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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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295 Rage

Chapter 295: Rage
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The Imperial City of the Nandou Nation was immersed in a joyous atmosphere, especially the Imperial Palace. Many people were looking forward to the prince Luo Junlin leading an army of cultivators and attacking Cangye. According to His Majesty, this day was not far away. Within a few more days, they would eliminate Cangye and kill Ye Futian.

Due to the overwhelming announcement, people from different parts of the Nandou Nation came to the Imperial City one after another. People from all the major cities had come to observe the situation.

In the Imperial Palace, there was a continuous stream of people entering to pay a visit. They included the leaders of various families in the Nandou Nation. The Nandou clan had also sent someone to the palace to send their congratulations.

Suddenly, outside the Imperial Palace, a group of people descended from the sky. They were the emperors from the Yunchu Nation, the Yan Kingdom, and so on. They were still holding Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi in captivity.

There were many people outside the Imperial Palace, some of which recognized them and exclaimed uncontrollably, "They are Emperor Chu and Emperor Yan."

"That's right. Didn't they submit to the Cangye Kingdom? Why are they at the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace now?"

Everyone's eyes sparkled. Then they saw the emperors holding Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi in captivity. A strange expression appeared on their faces as they had vaguely guessed what was happening. Even the six emperors who had submitted to Cangye were planning to change their master now.

Emperor Chu said to the guard of the Imperial Palace, "We would like to meet Emperor Luo. We have brought with us the prince Ye Danchen and the princess Ye Lingxi of the Cangye Kingdom."

"Please wait for a while," the guard said, feeling very pleased. Over these days, many emperors had arrived. Even the six emperors who had submitted to Cangye that time were surrendering at the moment. It was all thanks to prince Luo Junlin who had brought such prosperity to the Nandou Nation. Before long, Emperor Chu, as well as the other emperors, was invited into the Imperial Palace.

In the palace of the Nandou Nation, Emperor Luo was drinking tea and chatting with many other emperors. They sat on the ground and appeared to be very relaxed. Noticing the arrival of the six emperors, Emperor Luo glanced at them and smiling, he said, "Why are you here?"

"Brother Luo, last year, we fought together. However, because of the situation at that time, we had to submit to Cangye. Fortunately, the prince has finally made his grand return now, and we no longer need to live a petty life under the Cangye Kingdom. We have brought the prince and princess of the Cangye Kingdom here to visit you," Emperor Chu said. Many other emperors looked at him. He had said everything in such a beautiful way. Furthermore, he was actually so calm and thick-skinned.

"Why did you bring the prince and princess of the Cangye Kingdom to Nandou?" Emperor Luo asked emotionlessly. "I think you should settle this yourself." After he finished speaking, he continued drinking his tea quietly, as if he was a mystery.

At the moment, he was sneering in his heart. The six emperors were people who would bend with the wind. That time, when the Cangye Kingdom was strong, they all wanted to enter and enjoy the benefits. Now when Luo Junlin had just returned, they received the news and came here to observe the situation. Since this was the case, he would fulfill their wish.

He did not say anything about the situation in the Eastern Barren Territory, and also did not mention the challenge. He deliberately created a false impression that Luo Junlin had brought the cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple here to destroy Cangye. He wanted to see how these people would react. As for the consequences, he was no longer bothered at the moment.

If Luo Junlin won the challenge, Ye Futian would die, and the Cangye Kingdom would, of course, be destroyed. Everything would happen naturally. If his son, Luo Junlin, lost… Then all these happy clowns would be buried with them.

"Brother Luo, what do you mean?" Emperor Chu asked.

Emperor Luo was still drinking his tea and did not say anything, allowing Emperor Chu to take his own understanding. He would not mind it even if Emperor Chu got the meaning wrong.

Seeing the scene, the eyes of the six emperors sparkled, after which they glanced at Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi. Emperor Luo had asked them to settle everything themselves. How should they handle it? Was it not enough to bring them here?

Suddenly, an emperor sitting opposite Emperor Luo asked, "Brother Luo, when do you plan to send the army and eliminate Cangye?"

"There is no need to hurry. In a few days' time, Ye Futian will come here and die. After he is killed, we will destroy Cangye," Emperor Luo said emotionlessly. His tone was very casual as if the Cangye Kingdom was insignificant.

All the emperors smiled and said, "With such an outstanding descendant, you will become the king of the Hundred Lands in no time."

Hearing all these compliments, Emperor Luo seemed very calm. However, the six emperors including Emperor Chu could not keep calm. It seemed that the rumors were indeed true. The news actually came from Emperor Luo himself and the Cangye Kingdom might be destroyed anytime. Fortunately, they had come to the Nandou Nation to apologize. There was still a chance for redemption.

"Kill yourselves." Emperor Chu looked at Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi. Immediately, the faces of the two turned pale as they stared at Emperor Chu.

"You are an emperor after all. Are you actually so despicable?" Ye Danchen said, staring at Emperor Chu.

Slap… Emperor Chu raised his hand and slapped Ye Danchen on the face, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. With a cold expression on his face, Emperor Chu said, "I don't want to say anything unnecessary. Do it yourselves."

Some sadness appeared in Ye Lingxi's eyes. She was so young and did not want to die.

"Are you not afraid of his revenge?" Ye Lingxi said, looking at Emperor Chu.

"Didn't you hear the words from brother Luo?" Emperor Chu sneered.

Ye Lingxi smiled and said, "Although I do not know what happened, what does Luo Junlin, the prince of the Nandou Nation, have to compare with Ye Futian? Furthermore, there is still Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Hua Jieyu. You will definitely regret it."

A cold aura was emitted from Emperor Luo, and a murderous intent filled the place.

Ye Lingxi closed her eyes and a figure appeared in her mind. She was not resigned to her fate. Was she going to die like this? She did not want to die.

Why did fate make fun of her like this?

"Stop," someone shouted coldly. Then, Emperor Chu saw a graceful lady in a red shirt walking towards him. She looked at him coldly and said, "You are an emperor after all. This is too mean."

That time, he surrendered to Cangye pettily. Now, he had brought the prince and princess of the Cangye Kingdom here to submit himself. In order to survive, he was really using all kinds of methods.

Emperor Chu was humiliated like this and his face darkened. However, he knew that the lady before him was the princess of the Nandou Nation, Luo Mengyan. Therefore, he did not say anything and only looked at Emperor Luo.

"Father, can you give them to me to handle?" Luo Mengyan said, looking at Emperor Luo.

Emperor Luo glanced at his daughter, and then said to Emperor Chu, "What do you think?"

"We'll follow the princess's wish." The few emperors nodded.

"Alright," Emperor Luo said and looked at his daughter. He knew well that if Ye Futian won, he would surely die, and it would be over for the Nandou Nation as well. However, today Emperor Chu and the rest had brought Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi here. He was the bad guy, and his daughter saved them; he wanted Ye Futian to owe his daughter a favor.

"Follow me," Luo Mengyan said, looking at Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi.

The two glanced at each other. Then, they followed Luo Mengyan and left the place. Emperor Chu actually really wanted to harm them, and the princess of the Nandou Nation saved their lives.

After the three left, Emperor Luo looked at the six emperors and said emotionlessly, "How about a drink together?"

"Thank you, brother Luo." Delight could be seen on the few emperors' faces. They walked forward one after another and sat down on the ground. The many emperors started to chat casually, discussing the future situation of the Hundred Lands. There were even a few emperors who hinted that they would honor the Nandou Nation as the king of the Hundred Lands in the future.

They knew that they could not do anything to stop the Nandou Nation from sending out the army and defeating the Cangye Kingdom. Instead of being passive, they might as well be more active which could perhaps bring them more benefits.


When Emperor Chu stepped into the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace, a Kunpeng was flying quickly in the sky above the Cangye Kingdom Imperial City.

"We're finally here." Ye Futian looked below him. Buildings and clouds flashed past them as they rushed directly towards the Imperial Palace.

"Master, Masteress, we'll visit Uncle Ye first, and then go to Donghai City," Ye Futian said, looking at Hua Fengliu.

"It's your call," Nandou Wenyin said, smiling.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded gently. They could already see the Imperial Palace below them.

At the moment, the atmosphere in the palace was still very tense. Emperor Ye had already sent someone to the Eastern Barren Territory, but he would not be able to make it in time, because they did not have much time left. Even with his own speed, he would need several days to go to the Eastern Barren Territory and come back, not to mention his man.

There was more and more news coming from the Nandou Nation so that Emperor Luo could send out his army anytime. Under such a circumstance, it was clear how desperate the people in the Imperial Palace were. However, suddenly, a whizzing sound erupted from the sky and a gust of violent wind blew across. Many people raised their heads in astonishment. Then, they saw a Kunpeng. Its cloud-like wings extended as it descended slowly. At this instant, everyone held their breaths and wild joy filled their minds.

The Kunpeng arrived, so did Ye Futian.

In the Imperial Palace, everyone's heart beat rapidly as they awaited Ye Futian's arrival. Emperor Ye had naturally seen it as well and his eyes sparkled. He flashed and turned into a sword, ascending into the air.

On the back of the Kunpeng, Ye Futian and the rest smiled and looked at Emperor Ye.

"Uncle Ye," Ye Futian shouted with a smile on his face.

"Your Majesty," Hua Fengliu, Yi Xiang, and the rest also shouted. They had a good relationship with Emperor Ye.

Emperor Ye smiled and nodded at everyone. However, his smile was somewhat forced, as if something was bothering him.

"Futian." Emperor Ye's tone was very low, and the usual warmness in his voice was completely missing. Noticing the difference, Ye Futian and the rest knew at once that something was amiss. Withdrawing his smile, Ye Futian asked, "Uncle Ye, what happened?"

"Luo Junlin returned to Nandou with many cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple, saying that he would send an army to attack Cangye. The six emperors are traitors and brought Danchen and Lingxi away. They have probably already offered them to Emperor Luo," Emperor Ye said in a low voice.

Boom. Just as Emperor Ye finished speaking, a freezing aura erupted from Ye Futian's body immediately and his face turned extremely cold. The six emperors had forced Emperor Ye to hand over his family members. However, because of the situation in Cangye, when the six emperors begged them and chose to surrender, he still gave them a chance, asking them to stay in Cangye for ten years. Now, the six emperors actually betrayed them directly and also took away his friends Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi. His mood at the moment could be well imagined.

Ye Wuchen stepped forward. Sword will was emitted from his body and a murderous intent filled the place.

"Uncle Ye, come here," Ye Futian shouted.

Emperor Ye knew what Ye Futian wanted to do. He flashed and landed on the back of the Kunpeng.

"Senior Kunpeng, please go there at the fastest speed," Ye Futian said. The wings of the Kunpeng trembled and its large body flashed out like a bolt of lightning, sending a gust of violent wind towards the ground. The people in the Imperial Palace all felt that they could not stand firmly. Then, they saw the Kunpeng shoot into the clouds in an instant, flying off into the distance.
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    《The Legend of Futian》