The Legend of Futian
327 Outrageous Murderous Inten
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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327 Outrageous Murderous Inten

Chapter 327: Outrageous Murderous Intent
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In the evening, Qin Yuan came to the pavilion Liu Chenyu was at again.

Many people in the Imperial Palace were already used to it. Everyone also knew that Liu Chenyu obviously liked Ye Wuchen. Qin Yuan was but wasting his time. Nevertheless, Qin Yuan was a guest. Every day, he would greet the rest politely, so the Liu Kingdom also could not chase him out.

Stepping into Liu Chenyu's pavilion, Qin Yuan's eyes were filled with gloominess. He was in an extremely bad mood. In the first place, he was already unhappy that he had to come to Liu Kingdom to be the king's son-in-law. Today, he actually had to do such a dangerous thing.

Qin Li was correct in that he indeed hoped that Qin Li would suffer a miserable death. But what could he do?

Although his mother, Concubine Nan, was loved by the king of Qin, he knew clearly that it was because his mother had relied on her ability. The king of Qin loved Concubine Nan only because of certain reasons. However, the king's real goal was the world, and only the crown prince Qin Yu was his heir, while Qin Li was Qin Yu's heir.

On the other hand, he appeared to be having a good life, but in reality, his status was extremely petty before Qin Yu and Qin Li.

Today, he did not want to come here at all. This was the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace. It was easy for Qin Li to do merely the talking, but he knew that this would be very dangerous. However, what else could he do?

Qin Yu was already the crown prince at the moment, and the king of Qin was passing his authority to Qin Yu gradually. Qin Yu was very powerful in Qin Dynasty now and nobody dared to disobey his orders. The fate of Qin Yuan and his mother was all in the hand of Qin Yu. This time, the order Qin Yu had given him was that he must complete the plan. Otherwise, he would bear the full responsibility. Before Qin Yu, he could not fight back at all.

"That b*stard." Qin Yuan's eyes were filled with ferocity. He stepped into the courtyard and, very quickly, his look turned normal again. The usual charming smile appeared on his face.

"Prince Qin." The servant came to welcome him. Seeing the charming face of Qin Yuan, the look of the servant turned somewhat infatuated, as if she was lost.

"Out. I have something to discuss with princess Chenyu." With a gentle look on his face, Qin Yuan smiled at the servant. His eyes seemed to be filled with a mysterious color. The servant looked very lost and she nodded gently. Then, she walked outside the pavilion. It was as if she would obey all of Qin Yuan's orders at the moment.

Qin Yuan continued walking and approached Liu Chenyu.

Seeing Qin Yuan come again, Liu Chenyu was quite unhappy, but she could only tolerate it. For some reason, every time Qin Yuan arrived, she could not really hate him, as if his face really had a special charm.

"Chenyu." Qin Yuan's voice was very gentle and he looked at Liu Chenyu with much admiration.

"Prince Qin, what is it?" Hearing the way Qin Yuan called her, Liu Chenyu frowned gently.

"Are you willing to be my wife?" Qin Yuan asked.

"Prince Qin, please do not drivel. I have something else to settle. Please leave," Liu Chenyu said in an unhappy tone.

Qin Yuan's eyes sparkled. B*tch, you want this yourself.

Qin Yuan's look changed suddenly as if he had turned more intriguing. A mysterious spiritual power was released from his body and turned into an invisible radiance. It made him look so charming that anyone looking at him would feel lost. Liu Chenyu looked at Qin Yuan and felt as if she was being attracted to him. It felt very weird.

"What's happening?" Liu Chenyu felt an ominous presentiment.

A mysterious and powerful Spiritual Energy engulfed Liu Chenyu directly. At this instant, she only felt somewhat lost and very tired. Faintly, it was as if the person standing before her was not Qin Yuan but rather Ye Wuchen.

Liu Chenyu knew that something bad was happening, but her spiritual will was constantly being weakened and eroded. Eventually, she stood motionlessly at her spot, looking lost.

"B*tch, since you chose this path, I'll fulfill your wish." Qin Yuan's look was extremely gloomy. He did not want to do this; after all, this was at Liu Kingdom. But what other choice did he have? His heart was filled with resentment at the moment. He hated Qin Li, hated the king of Liu, and hated Liu Chenyu. This b*tch. Am I any lesser than Ye Wuchen?

Qin Yuan's personality was distorted due to the environment he had grown up in. On Turtle Mountain when his willpower was at its weakest, he had already exposed his true, distorted self in the illusion. At the moment, this was also the case. He was like a two-faced person. He was the gentle, talented, and handsome prince Qin, but also the petty Qin Yuan who could only live in the shadows. Even his ability was one which was unpresentable and disdained by others. However, whenever he used this ability on women, it had always been very effective.

His smile became gentle and charming again. He approached Liu Chenyu step by step and looked at the pure and proud beauty before him. He reached out his arm and stroked her fine hair and beautiful face.

"Chenyu, you're so beautiful." Qin Yuan's voice was extremely gentle. Although Liu Chenyu was not one of the top three beauties of Eastern Barren Territory, she was also a famous beauty. She was the noble princess of Liu Kingdom and had a unique kind of charm. At the moment, she was standing quietly before him, allowing him to do whatever he wanted. This further stimulated the distortion in Qin Yuan's heart.

Didn't she want to reject me? Then, how about after I get her body? His fingers slid down from her stunningly beautiful face and touched her exquisite neck gently. Then, he placed his hand on her shoulder. Reaching out both of his hands, Qin Yuan took off Liu Chenyu's outer clothing. Her white shoulders were flawless, and her sexy clavicle was so captivating.

Liu Chenyu's body trembled gently. She looked like she was in pain, and her spirit was also struggling. She seemed to have realized what she was experiencing and wanted to break free from the control. However, she felt so powerless at the moment and could not concentrate at all, as if there was a prison that locked her spirit inside. She felt terrible.

"So beautiful," Qin Yuan exclaimed. He had only seen a small part of her body, and it was already so fascinating. His look alternated between being gentle and being distorted. He moved his head close to Liu Chenyu's ears and neck, and enjoyed the smell from the beauty before him. An enchanted look appeared on his face.

"Help..." A soft and low voice came out from Liu Chenyu's mouth. Qin Yuan frowned and walked closer to Liu Chenyu, continuing to release his powerful Spiritual Energy. She actually can still resist?

He heard some footsteps behind him. The servant was walking back again. Because it was in the Imperial Palace, Liu Chenyu only had a servant to take care of her. There were no guards because none were needed. Who would dare to assault the princess in the Imperial Palace? Unexpectedly, this happened today.

Qin Yuan was not in a hurry. He turned his head slowly and glanced at the servant. He released his Spiritual Energy and a special charm bloomed. He said to the servant, "Wait outside."

"Okay." The servant felt somewhat lost. She nodded obediently, after which she left.

"Chenyu, nobody will disturb us. You will feel happy, and in the future, you will be my wife. All I have done is to bring this fantastic process forward," Qin Yuan said with a ferocious look on his face. You're really strong and can still shout even in this situation.

Qin Yuan took off another one of her shirts, and there was only a thin undergarment covering Liu Chenyu. Her sexy body caused Qin Yuan to take a deep breath. Even Ye Wuchen has probably not enjoyed this scene before.

Tears flew down from the corners of Liu Chenyu's eyes. Her body started to tremble.

At the moment, Ye Wuchen and his team landed outside the Imperial Palace and stepped into the palace straightaway. They could have spent more time cultivating—after all, it was really a rare opportunity—but Ye Wuchen was too bothered by the events in the Liu Kingdom and could not concentrate. Therefore, the group returned from the mountain.

Fortunately, after their return, they did not hear any bad news. The king of Liu was waiting for them to announce his decision, so nothing bad should have happened.

"Shall we go to Chenyu's place?" Liu Feiyang said.

"Yup," Ye Wuchen nodded. After experiencing the events on Turtle Mountain, he seemed to know his thoughts more clearly. Even his feelings towards Liu Chenyu became more intense.

The group headed towards the Princess Pavilion directly. At the same time, in the pavilion where Qin Li was at, a noble informed Qin Li, "Ye Futian and his team are back. They are heading towards Liu Chenyu's place."

Some sharpness flashed across Qin Li's eyes. Qin Yuan has already been there for some time. What a perfect moment. Making Qin Yuan the king's son-in-law had never been the goal of Qin Dynasty. They were already not interested in allying with the Liu Kingdom anymore.

In the pavilion where Liu Chenyu was, Qin Yuan was still enjoying the beauty before him. She was really beautiful, much more beautiful than any of the women he had played before. He was thinking how she would compare to the top three beauties of Eastern Barren Territory.

His hands slid across her tender skin and were about to remove the last barrier. Tears flew down Liu Chenyu's cheeks continuously. Her body trembled constantly and she was in great pain.

"A crying beauty will make people want to pamper her even more. I'll treat you very gently," Qin Yuan said, placing his hands on the thin undergarment. However, suddenly, someone outside shouted, "Princess, are you here?"

Qin Yuan's hands froze at the spot. He quickly picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on Liu Chenyu.

Some footsteps came from the outside. They sounded very urgent. Very soon, a group of people appeared. Ye Wuchen, Liu Feiyang, and Ye Futian walked in first and saw the scene before them. Liu Chenyu's shirts were messy as if they had been put on randomly, while Qin Yuan's hands were placed on her clothes. Liu Chenyu stood there motionlessly and her face was filled with tears.

Boom. A violent rage erupted from Liu Feiyang's body.

'B*stard!" Liu Feiyang roared in a hoarse voice as he rushed forward. Ye Wuchen approached Liu Chenyu like a straight sword and shouted, "Chenyu." As he spoke, he helped Liu Chenyu to put on her clothes properly.

"Her Spiritual Energy has been attacked," Ye Futian said. A trace of sword will emerged from the center of Ye Wuchen's eyebrows and entered Liu Chenyu's mind.

"Chenyu." Ye Wuchen's voice spread continuously in Liu Chenyu's mind. Suddenly, her body trembled and she broke free from the control. She stared at Ye Wuchen and tears flew down her face constantly. Her body trembled fiercely as if she had just experienced the most terrifying thing.

Looking at her expression, Ye Wuchen only felt extremely guilty and painful. He hugged her tightly and said gently, "Chenyu, it's alright now. I am here." Ye Wuchen stared at Qin Yuan who was behind her. His look seemed to be from the deepest part of hell and his murderous intent filled the sky!
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    《The Legend of Futian》