The Legend of Futian
309 Ended
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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309 Ended

Chapter 309: Ended
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Countless people had gathered outside the Imperial Palace, but there was only a deafening silence at the moment.

Today, in the sky above the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace, prince Luo Junlin battled Ye Futian and was killed.

At this instant, many people from the Nandou Nation recalled the scene when Luo Junlin became a disciple of a powerful cultivator from the Royal Xuan Temple. He was extremely glamorous and various emperors came to Nandou to congratulate him.

Today, however, the legendary prince of the Nandou Nation only managed to make another person famous. He was the unparalleled young man who came from Donghai City and was forced to leave his hometown by Luo Junlin and Emperor Luo. When he returned, many nobles listened to his orders and called him the Son. When his senior stood beside him, nobody from the top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory dared to touch him. He was only in the Dharma Plane and crossed four levels to kill Luo Junlin.

If Luo Junlin could be called a legend, then what about Ye Futian?

"The Nandou Nation is totally over." Everyone had this thought in their minds. It was already certain that the rulers of the Nandou Nation would change. Emperor Luo was disabled and Luo Junlin was killed. The fate of the Luo Family would be changed completely.

The people from the Nandou Nation looked at Ye Futian, the miraculous young man who came from Donghai City. Two years ago, he defied the emperor's order and wrote his own fate himself. In the future, he would be the legend of the Nandou Nation. In addition, with his talents, even the vast Eastern Barren Territory would probably also become a stage for him to perform. The young man who looked like an all-powerful emperor when he fought was born extraordinary.

Emperor Luo trembled and his hopeless look gradually turned blank. His son Luo Junlin had been a genius since he was a child and had twin spirits. In reality, this was also true indeed. How many people in the Hundred Lands could win him in the battle just now? However, destiny was just so cruel. Since Luo Junli was so talented, why would a person like Ye Futian exist? Why would such a person be born in Donghai City?

His mind was filled with regret.

If everything could start all over again, he would go to Donghai personally and kill Ye Futian. However, it was already too late to regret at the moment. He regretted, but could not change anything.

At this very moment, he recalled many things in the past. That time, he planned a trap and killed the emperor of Nandou in the Ancient Barren World. Taking away the emperor's noble fate, he eventually managed to enter the Noble Plane and took over his position, becoming the emperor of a kingdom. He went against god's will and changed his own destiny. He was not resigned to his fate and changed it himself. In the end, however, everything was still lost. Compared to the young man standing proudly in the air, he seemed so petty at the moment. The emperor was but an ant.

A tear actually appeared at the corner of Emperor Luo's eye. It was not that he was not strong enough, but instead, he felt that the world was really unfair and everyone's fate was unpredictable. He had paid a lot to reach the position he was at now. However, his most talented son was killed and he was disabled, and an inevitable death awaited him. Thinking about his entire life, he was not resigned.

He Yulu from the Royal Xuan Temple clenched his fists firmly as his face turned gloomy. He was unconcerned about Luo Junlin's death. Although his daughter, He Xirou, had begged him before dying, he had already given Luo Junlin a chance. As long as Luo Junlin could kill Ye Futian in the battle, he would try his best to protect him. However, he failed himself and did not manage to kill Ye Futian.

Compared to Luo Junlin's death, he was more concerned about the fact that Ye Futian was still standing there in one piece. Not only was he alive, but he also displayed an astonishing combat power and attracted everyone's admiration.

Luo Junlin was his disciple, so he obviously knew how strong his disciple was. Even though Luo Junlin was weaker than those top geniuses, he did not know if any other young person in the Eastern Barren Territory could cross four levels and kill Luo Junlin like what Ye Futian had done. At least, he did not know such a person.

This was the best chance they had, and yet Luo Junlin did not manage to kill Ye Futian. In the future, even if the Royal Xuan Temple wanted to take revenge, they could not fight against the Cottage.

How about another assassination?

That depended on whether they could pay the price, and the answer was obvious.

"Let's go." Turning around, He Yulu walked away and showed no signs of wanting to stay. Luo Junlin was already dead. What did the other issues of the Nandou Nation have to do with him?

The people of the Nandou Nation watched as the cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple took their leave. They knew that the Luo royal family was totally done for.

The Royal Xuan Temple abandoned them and left. Luo Junlin was killed, but they did not say anything at all. Nobody knew the exact reason, but at least they knew that the people from the Royal Xuan Temple were weaker than the people in Ye Futian's clan. Previously, Gu Dongliu had warned the people from the Royal Xuan Temple to back away, and nobody dared to disobey him.

Suddenly, Ye Futian started walking in the air, attracting everyone's gaze. He walked up to Emperor Luo who also raised his head and looked back at him.

At this moment, Emperor Luo felt somewhat dreary. As an emperor, he once viewed Ye Futian as an ant. Now, however, Ye Futian was far superior and was looking at him from above.

"Ye Futian." Suddenly, everyone heard a clear voice. Ye Futian turned his head and saw a charming figure—Luo Mengyan, the princess of the Nandou Nation.

Ye Futian looked at her calmly.

"I won't ask you to let him off, but the tragedy at that time was caused by him, my brother, and Minister Hua. Many people from the Luo Family are innocent. Can you please let them off?" Luo Mengyan did not show up just now, and she also did not plead Ye Futian to forgive her father for she knew well that this was impossible. A person should pay for what he had done, but it should not involve the entire Luo Family.

"In the future, the direct descendants of the Luo Family shall be ordinary people," Ye Futian said.

"Alright." Luo Mengyan felt very sad, but she still nodded. That time, the order from her father involved all the relatives of Ye Futian and an elder whom Ye Futian respected a lot was killed. Later, her father and brother also went to Cangye and threatened Emperor Ye to hand over Ye Futian's master and masteress. Now, Ye Futian decided not to kill every single one of them. What else could she say?

"Silver Nine, bring the two of them to Donghai City and freeze them in front of the School of the Emperor Star. I want them to kneel down before my grandmaster's statue to repent," Ye Futian said.

"Yes, Son," Silver Nine nodded. Then, he brought Emperor Luo and Minister Hua and left the place. The emperor and the minister were carried off by him just like two ants. The emperor of a kingdom would kneel down before the School of the Emperor Star, causing many people to sigh. Donghai Academy would probably become famous in the Nandou Nation.

Ye Futian walked back and stood above the Imperial Palace, scanning the crowd. The hatred between him and the Luo Family finally ended, and he also completed what he had been bothered by for a long time. He wished that his grandmaster could now rest in peace.

"Luo Tianyin stole the Nandou Nation, and it shall now be returned to the Nandou royal family. My uncle Nandou Wenshan, a descendant of the former Nandou royal family, will be the emperor of Nandou in the future. The sin that Luo Tianyin has committed will not involve anyone apart from those directly in the Luo Family. Next time, if I can become powerful enough, I will also try to help the Nandou Nation. I hope that Nandou can become more and more prosperous," Ye Futian said loudly. Then, he looked at Nandou Wenshan and smiling, he said, "Uncle, I will leave everything else to you." After he finished speaking, he smiled and backed to the side.

Nandou Wenshan took a deep breath and walked forward. He went to the spot above the crowd and felt very emotional. In the past, his ancestor had been killed. Now, the Nandou Nation was finally returned to him.

He recalled the scene when he first met Ye Futian. That day, in the Luo Palace, he was extremely suave, and shocked everyone with his "Melody of the White Feather." That time, Nandou Wenshan already somewhat admired Ye Futian. However, he did not expect Ye Futian to create such a miracle in only two years and help him get back the Nandou Nation. Some elders of the Nandou Clan trembled in excitement. The nation was finally returned to them.

Fortunately, Ye Futian did not hate the entire Nandou Clan because of Nandou Tai alone. Fortunately, the relationship between him and Hua Jieyu was firm enough, otherwise, they would not be able to get control over the nation.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." Outside the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace, many courtiers bowed to salute. The guards also knelt down on one knee.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." Seeing a group of people taking the lead, more and more people started to salute Nandou Wenshan. They knew that while Nandou Wenshan's level may not be very high and he was not even a noble, he would sit firmly as the emperor because of Ye Futian's presence. Nobody would be able to change this.

Emperor Luo ended up like this. Who would still dare to touch Nandou?

The earth-shattering voice echoed in the sky. In the Imperial Palace, the faces of the people from the Luo Family turned pale, and there were even some who started to escape.

Ye Futian landed on the ground. He stood beside Hua Jieyu, and Hua Jieyu held his hand. The two gripped each other's hand firmly and smiled at each other. Both of them could finally set their minds at rest. The problem in the Nandou Nation which had been bothering them for a long time was finally over.

"Futian, thank you." Hua Jieyu's voice was as gentle as water. She knew that Ye Futian chose to forgive the Nandou Clan and let her uncle become the emperor not because he had any special feelings towards the Nandou Clan. Nandou Tai had treated him poorly, how could he have any affection for the Nandou Clan? He did everything only because of his affection for her.

"Do you want to marry me in return?" Ye Futian smiled and looked at Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu blushed and widened her eyes at Ye Futian. This guy. Everything just ended and he is already starting to show his real self.

"No problem." Hua Jieyu gave a charming smile.

"I'll take it for real." Ye Futian also smiled. Beside them, Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin smiled as they looked at the two, after which they glanced at each other. In the eyes of the other, they could both see relief and joy. The two had really grown up and had surpassed them.

To Hua Fengliu, Ye Futian was his disciple, and also his son in law. Ye Futian was no different from his own children. He recalled the scene when his Life Spirit was destroyed in Qingzhou, and Ye Futian carried him to Donghai. The two relied upon each other for life. Now, he felt that all bitterness had ended and sweetness had begun, as everything was over. At the moment, he only had one wish, that Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu could be happy and safe for their whole life. He already had such an amazing daughter and son in law. What else could he ask for?

Qin Li, Chu Yaoyao, Qian Shanmu, Qin Mengruo, and Zhe Song all looked at Ye Futian. They each had different expressions on their faces and all felt somewhat shocked. Although today's battle did not happen in the Eastern Barren Territory, many people still witnessed it. From then on, nobody would question Ye Futian's combat abilities.

Looking at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu who were standing together, Chu Yaoyao lowered her head slightly and felt a complicated emotion surging in her heart.

Turning around quietly, Qin Li and the rest were ready to leave. When Qin Li passed by Zhe Song, he smiled and said, "Together?"

Zhe Song looked at Qin Li, after which he nodded, "Alright." Then the people from the Eastern Barren Territory left the place one after another.

Still, there were many people in the crowd who were staring at Ye Futian. Emperor Ye, Ye Danchen, Ye Lingxi, and Lin Yueyao were also here. Clearly, she would not miss the occasion. At the moment, she was smiling very brightly as she blessed the couple in her heart.
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    《The Legend of Futian》