The Legend of Futian
294 Betrayal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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294 Betrayal

Chapter 294: Betrayal
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Why had Ye Futian ordered the emperors of all these countries to stay in Cangye? It was a defense measure against Emperor Luo, of course. Now that Luo Junlin was back with a group of powerful cultivators, many people thought they would target Cangye. So, Emperor Chu and the others wanted to leave?

"Brother Ye, you see the situation right now. If the people Luo Junlin brought back really attack Cangye, then for us to stay here would be waiting for death. We're better off observing from afar, and then, if needed, we will come to your aid. You should be understanding of this," stated Emperor Yan. It was obvious none of them were willing to take a risk. When Luo Junlin charged over with the Nobles, it was going to be the end.

"And what if I say I can't be understanding?" Emperor Ye said with a smile.

"It is truly disappointing that you would be so unreasonable," Emperor Chu replied. "If Brother Ye is unwilling to think for us, then I don't see the point of this friendship."

"Friendship?" Emperor Ye laughed sarcastically. "Don't you guys forget the reason why you stayed. You were the ones who begged Ye Futian. You guys gave yourselves up to Cangye as an act of redemption."

Back then, the six emperors allied with He Xirou and Luo Junlin, demanding that Ye Futian's friends and family be relinquished. They wanted to kill Ye Futian. Then, Ye Futian came back on the kunpeng and the emperors came to ask for forgiveness on their own accord. They wanted to talk "friendship" now?

When they had just given themselves up to be controlled by Cangye, they acted with the utmost respect. They agreed to whatever Ye Futian said and were also were polite with Emperor Ye, referring to him as "His Majesty". But after some consideration and some time together, Emperor Ye didn't feel the need for them to address him as so and reverted to addressing each other as "Emperor". He had become friendly with his fellow emperors. But now…

Thinking of this, Emperor Ye said again in a cold manner, "You guys were the ones who were willing to give up power. That was the only reason why Ye Futian let you all off the hook. It seems like you have forgotten this in just a year's time. If so, then do as you please. Also, you better pray that Luo Junlin and his people are absolutely sure they can take on Futian and the others. Otherwise, if Ye Futian and his friends come out unscathed, I will be the one praying for you guys. Praying that when you come to our doorstep begging for forgiveness once again, he'll let you all go a second time."

Did they want to be fence-sitters? Everyone knew how to do that. But this wasn't that simple. They had threatened Ye Futian's family. He only decided to keep them in Cangye because he was worried that there would be nobody to protect the country once he left. But they wanted to leave now, immediately after Luo Junlin returned?

They sure knew how to switch sides for their own benefits.

Emperor Chu's group looked at one another and shared a common look in their eyes. Naturally, they understand what Emperor Ye meant, but the problem was, they were in imminent danger while the threat of Ye Futian was not immediate. How should they decide?

Of course, it was to take care of the immediate danger. The other choice was to stay here with the Cangye people and lose their last fighting chance when Luo Junlin attacked.

In all honesty, they also wanted to wait and get a clear understanding of the situation or they could travel the long distance to the center of the Eastern Barren Territory and investigate.

However, danger was too close. Rumor had it that emperors of many other countries had already arrived in Nandou and were having a jolly good time socializing with Emperor Luo. The Hundred Lands were already stirred up by the situation and everyone was talking about it. It was said the Nandou Nation could mobilize its troops at any time. Plus, it wouldn't take long for the Nobles to arrive in Cangye due to the proximity between the two countries. There was no time.

The lesser of two evils. This was a simple choice to make.

Emperor Ye's words hit a sore spot for the emperors. If they left now and Luo Junlin couldn't get rid of Ye Futian, they would still be in danger.

There was only one way out. They had to pick a side.

They had already decided to leave for Nandou. Once they got there, the emperors were going to apologize and beg for forgiveness. They were forced to stay in Cangye, against their will. Would Emperor Luo be understanding of them? Under these circumstances, should they do something to prove their sincerity?

The emperors looked at one another and sent secret messages telepathically. Emperor Ye raised a brow, seemingly noticing that something was amiss. He turned to Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi, "You two should step out."

"Yes." The royal Ye siblings could feel the weird atmosphere as well and prepared to leave.

"Attack." Right after Emperor Ye had spoken, the six emperors made their move abruptly. Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi's faces fell and they tried to retreat. But these were Nobles, it wasn't that easy to escape them. The pair of siblings were captured in the blink of an eye.

"Presumptuous!" Emperor Ye yelled furiously. Sword qi filled the air and covered the entire area in a matter of seconds. However, the emperors of Yunchu and Yan stood as a blockade in front of Emperor Ye's children. They gave off a similar burst of wild energy. Emperor Chu said, "Forgive us, Brother Ye. We don't have a choice. We'll be borrowing the prince and princess."

Emperor Ye moved his arms about and sword qi blanketed the sky. The six emperors froze. Emperor Chu said, "Brother Ye, don't push us. Would the palace be able to withstand it if we fought?"

Six against one. There was no questioning the results and many people in the palace would die.

"Father," called out Ye Danchen, "we'll go with them." He knew well and clear of the situation they were in. If anybody made a move, the Cangye palace would be in danger.

"Father, send someone to the Eastern Barren Territory. Nothing will happen to us," said Ye Lingxi. The two of them were furious too. These bastards actually had the nerve to betray Cangye. Ye Futian was the only one they could believe in now. He wasn't going to let this go.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and the other two were their friends. The two royal children saw for themselves how well the group did in the Ancient Barren World. Even though Luo Junlin had the upper hand right now, as long as Ye Futian wasn't dead, the two of them would be fine.

"Danchen, Lingxi." Emperor Ye turned green while his eyes burned red with rage.

"Brother Ye, we have no other choice. Farewell for now." The six emperors left in a flash and made their way out of the palace in no time. Then, they went to get their families. When they had surrendered to Cangye, one of Ye Futian's conditions was to have the royal families from these countries move to Cangye. But now that the six emperors chose betrayal, their families were a direct threat.

The Cangye palace was in an uproar. Emperor Chu and the others had actually betrayed them. They also took Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi. Was it so they could go seek refuge with the Nandou Nation?

Emperor Ye stood there with a darkened expression. Sword intent flowed around him, almost suffocating. Naturally, he knew why Emperor Chu took Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi—as an offering to the Nandou Nation, to make amends.

The emperors understood that since they had chosen to betray Cangye, they must make their way back to Luo Junlin. There was no going back after this. They had to make mend their relationship with Nandou.

When the news got out, the imperial city of Cangye was in an uproar. The reactions were as strong as an earthquake. Dark clouds shifted and spread in the skies above the imperial city. Could it be that the rumors were true? Luo Junlin was bringing people to attack Cangye?

In the imperial city, the Lin's were a powerful family. Cangye's number one beauty, Lin Yueyao, lifted her head to the skies. The news that trickled out from the palace shook the city. It was only natural Lin Yueyao would find out. The figure of a handsome young man came to mind for her. Luo Junlin had made a fierce return. What about him? Where was he? She hoped that nothing had happened to him in the Eastern Barren Territory. She was worried.

Presently, no one knew how things would turn out under these circumstances.

The Nandou Nation was lively. Emperors from all over had arrived. All the while, the Cangye Kingdom was met with stormy skies. It seemed like in the span of a single night, the two countries had swapped positions. And what would be their fate?

Ye Futian had no idea what had happened in the Cangye Kingdom and nobody knew that Luo Junlin's return with the Nobles would cause so much commotion.

When he made the six emperors pledge their allegiance to Cangye, it was indeed to protect the country. It was to give Cangye the power to speak up to the rest of the Hundred Lands. He never anticipated any of the present events when he did what he did back then. The six emperors had betrayed Cangye and Ye Futian's past decision had created a direct threat to the country.

Presently, Ye Futian was still on the way back. There was a long way back to the Hundred Lands. They passed by many deserted areas. It took a long time, even for Nobles.

In the cloud-ridden skies above the barren lands, a kunpeng soared with wings that looked like the clouds in the skies. It was the kunpeng from the Liu Kingdom.

Ye Futian didn't choose to depart from the Ancient Barren World. Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, and himself were in the Dharma Plane while his master, Hua Fengliu, and the others were in the Arcana Plane. There were also the nine Nobles. If they left from the Ancient Barren World, they wouldn't have been able to travel together. Thus, they decided to travel the distance to meet up first.

On the way, the passed by the east of the Eastern Barren Territory. That was where the Liu Kingdom and the Fuyun Sword Clan were located. Liu Feiyang, Liu Chenyu, and Ye Wuchen brought a lot of their own people to travel with them.

Up ahead, on the land below them, was an enormous, magnificent ancient city. Looking down from the skies above, the ancient city looked white like it was sculpted from white jade.

"Son, this is Loulan City." On the kunpeng, a Noble of Loulan pointed this out to Ye Futian.

"Yes, but we're in a rush now, so we won't be stopping. We'll come again if we get the chance next time." Ye Futian nodded at the Noble. Liu Feiyang smiled at Ye Futian. They all knew how Ye Futian became the Son of Loulan out of nowhere. What a Son he was, to skip over the city just like that.

"Alright," the Noble nodded in return. They listened to the Empress' order and followed Ye Futian. Obviously, they would do what he said. As long as he didn't ask them to cause harm to Loulan, Ye Futian's every word was their command.

The kunpeng continued to advance on their rushed journey to the Hundred Lands, passing directly over Loulan City.

In the Loulan Palace below them, the Empress sat in an ancient meeting hall.

Just then, a graceful female approached. She bowed and greeted, "Empress."

"Lan, there is something I need to bother you with. You'll have to take a trip," said the Empress.

"Alright," the female nodded.

"The Son, Ye Futian, will arrive in the Nandou Nation a short while later for a battle. Bring a group of Loulan's most powerful Nobles over to greet the Son. Other than that, if he is victorious, you guys don't have to do anything. But if he loses, I don't wish for anything to happen to him," said the Empress.

"I understand." This young lady was the Empress' most trusted subordinate. She had been with the Empress for many years, through thick and thin. She was known as the person only lesser to the Empress.

Lan left the hall and the Empress sat back in her chair. Her eyes drifted outside. They would pass by Loulan on the way to the Hundred Lands from the Eastern Barren Territory, but that rascal, Ye Futian, felt prejudice against her. He was definitely not going to come. However, she didn't care. To her, it didn't matter what he thought of her.
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    《The Legend of Futian》