The Legend of Futian
302 A True Man
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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302 A True Man

Chapter 302: A True Man
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A vigorous cleansing began in the Nandou Clan. Today, all the important figures in Donghai City were present. They were all testy as if they were sitting on needles. One could imagine how they felt inside. The music was still loud and strong, melding perfectly into the scene. The world seemed to be unsettled.

Not only did Ye Futian want to cleanse the Nandou Clan, but he also wanted to kill Emperor Luo and replace him with Nandou Wenshan. The latter was the king of Nandou. So what if his cultivation wasn't enough?

Nandou Tai was nailed to his seat. Seeing everything happen, his heart was in pain. Ye Futian kept playing quietly, not even looking at him. Now, Nandou Tai understood that he was definitely going to die. He looked at how Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu matched each other.

Actually, Nandou Tai had wanted to bless them before but he wasn't that powerful. When he saw how extraordinary Ye Futian was and Emperor Luo's decree arrived with Minister Hua, he could only try to kill Ye Futian. What would have happened if he believed Ye Futian would gamble everything?

That day, Elder Qin and Yi Xiang successfully helped them escape. If the Nandou Clan's power was added to that, they could definitely succeed. At that time, he might have accomplished his goal of sitting onto the Nandou Nation's throne.

But now, it was all just a dream.

He closed his eyes, the music entering his ears. His heart was already filled with despair.

Yan Shao was the same. Disabled of his cultivation, he stared at Ye Futian with hatred. Back then, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu had studied at the Donghai Academy. Hua Jieyu had been at the School of the Emperor Star too but now they were at this level.

"Let us two fight," Hua Fengliu said to the Art Saint.

"Alright." The Art Saint nodded. His battle with the Guqin Devil would continue.

The two controlled themselves from being affected by Ye Futian's music and started fighting. One played music while the other painted. The cacophonous music painted a chaotic image. Zhou Mu was lost without his youthful charisma. His old opponent was way out of his league now. He couldn't even gaze up at Ye Futian while on his tiptoes.

After a long while, the Guqin Devil and Art Saint's fight came to an end. This time, Hua Fengliu disabled the Art Saint's life spirit. He thrummed the instrument strings lightly and then stopped. Looking up at his old opponent, he said, "You should know how you defeated me back then. I know it's not your fault. The School of the Emperor Star wanted you to win, so you did. Teacher couldn't do anything and always felt guilty, even sacrificing himself for my daughter and student."

The Art Saint chuckled dryly. Of course he knew—had always known. This was why he never felt joy or bragged about defeating Hua Fengliu. It hadn't been a glorious fight but had become a classic battle that everyone in the Donghai City knew about.

The surrounding people were shocked. They didn't know the fight from back then had been rigged. Hua Fengliu had never talked about it publicly or explained anything. Everyone thought he had lost. Now that he defeated the Art Saint, he revealed the truth.

Finally, Ye Futian's music stopped. The cruel pressure gradually lifted. The Nandou Clan was in ruins. Many strong cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star had suffered as well.

"Uncle, the Nandou Clan will be yours," Ye Futian said. "Take these two to Donghai Academy." With that, he turned to walk away. There were many familiar faces here today but he wasn't in the mood.

The group returned to the Donghai Academy with Nandou Tai and Yan Shao. The School of the Emperor Star, sealed with ice now, was magnificent. It looked like a miraculous scene. The disciples of the academy were all grouped there, looking at the ice mountain and the statue of the old man playing the guqin at the peak. Many people didn't know who he was. They'd only heard from others that this was a senior who played "A Chaotic Nation" two years ago, sacrificing himself to save Ye Futian.

"They're back." The crowd came to life. Ye Futian's group returned powerfully in the air with Nandou Tai and Yan Shao captured. Many people trembled at the sight.

Nandou Tai was now a Noble. Yan Shao was the controller of the Donghai Academy. These two could be said to be the most powerful of Donghai City. Now, they were being taken to the School of the Emperor Star as if they were nothing. After that, they were forced to kneel before Elder Qin's statue.

"Ye Futian, just hurry up. Elder Qin is my senior brother, after all. Your master, Hua Fengliu, calls me Uncle-Master too," Yan Shao said fearfully. He was afraid now. Not only was he about to die, but Ye Futian also wanted him to kneel before Elder Qin forever. Even death couldn't atone for his sins. He would be spit upon for eternity.

Ye Futian ignored him. Did he only know of their relationship now? After Grandmaster had died, his body had been burned and bones buried in the courtyard. No one cared for him and weeds abounded, turning it into an abandoned land. When did Yan Shao ever think of his senior brother? His people had killed his senior brother.

"Grandmaster, the Luo family and Minister Hua will kneel here to repent after this." Looking at the statue, he said coldly, "Seal them."

The Silver Snow Guard nodded. Horribly cold aura descended upon the two. The extreme ice spell fell onto Nandou Tai and Yan Shao.

"No…" Nandou Tai and Yan Shao trembled in fear but to no avail. They quickly became two ice statues, kneeling before the other statue to repent.

Ye Futian stared at the statues for a long while without speaking. Returning to Donghai City this time, he'd resolved some matters. Now, only Luo Junlin and his father and Minister Hua were left. They were the true masterminds.

"Senior Yi, who will take care of Donghai Academy?" Ye Futian asked.

"I will," Yi Xiang said. "I'll stay here." He'd seen the world but discovered that one's talent was truly destined. He was old and had reached his limit. He planned on staying here and teaching the younger generation. Hopefully, greedy forces like the School of the Emperor Star wouldn't appear anymore.

Schools were places of education. It was the place to contribute to the later generations. He was willing to stay here and contribute his own strength.

Ye Futian froze. Tang Lan and Yu Sheng walked up, calling, "Master."

"Father." Yi Qingxuan's eyes froze too.

Yi Xiang chuckled. "What? I'm old and can't mess around with you all. Yu Sheng, I'm handing Qingxuan to you. My life is worth it because I can have such an extraordinary disciple."

"Are you crazy?" Ye Futian said, staring at him. "What are you thinking? How can you improve in a small place like Donghai City?"

Yi Xiang glared at him. "What do you know? Donghai City is a small place. That's why I must stay. I've learned much these two years and can open up the minds of many youths here so they won't be restricted to this small world. They should have a wider of view of their life. Plus, with your example, I can brag forever here to motivate the youngsters."

Ye Futian was speechless. He knew how Yi Xiang was. Since he'd decided, no one could change his mind.

"Then, come find us when you're tired of it all." Ye Futian didn't try persuading him anymore.

"Alright, you dare say this now that you're independent. Just don't act like you don't know me in the future," Yi Xiang said, shooting him a look.

"How could I?" Ye Futian rolled his eyes.

Yi Xiang turned and stepped forward. Countless eyes below the School of the Emperor Star fell upon him. He gazed down at the crowd and said, "I am Yi Xiang, headmaster of the School of the Finance Star. I've decided to return to Donghai Academy."

"Headmaster Yi."


Many of the old members of the School of the Finance Star were excited. Was their headmaster really returning under these circumstances?

"I know that you all have many questions about what happened today. Some are furious too," Yi Xiang said to everyone. "Two years ago, my disciple, Ye Futian, fell in love with Hua Jieyu, a disciple of the School of the Emperor Star. I'm sure you have heard how talented they were at that time.

"Later, Minister Hua forced the School of the Emperor Star onto the other schools because of his relationship with the school. He wanted to control the entire academy. Ye Futian and I left. Then, Emperor Luo released a decree to make Ye Futian the crown prince's servant and Hua Jieyu, the crown princess. The evilness should go without saying. Who can bear it?

"The Nandou Clan and headmaster of Emperor Star worked together for power and ambition. They wouldn't care about some measly youths. We fought back and for this, Elder Qin even played his last piece and died. I was wounded as we escaped. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu almost died but thankfully, survived and escaped. I'm sure you've heard of what happened afterward.

"Ye Futian and Yu Sheng returned during the Tingfeng Banquet of Nandou Nation. Who in Nandou can be compared to them? The later events proved this as well. No one in the Hundred Lands can be compared to Ye Futian, let alone in Nandou only.

"Now, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu have become disciples of top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory. These two had been so close to being killed by Nandou and the School of the Emperor Star. How can an academy like this call itself an academy?" Yi Xiang asked.

"I'm back, not because I want the power. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng are both like my disciples. I cultivated with them in the Eastern Barren Territory. The benefits compared to the Donghai Academy should go without saying. However, Donghai Academy is my home. Half of my life was spent here. I hope to see it flourish, I hope to see it grow, I hope to see a new Donghai Academy.

"Therefore, I will stay." Right now, Yi Xiang was full of just. All the disciples were silent. After that, a voice said, "Greetings to Headmaster Yi."

"Greetings to Headmaster Yi," more people said. The voices shook the sky.

The world was just and just people would win hearts. The disciples of the Donghai Academy were young but they still knew right from wrong. Headmaster Yi Xiang of the School of the Finance Star had given up his status and risked his life to bring Ye Futian into the Nandou Clan and fight against injustice. Now, Ye Futian was successful. Yi Xiang could live comfortably but he gave it up and returned to Donghai to educate the later generations.

Yi Xiang was a true man!
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    《The Legend of Futian》