The Legend of Futian
279 Storm is Brewing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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279 Storm is Brewing

Chapter 279: Storm is Brewing
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Xue Ye looked at the falling corpse whose face was already badly mutilated. His expression was extremely gloomy. He actually chose this kind of method to keep the secret.

Many people had already gathered around them and all realized that the person who was assaulted was actually Ye Futian.

Someone wanted to assassinate a Cottage disciple. This caused many people to feel somewhat frightened. They all understood that the matter was really serious.

That time at the Qin Imperial Palace, some people oppressed Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, and injured Yu Sheng. Because of this, a noble from the Donghua Clan was permanently disabled.

On the other hand, the nature of the event at the moment was clearly much more serious. This was an attempted assassination. In the first place, the person wanted Ye Futian dead. Regardless of whether it was successful or not, the severity of the matter would not change. If this was instructed by another top force, there would definitely be a great bloodshed.

Many people could not help thinking about the event that happened earlier in the day. Ye Futian defeated Qian Shanmu, and then knocked out Qin Mang from the Qin Dynasty in just one blow, causing the Dongqin College to lose much face.

Could it be that the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan planned this assassination?

These two forces were obviously highly suspicious. However, in such a situation, if someone wanted to kill Ye Futian, the Cottage would surely suspect the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan first. Therefore, why would these two forces take such a risk?

Could it be that they wanted to start a war? Or perhaps another force was trying to create a storm secretly and cause a war between the Cottage and the two forces.

How would the Cottage and the College handle this?

Many people flashed towards Ye Futian. Yi Xiaoshi and the people from the College were here as well. Seeing the scene, their faces all turned cold.

Yi Xiaoshi approached Ye Futian and asked, "Are you injured?"

"No big deal." Ye Futian shook his head; he could still stand up. It was indeed a narrow squeak just now. Fortunately, he had come out with a few others. Otherwise, if he was alone, he might really die in the assault from an Upper Arcana Plane cultivator. Who exactly wanted to kill him?

The atmosphere was extremely tense. The mountain elders from the College, Zhu Qing and Zong Xu, had arrived as well. Walking in front of Xue Ye, Zhu Qing asked, "What happened?"

"The little brother encountered an assassination attempt," Xue Ye said in a gloomy voice. After he finished speaking, he neared Ye Futian. At the moment, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were all gathered around him, and an extremely cold murderous aura was being emitted from them.

"Any clue?" Xue Ye asked.

Ye Futian shook his head. "It's a sorcerer who is skilled in earth-elemental abilities. He cultivates martial arts as well and is in the Upper Arcana Plane. Shortly after we left the inn, I felt some murderous intent hiding in the darkness. He had been waiting outside."

"Who do you suspect the most?" Xue Ye asked.

Ye Futian pondered for a while, after which he shook his head. Without further clues, nobody would know who planned the assassination. The Qin Dynasty, the Donghua Clan, and the Yin Family all had reasons to kill him. Maybe it was even planned by someone who wanted to deliberately incite conflicts.

It was even possible that the Royal Xuan Temple did this, as Luo Junlin and he were implacable enemies. With Luo Junlin's level, he would probably not be able to send an assassin like this, unless a noble gave the order. However, the nobles from the Royal Xuan Temple had no reasons to do so. Nevertheless, Luo Junlin's girlfriend had an extraordinary status. Therefore this possibility could not be ruled out completely. It was thus very difficult to find out who gave the order of assassination just by guessing.

"Let's go back to the inn first," Zhu Qing said. Xue Ye nodded, and then they brought the corpse of the sacrificial lamb back to the inn.

An invisible pressure spread across Chaoge City. Soon, all the forces received the news that Ye Futian encountered an assassination.

At once, everyone had a feeling that although the Eastern Barren Territory had been in peace for many years, a huge storm was brewing at the moment.

A Cottage disciple encountered an assassination attempt. It was still unclear who did this, but there was certainly someone from a top force behind the curtain. Ordinary forces would not dare to do this. Furthermore, ordinary forces also did not have any reasons to do so. Apart from people from the top forces, Ye Futian did not seem to have offended anyone else. The only exception was the Yin Family which was also a subsidiary of the Qin Dynasty.

After receiving the news, the Warlock Gu Zhiqiu and the witch Gu Biyue from the Witch Clan both felt puzzled. Were the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan really so crazy?

The people from the Fuyun Sword Clan all appeared to be looking on. They actually wished that the assassination was really planned by the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan, so that they could watch a nice show.

Many members of the Moon Clan were very surprised that Ye Futian actually encountered an assassination attempt. If Hua Jieyu knew about this, she would surely be very worried.

On the other hand, Chu Yaoyao was somewhat puzzled. Was it really done by the Qin Dynasty?

When the news reached the Royal Xuan Temple, its members also watched the event in anticipation. Obviously, they did not give the order.

At the moment, many disciples of the Royal Xuan Temple were gathered together, discussing the event. He Xirou tried her best to control her emotions. Then, she returned to her residence alone and her face turned pale.

Did it fail?

The assassination attempt actually failed.

Furthermore, in such a short time the event had already caused a great disturbance. It was obvious that Chaoge City would certainly not be peaceful in the next period of time.

Would she be suspected?

She believed it would not. Although Hu Tong was loyal to her, he had been hiding in darkness all along. Nobody would notice such a person, as Chaoge City was filled with Arcana Plane cultivators. Moreover, she had given the order secretly. Most importantly, Hu Tong was already dead.

A dead person would clearly keep the secret.

In addition, Hu Tong was not a citizen of Chaoge City in the first place. Nobody would know him.

The only loophole was actually in the Royal Xuan Temple because Xia Luo might be able to guess something. However, even if he really suspected her, he would never betray the Royal Xuan Temple, for he should know the severity of the issue.

Thinking about this, He Xirou's look slowly turned firm again.

Dead men tell no tales.

She just had to act normally.

Following Hu Tong's death, this secret would be buried underground forever.

Just let the Cottage and the Qin Dynasty fight against each other.

This night, many people in Chaoge City could not sleep. Many disciples of the College departed from the inn in search of evidence. The people from all the top forces realized that they were being watched closely. This was very rude, but nobody said anything.

The attempted assassination of a Cottage disciple was surely planned by a top force. Therefore, although the various forces were unhappy that their actions were being closely watched, they could not say anything. Nobody would offend the College at this time for such a reason.

The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were very quiet, so quiet that it was actually tense. They knew well that the Cottage would probably suspect them first for the attempted assassination of Ye Futian. Under such a circumstance, a war would easily break out if they were not careful.

Chaoge City spent the night in this tense atmosphere. On the next day, the whole city was filled with discussions about Ye Futian's encounter.

In the Dongqin College, many people were gathered around the battle platforms. The contest would be held as usual today. The Dongqin College would be admitting disciples for three months continuously. Even if some of the top forces were not present, the battle would still continue. However, the atmosphere at the moment was clearly somewhat different. On the last two days, the place was filled with enthusiasm. However, now an invisible pressure seemed to be engulfing the Dongqin College.

The people from various top forces arrived gradually. Qin Yu walked onto the battle platform and was about to announce the start of the contest. However, suddenly, a group of cultivators flew over from afar. Immediately, countless people stared in that direction.

These people were from the College.

The group was led by the two mountain elders Zong Xu and Zhu Qing. With a cold face, they flew to the battle platform directly. Qin Yu similarly stared at the sky. Then, he saw Zong Xu and Zhu Qing land on the battle platform directly. Zhu Qing asked Qin Yu, "Does the Qin Dynasty not plan to provide an explanation?"

Qin Yu frowned and said to Zhu Qing, "The Qin Dynasty is also very surprised by what happened last night. If you need, we will try our best to cooperate."

"That's all?" Zhu Qing's face was cold.

"Mountain Elder Zhu Qing, what do you want then?" Qin Yu frowned.

"This is Chaoge City, owned by the Qin Dynasty. The College came because of your invitation," Zhu Qing said coldly.

"Do you think that the Qin Dynasty is so foolish, and we will do such a thing in our own territory?" Qin Yu said.

"Nothing is impossible." Zhu Qing turned around and looked at everyone else. "I'm sure that all of you know what happened last night. Next, I hope that all the people from the top forces in Chaoge City will stay to help us in the investigation until the culprit is found out."

"I mean every single person." Zhu Qing's expression was very stern. The entire place turned silent. The College was really overbearing. They were not allowing anyone from the top forces to leave Chaoge City.

"Isn't this too much?" someone from the Fuyun Sword Clan said suddenly. Why did they have to stay back and cooperate?

"After we find out the culprit, the College will go to your places to thank you and apologize. I hope that everyone can understand us," Zhu Qing continued. Many people sighed in their hearts. Since Zhu Qing had said so, it was indeed understandable. After the culprit had been found, they would apologize personally.

This meant that they would not stop until they found the culprit.

"The Sword Saint Mountain will fully cooperate with the College." At the moment, the people from the Sword Saint Mountain made their position. Many people cursed in their minds; the Sword Saint Mountain was related to the Cottage in the first place, so of course, they would cooperate.

"The Liu Kingdom will also cooperate. I do not wish this kind of thing to happen to anyone," someone from the Liu Kingdom said as well. If assassinations were to happen frequently, the Eastern Barren Territory would be in a mess. In the future, if everyone could do this, all the talented juniors from various forces would be assassinated.

This issue must, therefore, be handled seriously. Everyone could imagine the determination of the College. This storm would probably not end anytime soon.

"Thank you for your understanding," Zhu Qing said. Then, she turned and looked at Qin Yu. "If we cannot find the culprit for too long, the College will take it that the Qin Dynasty did this. Bye." After speaking, they ascended into the air directly and left.

"You..." Qin Yu stared at the back of Zhu Qing who was already in the sky, and his face seemed very annoyed. If they could not find the real culprit, they would assume that the Qin Dynasty did this.

Many people were shocked. Since the assassination happened in Chaoge City, which was the Qin Dynasty's territory, the College would put the blame on the Qin Dynasty if they could not find the culprit. This was the College's attitude.

Among the crowd, where the people from the Royal Xuan Temple were at, Luo Junlin clenched his fists. His heart was filled with some fear. He clearly knew who the culprit was. Although the order was given secretly, the determination of the College still caused him to feel frightened!
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