The Legend of Futian
305 Eye For Eye
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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305 Eye For Eye

Chapter 305: Eye For Eye
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It was Gu Dongliu from the Cottage.

Behind him were Xue Ye and Luo Fan.

The three Nobles of the Cottage had appeared in Nandou Nation. Gu Dongliu had come personally.

Zhe Song stared at Gu Dongliu. This man had defeated Lu Nantian at the Dongqin Academy. No one could defeat him except those legendary figures of each top force. Since Gu Dongliu was here, everything was settled. Qin Li and the others all shut up.

Ever since that fight, Gu Dongliu's status in the Eastern Barren Territory was undisputable.

The people of the Nandou Nation looked at the newcomer, wondering who he was. The palace instantly silenced with his arrival. Even those from the top forces didn't dare talk back to him.

"Third Senior Brother." Ye Futian smiled at Gu Dongliu. He knew how significant it was for Gu Dongliu to come personally and felt warm inside.

Hearing this, everyone's eyes flashed. Ye Futian's senior brothers had arrived.

"Today is the fight between my junior brother and the Nandou Nation. Anyone from the Eastern Barren Territory who interferes will become the Cottage's enemy." Gazing at everyone, Gu Dongliu continued calmly, "Next, you can just watch." His calm voice was filled with indescribable dominance. The top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory were only allowed to watch.

The people of Nandou were all shaken. Ye Futian's senior brother seemed to be more powerful than all of them. Had they thought incorrectly earlier?

"The Cottage wants to be in charge of even us?" Qin Li asked. The Fuyun Sword Clan agreed with his question and looked to Gu Dongliu.

Gu Dongliu gazed at him. "Yes." His reply was only one word.

Qin Li's smile froze while everyone else looked at Gu Dongliu. The Cottage's style was so familiar.

The atmosphere tensed. Qin Li didn't continue. He was the grandson of Emperor Qin but he wasn't at the same level as Gu Dongliu. His father would be more suitable.

At this moment, a group of figures arrived inside the palace. It was the strong cultivators of the Royal Xuan Temple and Luo Junlin. After He Yulu brought them over, he guarded Luo Junlin as he cultivated. He disliked Luo Junlin greatly now but he still hoped Luo Junlin could kill Ye Futian.

He gazed at Gu Dongliu. Had the third disciple of the Cottage come? If it wasn't the Cottage, Ye Futian wouldn't force Xirou to die. It was also because of the Cottage that he couldn't even avenge for his daughter's death.

Ye Futian and Luo Junlin both went into the air. More and more people gathered over. There were countless strong cultivators now.

"Royal Xuan Temple, step back," Gu Dongliu said coldly, gazing at the people around Luo Junlin.

He Yulu's eyes flashed and hardened. "I will watch here," he said.

"Step back!" Gu Dongliu repeated, his tone colder.

He Yulu's anger flared. The others from the Royal Xuan Temple were also furious.

"My Second Senior Sister is gentle and kind so only one person died at Chaoge. My Third Senior Brother isn't so easy," Luo Fan said coldly from the back. The Royal Xuan Temple dared to protect the person who tried to kill his junior brother? If it had been Gu Dongliu instead of Zhuge Hui at that time, things would have been different.

They weren't familiar with First Senior Brother, the Sword Saint, but they obviously knew Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu's personalities. Both were obedient to the teacher but Zhuge Hui was a woman, after all. She was naturally softer. Gu Dongliu was more overbearing.

The surrounding people all looked at Luo Fan. Since when was their second disciple gentle and kind? That woman had smashed the gate of the Dongqin College when she arrived and threatened to stop the battles.

The Royal Xuan Temple all looked uncomfortable. He Yulu waved his hand. "I'm sure the Cottage will keep their promise."

Ye Futian and Luo Junlin had promised that whoever lost would die. The Cottage could change this rule so he was afraid.

He took the Royal Xuan Temple back, stepping out of the range. The space was empty and ready for Ye Futian and Luo Junlin.

"Will your people retreat too?" Luo Junlin asked Ye Futian.

"Don't worry. I need to finish some things." Ye Futian chuckled and looked to Emperor Ye's side. "Imperial Advisor," he called. A man walked out from beside Emperor Ye. When he saw Emperor Luo, his eyes hardened. It was Mo He, the imperial sorcerer of Nandou.

What's going on? Many of the Nandou Nation were confused.

Mo He shot into the air and went to Ye Futian. He was blind but very sensitive. Facing the people of the Nandou Nation, he said, "I am Mo He, the imperial sorcerer of the old royal family of Nandou." This caused everyone's eyes to focus on him. He was from the old royalty and had been the imperial sorcerer.

"Luo Tianyi was once the guard of Emperor Nandou," Mo He said calmly. "That year, His Majesty, Luo Tianyi, and I entered the Ancient Barren World together. Luo Tianyi sneakily killed His Majesty and blinded my eyes. He stole His Majesty's fate and entered the Noble Plane. He claimed to be emperor and stole the throne."

Emperor Luo's face was livid. "Nonsense," he uttered.

"Senior, please go back," Ye Futian said to the imperial advisor. Looking at Emperor Luo, he continued, "We can worry over the validity of that later. But what about Donghai City?"

"I conferred a title upon you but you refused. What can I say?" Emperor Luo said.

"Good. It seemed that you 'blessed' me," Ye Futian said, smiling. "In that case, I will bless you too. After you die, you can kneel before my grandmaster and repent for eternity."

"You…" Emperor Luo's expression was ugly. Ye Futian hadn't even fought with Luo Junlin yet but wanted to kill him?

"Take him down," Ye Futian ordered coldly. Silver Snow Guards instantly stepped forward to Emperor Luo. A horrible iciness descended. Thinking of how the other six emperors had died, Emperor Luo trembled.

He reacted quickly too. He shot into the sky, wanting to transform into lightning and escape. But then, a figure shot up too, standing right before Emperor Luo. It was an icy girl. She looked at Emperor Luo and he felt coldness seep in from head to toe. Then he turned to ice, transforming into a statue in the air.

The girl grabbed in the air and brought Emperor Luo's ice body to Ye Futian. A group of Nobles appeared behind her. They all had terrifying auras. The Silver Snow Guards froze, surprised at her appearance. The sudden changes came too quickly. In only one moment, Emperor Luo was captured and defenseless.

The woman who had captured Emperor Luo bowed to Ye Futian. "I am Lan. Greetings to the Son."

"Greetings to the Son," the other Nobles said, also bowing. Ye Futian was surprised. They called him the Son so they must be sent by the Empress.

That woman had sent such a strong force here.

"Ye Futian." Luo Junlin's aura was going wild as he glared at Ye Futian. They hadn't even started but Ye Futian already acted?

"You're breaking the rules." He Yulu frowned.

Ye Futian glanced at Luo Junlin and said to He Yulu, "Luo Junlin is a disciple of the Royal Xuan Temple so I followed the rules of the Eastern Barren Territory to challenge him. Whoever dies will lose. My grudge with the Nandou Nation is another matter."

With that, he looked to Emperor Luo. The man's eyes were filled with fury as he glared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian didn't care. "Do you feel hopeless?" he asked. He had dreamed that Luo Junlin could defeat Ye Futian and he could continue to rule. It was just a dream. Even if Ye Futian lost, it would have nothing to do with Emperor Luo. Ye Futian would treat him how he'd treated Ye Futian before.

"Disable him," Ye Futian ordered.

"Yes." Lan nodded. She hit Emperor Luo's body with her palm. At that moment, horrible icy intent ate into Emperor Luo's body. He yelled as the coldness entered his bone marrow. He shook with deep, deep fear.

He was an emperor but was now being disabled. Even now, he couldn't accept this.

He was the leader of Nandou; he was an emperor.

Countless eyes fell on him in confusion and shock. Was the emperor of the Nandou Nation really being disabled just like this? The battle hadn't even started yet but Ye Futian had disabled an emperor. No one had thought of this, including Emperor Luo.

"No…" He could feel the coldness damaging his organs. His brows were covered in white frost. Feeling the loss of power, he was in despair. At this moment, he thought of a scene from before. He was writing a decree in his library. At that time, he had been an emperor that ruled over the land.

Now, the situation was flipped. Ye Futian didn't give him any chance at all.

"Him too." Ye Futian pointed at Minister Hua, who was completely dazed. He knew his fate when he saw Emperor Luo disabled; he didn't even dare to escape. If he tried, Ye Futian would notice him.

With a plop, he fell onto his knees. He was at the peak of the Arcana Plane and shouldn't be so cowardly. But seeing Emperor Luo disabled right before him, he was completely shaken.

Fear won over his pride.

"I was just following orders. Please forgive me," Minister Hua begged on his knees.

Ye Futian stood in the air, looking down coldly. Following orders? It was a laughable excuse.

Without any mercy, Minister Hua was disabled just like Emperor Luo. Of course they were in despair.

Ye Futian had experienced that despair before. When Xia Feng, chief of the East Sea Prefecture, had announced the decree, it was like being struck by lightning. No one could imagine how hopeless he had felt.

Now, it was payback. An eye for an eye!
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    《The Legend of Futian》