The Legend of Futian
321 Turtle Mountain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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321 Turtle Mountain

Chapter 321: Turtle Mountain
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Since Qin Yuan called himself a mannered person and wanted to be an honorable man, Ye Futian would make it easy for him.

Qin Yuan didn't look back. He stood calmly with Ye Wuchen. Only Emperor Liu could make the decision about this marriage proposal. He didn't seem to want to agree to the Qin Dynasty's proposal so easily though, which was why he invited everyone here.

Ye Futian wanted to see what Emperor Liu was planning.

"Ye Futian, your words are a bit illogical," Qin Li retorted. "As the saying goes, beautiful girls are loved by honorable men. My uncle has clearly seen Princess Chenyu before. There is nothing strange about liking her. Though he is honorable, there is no reason why he should give his beloved to someone else. Your words are too bizarre.

"Furthermore, my uncle is here to propose a marriage. The Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and other forces all wish to see this. As for Ye Wuchen of the Fuyun Sword Clan coming to propose, is this his own idea or the clan's?"

"The Fuyun Sword Clan has never thought of this," Qi Ao of the Fuyun Sword Clan's first summit said. Ye Futian looked over coldly. So the clan was on the Qin Dynasty's side?

Qi Ao's expression was indifferent. The Fuyun Sword Clan hated the Sword Saint and thus resented the Cottage. He'd warned Ye Wuchen many times to stay away from Ye Futian but Ye Wuchen always ignored him. In this case, the Fuyun Sword Clan wouldn't stand with a traitor like Ye Wuchen.

"In that case," Qin Li said coolly, "Ye Wuchen is just here on his own accord. Doesn't this insult Princess Chenyu?" The strong cultivators from the seventh summit who'd come with Ye Wuchen gazed at Qin Li. Was he saying that Ye Wuchen wasn't qualified to propose? Insulting Ye Wuchen was the same as insulting the seventh summit.

The strong cultivators behind Qin Li stared back. Faint pressure emanated from both sides.

Emperor Liu hadn't said anything. He just watched this scene quietly. He'd invited everyone here so he wanted to see what the current situation was like. He could learn some things from these people's reactions.

"A group of losers has the courage to brag here?" Yu Sheng's large eyes stared at Qin Li, extremely pissed. After Ye Wuchen lost his arm to save them, Yu Sheng began viewing Ye Wuchen as his brother. Now, Qin Li was insulting Ye Wuchen's status. Despicable.

The people of the Qin Dynasty looked uncomfortable. Yu Sheng was clearly talking about the battle at Chaoge. The Cottage never lost against the Qin Dynasty or Donghua Clan.

"Everyone, no need to argue." Emperor Liu now waved his hand. Gazing at Qin Yuan and Ye Wuchen, he said, "You are both at the top of the Eastern Barren Territory's younger generation. I am a bit flustered that both of you think so highly of Chenyu." Smiling, he looked to the lords and officials. "What do you all think?" He didn't ask for Liu Chenyu's opinion because he already knew.

The people's gazes flashed. They were very quiet and no one wanted to speak first. It was easy to anger people by taking sides now.

Qin Yuan bowed again. "My father told me that if Emperor Liu agrees to this marriage, it would be too much for Princess Chenyu to move so far away. He ordered for me to remain in the Liu Kingdom and serve Emperor Liu with Princess Chenyu."

Everyone's eyes flashed. Qin Yuan said that he was willing to move to the Liu Kingdom. With his status, he didn't have to do so but he still did. This was the sincerity of the Qin Dynasty, as well as the Liu Kingdom's pressure. Since the Qin Dynasty was this willing, would the Liu Kingdom still reject them?

"Your Majesty," a robed man with an extraordinary temperament said from the group of lords and officials. "Since the Qin Dynasty is so sincere and Prince Qin is extraordinary, I think Your Majesty should consider it." The speaker was Lord Kang of the Liu Kingdom.

"Lord Kang is right. I agree." Now that someone started, the others all spoke too, approving of Qin Yuan and Liu Chenyu's marriage.

As for Ye Wuchen, he stood there alone. No one was willing to speak for him.

The sole reason was because Ye Wuchen hadn't visited them before. They didn't know him. Ye Wuchen was also only a disciple of the seventh summit. He couldn't represent the Fuyun Sword Clan so it was okay to offend him. On the other hand, if the emperor really chose Ye Wuchen instead of Qin Yuan, the Qin Dynasty would be furious. The Liu Kingdom would be the victim. They would be involved and wouldn't be able to escape. They had to think for themselves. As for Liu Chenyu, no one cared what she wanted. Only the emperor's statement was needed.

"These b*stards." Liu Feiyang gazed coldly at the lords and officials. Did the Qin Dynasty bribe them or were they afraid of the Qin Dynasty?

Emperor Liu also looked at them. His serious eyes also seemed to be smiling. No one knew what he was thinking.

"It seems that everyone thinks more highly of Prince Qin," he said with a smile. "He is very talented and I appreciate him. However, this concerns Chenyu's future. I must think carefully. I'll need some time."

"I am willing to wait." Qin Yuan smiled and bowed.

Ye Wuchen glanced at Liu Chenyu. Everything was going against him. He felt an invisible pressure.

"I invited everyone to visit the Liu Kingdom. I will arrange a pavilion for everyone to stay in. The imperial city contains many relics. Everyone can enjoy themselves as they wish," Emperor Liu said. "Has anyone heard of Turtle Mountain of the Liu Kingdom?"

Everyone's eyes flashed. People from every force had obviously heard of Turtle Mountain's legend before. According to legend, Turtle Mountain existed for longer than the Liu Kingdom. The imperial city was established here because of this mountain too. It was created by spirit stones. Apparently, there were countless matrixes around the entire mountain.

Of course, this wasn't why it was called Turtle Mountain. It was because there was a Turtle Hermit there. This turtle had lived for countless years. A rumor in the Eastern Barren Territory said that this turtle was why the Liu Kingdom could be established. Before each emperor came into power, he had to climb to the peak and be blessed by the Turtle Hermit.

This old turtle had mysterious talents and was a fortune teller. Of course, this might be exaggerated but the Turtle Hermit definitely had abilities like an astrologer. It was the Liu Kingdom's totem.

People didn't understand why Emperor Liu suddenly mentioned Turtle Mountain.

"I have heard the legend of Turtle Mountain many times and have always wanted to go," Qin Yuan said. "Now that I have the chance, I must visit it."

"The Turtle Hermit in on the mountain," Emperor Liu said, chuckling. "I will order the mountain to be opened. Anyone who wishes to visit may do so freely. If anyone can receive the Turtle Hermit's blessing, he will have no problem in becoming the princess' husband." After speaking, Emperor Liu stood up and left, glancing at Qin Yuan and Ye Wuchen.

The lords and officials' eyes flashed. Did the emperor want Qin Yuan and Ye Wuchen to meet the Turtle Hermit? Only the emperors had the right to go up the mountain. Even if he really did open it up, would Qin Yuan and Ye Wuchen be able to meet the legendary Turtle Hermit? Even the lords and officials had never seen it before.

Qin Yuan had an odd expression. He didn't expect Emperor Liu to do this and make him compete with Ye Wuchen in Turtle Mountain. However, they both came to propose at the same time. Emperor Liu was very polite too. Finally handing them over to Turtle Mountain seemed okay too. He was a true fox.

Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu let out a breath. Thankfully, their father didn't agree to Qin Yuan just yet. They still weren't optimistic though. They both knew what Turtle Mountain was like. What would he do if both Ye Wuchen and Qin Yuan couldn't see the Turtle Hermit?

Liu Chenyu gazed at Ye Wuchen. They exchanged glances and seemed to understand what the other was thinking.

Liu Chenyu turned around. Liu Feiyang walked to Ye Wuchen and Ye Futian's side. He didn't care about the Qin Dynasty.

"Take me to Turtle Mountain," Ye Wuchen said to Liu Feiyang.

"Alright." Liu Feiyang nodded. The group then left the palace.

Qin Yuan had planned on talking to the lords and officials. Seeing this, he bid farewell casually and left too. The other strong cultivators also left. They weren't interested in marrying the princess but wanted to see Turtle Mountain too.

Countless people were waiting for news outside the palace. When they saw all the strong cultivators leave, they were confused. Did the emperor approve of Qin Yuan?

Soon, the palace sent out the definite news that Qin Yuan wasn't the only one proposing today. Ye Wuchen of the Fuyun Sword Clan had also proposed. Many people realized that Ye Wuchen was the one Liu Chenyu liked. No wonder they were always with Ye Futian. However, the first summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan was on Qin Yuan's side. As a swordsman of the seventh summit, how would Ye Wuchen compete with Qin Yuan?

News about Turtle Mountain also spread. The Liu Kingdom would soon open up the mountain. Many strong cultivators would head towards it.

Turtle Mountain had always been a place that only the emperor could step foot in. It was mysterious. Many people from the kingdom were curious about it. The emperor also said that anyone who was blessed by the Turtle Hermit could marry the princess. Thus, countless strong cultivators gathered near Turtle Mountain, many miles from the palace.

As a sacred land of the Liu Kingdom, there were many pavilions at the foot of the mountain, surrounding it. This was where the royalty performed rituals. There were also soldiers guarding the mountain, surrounding it all. In addition, there were high towers in all directions so no one could approach from the sky. But now, the doors of the surrounding pavilions opened. Countless strong cultivators poured through and came to the foot of the mysterious Turtle Mountain!
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    《The Legend of Futian》