powerful person from the Witch Clan. This told everyone that not one of the top three beauties used only their looks. They were all extremely powerful.

On this day, talents from all over stepped onto the battle platforms in hopes of joining the Dongqin College. It could be predicted that, in the coming days, there might be a wave of people coming to register here.

This was now an alternate choice to the Eastern Barren College.

Many people debated over the Cottage's absence. Everyone already knew that the third and fifth disciple had left. Fourth disciple Xue Ye probably wouldn't do anything. That left Yi Xiaoshi and Ye Futian.

Not many knew Yi Xiaoshi. Just as everyone thought, Ye Futian's plane was too low. He didn't have much use. This was probably why they weren't here.

The College had complaints about this. They'd been beaten today but the Cottage wouldn't show up. This pissed off a lot of them. However, the Cottage didn't care about these guesses and talk. They didn't care about anyone's thoughts or complaints. They acted how they wanted. The College was unable to disturb them either. This was why they had a strange relationship. Even the important figures of the College couldn't influence the Cottage's decisions.

The next morning, a crowd had already gathered outside the Dongqin College. They'd all come to take up a spot with a better view of the battles. Of course, some also wanted to get the Dongqin College's recognition so they could join.

Yesterday's battles had become topics of discussion too. They wondered what kind of great fights would take place today. Other than the two colleges, would the amazing fighters amongst them fight too?
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    《The Legend of Futian》