The Legend of Futian
307 Combat Ability
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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307 Combat Ability

Chapter 307: Combat Ability
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Ye Futian reached out. Wind and thunder converged in his palm. A horrible gale wrapped around and purple lightning danced. Even his eyes seemed to shine with purple light. Wild Spiritual Qi formed a frightening image in his palms. It spun like a windstorm. A shocking spell was about to be born.

"This…" Everyone discovered with surprise that two different spells emerged from Ye Futian's hands. A horrible windstorm was created on his left hand. On his right hand, a terrible lightning dragon was forming. It seemed to have been carved. Endless lightning transformed into a chain that swung towards the falling meteorites, locking them in lightning.

The wind and lightning dragon was still growing wildly.

"Our junior can inscribe?" Xue Ye's eyes flashed. Ye Futian used his spiritual energy and powerful sense of Spiritual Qi to inscribe in the air without an inscriber's pen and paper. He released a spell that was above his plane.

An inscriber who could inscribe in the air was similar to a summoner. When their spiritual energy and sense of Spiritual Qi were powerful enough, they could inscribe spells in the air. Of course, it would be much slower. Casting a spell of the same level could be instantaneous. But to inscribe a spell above one's level, one needed to gather stronger Spiritual Qi and control it with extreme spiritual energy. Any mistake could cause the entire spell to fail.

Boom… Extremely terrible weight descended under Luo Junlin's control. Instead of dodging the attack, Ye Futian gathered his spell.

He was crazy.

Ye Futian stepped in the air and welcomed Luo Junlin's spell. Then he threw his hand forward. A real dragon and elephant seemed to roar. This hit landed squarely on the sharp boulder. The next moment, a purple dragon appeared. It filled the entire sky and wrapped around all the falling meteorites. A true dragon appeared as well. It ran past, crushing everything.

"Thunder Dragon Spell, Dragon Elephant Roar martial arts technique," Xue Ye said. He'd read tens of thousands of books and knew millions of spells. He'd transcribed practically every spell in the Book Cave of the Cottage.

The spell Ye Futian used, Thunder Dragon Spell, was in the Arcana Plane. The Dragon Elephant Roar was a powerful martial arts technique. He had combined martial arts and sorcery, casting both at the same time. They complemented each other and created even more power. The overlapped attack was much stronger than a scattered attack. The falling meteorites instantly shattered or cracked.

Now, the spell in Ye Futian's left hand was activated. A horrible wind swept past, destroying everything. The meteorites in the sky all turned to dust.

"Nice," Luo Fan praised. Ye Futian's reaction was practically perfect. There was a big difference in plane but he'd resolved the attack. He was flawless in both sorcery and martial arts. Added to his Full Attribute talent, he was a genius talent. Luo Fan felt some pressure as the senior brother.

Qian Shanmu, Qin Mengruo, and the others all watched seriously as well. They were slightly surprised. It was their first time seeing Ye Futian fight with his full ability. Qin Li had said that Ye Futian had never proved himself in battle. Today, they saw his combat ability. He'd displayed his monstrous talent in one attack.

Luo Junlin looked coldly at Ye Futian. Since Ye Futian dared to challenge him, he would naturally be able to take more than one hit. Luo Junlin was prepared for this.

Wild flame Spiritual Qi gathered. The stone phoenix flapped its wings and flew out. Lava-like flames flowed through the air towards Ye Futian, burning the sky red. It seemed able to burn everything.

Liquid firelight appeared in the vast sky. Ye Futian's surroundings were all covered. He was now in a fiery red world. Luo Junlin's dharma seemed to come to life and attack endlessly.

Ye Futian released his sun dharma. It hung high in the sky. There seemed to be a divine tree inside the sun with twisted roots. He himself seemed to transform into a furnace that could burn everything. Runes of fire wrapped around him. He released his wild noble intent and stood there, watching the incoming fire.

Lava-like flames dropped onto him. He seemed to be inside the sun, feeling the horrible destructive power. Even though he cultivated fire spells, he still couldn't overlook this attack. But his own power and the flame intent wove with the sun dharma to create a shield. The divine tree extended, absorbing the incoming flame power. The sun grew more dazzling and gradually expanded.

Luo Junlin's fire attack was ineffective against Ye Futian. It even felt like it was strengthening Ye Futian's fire.

Ye Futian stepped forward and passed through the fire. He went towards Luo Junlin; he was so overbearing and ignored everything.

The stone phoenix flapped its wings hurriedly. A spell shot towards Ye Futian like a sharp knife. Ye Futian slapped forward. Like a burning handprint, he swept past everything and burned the sharp knife.

Many people were shocked. Luo Junlin's fire attack seemed to be helping him instead.

The stone phoenix returned to Luo Junlin's side and didn't continue attacking. Luo Junlin stared at the approaching Ye Futian. Animosity grew. No matter how powerful Ye Futian was, Luo Junlin was in the Arcana Plane and didn't fear the Dharma Plane. The stone phoenix dharma seemed to meld into him. Beautiful wings appeared behind him.

Ye Futian stood in the sky and looked down on Luo Junlin. His eyes were wild.

"Thousand Mirror Images." As soon as Ye Futian spoke, a water elemental spell was born. It transformed into countless mirrors that reflected upon Ye Futian. Then he moved.

In a moment, thousands of images appeared around Luo Junlin. They were all reflections of Ye Futian; it was impossible to determine which was real. Even worse, the sky within range of the spell turned into a mysterious mist. It covered his aura so Luo Junlin couldn't use it to find Ye Futian.

As Ye Futian moved, the countless images in the sky surrounded Luo Junlin. It was dizzying.

Luo Junlin's wings flapped and he rose up.

Boom. Ye Futian cast a spell that transformed into a mountain that smashed down at Luo Junlin. Under the Thousand Mirror Images spell, endless mountains seemed to be coming at him.

Luo Junlin's wings turned into blades and swept past. Wind tore through the sky, passing through the mountains. They were apparitions instead of a real attack but he had to clear them all.

At the same time, Luo Junlin used a spell to smash the illusory images but his spell went straight past. The Thousand Mirror Images was a water elemental spell. It had no attacking power but was also unable to be destroyed directly.

Boom… With a huge boom, the solid attack came and shattered under Luo Junlin's spell. But at the same time, lightning flashed in the sky.

Crack. Purple light filled the sky and the lightning dragon unfurled. The Lightning Dragon spell erupted once again. Thousands of dragons seemed to go to Luo Junlin. His expression was ugly. With the Thousand Mirror Images spell, every attack multiplied. They were fake but he had to react. Otherwise, the real attack could hurt him.

A boundless storm gathered around him, enveloping him and tearing apart everything else. The true lightning dragon descended upon the windstorm. Lightning and wind intertwined. Luo Junlin's windstorm continued rising, trying to escape from the spell.

Ye Futian wouldn't allow it. Endless vines curled towards him. At the same time, the Dragon Elephant Roar was activated and charged towards Luo Junlin.

Trapped by the spell, Luo Junlin could only defend instead of attack. He was in the Arcana Plane but was restricted by Ye Futian. This shocked many people.

Ye Futian's every attack was filled with noble intent and reached the Arcana Plane. It was as if he was truly in the Arcana Plane, rather than Dharma.

Qin Li stared at the battlefield, looking uncomfortable. He'd wondered if Luo Junlin could kill Ye Futian but the latter's abilities were beyond his expectation.

Luo Junlin was restricted in every aspect and his features twisted. He stopped trying to burst free. Endless Spiritual Qi gathered around him. His dharma entwined with his body. Bits of stone appeared. He seemed to be turning into a stone figure and kept expanding. Soon, a stone giant more than 100 meters tall appeared. Its surface burned with horrible flames. However, the giant's eyes were Luo Junlin's.

He didn't fight back and just allowed the spells to fall on him. The giant stone man shook and the spells kept damaging the surface rock but couldn't hurt him. The broken stone skin quickly recovered as if it was undying.

"How can you defeat me?" Luo Junlin roared. He swept his arms across, almost filling the entire sky. But at that moment, inside the Thousand Mirror Images, a staff appeared before Ye Futian's might body. It kept enlarging.

The Divine Ape melded with Ye Futian's body. He grasped the staff with immense strength. Unparalleled power gathered in his body.

Everyone saw a beautiful scene. Inside the spell, thousands of figures twirled the staff at once. The wind and clouds howled; the world changed.

This scene was too beautiful.
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    《The Legend of Futian》