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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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328 Kill

Chapter 328: Kill
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Seeing Ye Wuchen's eyes, Qin Yuan's heart trembled gently and he felt somewhat scared.

"I didn't do anything," Qin Yuan said. Then his body flashed into the air in an attempt to escape from the place. Qin Li had said that his life would not be in danger, but clearly, he did not believe in that. A person could do anything in anger and would not care about the consequences.

Now, all he needed to do was to escape from the place and wait for these people to calm down. He also did not expect them to come here at this moment and interrupt his business. Originally, after he did what he was going to do, Liu Kingdom would be forced to take him as the princess's husband.

"You still want to leave?" Liu Feiyang charged towards Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan's look turned monstrous and his Spiritual Energy erupted wildly, piercing into Liu Feiyang's mind. At this instant, Liu Feiyang finally understood what a terrifying thing his sister had experienced.

Everyone knew that the king of Qin and Concubine Nan had a son named Qin Yuan. He was very talented and liked by the king. However, his existence was not really strongly felt in the outside world, because he seldom appeared outside. Very few people knew what his ability was. Only at this very moment did Liu Feiyang finally know Qin Yuan's ability.

"Stop him!" Liu Feiyang roared. Immediately, many imperial guards appeared outside the pavilion. They ascended into the sky and stopped Qin Yuan in midair.

"Take him down," Liu Feiyang shouted coldly. Among the guards who had appeared, there was a noble. His might enveloped the place and he reached out his hand towards Qin Yuan directly.

"You dare to touch me?" Qin Yuan roared coldly. However, the incoming hand still continued forward and grabbed him directly.

"Let me go!" Qin Yuan shouted in anger. "I am the son of the king of Qin."

Many people ran over from the distance one after another. The king of Liu was here himself. Today, he had invited several lords and ministers to discuss the proposal of Qin Dynasty. Little did he expect something to happen here.

When the king and the rest arrived, they saw Ye Wuchen hugging Liu Chenyu whose shirts were messed up. Then, they noticed the scene in front of them and roughly understood what had happened. Immediately, an appalling might was emitted from the king of Liu and engulfed Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan could clearly feel the murderous intent spreading from the king.

"Your Majesty, I didn't do anything. You can't do anything to me." Qin yuan looked at the king in fear. This was the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace after all. If the king really wanted to kill him at all costs, he would certainly die.

Crack. The king of Liu clenched his fists and his murderous intent did not weaken at all.

Did Qin Yuan do such an inhuman thing because he was confident that the king did not dare to touch him? This place was, after all, the Imperial Palace of Liu Kingdom. Qin Yuan actually wanted to do something to the princess of the Liu Kingdom in the Princess Pavilion.

How daring that was!

This was more than just going too far. Qin Yuan was certainly frenzied.

"Your Majesty, please calm down." Suddenly, someone walked to the king and bowed. It was Lord Kang.

"Your Majesty." Another person walked out and bowed at the king. Although they did not say much, everyone knew that they were reminding the king to be calm. They could all feel the rage and murderous intent of the king at the moment. However, if he really killed Qin Yuan impulsively, the consequences would be unimaginable. The cultivators from Qin Dynasty would surely come to Liu Kingdom.

"Calm down?" The king of Liu glanced at those who spoke. His face was gloomy and his murderous intent did not decrease at all.

Suddenly, Liu Chenyu walked out from Ye Wuchen's arms. She stared coldly at Qin Yuan and an extremely strong murderous intent could be seen.

"Kill him," Liu Feiyang said to the noble who was holding Qin Yuan.

"Your Majesty, we must not do that." Lord Kang tried to stop him. Looking at the king again, he shouted, "Your Majesty."

The king of Liu clenched his fists firmly. He knew that once he said the phrase "kill him," the Qin Dynasty would have an excuse to attack the Liu Kingdom.

Suddenly, there was the sound of people moving in the air, and another group of cultivators arrived. It was Qin Li and the others from Qin Dynasty. In the distance, the people from other top forces were all alarmed as they observed the situation from afar. What is happening? So many people have actually gathered there, they thought.

"Your Majesty, what do you mean by this? Why are you seizing my uncle?" Looking at the scene, Qin Li frowned as if he did not know about this at all.

Qin Yuan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Qin Li and the people from Qin Dynasty had arrived, so the king of Liu should probably be calmer now.

"Qin Li, I really admire the princess and only wanted to be closer to her, but I didn't do anything else. Help me to persuade His Majesty," Qin Yuan said.

Qin Li's eyes sparkled. He looked at Qin Yuan and said, "Uncle, how could you be so confused?" After that, he looked at the king of Liu and said, "Your Majesty, perhaps my uncle was attracted by the princess and was worried that you would not agree to our proposal. Fortunately, he did not do anything. Your Majesty, I beg your pardon. My uncle will be responsible for this and will be married to princess Chenyu in a proper manner."

Everyone was puzzled by Qin Li's words, especially Liu Feiyang and Ye Wuchen. Their look turned extremely icy. Qin Yuan did such an inhuman thing, and yet Qin Li said that luckily, he did not do anything. Furthermore, he said that the price Qin Yuan would pay for this was to be married to Liu Chenyu in a proper way. There were no punishments, and Qin Dynasty and Qin Yuan would benefit instead. How ridiculous this was. Yet, Qin Li said it as if it was only reasonable and right.

The king of Liu stared at Qin Li. Did Qin Li even take his existence into account?

"Father, kill him." Liu Feiyang's eyes were blood-red. His sister had been humiliated in such a way, but Qin Li actually asked Qin Yuan to marry her. How absurd!

"Do you know what you are saying?" the king of Liu said, staring at Qin Li.

Qin Li bowed slightly at the king and said, "Then, Your Majesty, please kill him."

Everyone stared at Qin Li, including the king. However, Qin Li looked at Qin Yuan and said, "My uncle did nothing too terrible. You kill him and the army from the Qin Dynasty will come. Your Majesty, is that what you want?"

"Are you threatening me?" the king said.

"I would not dare," Qin Li said out loud. He bowed at the king and continued, "I am but telling the truth. Your Majesty, if you have agreed to our proposal earlier, this would not have happened. But it already did. Are you really going to destroy the relationship between the two kingdoms, or even start a war, just because of this?

"For now, the best way not to ruin the princess's reputation would be to let my uncle be married to her properly," Qin Li said with much confidence and composure as if no one was beside him. Many people stared coldly at him, but he did not seem to mind at all.

Nobody knew what he was thinking, or why he was behaving so wildly.

"Your Majesty, if the prince of Qin really marries the princess, it would be good for her as well," Lord Kang urged.

"That's right, Your Majesty." Many people nodded one after another. They could clearly see Qin Li's dominant attitude and were frightened as well. If Qin Yuan was really killed and the army from Qin Dynasty came to attack the Liu Kingdom, their safety would be compromised.

"You b*stards!" someone scolded. A noble also said emotionlessly, "You can actually say something so shameless." There were obviously also people who had moral integrity.

The king of Liu looked at these people. When the people from Qin Dynasty just arrived at the Imperial City, they visited all the lords and ministers. Was that why the situation was like this now?

"Your Majesty, calm down first. You are also doing this for the princess." Some people did not speak aloud but instead transferred their words to the king's ears secretly.

Thud... Suddenly, everyone heard a soft noise.


Everyone looked below them where they saw a sharp blade formed from Spiritual Qi pierce directly into Liu Chenyu's body, right before her heart. Her black eyes were filled with hatred as she stared at the people in the sky. So many people from the Liu Kingdom actually suggested that she should be married to Qin Yuan.

"Chenyu, why are you doing this? I told you that I am already here." Ye Wuchen hugged Liu Chenyu in his arms. He did not look at her directly, and his eyes were filled with guilt and self-blame.

"I know." Liu Chenyu nodded. She looked at Ye Wuchen very gently and held his hand tightly as if he was the only person she could trust.

"Chenyu." The king of Liu also did not expect his daughter to be so determined. He similarly felt very guilty and that he had mistreated his daughter.

"Princess, your reaction is too intense. You don't have to do this," Qin Li said. "My uncle will not disappoint you."

"Shut up!" Yu Sheng roared at Qin Li and clenched his fists, producing a cracking sound. Suddenly, Ye Futian stepped out and walked towards Qin Yuan. Ye Wuchen also approached Liu Feiyang and said, "Feiyang, help me to take care of Chenyu." Then, he passed Liu Chenyu and went to Liu Feiyang. He walked forward and caught up with Ye Futian, after which he said, "Let me do it."

Ye Futian looked at Ye Wuchen. Then, he stopped moving forward.

"What do you want to do?" Qin Yuan stared coldly at the incoming Ye Wuchen.

A terrifying sword qi whizzed on Ye Wuchen's body. In his hand, there was an extremely sharp sword will.

Everyone stared at him. Someone from the Liu Kingdom shouted, "How dare you!"

"Ye Wuchen, how dare you do this!" Qin Li also roared, but his body remained in the original spot and he did not move at all.

Ye Wuchen accelerated and turned into a blade of light.

"Bring him away!" someone from the Liu Kingdom shouted at the person holding Qin Yuan.

"Let me go!" Qin Yuan also struggled as he tried to break free. However, Ye Wuchen had already arrived. His palm struck out like a sword and a beam of light flashed across before vanishing.

The noble from the Liu Kingdom let go of Qin Yuan, but Qin Yuan only reached out his hands, trembling, and covered his neck. There, blood was flowing out slowly. His body trembled fiercely, and his usually charming eyes were only filled with an endless fear at the moment.

Holding his neck, Qin Yuan turned around with difficulty and looked at Qin Li, who was still standing at his spot. He stared at Qin Li firmly and his face became distorted and looked very ferocious. He wanted to say something, but the blood from his neck started to gush out like a spring. He could not speak and only stared at Qin Li with a vicious look.

Finally, Qin Yuan's body collapsed to the ground and started twitching. Even he did not expect himself to actually die here.
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    《The Legend of Futian》