The Legend of Futian
273 Thunderous Moves
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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273 Thunderous Moves

Chapter 273: Thunderous Moves
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This one utterance shocked everyone.

Ye Futian, a disciple of the Cottage, was going to challenge Qian Shanmu.

Back when the Qin Dynasty crowned the Crown Prince, a guqin recital ensued at the Qin imperial palace. Ye Futian made a move then, in the fourth level Dharma Plane.

It had only been a year. Even if he cultivated really quickly, how powerful could he have actually gotten? He very well may only be in the sixth level Dharma Plane. If he had cultivated quickly enough, maybe he could be in the seventh level.

Qian Shanmu was already in the Arcana Plane.

Of course, the people would not question the abilities of a disciple of the Cottage. Even if he had never truly proven himself before, he was still extremely powerful. But who was his opponent right now?

It was Qian Shanmu, also known as the number one musical cultivator of the younger generation. Even opponents in the same plane would need to be wary in battle with a person like this. Forget about those in lower planes. Regardless of the distance between their planes, were ritual implements really going to make up for it?

Ye Futian was too rash. In everyone's opinion, he should not have chosen Qian Shanmu as his opponent.

This idiot.

Among the group from the College, Tang Ye and others were dumbstruck. When they recovered, they cursed under their breath. When Ye Futian's trio stepped onto the battle platform and made Qin Yu admit defeat, the student disciples of the College felt great. But in the blink of an eye, the idiot challenged Qian Shanmu. Who did he think he was? This wasn't the top of Mirror Mountain. There were no statues or relics he could borrow power from.

This was a battle platform.

Gu Biyue had a glint in her eye. The light smile on her face was captivating. This guy really won't give up until every word out of his mouth is enough to put people in shock.

Even the people of the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were stupefied. Qin Li then let out a strange smile. This Ye Futian guy could have picked anyone and he chose to challenge Qian Shanmu?

The disciples of the Cottage were indeed so arrogant, it was ridiculous.

In the crowd, Qian Shanmu's eyes fell on Ye Futian. Ye Futian claimed not to know about music. These were the words he had once said to Ye Futian. Now, these words were coming out of Ye Futian's mouth. Was he prepared to have an exchange with him using music?

Just then, everyone watched Ye Futian take off the bag on his back and pull out a guqin. He had obviously come prepared.

At this sight, everyone grew more interested.

"Does he know what he's doing?" Su Muge frowned. Ye Futian was going to challenge Qian Shanmu using music?

Music was Qian Shanmu's specialty. In the first battle, Qian Shanmu had used music as a supplement. Su Muge was completely unable to withstand his musical sorcery. Of all things, Ye Futian wanted to challenge Qian Shanmu with the thing he was best at. Did he have a death wish?

"Can you shut up?" Yu Sheng said coldly hearing the voice coming from the group beside him.

"His battle doesn't only affect him." Su Muge looked at Yu Sheng with cold eyes. Who didn't know of the Cottage's status? What would the world think if Ye Futian got defeated? Was he sending himself right up to his opponent for humiliation?

"Should we let you go then?" Yi Xiaoshi's eyes swept toward Su Muge. How noisy. If little brother chose to challenge him, he must have his reason.

The fourth brother had already said, if a disciple of the Cottage decided to battle, it must be a battle that would shock the world. If Ye Futian was able to win Qian Shanmu, that would be a given.

On the musical battle platform, the figure standing opposite Ye Futian sneered as he glanced at Ye Futian. There were hints of mockery and disdain. Challenge Qian Shanmu? What a joke. Turning around, he stepped off the platform.

The people of the Donghua Clan let out looks of amusement. They had been extremely upset when Lu Nantian had lost to Gu Dongliu. Now that Ye Futian of the Cottage had asked for a challenge, it was the perfect time for cruel payback.

Qian Shanmu walked onto the platform and stood opposite Ye Futian. Below the platform, arrogance was exuded from the eyes of his wife, Qin Mengruo. Her husband's skills and knowledge of music wasn't something Ye Futian could challenge. However, she did know that he was also good at music. Back at the Qin palace, Ye Futian had played "The World" for Gu Ming and caused him to fall to his knees, completely controlled by the music. That was Ye Futian's response to Qian Shanmu's insult about him not understanding music.

Did he want to prove his musical abilities once more today?

If so, then he was going to pay the price.

"Donghua Clan, Qian Shanmu. Please, enlighten me," Qian Shanmu said, maintaining proper etiquette. He then sat down with crossed legs. Ye Futian did the same facing him.

One on the guqin, one on the zither. However, there was not going to be any harmonization between the two instruments this time—it was going to be a battle.

The sounds of both instruments rang out at the same time. The guqin sounded crisp while the zither was deep. These were two obviously different styles of music being played on the platform.

The piece Qian Shanmu played sounded majestic and powerful. A formless energy formed in the space around. The sounds of the zither harmonized with the earth around causing a flow of strong energy. Although there had yet to be a release of great power, it still gave people a feeling that once the music reached an explosive point, everything would be destroyed.

There wasn't going to be any mystery about this battle.

As the number one musical cultivator of the younger generation, it was obvious that Qian Shanmu would be able to crush Ye Futian.

Compared to the powerful energy associated with Qian Shanmu's piece, Ye Futian's music sounded ordinary and boring. There wasn't anything new. It was melodious and serene. His music sounded so ridiculously simple.

This had many people confused. Was Ye Futian really going against Qian Shanmu with this piece?

There were so many possibilities with music but it was also something that required a lot of care. First of all, there needed to be a basic foundation of the piece. From there, all sorts of destructive spells could be released.

With just one listen, Qian Shanmu's piece was able to exude power, while Ye Futian's sound was a joke. Could a piece like this take even one blow from Qian Shanmu?

In the direction of the group from the Donghua Clan, a girl stared at Ye Futian. Her beautiful, pure eyes had hints of curiosity. She was Hua Qingqing. Her mother was well-versed in music so she had grown up surrounded by it. Thus, she was naturally sensitive to anything having to do with music. She could feel something unordinary from Ye Futian's music.

Simple, pure, and clean. It was a sound without any impurities, like the heart of a child. But would a musical piece like this actually be able to withstand the destructive spells Qian Shanmu was about to release?

Her eyes hinted her curiosity.

As the sound of his music changed, a powerful energy circled around Qian Shanmu. Suddenly, the five fingers on his right hand jumped around of the strings of the zither. It was loud like thunder. The ground shook and a terrifying spiritual storm morphed into tens of thousands of sharp swords, all charged for Ye Futian.

In a split second, everyone could feel the murderous intent in his music. It was then that the people had the mistaken illusion that this might be the end of Ye Futian.

What made everyone freeze in surprise was Ye Futian did not use musical sorcery to block off this attack. He was still playing the guqin quietly. It was almost as if everyone saw the swords all pierce into his mind.

Would Ye Futian fall at just one attack?

He seemed to have shivered lightly but the music never stopped. He continued to play and the attack seemed to already have dissipated into nothing.

This had many people sighing in relief. Although they had a feeling that Ye Futian would definitely lose, they would be disappointed if a disciple of the Cottage were to be defeated so easily.

Naturally, Qian Shanmu knew how Ye Futian had managed that. He used noble will as a complement to his music. This formed a layer of protective spiritual energy. In Ye Futian's mind, he could almost feel the will transform into a dragon which circled around to protect his will.

Qian Shanmu was still playing, his attacks nonstop. A crazy rain storm seemed to have appeared around Ye Futian. Endless spiritual swords pierced ferociously into Ye Futian's mind. However, his music and will were still there in the form of a dragon. From time to time, the dragon would roar, destroying any incoming destructive spiritual energy.

The power of his spiritual defenses is quite strong. His noble will is working together with the noble ritual implement. Looks like Qian Shanmu won't be able to get rid of Ye Futian so quickly, everyone thought.

But that was not the extent of Qian Shanmu's attacks. Besides the endless spiritual attacks, a frightening storm of Spiritual Qi appeared around him. The earth hummed in unison with the sounds of his instrument. A suffocating energy spread on the battle platform. It felt like something that could wipe out the earth. Energy built like this would definitely be incredibly powerful once it exploded.

The rumbling of thunder exploded in the air. A horrifying flash of lightning struck down at Ye Futian. It was an easy task for Qian Shanmu to send out spells with his music.

Ye Futian was still playing on his guqin with his head down. It was almost as if he didn't see a thing. When the lightning struck down, it was actually absorbed into the sound of music in the surroundings. The music transformed into Spiritual Qi that flowed in a circle around his body. However, an endless amount of Spiritual Qi gathered crazily in the air above his head. It formed faintly into a scary pattern. This pattern was able to absorb the Spiritual Qi of the world around him. It gave off a show-stealing seven colored light, a blinding light. With the flow of Spiritual Qi, the pattern took shape. The never-ending sounds of music motivated the flow of Spiritual Qi.

As everyone looked on in surprise, a Spiritual Qi matrix formed over Ye Futian's head.

This… Everyone's heart raced. They watched a matrix form out of nowhere above Ye Futian. The pattern spun and the Spiritual Qi went wild, causing a matrix storm. A black hole appeared, absorbing all energy while giving off a destructive energy.

What terrifying musical sorcery.

This was no longer simply sorcery released by music. The music had formed a matrix. Its destructive energy was able to make people feel like it could destroy anything and everything.

Although it hadn't been that long since Qian Shanmu stepped into the Arcana Plane, With his gifts and his powerful noble will, just how powerful would a matrix him formed in mid-air be? Would Ye Futian be able to withstand his attack?

The previous attacks were nothing. Qian Shanmu was only just getting started for real. If Ye Futian kept up with the challenge, he would definitely end up dead.

Many people stared at Qian Shanmu. It seemed like even though Qian Shanmu kept up a calm face, he had a wild beast hidden inside. He must not have been happy about Lu Nantian's lost to Gu Dongliu.

Now that he was making his move, he was bound to push Ye Futian into a dead end. Qian Shanmu was going to end him with thunder and lightning.

Countless pairs of eyes then landed on Ye Futian. How is this guy going to withstand that kind of power?

If he admitted defeat now, maybe he could be spared by Qian Shanmu's attack!
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    《The Legend of Futian》