The Legend of Futian
288 Ye Futian’s Decision
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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288 Ye Futian’s Decision

Chapter 288: Ye Futian’s Decision
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Empress of Ancient Loulan was extremely powerful. She was the ruler and king. But Ye Futian gave her a headache.

Back then, Ye Futian had received the sage's treasure from the Loulan Relic. The sage told her to become closer to Ye Futian and make him part of Loulan and also choose a husband for her daughter. But she failed.

Later, Loulan Xue went back and told her that Ye Futian's girlfriend truly was extraordinary. She had also broken many records at the Mirror Mountain peak. The empress had been very frustrated.

Now, Ye Futian's name was already known throughout the Eastern Barren Territory. Just as the sage had predicted, he would gradually display mind-blowing talent. He might even become the best of the Eastern Barren Territory. Under this circumstance, she naturally had to take him in earlier and also have Loulan Xue cultivate in the Cottage.

It wasn't her place to be the icing on the cake. She wasn't sending him direly-needed help either but she did her best. She put her daughter by his side and gave him the power of being above all except her. She believed he would accept it. Plus, her daughter was so beautiful and innocent. After some time, he would definitely soften.

Having a lover was a bullsh*t excuse. She knew how men were.

"Empress, I hope you won't cause mischief about the Virgin anymore. It'll affect her reputation," Ye Futian said.

As for being the Loulan Son and the nine Nobles, he would grudgingly accept it. He didn't like to take advantage of people but…he could manage.

This b*stard, the empress swore inside as she looked at the earnest Ye Futian. He wouldn't even thank her?

Despite her thoughts, her expression warmed up. Looking at Ye Futian gently, she said, "Okay, you two can take care of the feelings. I won't force you. You've seen my attitude. As for how you will develop will be up to you and I won't interfere. But you have to help take care of Loulan Xue at the Cottage. She isn't very sensitive about many matters."

"Ah, how can I not work to fulfill the Empress' wishes?" Ye Futian said. He knew that the old woman just wanted to beat him up. They were both good at acting and he wasn't scared.

The Empress nodded. "You can take care of the nine Silver Snow Guards. I won't disturb you any further and will leave soon."

"You're in such a hurry," Ye Futian said. "Why don't you stay in the Divine Capital for a few days?"

"No, I have matters to take care of in Loulan. I will come to visit in the future," the empress said. Inside, she cursed, You're so fake. You must wish I'd leave right this moment.

"I see." Ye Futian nodded. Then he said to the nine guards, "Since the Empress is in a hurry to leave, I won't keep you. As for you nine seniors, let's change a place to live. I have relatives cultivating in the Divine Capital. You all can live there and take care of each other."

The Empress gritted her teeth. Ye Futian said that he wanted her to stay but now he was already ordering the Silver Snow Guard.

So conscious, huh. I've never seen someone so shameless.

"Yes. You all listen to the Son's command in the future. Seeing him is like seeing me," the Empress said to the nine.

"Yes, Empress." The nine bowed and then said to Ye Futian, "Please order us as pleased."

"Seniors, you are too kind," Ye Futian said. "I will take you all there now. Second Senior Sister is still waiting for me so I shouldn't delay. Empress, safe travels."

"Okay, go do what you must." The Empress smiled and nodded while she ground her teeth.

"Goodbye." Ye Futian put his hands together and then left straightforwardly. The nine Silver Snow Guards bowed to the empress and followed him away.

Loulan Xue gazed at the Empress, who nodded at her. "Go and cultivate well. With our treasured book and the sage's guidance, I'm sure the Cottage will truly approve of you one day."

"Okay, I'll go now." Loulan Xue nodded lightly and left with Ye Futian.

When everyone left, a female guard in the pavilion walked over to the Empress. She looked in the direction Ye Futian went and said, "Empress, that man is too shameless."

"I've realized." Her smile disappeared and she glared in that direction. She had ruled Ancient Loulan for so many years as the female regent. She'd seen all types of people and controlled countless strong cultivators. Only Ye Futian was uncontrollable.

She'd given Ye Futian her daughter and even Nobles as his guards, as well as giving him the title of Son. But that b*stard accepted the guards happily but didn't give her anything. He wasn't even grateful and wanted her to disappear. That b*stard…

Ye Futian didn't care about what the Empress thought of him. That old woman tried to use him so he couldn't be too nice with her. Since she gave him Nobles, he would take them without feeling bad.

As for Loulan Xue, they had traveled together in the Ancient Barren World. Hua Jieyu knew that he saw Loulan Xue as a friend. Since Zhuge Hui allowed her to cultivate at the Cottage, he would take care of her as needed.

In the sky, Ye Futian asked the guards, "What do I call you all?"

"Silver One, Silver Two, Silver Three…" the nine said one by one.

Ye Futian was shocked but he nodded. "Oh, I got it." They were quite special.

Soon after, they arrived at the Guqin Gardens of the Divine Capital. Coincidentally, Hua Fengliu and the others were there. Seeing Ye Futian come, they all came out. They'd heard of what had happened at Chaoge.

Nandou Wenyin walked up and asked, "Futian, were you hurt in Chaoge City?"

"Some minor injuries. I'm alright, you don't have to worry." Ye Futian smiled innocently. His masteress was the best. That old empress couldn't compare.

"Be careful out there," Nandou Wenyin said.

On the other hand, Hua Fengliu and Tang Lan's gaze fell on Loulan Xue. She was so pretty and had a unique aura. Her silver hair was like snow and her silver eyes were strangely beautiful. Was this guy getting with girls again? And he'd even taken her to see his father-in-law?

Yi Xiang looked at the nine guards. He could feel faint pressure from them. They were Nobles—nine powerful Nobles. From what he knew, the Cottage only had eight disciples so they couldn't be it.

The Cottage wouldn't wear silver armor either.

"Master, Masteress, this is my friend Loulan Xue," Ye Futian introduced. "We met in the Ancient Barren World. She is the Virgin of Ancient Loulan and saved my life. She's going to cultivate in the Cottage."

Nandou Wenyin nodded and said, "Thank you, Virgin."

Loulan Xue looked at her with a strange expression. Ye Futian had called them Master and Masteress. She didn't know much about the world but she wasn't stupid. She vaguely guessed their identities. She had seen Hua Jieyu before. The girl had traces of these two. She'd inherited both of their attractiveness and had even surpassed them. Thinking of everything that had happened, why did it feel weird for Ye Futian to bring her here?

"These nine seniors are Noble cultivators from Ancient Loulan. The empress has helped me and even made me the Son of Loulan. These nine are with me," Ye Futian continued.

The listeners kept getting shocked. The empress had helped him, made him Son, and gave him Nobles?

"That empress is so nice." Yi Xiang shot him a look of disdain. Ye Futian was speaking nonsense.

"Yeah, I think so too. She's so kind and is a good woman." Ye Futian nodded seriously. The Empress wouldn't know how to think if she heard this.

"Ha." Hua Fengliu looked at him; Tang Lan also looked. Tang Wan and Yi Qingxuan smiled ambiguously.

Why would the empress of Loulan do all this? Thinking of the relationship between Hua Fengliu, Ye Futian, and Hua Jieyu, wasn't it obvious?

Seeing everyone's eyes, Ye Futian lost some confidence. However, he still said naturally, "Master, Masteress, it's not what you think."

"Then what is it?" Hua Fengliu asked. The Empress' idea was obvious. He knew that Ye Futian could tell too. As his teacher and father-in-law, he knew how this boy was.

Ye Futian sighed inwardly. Why didn't they believe him? Was he a player?

"Master, Masteress, I want the nine seniors to live in the Guqin Gardens. If anything happens, they can take care of it. If you and Senior Yi Xiang have any questions, you can ask them too," Ye Futian said. With the stone statue from the Mirror Mountain, they would definitely try for the Noble Plane. It would be easier if they had Nobles to guide them.

"Also, I will have a final battle with Luo Junlin in the Nandou Nation to take care of everything. How about you and Masteress come back with me? You can take care of the problem with the Nandou Family too," Ye Futian continued. "I will go to the Moon Clan to get Jieyu. Then we can go back together. What do you think?"

Hearing this, Hua Fengliu glanced at him. At least he remembered Jieyu.

Nandou Wenyin looked at him gently. "Futian, you've worked hard." These things would require him to take care of. She'd always had her mind on the Nandou Family. It was the place that filled her with disappointment and sadness. Her brother was still there.

"Going back?" Yi Xiang looked up into the air. Even though he always insulted Ye Futian, he'd seen the boy's growth this year. He wasn't even 20 years old but he had already shaken the Eastern Barren Territory. Still in the Dharma Plane, he was known by all. He didn't say it but he knew that Ye Futian valued relationships greatly. It was time to resolve the matter with the Nandou Nation. Up to now, they'd only escaped.
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    《The Legend of Futian》