The Legend of Futian
278 Sacrificial Lamb
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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278 Sacrificial Lamb

Chapter 278: Sacrificial Lamb
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Notwithstanding the deliberate deceit, Ye Futian could feel that the senior of Jieyu meant no harm. Hence, Jieyu's situation should not be too worrying after all. Perhaps there had been some conflicts between her and Chu Yaoyao only.

Thinking about this, Ye Futian seemed to start pondering about something. Then, he said, "How about we ask the ladies from the Moon Clan out and have a chat?"

With a faint smile on his face, Liu Feiyang looked at Ye Futian and said, "We're fine with it, as long as you are not worried that Jieyu will be unhappy after knowing it."

"Ha." Ye Futian glanced at Liu Feiyang with a disgusted look. Was he even the like of man who was afraid of his girlfriend? Obviously not.

"Let's go. We'll talk on the way," Ye Futian said, holding his head high. It seemed that he had to prove his status in the relationship.

Liu Chenyu glanced at Ye Futian in repugnance. Nice acting. We all know you too well.

"Oh yeah, Chenyu, Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo have already married each other. When will you two do the same?" Ye Futian turned his head around and looked at Liu Chenyu. Her contemptuous stare froze as she looked at Ye Futian, stunned.

His thinking is way too non-linear.

"It's none of your business," Liu Chenyu said, widening her eyes at Ye Futian.

"Ahh…" Ye Futian blinked his eyes. Liu Chenyu also seemed to realize that she had spoken something misleading. Then, Ye Futian stared at her, smiling, and said in a gentle tone, "I see. You two can discuss this. Just remember to inform me about it by then." As he spoke, the group walked out of the inn.

The night sky today was somewhat dark, as no stars could be seen. However, Chaoge City was extremely lively at the moment and the streets were all lit with lights.

Just when Ye Futian left the inn, at a corner of the street, a lazy-looking figure stood up slowly and walked forward. Before this, he was still trying to figure out how to get close to Ye Futian. In the worst case scenario, he could only find a reason to enter the inn. However, he knew that in that case, he would definitely die after going in. Nevertheless, God seemed to be helping him as well and Ye Futian walked out from the inn himself.

The group walked and chatted. Since Ye Futian was with Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu, he naturally seemed to be at ease. However, along the way, Ye Futian suddenly stopped.

"What is it?" Liu Feiyang asked.

"I sense a murderous aura. Let's pretend to go back." Ye Futian kept his voice low. Then, he said, "I almost forgot to bring something important. Let's go back to the inn and come out again."

The looks of Liu Feiyang and the rest all changed slightly. Then, they cooperated with Ye Futian and said, "Alright, let's go back first to take that."

They did not look around unnecessarily. Since Ye Futian had sensed a murderous aura, it was very likely that someone wanted to attack them. At this time, they would certainly not be so foolish to deliberately alert or find the opposite party.

Ye Futian's decision was undoubtedly the most correct one. He wanted to go back to the inn without alarming the opposite party. The seniors from the College and the Cottage were in the inn. There, it would be impossible for the opposite party to do anything.

In the darkness, the figure frowned. Had he been discovered already?

Hu Tong was not a professional assassin. However, he owed the daughter of the fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple his life until the very moment. Since it was an order from Ms. He, even though he knew that he would probably die, he still came without any hesitation.

He knew that today, he needed to kill an extremely important person.

Although the person's level was not high, indeed much lower than himself, nobody in the Eastern Barren Territory dared to kill the person easily. Since Ms. He had asked him to do so, he had no other choice.

"Can't let him return to the inn," Hu Tong thought to himself, after which he walked out of the darkness. Perhaps he had not been discovered yet, and perhaps Ye Futian would really come out again. The further Ye Futian was from the inn, the more likely he would survive. However, he could not take the risk. This was an opportunity which he could not miss.

Ye Futian and his group sped up, and Hu Tong similarly increased his speed. He charged towards Ye Futian and his group from the side. A powerful gravity spell enveloped the space, pressuring Ye Futian and his team.

Almost at the same instant, a figure jumped into the air.

Hu Tong drew his sword, and the dazzling, silvery glint of the sword illuminated his face. He did not cover his face. To the top forces from the Eastern Barren Territory, he was merely an insignificant person. Nobody would recognize him.

He came here to assassinate. If he did cover his face, he would be showing everyone else that he was an assassin. However, unexpectedly, he was still discovered. Although he was not professional, who exactly was so sensitive?

"Prison." He cast an earth-elemental spell. Immediately, the mighty earth-elemental Spiritual Qi around Ye Wuchen raged and then turned into a prison, directly sealing the space which he was in.

An extremely bright, silvery blade of light struck down but did not cut the prison open.

Hu Tong's level was the Upper Arcana Plane.

An endless amount of earth-elemental Spiritual Qi raged in the vast space and turned into an enormous space prison, blocking the path in front of Ye Futian and sealing the space entirely. He charged towards Ye Futian directly.

At this moment, everyone realized that he was going for Ye Futian.

Hu Tong's speed was extremely fast. At the same time, his hands danced and many spells flew out. Earth dragons whizzed towards everyone one after another, while a powerful gravity spell pressured the space, causing everyone's actions to slow down.

Hu Tong knew clearly that he did not have much time. The place they were at was very near to the inn Ye Futian was staying at, as they had just come out for a short while. He had to kill Ye Futian quickly.

Countless vines swept out. This wood-elemental spell bloomed wildly in the air. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu glanced at each other and immediately knew the intention of the other. The two cooperated and in just a flash, the space was filled with vines.

In the next instant, flames started to burn and ignited the vines directly. Right away, the entire space was filled with fire and became very blurry. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu knew that they could not stop the assassin directly. Therefore, they could only use such a method to slow him down.

"Run, quick!" Liu Feiyang roared.

Yu Sheng had already approached the spell prison in front. Following an angry roar, he turned into a demon and a terrifying illusory devil appeared behind him.

The giant demonic tripod appeared in Yu Sheng's hands and he smacked it forward. Accompanied by a loud bang, a hole appeared in the prison.

"Go!" Yu Sheng shouted.

Ye Futian knew that it was not the time to be polite. He was the target of the assassin. Thus, if he was to run, the opposite party would not have the time to deal with the rest. On the other hand, if he chose to stay, the others would instead be in greater danger.

The wings of the Roc appeared, and a wind-elemental spell enveloped his body. Even though he was under the gravity spell, his speed was still very fast as he charged towards the hole in the prison. However, suddenly, an appalling sandstorm engulfed the entire space and blew towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian released his Dharma—a monstrous ape with a pair of brilliant wings. With the Five Element Rod in its hand, its body span and struck forward fiercely, splitting the storm apart. Then, he continued to move. However, the endless, frightening sandstorm swept across his body directly and stuck onto him. Then, Ye Futian realized that he was bound to the void.

At the next moment, many brown spears emerged from the storm and pierced towards his body. Suddenly, Yu Sheng's burly body blocked in front of Ye Futian again. He had turned into a real, majestic devil and raised the demonic tripod above his head.

The violent power slammed into the demonic tripod wildly, forcing Yu Sheng downwards. Hu Tong bypassed him directly and charged towards Ye Futian. He did not have much time left.

Seeing the incoming Hu Tong with his spear, Ye Futian activated the Imperial Tactics in his body. Instantly, a shocking emperor will burst out from his body. His power seemed to have become stronger and even the blood in his body felt like it was burning.

The Sun and the Moon Dharma appeared. They turned into the power of yin and yang and struck towards Hu Tong.

Hu Tong could only feel a terrifying will charging into his mind, as if he was facing an all-powerful emperor. He was astounded by this. Who exactly was the person whom he was trying to kill?

Bang. Ye Futian broke free from the binding, but Hu Tong's attack had already arrived. An extreme power erupted from Ye Futian's body. Following a loud roar, the Divine Ape came to the world and the howls of dragon filled the heavens. The Roc extended its wings and divine phenomena appeared in the sky.

The monstrous Divine Ape struck out with the Five Element Rod in its hand, colliding with Hu Tong's spear. With a loud bang, the incoming spear was crushed and Ye Futian's Five Element Rod hit onto Hu Tong's body. However, Hu Tong's palm continued forward and a horrifying palm print engulfed Ye Futian, eventually slapping onto his body.

Accompanied by two loud bangs, Ye Futian was blown backward, and he spat a mouthful of blood. Hu Tong similarly spat much blood and only felt, to his astonishment, that even his organs were rolling about. Did a Dharma Plane cultivator actually just injure him?

This was really incredible.

Just as he was thinking, Yu Sheng fell from the sky and smashed towards at him with the demonic tripod, as if he was a demon himself.

Ye Wuchen similarly struck at him with his sharp sword.

Around them, more and more people started to move closer. Hu Tong's face became as white as a sheet. He knew that he had failed.

He no longer had any chance to kill Ye Futian. The strike just now was his best opportunity.

Bang. Hu Tong slapped out his palms and two huge palm prints flew out, charging violently towards the incoming figures. A strong force caused him to be blown backward and with this, he turned around, wanting to escape. However, suddenly, many ancient pages flew towards him from the distance. The ancient pages penetrated across space and arrived from afar. Then, they turned into spells and struck towards Hu Tong.

Hu Tong's face turned pale. After blocking the spells, he turned around. Immediately, he saw a figure walking towards him in the air and staring at him with an extremely cold look.

Xue Ye had arrived.

"Who sent you here?" Xue Ye usually liked to joke around, but at the moment his eyes were only filled with a cold murderous look, as if he was from the netherworld.

There was actually a person who tried to assassinate a Cottage disciple.

This was sufficient to make him feel cold throughout his body.

He did not know who the person in front was. Since he dared to assassinate a Cottage disciple, he was definitely sent here by someone.

Hu Tong glanced at Xue Ye. He obviously knew what would happen to him. A dreary smile flashed across his eyes. Then, he raised his palm and, under the astonished stares of everyone, slapped towards his own head. With a loud bang, blood sprayed into the air.

Even the injured Ye Futian was shocked when he saw the scene. Hu Tong was actually so cruel to himself.

This person who tried to assassinate him did not plan to go back alive in the first place!
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