The Legend of Futian
315 Training Field Cultivation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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315 Training Field Cultivation

Chapter 315: Training Field Cultivation
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At the side of the field, more and more people gathered above the gorge. These were all disciples of Mount Chong that hurried over after receiving the news.

There was a mountain above the training field with a building. That was the cultivation ground for Mountain Elder Zong Xu. Right now, he stood at the edge of the mountain and looked down. The Cottage had recommended Ye Futian to cultivate at Mount Chong's training field and he naturally agreed. This could motivate his disciples.

Ye Futian obviously noticed all the people who'd arrived but he didn't care. He tried walking, running, and displaying his martial arts strength in the gorge. He realized that his every move was restricted. Horrible noble might and gravity weighed down. Each move became difficult.

The training field was big. There were other cultivators present, all in different planes. Most were above the Arcana Plane. It was difficult for someone of the Dharma Plane to move here. There were also all sorts of weapons made of white stone here.

If I can move naturally in this field, I will definitely have a breakthrough, Ye Futian thought. If he could reach a certain speed and strength under this pressure, what would he be like without the pressure? His abilities would soar.

At that time, someone flew over and landed with a boom. A youth appeared before Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. "Duan Lan, Eighth-level Dharma Plane. I specialize in martial arts and would like to exchange experiences." The youth gazed at Ye Futian and issued a challenge.

Countless eyes from above the gorge looked over. Someone had started already.

"Ye Futian, Seventh-level Dharma Plane," Ye Futian said, smiling. He wouldn't refuse. Since the disciples of Mount Chong wanted to use him to train, he would use them too.

Duan Lan stepped back and then charged towards Ye Futian. Each step was extremely heavy and mighty. He soon started running. He seemed to contain horrible strength, filled with wildness. He punched, fist hurling towards Ye Futian with terrifying power. The might and gravity of the training field seemed to be working for him, melding into the powerful punch. His moves flowed like water, not affected at all. Clearly, he'd practiced here many times.

A dragon and elephant roared above Ye Futian. Seeing the incoming attack, he stepped out and raised a fist, punching over. He wasn't used to the mightiness and gravity here, so his punch was a bit uncoordinated. It didn't affect his speed or power though. A true dragon and elephant seemed to burst from his fist.

The two attacks crashed with a deafening boom. Then Duan Lan's fist started shaking. With a grunt, he flew back, spitting out blood.

"So powerful." Duan Lan stared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had Emperor Ye Qing's body-enhancing technique, and the three life spirits were extremely large divine beasts. He was practically made of steel. One could imagine how powerful he was when adding in the Dragon Elephant Roar.

Boom. Another figure landed. It was Kua Shan who climbed up Book Mountain with Ye Futian. He was now cultivating at Mount Chong. His burly body landed before Yu Sheng. "I want to challenge you."

"Sure." Yu Sheng nodded. He sprinted forward, creating consecutive booms. Because of the pressure and gravity, his every step seemed extremely heavy, shaking the earth. This sound gave everyone pressure. He gradually sped up and landed explosively before Kua Shan with a punch. Accompanied by a huge crash, Kua Shan flew back. Many people trembled inwardly. Yu Sheng's strength was perverted.

Many people challenged Ye Futian and Yu Sheng afterward, and the two defeated them all. They gradually became used to the gravity and their moves became smoother.

A group of youths stood above the gorge. "What do you think?" the one in the center asked.

"Very strong," the youth beside him answered. "Ye Futian must have cultivated a body-enhancing technique. He contains extreme power. Yu Sheng's burst power is even more terrifying. This is natural-born talent. His body-enhancing technique isn't any weaker."

"Yes. I heard that Yu Sheng once lifted and took away the Demonic Tripod in Chaoge. He probably cultivates the demonic method." The one in the center smiled. "You should try."

"Okay." The one on the side nodded. He stepped out, walking in the air before landing in front of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

"It's Xia Houchu." Everyone's eyes glistened. Xia Houchu was in the First-level Arcana Plane but he specialized in strength. He was born with godly power and was a genius of Mount Chong, ranking in the top five. He was also Mountain Elder Zong Xu's personal disciple.

"Xia Houchu, First-level Arcana Plane. I'm too used to this training field. You two can fight together."

Ye Futian had killed Luo Junlin but this didn't affect Xia Houchu's confidence. They were fighting in the training field.

Yu Sheng stepped forward, shaking the earth. He roared and shot into the air. His fists came down at Xia Houchu. Xia Houchu looked coldly at him. Power burst around him and he stepped forward as fast as lightning. He rushed at Yu Sheng and the two crashed in the air. With a boom, Yu Sheng flew back. He skidded backward after landing and almost fell. Xia Houchu landed steadily on his feet.

Dark gold light gleamed on Yu Sheng's body. He seemed to have a layer of dark gold armor. Horrible demonic might bloomed, turning him into a demonic king. He started sprinting again.

Xia Houchu wasn't intimidated. He also ran forward and they crashed again, creating continuous booms. Each crash was terrifyingly strong. Finally, they separated. Xia Houchu's hands trembled. He looked at Yu Sheng as if looking at an anomaly. Yu Sheng was covered in dark gold light as if a true demon had taken over.

Xia Houchu turned and walked to where the weapons were. He took out a huge mace. It was made of white stone so it was entirely white. He dragged it across the ground, creating screeches. Looking at Yu Sheng, he said, "Go get a weapon too."

Yu Sheng's hands radiated with terrifying dark gold light. He stepped forward. Instead of going to get a weapon, he ran towards Xia Houchu. Seeing this, Xia Houchu waved his mace. Wind roared. When Yu Sheng approached, Xia Houchu flew into the air and slammed the mace down, about to split the earth apart.

Boom… Yu Sheng resisted the mace with his body. There was an earth-shaking force and he flew out. He crashed onto the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. But he didn't seem affected. He climbed up and wiped the blood away.

Ye Futian frowned. He walked to the weapons and picked up a staff. It felt as if he picked up a mountain. The stone staff was long and felt like thousands of pounds.

Ye Futian gripped it and yanked it up. He twirled it with difficulty. Now he understood why Xia Houchu could hurt Yu Sheng with one hit. The weapon was so heavy that it was shocking. If he could get used to it and fight with such large weapons, his power would be unimaginable.

"It's useless. You just got here so you can't be used to wielding such heavy weapons," Xia Houchu said. His confidence was understandable. He was used to the might and gravity of the training field but Yu Sheng and Ye Futian had just arrived.

Ye Futian ignored him. He pulled up the staff and started twirling it, going from slow to fast. His moves had a unique rhythm. It sped up bit by bit and felt like it was getting smoother.

When the staff swept past, wind whistled around Ye Futian faster and faster. It gradually flowed like water. An extremely large force gathered above him. His noble intent bloomed. A subtle figure of the Divine Ape appeared. The air popped when the huge stone staff moved, stirring the clouds and wind.

Ye Futian went to Xia Houchu, golden wings shining behind him. The world's might seemed to lie with him. Xia Houchu arched an eyebrow. He felt some pressure.

A wild aura burst from him. His dharma was a huge demonic ox. When he saw Ye Futian fly over with shocking might, he roared and charged with his mace. The pressure was like a mountain. He burst out with extreme power. With a boom, the mace was shattered by the staff. The staff continued to sweep Xia Houchu's body. With a thud, he was flattened. Blood spurted out and many of his bones were broken.

Various figures descended. They supported Xia Houchu and looked coldly at Ye Futian. One stepped out. "Challenge."

"Do the disciples of Mount Chong like going in rounds?" Ye Futian mocked coolly. "Sorry, I will not accept now."

"You…" The other stared coldly at him.

"I'll play with you all after I get used to this training field." Ye Futian turned to Yu Sheng. "Let's go cultivate."

Yu Sheng scanned them coolly and left with Ye Futian.

Everyone trembled inwardly. Cottage disciples truly were terrifying. They'd just gotten here but defeated Xia Houchu, in the Arcana Plane, while only being in the Seventh-level Dharma Plane. They would become even more frightening after they got used to the field.

It took much time. Ye Futian exercised his physical body and strength. Two months passed without them realizing. He and Yu Sheng could not overlook the gravity and pressure of the training field. Their strength had reached the limit. They could imagine how fast and strong they would be outside the training field!
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    《The Legend of Futian》