The Legend of Futian
308 The Death of Luo Junlin
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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308 The Death of Luo Junlin

Chapter 308: The Death of Luo Junlin
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shining with the light of Divine Ape's figure, Ye Futian played out thousands of illusory figures with his long staff. He had a very mighty aura.

Luo Junlin was in the sky too. While observing the countless illusory figures, he internalized his dharma into his body. Soon, a good amount of magma erupted from the crevices on his enormous rock-like body. He reached out his large rocky hand and a horrible noble intent soared into the sky. He folded his hands and roared angrily. Numerous flaming meteorites fell from the sky, turning the entire sky red.

Bang, Bang. Some of those meteorites, falling down in a certain place, were all crushed. Luo Junlin looked there and found one of the thousand figures was real. Only the real one could have such a strong force.

Simultaneously, the thousands of figures targeted the rocky body. Ye Futian kept twirling his staff. Spiritual Qi of the world converged like terrible waves, getting strong and stronger.

Luo Junlin still looked indifferent. The world around him changed, creating continuous heavy pounds. The strong cultivators in the Arcana Plane could resonate better with the natural world. The plane was also known as "nature and man as one."

Luo Junlin lifted his palms and pounced toward Ye Futian's real body. The flames on his palms dazzled like a Noble Handprint, extending endlessly and crushing everything. Ye Futian suffered the horrible gravity pressure brought by the handprint. Clearly, Luo Junlin was oppressing him with a gravity spell. Worse was that the flaming rocks from the sky kept falling down on him, seeming to bury him in this space.

"The Royal Xuan Handprint." The top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory were all surprised. The Royal Xuan Handprint was an aggressive spell combining martial arts with spells; it was very fierce.

As long as the handprint was thrown out, the target would be trapped in a space of extremely scary gravity. Everything around would fall down on the target automatically. Right now, Ye Futian was the target at the center of the attacks.

Countless flaming meteorites crushed fiercely toward Ye Futian but he seemed to not be worried at all. His body seemed to have a magical rhythm. Every blow of his staff shattered the incoming meteorites.

Though he hadn't reached the Arcana Plane, Ye Futian still had the power to gather the power in the world and resonate with the natural world as a strong cultivator in Arcana Plane could—nature and man as one.

"What a fierce attack!" People were amazed by Ye Futian's dancing body and magical rhythm full of strength.

The flaming meteorites all disappeared but Luo Junlin's large handprint followed. The entire sky darkened. Endless horrible pressure crushed down like a coffin to bury Ye Futian.

Suddenly, Ye Futian felt like there was a king in that handprint sitting high on the throne and scorning him. The scene didn't stir Ye Futian's heart. Taking advantage of the time, he threw out his staff to rip the sky apart. All of a sudden, the Divine Ape roared, shaking the world.

Rumble… There was a horrible explosion. Then the huge palm print was split from the middle. Huge meteorites kept blasting but a very strong force came down to Ye Futian's staff. The staff trembled. His body was forced back.

Luo Junlin's ferocious eyes stared at Ye Futian. He slowly folded his palms and endless Spiritual Qi gathered around him. Another wave of boulders fell down from the sky.

A giant illusory stone figure appeared behind Luo Junlin like the king of stone.

A second handprint was sent out. At this time, two king figures loomed simultaneously over the numerous falling meteorites, pouncing toward Ye Futian at the same time. He Yulu looked at this battle indifferently. This time, Luo Junlin would definitely kill Ye Futian.

The ape roared angrily. Ye Futian's aura grew more fierce and aggressive. When the attack came, he waved his staff and split the air. A crack appeared in the sky. The meteorites and handprint were totally demolished.

With another roar, more illusory king figures appeared in the sky and sent out more handprints. By comparison, Ye Futian's body was very small. Though he had the Divine Ape as a guard, he seemed to be almost buried.

This time, Ye Futian stood still. His dharma broke out into the sky. An extremely enormous figure of an ape appeared behind him. With seemly endless strength, he twirled his staff and auras of the world all gathered to the staff. No matter how strong the attacks were, he just stood still in place. The noble handprints came down upon him but all shattered. He just couldn't be defeated.

Poof… People were shocked to find that Luo Junlin spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was burning too. An incomparably frightening aura loomed and rose up. He folded his palms again.

Blood kept rushing out from his mouth. The whole world was shaking. Countless nobles appeared in the sky.

"How can it be?" The top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory were all stunned by this scene. This was the true Royal Xuan Handprint but only cultivators of the Noble Plane could use the Royal Xuan Handprint. Those below the Noble Plane could only create the embryonic form as Luo Junlin had at first. It was the limit.

However, the kings in the sky were all real, looking down at Ye Futian. The Spiritual Qi around Luo Junlin all resonated with his aura. Horrible airflow came and trapped Ye Futian in the midair.

"So powerful." At this moment, all the spectators looked up at the heart-shaking scene. The kings in the sky glared at Ye Futian, seeming to crush him beneath their feet.

"Very good!" Qin Li grinned hideously. He glanced at people of the Cottage, wondering whether they would help Ye Futian. If they acted, they would be the enemy of the Royal Xuan Temple. But certainly, if Ye Futian won this battle, the Royal Xuan Temple would not be happy either. The plight the Cottage faced now was what they had been plotting.

The age of the Cottage and the College should come to its end.

Gu Dongliu's group watched the battle. Junior Ye had done his best. His every blow was of the Arcana Plane. His dharma helped him become stronger and stronger. Even the world was shaken by his staff. But unexpectedly, Luo Junlin used the Royal Xuan Handprint, risking getting hurt or ending his own life. But if he succeeded, this blow could be fatal to Ye Futian.

Emperor Luo and Minister Hua closely stared at the front. Die. They'd been disabled but they still wanted to witness the death of Ye Futian.

In the vast space, countless eyes stared at this scene. The sky was chaotic, the airflow was terrible, and the power was destructive. It had never been expected that the battle could be so fierce.

Ye Futian looked up at those illusory figures. Endless spirit gathered and entered his body. He could feel the threatening pressure in his body. Even at this moment, he didn't give up. His eyes were extremely calm and fearless.

His staff kept spinning. There was some unknown power growing in his body. His blood seemed to be burning and boiling; his veins and bones were snarling. The ape's roar and the dragon's growl shook the ground. A beam of sacred light appeared above Ye Futian and soared into the sky. His noble fate pierced into the sky. Everything in the sky bathed in the light and converged to produce a beam of more dazzling light.

"What is that?" People stared at Ye Futian's body curiously. His noble fate seemed to be activated, becoming more dazzling and dreadful. At this time, Ye Futian became a true king without the help of noble intent. His body spun and his staff twirled. The sky changed color and his noble fate turned into beams of light. Light rushed into the staff. Then, all the power in the world gathered here as if he was the sovereign of the world.

Bang. Ye Futian stepped heavily in the air while the ape ascended. The staff slashed through the air.

"I'll kill you!" Luo Junlin raved toward Ye Futian. He spat out more blood. The kings in the sky sent out more threatening handprints, wanting to kill Ye Futian on the spot.

The giant ape and Ye Futian acted as one, raising the staff together. Everywhere the staff swept, those meteorites were shattered. Ye Futian descended above Luo Junlin. He glanced at Luo Junlin indifferently. His staff slashed down. This was the fourth hit of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. The staff slashed down with the Imperial Tactics.

All the dreadful Royal Xuan Handprints were split by the staff. The flaming staff slashed down toward Luo Junlin below.

Seeing the staff getting closer and closer, Luo Junlin's eyes revealed a hint of despair. The staff loomed and he roared angrily, "I will not accept—"

Bang! The stone figure shattered. Luo Junlin's body burst into ashes as well, seeming to disappear.

In the sky, only one handsome figure stood there proudly with a mighty illusory figure of an ape behind him. He seemed unshakable as if what people saw was not a strong cultivator in Dharma Plane but an emperor of the world.

The turbulence in the sky dispersed and the meteorites disappeared. Ye Futian withdrew his noble fate so that others could not sense his emperor's intent. Though he'd activated the Imperial Tactic, he covered that with his noble fate. Therefore, others would regard it as some kind of strong spell.

With rumbles, some meteorites fell onto the imperial palace on the ground. However, people still looked up to the figure in the sky, unwilling to look away.

Luo Junlin was so strong; he even used the Royal Xuan Handprint. Nobles had been everywhere. Everybody thought that Ye Futian would be killed but Ye Futian had killed Luojun with one blow.

Luo Junlin was killed on the spot.
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    《The Legend of Futian》