The Legend of Futian
303 Zhe Song
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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303 Zhe Song

Chapter 303: Zhe Song
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Nandou Wenshan would rectify the Nandou Clan; Yi Xiang would reorganize the Donghai Academy; Nandou Tai, the one that everyone congratulated when he entered the Noble Plane, was dead; Yan Shao, the headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, was dead. They had turned into ice statues to kneel before Elder Qin. Lord Luo and the Art Saint had been disabled. Many strong cultivators of the Nandou Clan and schools of the Donghai Academy were killed or disabled.

All of this had happened in one day. The entire city was in upheaval. Nothing this big had happened in Donghai City before. The last big event was probably when Emperor Luo's decree arrived at Donghai two years ago. What happened yesterday was a continuation from two years ago.

Ye Futian's name rang throughout the city once again.

Countless years ago, people heard of Ye Futian's name because he was the Qin Devil's disciple and had defeated Zhou Mu, the disciple of the Art Saint. Since then, their hearts trembled whenever they heard his name. After the emperor personally sent out a decree, Ye Futian had refused and escaped.

At the Tingfeng Banquet, everyone learned about Ye Futian's staff and dharma and Yu Sheng's roar. After that, the rumors about him were from the faraway Cangye Kingdom. Apparently, he had been accepted as a disciple by a top disciple from somewhere very far away.

Now, he was back, bringing Nobles with him. His one word killed Nandou Tai, who had entered the Noble Plane, and Yan Shao, headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star. He said he wanted Hua Jieyu's uncle, Nandou Wenshan, to be the Nandou Clan's leader.

Right now, he was in the abandoned Guqin Gardens. His grandmaster's matter had always pressed down on his heart. Now, it was resolved. His uncle and Yi Xiang would take care of the Nandou Clan and Donghai Academy too.

A breeze blew past the Guqin Gardens. The group sat in the courtyard with a heartwarming atmosphere.

"Master, Masteress, let's live here for a few days. Then we'll go directly to the Nandou Nation and resolve that," Ye Futian said. Donghai City was part of the Nandou Nation, after all. He wouldn't return to Cangye until he took care of Emperor Luo.

"Alright." Hua Fengliu and the others wanted to stay a few days too.

"There's something I don't understand," Ye Futian said. "How did Han Mo, vice headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, and Xia Feng, chief of the East Sea Prefecture, die?" Yi Xiang didn't know about this either and he'd investigated. None of them had killed Xia Feng and Han Mo. According to Yi Xiang, they'd gone after them.

"It is indeed strange." Hua Fengliu didn't know.

Ye Futian gazed at the swaying willows outside the courtyard. He thought of the old man who swept the garden and understood something. But he didn't understand why the man didn't appear at the Nandou Clan if he'd always been there.

Would Godfather really not reveal himself if he wasn't in mortal danger? Did Han Mo and Xia Feng die because they'd really threatened his life?

If Godfather had done it, then where was he now? Was he still watching Ye Futian?

The next day, Nandou Wenshan came to the Guqin Gardens to tell them about the Nandou Clan. The first steps had been completed. With the Silver Snow Guards' help, he now held all the authority in the clan. Those elders weren't stupid. If they followed Nandou Wenshan, it meant they would have Ye Futian behind them. Ye Futian could also help the Nandou Clan retake the Nandou Nation. How could they not support Nandou Wenshan? After all, Nandou Wenshan was a direct descendant of royalty.

Other than Nandou Wenshan, Shu Yuyan also came. She chatted with Hua Jieyu and teased Ye Futian.

Lin Xiyue came too. She said that she would go to the imperial city right now. She wanted to witness the fight between Ye Futian and Luo Junlin. She would cheer Ye Futian on.

The promised date was finally here. Today was the day of the final battle. Today, Nandou Nation's Imperial City was filled with strong cultivators. According to the citizens of the city, many mysterious cultivators would arrive. They were extraordinary and terrifyingly powerful. Those people would most likely come from somewhere far away. Rumor said that they were super forces from the Eastern Barren Territory.

Ever since Ye Futian broke into the Nandou palace to take Ye Lingxi and Ye Danchen away, there were all sorts of rumors in the palace.

Some said that the Yunchu Nation emperor that had taken them to the Nandou palace had submitted to the Nandou Nation. But Ye Futian was back with a force at the same level as Luo Junlin's Royal Xuan Temple. Therefore, the emperor of Yunchu was forced to hand them over.

This was also why Ye Futian and Luo Junlin would fight.

Emperor Luo announced publicly that Luo Junlin would kill Ye Futian and end everything. He seemed to be very confident in Luo Junlin.

The people of the Imperial City all believed him. After all, Luo Junlin was the Legendary crown prince. He had double life spirits. Not only that, his cultivation plane was higher than Ye Futian. No matter how talented Ye Futian was, he couldn't catch up. Ye Futian had probably been forced to accept this battle. However, there were also whispers that Ye Futian had entered the Nandou palace, killed the six emperors, and taken the people away. Many scoffed at this though.

How could he kill six Nobles?

However, many high-status people knew this was true. The regular citizens wouldn't know what happened in another kingdom but the emperors of the Hundred Lands obviously knew.

Today, many strong cultivators descended in the cities surrounding the Nandou palace, including those from the Eastern Barren Territory. Everyone was discussing who would win. There was a roofless wine shop near the palace. It was filled with people because the Cangye Kingdom had arrived.

The Kunpeng landed with Emperor Ye. Ye Futian wasn't here yet so they waited.

"That's Ye Wuchen," someone said, looking at a youth amongst them. Ye Wuchen had become quite famous in the Imperial City due to the Tingfeng Banquet. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu had extraordinary qualities too. Everyone started discussing that these people were most likely from the Eastern Barren Territory.

At this time, a group came from the distance. They stood out from the crowd with sharp auras. Everyone had an ancient sword. The crowd moved aside subconsciously, letting them through. After arriving, they glanced at Ye Wuchen.

The leader had cold eyes. He was Zhe Song, pride of the Fuyun Sword Clan's first summit. Li Daoyun was his junior brother and had asked him many questions before. He often helped Li Daoyun. But after Li Daoyun accepted Ye Wuchen's challenge and was killed, the first summit couldn't say anything.

However, Ye Wuchen acted on his own accord and was very close to Ye Futian from the Cottage. Zhe Song had warned him before but Ye Wuchen ignored him. Everyone knew about the rivalry between the Fuyun Sword Clan and Cottage though. In addition, the girl Li Daoyun had liked, Liu Chenyu, was now very close to Ye Wuchen. They were sitting together right now. Under these circumstances, the first summit obviously was upset with Ye Wuchen.

"You came from the Cangye Kingdom. Are these your family?" Zhe Song asked Ye Wuchen.

"Is there a problem?" Ye Wuchen looked up at him. Zhe Song was a swordsman from the first summit. Ye Wuchen was from the seventh summit. Of course, he couldn't compare to Zhe Song's cultivation. He'd been a swordsman for many years and was known as number one of their generation.

"The Fuyun Sword Clan is a sacred place for swordsmanship in the Eastern Barren Territory. I don't wish to see it used in a place like the Hundred Lands as a weapon to fulfill one's personal greed," Zhe Song said. "I can't control Ye Futian but the Fuyun Sword Clan cannot be disgraced like this."

Ye Wuchen's gaze was sharp as he looked to Zhe Song. He naturally never thought to use the Fuyun Sword Clan's strength to bring Cangye to power.

Ye Futian hadn't done so either. He'd always wanted to resolve the Nandou problem with his own means and never used the Cottage's name. However, the assassination in Chaoge City told them all that even if he didn't, the others might. Xirou and Luo Junlin were examples.

For more than one year, the Nandou Nation had used the Royal Xuan Temple to threaten Cnagye. If Ye Futian hadn't become known in the Ancient Barren World, what would have happened?

After that, Xirou and Luo Junlin still didn't give up. They tried to kill Ye Futian, which was why he challenged Luo Junlin now.

Zhe Song's words had double meanings. He was warning Ye Wuchen while also mocking Ye Futian. He looked down on Ye Futian for taking advantage of his position.

"If it has nothing to do with you, you naturally can show off your character and make yourself seem proud and upright." Ye Wuchen chuckled but didn't say anything else. Zhe Song wasn't Ye Futian. His family hadn't been threatened. He was a bystander so he could act like this.

"Fake," Liu Feiyang muttered. He'd personally seen Xirou bring people to Cangye. At that time, the Cangye Kingdom had felt such despair. If he and Ye Futian hadn't arrived, what would have been the consequences? This didn't happen to Zhe Song so what right did he have to judge?

Zhe Song gazed at them. Beside him, Qi Ao said, "I would like to see what would happen if Ye Futian lost this time."

"He won't." Ye Wuchen was obviously more confident in Ye Futian than others.

"A Seventh-level Dharma Plane against the Arcana Plane," Zhe Song said indifferently. "Luo Junlin of the Royal Xuan Temple isn't that much of a failure."

Everyone's hearts trembled. This group seemed to come from the domineering Fuyun Sword Clan. Ye Wuchen was cultivating there too.

"That's what I think." At that time, another voice spoke. Another group arrived and everyone moved to the side. The two at the front were very stunning. The young man had a powerful aura and the woman had unparalleled beauty. She was like a fairy. Everyone's eyes focused on her, sighing inwardly at how beautiful she was.
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    《The Legend of Futian》