The Legend of Futian
298 The Supercilious Nandou Tai
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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298 The Supercilious Nandou Tai

Chapter 298: The Supercilious Nandou Tai
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It was not just Emperor Luo, Minister Hua, and Nandou Yue who felt fear. Every single emperor present, who had been drinking and happily chatting with Emperor Luo about the future, felt some coldness fill their bodies.

At this exact moment, Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at them casually. His look was filled with iciness and ridicule.

Ye Futian obviously knew why these emperors were here. They were probably all waiting for Emperor Luo to destroy Cangye and really knew how to take advantage of an uncontrollable situation.

Unfortunately, they were wrong.

Seeing Ye Futian's look, all the emperors started to hate Emperor Luo. This b*stard actually told them that he would kill Ye Futian in a few days' time and attack Cangye. They were all waiting for their benefits. However, at the moment, the six emperors had been frozen into statues, standing at their spots. This scene was too much.

Turning his head, Ye Futian looked at Emperor Luo and Luo Junlin, and said, "There are four days left. You can start to prepare for your funerals." After that, he turned around and said, "Let's go."

There were only four days left before the scheduled battle between him and Luo Junlin. He would let Emperor Luo spend the four days full of anxiety.

The Kunpeng ascended into the air and flew off into the distance. Outside the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace, countless people stared at the departing Kunpeng and their hearts trembled fiercely. Ye Futian had broken into the palace by force and left in one piece. The cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple did not manage to make them stay.

"That's Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi," someone said. Everyone also noticed the two on the back of the Kunpeng. The two were brought into the palace by Emperor Chu, and now they were brought back by Ye Futian directly. What did this mean?

Ye Futian came to the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace for them and successfully brought them back.

What exactly happened in the palace?

Nobody knew. At the moment, the palace was in dead silence. The six frozen statues stood there, and their throats all had similar wounds. Emperor Luo and Luo Junlin were speechless; Ye Futian asked them to prepare for their funerals.

The people from the Royal Xuan Temple gave a cold humph, after which they left. The various emperors did not continue to flatter. At the moment, they were only thinking about how to redeem themselves. What did the look from Ye Futian before he left exactly mean? Would he come back to get even with them?

"I need to go back and inform the leader." Nandou Yue suddenly thought of something. Ye Futian had come in such an overpowering way. Once he returned to Donghai, it would be a disaster for the Nandou Clan.

Luo Mengyan stared at the disappearing figure. She lowered her head slightly and her eyes were red. A strange feeling developed in her heart.

He is back. The master is right.

Turning around, Luo Mengyan left the place. Over the year, she had become much more mature.

"Minister Hua, announce this to the public: four days later, prince Luo Junlin will battle with Ye Futian outside the Imperial Palace. Life-and-death battle," Emperor Luo said coldly, looking into the distance. "In this battle, he will surely slay Ye Futian." His voice was very firm as if he was giving himself confidence. Luo Junlin could not afford to lose this battle. Defeat would be equivalent to death. He would die as well.

"Yes." Minister Hua nodded and turned around, walking out of the palace. Nandou Yue also followed him and left. He was already not in the mood to congratulate Emperor Luo. Moreover, he would be trying to kill himself should he do so at the moment.

"Everyone, please help yourself," Emperor Luo said emotionlessly. All the emperors cursed in their minds and hated Emperor Luo to the extreme. This b*stard.

"Brother Luo, we will take our leave first," an emperor said, folding his hands. Although they really wanted to slap Emperor Luo to death now, they would still try not to offend him. From his words, there would be a life-and-death battle between Luo Junlin and Ye Futian. What if Luo Junlin wins?

The various emperors ascended into the air and left one after another, all feeling very terrible. Emperor Luo sneered and glanced at them, after which he looked at the six frozen statues. All the emperors had come here willingly. They were merely small-minded people.

Luo Mengyan came to the dilapidated courtyard again. Minister Zuo was sitting there as usual, staring blankly at the sky.

"Master." Luo Mengyan lowered her head as if she was a girl who had done something wrong.

"He is back," Minister Zuo muttered as if he was speaking to himself.

"Yes, he is back." Luo Mengyan lifted her head and looked at Minister Zuo. Much of his hair had already turned gray and he appeared to be very old. For some reason, she felt very bitter at the moment.

"Master, you were right. He not only came back, but the people from the Royal Xuan Temple did not dare to touch him," Luo Mengyan said softly. "That time, father suspected that you were being disloyal. But from the look of it, being the emperor of a kingdom will neither be his extreme nor be his target."

Her father Emperor Luo had to be respectful towards the people from the Royal Xuan Temple, while Ye Futian scolded them directly. What was an emperor to him? Would her master even betray her father just in order to help Ye Futian become an emperor?

"Betrayal?" Minister Zuo gave a self-mocking smile. "I once wanted to redeem everything, but your father walked towards the abyss step by step. Destined to become an emperor? If I did not see her that day, maybe I will think so as well. In life, sometimes such things do happen. You will meet a person whom you are destined to meet at a particular time. That is no coincidence, but rather fate."

"Her?" Luo Mengyan did not understand.

Minister Zuo recalled that fascinating figure in the sky. Her surname was Donghuang, while his surname was Ye.

They met in front of Emperor Ye Qing's statue. The two had a similar temperament. It was like they were born with it.

"Mengyan, you are already much more mature than three years ago, and not as capricious as that time. In the future, you still need to live your life properly, and not under the shadow of this period. Forget what is about to happen," Minister Zuo urged. Luo Mengyan would not die; she was not a short-lived person. However, she was destined to be alone for her entire life.

Although he said this, some things could not be changed by mere words.

Luo Mengyan seemed to have vaguely understood something and felt extremely sad. With some tear marks at the corners of her eyes, she said softly, "Master, if at that time I was not so capricious, if at that time I could be closer to him, and did not act superior because I was the princess, could I have changed everything?"

Minister Zuo shook his head and said, "Silly girl. It's not your fault."

Luo Mengyan's eyes turned completely red. For some reason, tears started to flow down her cheeks continuously.


The Kunpeng soared in the sky. Emperor Ye also could not remain calm after the trip to the Nandou Nation.

Luo Junlin returned to kill Ye Futian? How ironic.

"Under Ye, you can settle the six nations including the Yunchu Nation," Ye Futian said.

"Alright." Emperor Ye nodded.

"Feiyang, you can let senior Kun send Uncle Ye and the rest back to Cangye first. I have something to settle in Donghai City," Ye Futian said to Liu Feiyang. There were some things in Donghai which he had to deal with.

"Do you need us to follow you?" Liu Feiyang asked.

"Nope. It's some family matter of my master and masteress. I will take care of them myself. The Silver Snow Guards will follow me," Ye Futian said.

"Okay," Liu Feiyang nodded. Then, the group split into two. Emperor Ye, Liu Feiyang, Ye Wuchen, and the rest would return to Cangye. Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, Hua Fengliu, Nandou Wenyin, Yi Xiang and Tang Lan would go to Donghai.


The Donghai City was quite remote and close to the East Sea. It was the main city of the East Sea Prefecture.

The news that prince Luo Junlin had returned had obviously spread to Donghai. However, the impact here was clearly much weaker than the Imperial City. The two places were too far apart, and the people here could not feel the atmosphere there. Only major clans would pay close attention to the situation in the Nandou Nation. To the Donghai City, the most significant event recently was that the leader of the Nandou Clan had stepped into the Noble Plane.

After the news spread, an endless stream of people started to visit the clan and give them presents, almost destroying the gates of the Nandou Clan. In addition, people from many major clans wanted to ally with the Nandou Clan through marriage. They sent their men to marry the ladies in the Nandou Clan or sent their princesses to the Nandou Clan.

In the past, such a thing would definitely not happen. Although the Nandou Clan was similarly very strong before this and was indeed the most powerful clan in Donghai, it was still an old royal family. The emperor was suspicious and would surely not allow it to grow excessively. It was therefore not necessarily a good idea to be too close to the Nandou Clan. However, the situation at the moment was already different. At the instant when Nandou Tai stepped into the Noble Plane, they knew that many things would change. Emperor Luo might need to rely on his powers.

Today, a grand banquet was being held in the Nandou Clan. All the powerful people from the Donghai City had come here to send their congratulations.

Inside the Nandou Clan, the banquet seats were filled with people. All the major forces from the Donghua City had all arrived.

An example was the Donghai Academy. It was of course led by Yan Shao, the Headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, and the Art Saint. The Vice Headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, Han Mo, had died mysteriously while chasing Ye Futian. At the moment, the Art Saint had taken over the position of the Vice Headmaster.

Apart from the people from the Donghai Academy, Lord Luo was also here, as well as large clans such as the Lin Family. Lin Xiyue was among the people of the Lin Family; she was sitting with her father.

Mu Hong, whom Hua Fengliu and Ye Futian had visited before, was also here. He was Hua Fengliu's friend and was in the Arcana Plane. That time, he rejected taking Ye Futian in as his disciple.

In summary, almost all the important people from the Donghai City were present. Nobody dared to not give a noble some face.

A noble was someone who might become an emperor.

After everyone had sat down, Nandou Tai stepped in slowly with a majestic gait and a noble style. He glanced at the crowd with a dignified look and then approached the only seat at the front, after which he sat down.

"Greetings, Nandou Clan Leader." Everyone stood up one after another and saluted, appearing to be extremely respectful. From the moment he stepped into the Noble Plane, Nandou Tai's status was already different.

Nandou Tai glanced at the crowd with a sharp look, feeling very pleased. The scene made him feel the honor his ancestors once had—the feeling of being worshiped by everyone. This day was not far away.

"Everyone, please sit," Nandou Tai said, waving his hand and fully displaying his style as a noble. Everyone thanked him and then sat down.

Nandou Tai smiled. An emperor was worshiped by everyone just like this. At the moment, he was already a real king of the Donghai City, and the next step would be to become the emperor of a kingdom. He had already reached the required level, and all that was needed was an appropriate opportunity.

He glanced at Nandou Wenshan who was lowering his head and sneered in his heart. So what if you are a direct descendant of the royal family?

At the moment, he was already a true king. After the incident at that time, he did not punish Nandou Wenshan at all, because did not want to cross the line and also did not want another internal conflict.

However, at the moment, the so-called descendant of the king no longer needed to exist, because he was the king. After Emperor Luo destroyed Ye Futian and the Cangye Kingdom, Nandou Wenshan and his relatives could disappear as well!
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    《The Legend of Futian》