The Legend of Futian
297 Death of the Six Emperors
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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297 Death of the Six Emperors

Chapter 297: Death of the Six Emperors
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All the emperors felt extremely cold. They could vaguely feel that they may have been deceived by Emperor Luo. Now that they thought about it carefully, Emperor Luo had indeed been deliberately announcing the news all along. In reality, after the people from the Royal Xuan Temple arrived, they stayed in the Imperial Palace and did not really show up.

They did not come here to eliminate Cangye.

But was Emperor Luo the only person to put the blame on? Hearing that the people from the Royal Xuan Temple had arrived at the palace, the various emperors came to visit themselves. They were the ones who could not retain their composure, and many other emperors actually did not come. Why could they not keep calm? That was because they wanted to benefit from the situation.

The important people from the Royal Xuan Temple had arrived, and the prince of the Nandou Nation had also returned. Under such a circumstance, Emperor Luo chatted with them and remarked casually that he was going to obliterate Cangye. Would they suspect anything?

No, they believed it firmly. Therefore, the rumors kept spreading.

Until this moment, when Ye Futian rode the Kunpeng and broke into the Nandou Imperial Palace by force, something seemed to be broken.

Nandou Yue's heart trembled gently. If Ye Futian could kill Luo Junlin, then how about the Nandou Clan?

He looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu who was beside him. This unparalleled couple was almost taken to pieces that time, as Hua Jieyu was almost sent into the Imperial Palace. They used their lives to resist. Because of this, Hua Jieyu almost died.

Thinking of this, terror and coldness started to fill Nandou Yue's heart.

Ye Futian's dominance broke the fantasies of all the people present.

"You are really arrogant," someone from the Royal Xuan Temple said coldly. Ye Futian threatened to kill Luo Junlin openly and was not bothered about the Royal Xuan Temple at all.

"This is the resentment between me and them. It's none of your business." Ye Futian glanced at the people from the Royal Xuan Temple. They gave a cold humph but ultimately did not say anything. Indeed, they had no reasons to meddle in the resentment between Ye Futian and these emperors. If the people from the Royal Xuan Temple were to intervene, they would not be standing opposite Ye Futian alone, but against the entire Cottage.

It's funny how these weak idiots actually kidnapped Ye Futian's friends to go to Nandou. Pathetic indigenous nobles.

Ye Futian's words caused Emperor Chu and the other five emperors to feel a chill running down their spines. They trembled and really felt fear. Ye Futian said to the nobles from the Royal Xuan Temple that they were not in a position to intervene in the matter. What did this mean?

"I will ask you one last time. Where are they?" Ye Futian's voice was extremely cold. This time, he was really angry.

"They're with me," someone said suddenly. Luo Mengyan was already here not long ago. Seeing Ye Futian's overpowering attitude, she was similarly shocked. She walked forward, staring at Ye Futian. This man, who had punched her when they first met, no longer had the immaturity he had when was younger. At the moment, his temperament was more elegant and his look was more handsome. He had ridden a Kunpeng to this place and brought many powerful cultivators with him. However, he was here to take back what they owed him.

Ye Futian was naturally able to recognize Luo Mengyan as well. She was about 18 or 19 years ago, the age when a lady was the most beautiful. The previously capricious princess seemed to be more sensible and charming at the moment. She stood gracefully at her spot and her tall stature was almost perfect. She was still wearing a flame red attire and was very eye-catching, but her previous self could still be faintly seen in her eyes.

"Give them to me." Ye Futian was, however, not polite at all as he glanced at Luo Mengyan emotionlessly.

Luo Mengyan gazed at him and said stubbornly, "How can you speak to me like this?"

Ye Futian frowned. It seemed that she had not changed after all.

Stepping forward, some coldness spread from Ye Futian's body.

"Do you want to hit me again?" Luo Mengyan stared at Ye Futian with her water-like eyes. Her wronged look caused a strange expression to appear on the face of everyone. Why did they feel that the princess of the Nandou Nation was once bullied by Ye Futian?

Ye Futian had indeed beaten Luo Mengyan several times. The first time was during a friendly fight in the Donghai Academy, while the second time happened in Qingzhou. That time, Luo Mengyan wanted Qin Yi to become her servant, and she was punched by Ye Futian once again. She even complained to Minister Zuo.

Seeing Luo Mengyan's look, Ye Futian also felt somewhat weird. Although Luo Mengyan was capricious, he did not have a poor impression of her. Nevertheless, she was the daughter of Emperor Luo and her position was destined.

"Futian." Suddenly, a gentle voice came from the distance. It was from Ye Lingxi. She and Ye Danchen rushed towards Ye Futian and Ye Lingxi said, "Futian, the princess is not involved in this. She saved us."

"Lingxi, Danchen." Noticing that the two were safe and sound, Ye Futian finally set his mind at ease. He approached the two and said, "Are you injured?"

"No. It's just that someone with surname Chu slapped my face," Ye Danchen sneered, looking at Emperor Chu. He and Ye Lingxi had always believed Ye Futian, but they still did not expect Ye Futian to reach so quickly. He wanted to see for himself now how Emperor Chu could escape this time.

Ye Futian glanced coldly at Emperor Chu. His look actually caused Emperor Chu to feel frozen, for he saw a murderous intent.

"She saved you?" Ye Futian asked, looking at Luo Mengyan.

"Yup. After we were brought here, Emperor Luo asked them to settle us themselves. He wanted to kill us, but princess Luo stopped them," Ye Lingxi said softly. Just now, they were already desperate and almost died, and Luo Mengyan saved them. Although they were enemies, Ye Lingxi was still grateful to Luo Mengyan.

Ye Futian nodded lightly, after which he said to Luo Mengyan, "It seems like I misunderstood you. Thanks."

Luo Mengyan smiled, but her smile was dreary and self-mocking. Did he merely say that this is a misunderstanding? From Ye Futian's look and tone, she could feel an obvious sense of distance.

He, whom her father wanted to kill but her master valued, really came back in a domineering way, just like what her master had prophesied. Would there really be a disaster for the Nandou Nation?

"Very well." Ye Futian turned his head and looked at the six emperors from the Yunchu Nation and the like. A cold smile could be seen in his eyes.

Seeing Ye Futian's sneer, the six emperors' faces instantly turned pale.

"Brother Luo." Emperor Chu looked at Emperor Luo, wanting to ask for help. At the moment, only Emperor Luo and the people from the Royal Xuan Temple could save them.

Seeing the scene, Ye Futian sneered. Did they still want to count on Emperor Luo now?

"Ye Futian, go out of my palace to settle the resentment between you and them," Emperor Luo said coldly.

"Shut up." Ye Futian glanced at Emperor Luo. The six emperors were allowed to enter the palace, and yet Emperor Luo asked him to settle the issue outside.

Emperor Luo's expression turned very bitter. He was the emperor of Nandou, and this was his Imperial Palace. At the moment, Ye Futian had shouted at and threatened him multiple times here, and made little of him.

Hearing the conversation between the two, the six emperors became totally hopeless. They knew that nobody would be able to save them; neither Emperor Luo nor the Royal Xuan Temple could.

Ye Futian's dominance was way beyond everyone's expectations. The Royal Xuan Temple did not dare to touch him. It was funny how they thought Luo Junlin had returned in order to kill Ye Futian and destroy Cangye. Emperor Luo also said so. But what was the reality?

How hilarious.

"It's all him. We were bewitched by Emperor Chu. Master Ye, please forgive us," an emperor said, pointing at Emperor Chu.

"B*stard," Emperor Chu roared in anger. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "Master Ye, I know that I am wrong. I swear that from now on, I will only listen to your orders."

"Do you think that you still have value?" Ye Futian glanced coldly at Emperor Chu. Does he still want to live?

During the first time, Ye Futian forgave them. The second betrayal was, however, unforgivable.

Emperor Chu looked at the nobles on the back of the Kunpeng and became hopeless. That time, Ye Futian needed them to protect Cangye, and therefore chose to forgive them. How about now? After Ye Futian's return this time, would anyone dare to touch Cangye again?

There would be none.

This time, he was not only valued by major forces. Instead, he led many nobles here himself.

"From today onwards, the six kingdoms of yours will no longer exist," Ye Futian said coldly. "Kill them."

"Yes." The nine Loulan Silver Snow Guards stepped out. They walked forward and instantly surrounded the six emperors, holding a silver spear each. Immediately, snow started to fall around them and an extremely cold aura engulfed the entire place. All the people below the Noble Plane started to shiver uncontrollably.

The six emperors were desperate. Each of the nine nobles before them was stronger than any of them.

Emperor Chu did not seem to be resigned to his fate. An extremely violent Spiritual Qi started to rage, and willow branches danced in the air, striking towards Ye Futian with an incredibly sharp aura. Emperor Chu was still struggling.

However, beside Ye Wuchen, a cultivator stepped out. In an instant, sword qi filled the air and turned into an appalling sword screen, enveloping Ye Futian and the rest. The sharp willow branches swayed gently onto the sword screen, and an ear-piercing sound actually erupted, but they could not penetrate the screen at all.

At the same time, the Silver Snow Guards moved. Snow danced in the sky and their spears pierced out like dragons. The terrifying snowstorm tried to bury the six emperors while an extreme coldness exploded from the silver spears.

The nine spears, along with the snowstorm, finally arrived and a silvery light enveloped the whole space around the six emperors. Then, everyone saw a strikingly brilliant, dazzling silvery light.

"No..." Miserable cries erupted. Overpowered in terms of grades, Emperor Chu and the other five did not even have the chance to show their powers. The sky-blotting silver light penetrated their bodies like snow, and the silver spears passed through their throats, but there was no blood. Their blood and bodies were frozen directly. They stood motionlessly as if they had turned into statues.

The nine nobles flashed and returned behind Ye Futian quietly as if they had not done anything.

The cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple looked at the nine nobles. Who were they? Clearly, they were not from the College. Then why were they beside Ye Futian?

Emperor Luo, as well as the other emperors, did not, however, bother about the identity of the nine nobles. He only saw the death of the six emperors. They were killed like ants. At this instant, he felt sad because of the death of his kind. Would his ending be like this?

As for Minister Hua and Nandou Yue, their faces turned completely pale, and even their bodies were trembling slightly, due to either the coldness of the air or the coldness within their hearts.

They were emperors, the high-ups at all the places. In the Hundred Lands, they were kings. However, because of just one sentence from Ye Futian, the six emperors all died, turning into frozen statues.

Suddenly, Nandou Yue thought about Nandou Tai who had entered the Nobles Plane not long ago. An intense fear filled his heart!
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    《The Legend of Futian》