The Legend of Futian
299 Every Single One of Them
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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299 Every Single One of Them

Chapter 299: Every Single One of Them
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Since the School of the Emperor Star unified Donghai Academy, it had been taking firm control over the academy. However, as the best place to cultivate in the entire East Sea Prefecture, many young people from various places would still come here to cultivate.

The academy was full of lively young people, many of whom were also discussing the situation of the Nandou Clan. A noble had actually appeared in Donghai City, causing many juniors in the academy to develop a sense of admiration.

At the moment, a group of people with extraordinary temperaments appeared outside Donghai Academy and stepped into it. They were, of course, Ye Futian and his team.

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, Yi Qingxuan, and Tang Wan walked in front, stepping into the familiar place. They all felt that the things here had stayed the same, but the people had changed. Two years ago, they were cultivating here, but it was as if a long time had passed. They even felt like the environment was already somewhat unfamiliar.

Yi Xiang, Hua Fengliu, Nandou Wenyin, and Tang Lan similarly sighed with emotions. They were also part of Donghai Academy in the past, and Yi Xiang was even the Headmaster of the School of the Finance Star. Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin had cultivated in the School of the Emperor Star before, while Tang Lan had cultivated in the School of the Finance Star. However, was the Donghai Academy now still the same Donghai Academy?

The auras of Ye Futian and his team members were too outstanding and therefore they attracted the attention of all the disciples instantly, especially Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu who were walking at the front. Their looks were really too amazing. They are probably not disciples of Donghai Academy, right?

Suddenly, a disciple who was about 18-years-old walked past. Seeing Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, his look immediately froze.

"Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu." He stopped and muttered to himself, "Headmaster Yi." Then, he turned around quickly and ran into the distance. Immediately, the news that Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu had returned alarmed the entire Donghai Academy. Even those young people were shocked after knowing their identities. Are they the ones who caused a great disturbance in the Nandou Nation that time? They were from Donghai Academy.

After a while, some elders came to the place. Seeing Yi Xiang, Hua Fengliu, and the rest, they took in a deep breath.

"Yi Xiang," someone shouted.

"Where is Yan Shao?" Yi Xiang asked directly.

"Why are you back here?" someone questioned.

"Let's go to the School of the Emperor Star," Ye Futian said coldly. The group continued to walk forward. When they reached the School of the Emperor Star, many disciples had already come down from the mountain and were staring coldly at them. Of course, some vigilance could be felt from the disciples.

"Where is Yan Shao?" Ye Futian asked. "Is my grandmaster buried at the School of the Emperor Star?"

That time, he had warned Yan Shao that his grandmaster must be buried at the School of the Emperor Star. Otherwise, he would let the whole school be buried with his grandmaster.

"The School of the Emperor Star is not a graveyard," someone said coldly.

"So this means my grandmaster is not buried here." Ye Futian's tone became cold. He started to step forward.

"Ye Futian, Nandou Tai has already entered the Noble Plane. I advise all of you to leave," someone said.

"Nandou Tai, noble?" Ye Futian sneered. He looked at Yi Xiang and said, "Grandmaster's death was directly caused by Minister Hua and Nandou Tai right?"

"Yes," Yi Xiang nodded.

"Okay, Nandou Tai will be buried with him," Ye Futian said emotionlessly. The hearts of the people from the School of the Emperor Star trembled.

Yi Xiang took a step forward and a powerful might spread out. Looking at the people from the School of the Emperor Star, he asked, "Where is Elder Qin buried?"

Feeling the pressure from Yi Xiang, the faces of the people from the School of the Emperor Star darkened, but they still did not speak.

Bang. Yi Xiang stepped forward and punched out. In that instant, thousands of afterimages burst out from his fist. The expressions of the people in front changed drastically as they tried to block. However, following many loud bangs, they flew out directly one after another and spat up much blood. Their faces turned pale as they gazed at Yi Xiang. The Headmaster of the School of the Finance Star was becoming stronger and stronger.

"Where?" Yi Xiang stepped forward.

"After Elder Qin died, the School of the Emperor Star discussed how to bury him. The school is a place for cultivation and obviously cannot be used to bury anyone. Therefore, we cremated Elder Qin's body. His ashes have been placed at the location where he used to live. In this way, we did not bring disgrace to him," someone said.

"Ashes." Ye Futian gave a somewhat dreary smile. He flashed and started walking in the air. Hua Jieyu followed him and they went to the place where Hua Jieyu once lived, which was also where Elder Qin had resided.

When they arrived at Elder Qin's former residence, the place was already overgrown with weeds. The dilapidated courtyard had not been cleaned for a long time and was even sealed up. Nobody cared about the place.

In the old house where Elder Qin used to live, there was a cinerary casket. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu stood in front of the cinerary casket and felt very sad. Tears flowed down from Hua Jieyu's eyes as she said softly, "Grandmaster."

Ye Futian's eyes were also slightly red. He still remembered Elder Qin teaching him how to play the guqin at this place during that time. The smile from the kindly elder was so amiable. That day after waking up in the morning, the elder saw him with Jieyu and blessed them with eternal love.

He also recalled the music "A Chaotic Nation" at the Nandou Clan that time. Although Elder Qin was about to die, he played the piece with much vigor and dignity which remained in everyone's memories forever. However, after he died, he was merely placed here alone.

Thinking about this, Ye Futian felt an intense sorrow surging up his heart.

The elder was laid quietly in the School of the Emperor Star. Most disciples of Donghai Academy probably did not even know that such a person existed.

Ye Futian knelt on the ground and started kowtowing at the dust-filled cinerary casket. His head collided with the ground and actually produced a clear sound.

With her face wet with tears, Hua Jieyu knelt down and also started to kowtow at the deceased elder. Then, Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin walked up as well and knelt down. This was their master.

"Grandmaster, you like the School of the Emperor Star. I will let you stay here. Although you like a quiet environment, I do not hope that you will still be so lonely after passing. Therefore, I will do certain things. Grandmaster, please forgive me." Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the cinerary casket.

"Donghai Academy should not forget about such a senior." Yi Xiang also supported Ye Futian. Elder Qin had no intention of becoming reputed—otherwise, he would not have stayed alone in the School of the Emperor Star to practice guqin—but they could not bear seeing him being still so lonely after dying.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded. Then, he stood up and walked outside. Some coldness flashed across his eyes. He ascended into the air and flew towards the most central part of the School of the Emperor Star, while the Silver Snow Guards followed him closely. The group reached the top of the glorious palace in the school. Below them, there was a straight flight of stairs that could lead all the way down from the School of the Emperor Star.

"Ye Futian, how dare you." Seeing Ye Futian being so rude, many people from the School of the Emperor Star came to scold him.

"I'll give you an hour. All scram. From today onwards, the School of the Emperor Star will no longer exist," Ye Futian said coldly. His voice spread towards the distance, causing many people to be astonished.

During the time when Ye Futian was younger, he stood at the gates of the School of the Emperor Star. He played "Decree of the General" and allowed everyone to witness his unparalleled elegance. Today, he stood on top of the School of the Emperor Star and announced that from that day on, there would be no more School of the Emperor Star.

"Arrogant." An Arcana Plane cultivator stepped forward. Immediately, Silver Nine glanced at him and a noble-level ice intent bloomed. With just one look, the Arcana Plane cultivator stopped in the air. Then snow covered his body and he turned into an ice statue in midair. Accompanied by a clear sound, the frozen statue exploded and his body was crushed directly with it.

Immediately, the looks from all the people in the School of the Emperor Star froze and their faces turned pale. The nine cultivators stood behind Ye Futian and an extremely terrifying coldness spread from them. That was the aura of nobles; they were nine nobles.

"Seal the School of the Emperor Star with ice," Ye Futian said coldly. The nine nobles stepped forward and walked towards different directions. An intense coldness engulfed the entire school and snow suddenly started to fall from the sky. Every piece of snow was filled with bone-penetrating iciness.

When the snow landed on the cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star, they actually felt that the coldness was seeping into their bones. Soon, the school was filled with heavy snow.

"It's so cold." All the disciples of the School of the Emperor Star were shivering. Even those who were cultivating were forced to stop due to the coldness, after which they walked out of their places. Then, the cultivators from the school rushed down the mountain one after another.

"Go to the Nandou Clan and inform the Headmaster," someone said. The snow was getting heavier and the place was also getting colder. Below the School of the Emperor Star, the disciples of Donghai Academy rushed over one by one and raised their heads to look at the snow-filled sky above the school. They all felt a horrifying coldness surround them. Gradually, the School of the Emperor Star seemed to be covered with a silvery layer and became crystal clear.

"Err..." The disciples of Donghai Academy all seemed to be flabbergasted.

Are they going to freeze the entire School of the Emperor Star?

This is crazy!

Ye Futian stood at the peak of the School of the Emperor Star. Around him, an endless amount of snow danced and turned into a snowman. Then, he used Spiritual Qi as his sword and actually started to carve in the snow. He closed his eyes and the image of the elder playing the guqin appeared vividly in his mind. His sword danced in the air continuously and snow filled the entire place.

Slowly, a statue depicting an elder sitting cross-legged and playing the guqin appeared before him. The statue was very large, and its height reached ten meters. With Ye Futian's carving, he gradually started to look more lively. Ye Futian was an inscriber and could naturally carve.

Time passed by slowly. The School of the Emperor Star was already fully covered with ice, and the huge statue was finally completed. The kindly elder was sitting there quietly and his callus-filled hands were placed on the strings of the guqin. However, Ye Futian did not stop. He continued to carve a crane which stood beside the elder with its head raised high. Hua Jieyu, Hua Fengliu and the rest all watched in silence. The statue really resembled the actual person in terms of appearance and expression.

Then, Ye Futian took out Elder Qin's ashes and buried them below the statue. He turned around and said to Silver One, "Senior, I hope that the statue will remain here forever."

Silver One walked forward. Then, an extremely frightening coldness erupted from his body and a snowstorm raged in the air. A powerful spell was cast and gushed towards the statues. Very soon, the two statues were covered by a silvery layer and looked crystal clear, as if they would remain frozen for thousands of years.

Walking back, Ye Futian glanced at the frozen School of the Emperor Star, after which he said, "We will go to the Nandou Clan now and bring Nandou Tai and Yan Shao here. I want them to be turned into ice statues and kneel down in front of grandmaster to repent forever. And also Minister Hua and Emperor Luo."

These were the culprits who had caused his grandmaster to die. He would bring them here, every single one of them!
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    《The Legend of Futian》