The Legend of Futian
324 Madman
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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324 Madman

Chapter 324: Madman
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On Turtle Mountain, Ye Futian and Qin Li stood, facing each other. The powerful pressure remained but they were fighting in this environment right now.

The royalty of the Qin Dynasty opened up their dragon meridians and cultivated martial arts. Their physical bodies were like dragons—extremely terrifying.

Ye Futian used a divine beast's body-enhancing technique. His body was impossible to copy and was also extremely powerful.

Dragons wrapped around Qin Li. His life spirit was a dragon and his dharma was a dragon. His meridians had turned into dragon meridians and his bones were like a dragon's bones. His blood roared as if a dragon was inside his body.

His lips curled into a cold smirk as he stared at Ye Futian. Behind him, cacophonous music fell onto him, bolstering his strength. His aura kept growing more frightening. At the same time, piercing music traveled into Ye Futian's eardrums, stabbing his fatigued mind.

Boom. Yu Sheng stepped towards Qian Shanmu. Loulan Xue went to Qin Mengruo. Liu Feiyang didn't participate because even though he'd climbed with their group, he was still the Liu Kingdom's prince. The Qin Dynasty was here for a marriage proposal. If he fought with them, the Qin Dynasty could snatch this excuse to attack.

"Where do you think you're going?" Qin Li sneered and threw his hands forward. Eight dragons soared into the air, flying towards the three. The golden claws were extremely sharp, tearing through everything.

A huge Demonic Tripod emerged in Yu Sheng's hands. With a huge sound, it flew out. The black tripod killed everything, crashing into the dragon.

Frightening coldness flowed through Loulan Xue's body. An ice spell that could seal everything in ice bloomed. The dragons turned to frost but kept going, trying to shatter everything. An ice wand appeared in Loulan Xue's hands, twirling. Endless ice Spiritual Qi shrouded the dragon. Then there were cracking sounds. The ice cracked, along with the dragon's body.

Ye Futian raised his Five Elemental Rod. Different lights flashed as it transformed into a huge staff. It split down from the heavens. But even worse was Qian Shanmu's grating music. Hallucinations appeared in the minds of the three, making them feel that Qin Li's every move was incredible. Every attack could turn them into ash.

Qian Shanmu was only in the lower Arcana Plane but as the number one musical sorcerer in the younger generation, his Spiritual Energy was much more powerful than the three. His spells could be very threatening.

"Holy Sound." Ye Futian felt that Qin Li's figure was suddenly boundless. He was as large as a saint. In Chaoge City, this had appeared in the fight with Qian Shanmu. But that had been Qian Shanmu. Now, the Holy Sound was being used to help with Qin Li's fighting.

Qin Li opened his mouth and uttered unclear sounds. They were like a dragon's language. His aura became even more terrifying. The minds of Ye Futian's trio were shaking as if a mysterious power had descended.

Ye Futian's dharma bloomed. An ape roared while Ye Futian's body grew more monstrous. His blood boiled and his noble intent rose up. He twirled the Five Elemental Rod and the heavens changed. The sky and earth trembled as the Five Elemental Rod seemed to connect the two. The ape struck it down, splitting the sky.

Qin Li's expression was domineering and cold with the help of the Holy Sound. He was already an entire plane higher than Ye Futian. He had nothing to fear. He reached out, his arms turning into dragon arms. Various dragon shadows wrapped around his arm, again grabbing at the Five Elemental Rod.

Following a deafening roar, many dragon figures were shattered. Qin Li still grabbed the Five Elemental Rod though. Various dragons snaked over, wrapping around the rod.

"This was the Yin Family's treasure. It should be returned to its owner," Qin Li said coldly. A glow that belonged to him bloomed now. He was the grandson of Emperor Qin, son of the crown prince. He was the future heir to the throne. With eight dragon meridians and baptized by dragon blood, he had been nurtured by the ancestors' dragon meridians.

Ye Futian wielded the Five Elemental Rod; the Divine Ape was on his body. He glared coldly at Qin Li. The man wanted to rob him of his rod?

Ice and fire Spiritual Qi bloomed from the Five Elemental Rod. The Spiritual Qi of Turtle Mountain seemed to have gathered there. The spell gradually covered Qin Li's body. The flames transformed into a furnace. Noble intent passed through the rod into Qin Li's body.

"You think this will do something?" Qin Li looked indifferently at Ye Futian. He was at the Third-level Arcana Plane. He was so strong and gold light covered him. He'd transformed into a golden dragon. He seemed to hide a gold dragon in him and was unmoved no matter how the fire burned.

Hiss, hiss… The gold dragon burned like in a furnace. Qin Li's brows furrowed slightly as he felt some pain. He looked down to see that strange golden fire burned in many places. They were like an emperor's fire that could destroy any resistance.

Boom. Qin Li hurriedly let go of the rod and retreated. But Yu Sheng and Loulan Xue had already pounced toward Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo. It would be troublesome if these two weren't taken care of.

The Demonic Tripod enlarged quickly. It transformed into a dark tripod hovering in the air, looming over Qian Shanmu's head. The demonic pressure hammered down. The world turned dark as if demons had descended. He thrummed his guqin violently. The Holy Sound fell over him instead of Qin Li. It seemed to turn him into a saint.

Yu Sheng appeared under the Demonic Tripod. His burly body shone with dark gold light. He reached out and the light from the Demonic Tripod instantly turned into a dark gold halberd. He was like a horrible demon going to kill Qian Shanmu.

Loulan Xue arrived before Qin Mengruo. Her silver eyes had become a bit demonic. Snowflakes swirled in the air, sweeping towards Qin Mengruo. The coldness entered one's bones; it could freeze one's soul.

Many people looked to this battlefield from the side. Compared to Qin Yuan and Ye Wuchen climbing the Turtle Mountain, they were more interested in this battle.

While the battle was still happening, Qin Yuan and Ye Wuchen were still climbing up, practically side by side. It seemed that after climbing up these steps, they could meet the Turtle Hermit.

They'd been extremely exhausted but were now suddenly filled with power. Power radiated from their bodies. Ye Wuchen's body was like a sword. He walked forward extremely calm. His eyes were filled with unwavering determination.

A special power emanated from the stone steps. It was like an invisible matrix with an endless string. It flowed through the steps like soundwaves. The moment Ye Wuchen stepped onto them, the invisible ripple seemed to transform into the world's sharpest sword intent. It pierced his body, almost snapping it. The sword intent flowed through him and then stabbed him. It was using his power to attack himself. The stronger his sword intent was, the stronger the attack was. Even more terrifying, the might of the stone steps grew even more powerful.

Qin Yuan also underwent this pain. He used his power to resist the might but that power turned back against him, attacking his flesh. This was so painful. Not only did he have to bear the might of the Turtle Mountain, but he also had to bear his own attack. Something flickered past his handsome face. It was a shred of pain. Who thought of this horrible test?

The stone steps were so long and steep too. Ye Wuchen needed to use more and more resistance to go up, reaching the limit. This growing power would also be used to attack him.

Ye Wuchen didn't think of all that. He continued climbing. Sword light wrapped around him, melding into his body. His entirety dazzled like a sword. His steps were slow but very steady. He climbed step by step. Endless sword intent flowed through him, stabbing into his bone marrow. But so what? If he couldn't even protect his love, he wouldn't qualify to become a swordsman.

A swordsman should have no fears.

He continued climbing, one step at a time. The pain strengthened as he walked. Endless sword intent passed through him. Any misstep could kill him. His sword intent strengthened. The force he had to bear strengthened as well. It was almost at the limit, penetrating his flesh.

Blood appeared on his clothes. His sword body was damaged too. His organs seemed to be damaged by the sword aura as well but he didn't retreat. His steps didn't stop either. In fact, his sword intent was still strengthening. He was amidst a destructive sword scene.

"Madman." Behind him, Qin Yuan suffered the horrible pain, his face twisted. Seeing that Ye Wuchen was still going forward, his every step so sure, he cursed inwardly. Was Ye Wuchen willing to give his life for a woman? But thinking of his mission, Qin Yuan didn't give up either. He continued.

After a while, Qin Yuan was halfway there. Looking at the remaining portion, Qin Yuan was in pain. Ye Wuchen was past that point. Blood kept dripping onto the stone. Qin Yuan didn't even know if Ye Wuchen could survive to the top.

Sword intent from the surroundings stabbed into Ye Wuchen's body, ravaging him. He looked up, eyes still as determined as before. However, his steps faltered. It was too painful.

A figure appeared in his mind. They didn't have a dramatic relationship. It was as calm as water. When they occasionally met eyes, they would feel shy. But this little trickle of emotions warmed his heart.

The three words in the letter he'd received at the mountain: can you come?

He had come. And since he was here, he would do it. It was his promise; it was his protection. If he couldn't, he would allow all the swords to pierce his heart and kill him.

Ye Wuchen continued forward!
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    《The Legend of Futian》