The Legend of Futian
277 Murderous Inten
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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277 Murderous Inten

Chapter 277: Murderous Intent
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Looking at the burly figure who was walking down the battle platform step by step, everyone could feel their hearts twitching. Yu Sheng was way too violent. He was actually almost a demon himself. He smashed Qin Yuan onto the ground in just one hit, causing him to lie there motionlessly.

Is he really that weak? Qin Yuan was a direct descendant of the Qin Dynasty, a grandson of the king. Therefore, he was undoubtedly gifted. However, looking at the scene right now, he was indeed very weak.

The people from the Qin Dynasty stared at Yu Sheng's back firmly. Their faces looked as black as it could possibly get.

After the three battles, the prestige of the Dongqin College was extinguished totally, as their members were defeated so easily. Every single battle had managed to shock everyone.

At the moment, on the battle platform, Qin Yuan's body twitched as he wanted to get up. Someone from the Qin Dynasty then walked up and carried him away. That smash must have broken many of his bones. Such a power was just invincible.

Even Kua Shan from the College who similarly had a very violent power felt astonished as he watched Yu Sheng walk back. With such power, Yu Sheng was someone whom he could only look up to. Is this guy even a normal person? He was thinking that if Yu Sheng had entered the Arcana Plane, could he alone defeat the joint attack from the four Dongqin College cultivators on the previous day?

Wood-cutter of the Cottage.

Even though Yu Sheng claimed that he was a wood-cutter, his talents were certainly no weaker than Xiao Wuji.

Many people sighed with emotion. The Cottage was still the Cottage. Anyone from it was as strong as, if not stronger than, the best geniuses of all the top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory.

After the three battle, the momentum of the Qin Dynasty collapsed totally. Apart from anger, they also felt helpless. They could not do what Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had done. Such battles could not be copied. How could they possibly ask Qian Shanmu or Qin Li to challenge ordinary disciples from the College?

Hence, the people from the Dongqin College actually became quiet. Nobody continued the challenge anymore.

Suddenly, someone walked onto the battle platform. He was Qi Ao, an exceptionally talented genius from the Fuyun Sword Clan First Summit.

Seeing his appearance, a strange expression appeared on the faces of many. It seemed that apart from the two major colleges, the other forces also did not want to miss the contest this time. Finally, the geniuses from these forces started to go onto the stage.

Qi Ao stated that he would challenge the disciples of the Sword Saint Mountain. These two forces had always been mutually antagonistic. Under such a circumstance, it was thus not surprising that the Fuyun Sword Clan would want to challenge the Sword Saint Mountain.

Very soon, the glint and flash of cold steel filled the battle platform. A sharp aura permeated the entire place and the battle looked extremely dangerous. In the end, Qi Ao defeated a genius from the Sword Saint Mountain and emerged victorious.

Then, the Dongqin College actually changed its target to the Sword Saint Mountain as well, as if it was teaming up with the Fuyun Sword Clan to suppress the disciples of the Sword Saint Mountain. Together, they defeated many people from the Sword Saint Mountain.

Everyone in the world knew that the Sword Saint established the Sword Saint Mountain after leaving the Book Mountain. Although he had founded his own force, he was still the eldest disciple of the Cottage. Previously when the conflict broke out outside the Tripod Tower of the Yin Family, the Sword Saint Mountain also declared openly that it would support the Cottage. Therefore, it was not unusual for the Dongqin College to target the Sword Saint Mountain. However, the fact that they did so with the Fuyun Sword Clan caused many to have additional thoughts.

Did the Dongqin College create this false appearance deliberately? Or had the Dongqin College teamed up with the Fuyun Sword Clan as well?

In the latter case, this new combined force would really be very powerful.

The match continued. After the battles of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, the Dongqin College still participated actively in the contest, but their main target had changed to the Sword Saint Mountain. Disciples from the two major colleges still took apart in the fight, and they each had both wins and losses.

Before anyone realized it, it was already evening. The Cottage disciples had already left. They planned to leave on the next day. In today's battle, the Cottage had already proven certain things. The Dongqin College was jointly established by two top forces and it could obviously not be stopped. However, they were only bringing disgrace to themselves when they wanted to become famous by defeating the Cottage.

The contest on the second day finally ended. Even though all the major forces did participate in the event, it was more like a competition between the two colleges in reality.

The people from various forces left one after another and returned to the inns where they were staying at.

After today's battles, the Cottage disciple Ye Futian became famous. However, to some people, this was definitely not a piece of good news, for example, Luo Junlin.

Ye Futian finally displayed his outstanding talents and defeated Qian Shanmu. A person like him would surely rise, and this could not be stopped at all. Luo Junlin knew clearly that once Ye Futian became a noble, it would be the end for the Nandou nation. A person whom he thought he could easily kill in the past had already become a serious threat at the moment.

Luo Junlin was in the courtyard of a particular inn, and there seemed to be something bothering him. He Xirou kept him company. Suddenly, a figure walked towards them. Seeing the incoming person, He Xirou and Luo Junlin both stood up and greeted, "Senior Xia."

The person was Xia Luo, a disciple of the Royal Xuan Temple. He was extremely gifted and a direct disciple of the first lord. Among the many disciples, he was quite reputed. Moreover, he was a very nice person and all the other disciples respected him a lot.

"The two of you are always together. When are you getting married?" Xia Luo asked, smiling.

He Xirou blushed slightly and said, "Senior, not anytime soon."

"Is it because junior Luo does not want to be responsible?" Xia Luo said jokingly.

Luo Junlin shook his head. "Senior Xia, I do want to marry her."

"Is there something bothering you?" Xia Luo looked at Luo Junlin. "Is it because of Ye Futian?"

The whole Royal Xuan Temple knew what happened a year ago. The resentment between Luo Junlin and Ye Futian was not a secret.

Luo Junlin did not say anything, but he did seem to have admitted it.

"Ye Futian is indeed an absolute genius. He relied on the noble ritual implement today, but with the talent that he displayed, he may still be able to beat Qian Shanmu with music if they are at the same level. Furthermore, his martial arts abilities…" Xia Luo sighed. "These are only what we have seen. On the battle platform today, Ye Futian did not show us everything that he has, for example, his full-element talent, his Life Spirit, and Dharma." Xia Luo's words caused Luo Junlin and He Xirou to frown firmly as they felt an immense pressure envelop them.

"I came here to remind Junlin: you must cultivate hard. Otherwise, in the future, should Ye Futian really deal with your family, the Royal Xuan Temple cannot participate, or else the Cottage can take part as well," Xia Luo continued. "Junlin, you are very talented, and there is still a chance that you may win Ye Futian. Count this as a challenge for yourself."

"Today, Ye Futian was so arrogant. In addition, there has been so much accumulated resentment between him, and the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan. I'm sure these two forces will not let him off easily," He Xirou said.

"Of course, the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan want Ye Futian dead. However, it is not that simple. The relationship between the different forces in the Eastern Barren Territory is very complicated. The College, the Cottage, and the Sword Saint Mountain would definitely form a superpower if they team up. Even though they want to kill Ye Futian, they will not dare to do so easily. Moreover, Ye Futian will only become stronger as time passes. As for assassination, if it really happens, the people from the Cottage are also not fools and they will definitely know the culprit."

Xia Luo said emotionlessly, "Therefore, the only way is for you to cultivate harder and try to always be ahead of Ye Futian, although this is very difficult."

"Senior, thank you for the reminder," Luo Junlin nodded.

"Don't have too much pressure as well. Rest early." Xia Luo smiled and nodded, after which he left the place.

After Xia Luo left, He Xirou's eyes sparkled and she said softly, "Junlin, with Ye Futian's talents, it will be increasingly difficult to kill him in the future."

"Xirou, what do you want to do?" Luo Junlin stared at He Xirou.

He Xirou smiled gently. She clung tightly onto Luo Junlin and kissed his lips. Smiling, she said, "The senior is right. If someone really assassinates Ye Futian, with the current resentment between him and the two forces, they will naturally be suspected."

Luo Junlin's eyes sparkled as he stared at He Xirou. Holding her cheeks with his hands, he shook his head and said, "Don't risk that for me. Even if I die, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"Fool, why would anything happen to me?" He Xirou's look was extremely gentle. This was the man that she loved, and she was willing to sacrifice everything for him.

Why was Gu Dongliu from the Cottage so domineering? It was so that the people in the world would not dare to touch anyone from the Cottage.

Assassinating a Cottage disciple was definitely an extremely dangerous thing. Both Luo Junlin and He Xirou knew well that if the truth was found out, even the Royal Xuan Temple would not be able to protect them. Their only ending would be death.

However, many times a woman would do something at all costs and even risk her life, for example, for her loved one. Of course, He Xirou would not carry out the assassination herself. That would be playing with fire. However, as luck would have it, she knew a suitable person. Perhaps she already had such a thought long ago. When she first met with that person, she had thought of assassination. Therefore, she had been hiding him all the time and had not really used him yet.

Now, she finally had the chance to use him. Furthermore, with his loyalty, she believed that nobody would suspect her.


Ye Futian, of course, did not know that He Xirou intended to kill him. At the moment, he was cultivating in the inn. On the next day, they would leave the place, because it would be meaningless to continue staying.

In today's battle, it was already sufficient for him to defeat Qian Shanmu. Although he could have done more, it was ultimately a bad thing for him to display his outstanding talents. After all, his level was too low. Even the third brother had such a worry. Because of this, the Cottage had been maintaining its domineering attitude all along.

"Futian." Ye Futian heard a familiar voice. Liu Feiyang, Liu Chenyu, and Ye Wuchen came to his place.

"Hello," Ye Futian said, smiling. He had already told them that he would leave the next day. It was uncertain when they would next meet.

"Hi, but I have some bad news for you," Liu Feiyang said.

"What is it?" Ye Futian asked.

"It's about Hua Jieyu."

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled, and he questioned further, "What happened to her?"

"Not long ago, I heard someone saying that at first, Hua Jieyu wanted to come to Chaoge this time. However, she ended up in a conflict with the Virgin of the Moon Clan and did not come in the end," Liu Feiyang said.

Ye Futian frowned. He had been puzzled as to why Jieyu did not come to Chaoge even though she knew that he would be here. It turned out that there was actually really a reason. In addition, when she asked her senior to pass the message to Ye Futian, she deliberately did not mention the exact reason. Maybe it was because she did not want him to worry too much.
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    《The Legend of Futian》