The Legend of Futian
329 Storm Incoming
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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329 Storm Incoming

Chapter 329: Storm Incoming
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Very soon, Qin Yuan's body stopped moving and became motionless. His blood colored the entire ground. Everyone froze. The Imperial Palace fell into a terrifying silence.

Qin Yuan, the youngest son of the king of Qin, came to the Liu Kingdom to propose a marriage. Now, he died in the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace. Whatever the cause of his death might be, he was already dead now. What would the consequences be?

Many lords and ministers stared very coldly at Ye Wuchen. They looked as if they wanted to eat Ye Wuchen alive.

The king of Liu looked at Ye Wuchen similarly. His expression was very complicated and he could not keep calm. Could he blame Ye Wuchen? Ye Wuchen did this for his daughter Chenyu. At the instant when he landed the strike, the consequences he would need to face were already destined. It did not matter if he was the Swordmaster of the seventh summit of Fuyun Sword Clan or not. The person he killed was the youngest son of the king of Qin. Even if the son of the leader of Fuyun Sword Clan did this, his outcome would still be the same. However, Ye Wuchen did not hesitate at all. He struck out that hit so resolutely. Even at this moment, his look was still so firm and calm, and his one-armed body still stood straight.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Liu Chenyu's face was already wet with tears. The warmth that this strike brought her far exceeded the pain she had suffered. When Qin Yuan did such an inhuman thing in her house, the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace, many lords, and ministers did not speak for her. They did not punish Qin Yuan and were even discussing marrying her to him. How ridiculous and desperate this was. Because of that, she stabbed herself with a sharp blade. She was so desperate and wanted to show these people her attitude, even if she might die. Even her father, the king of Liu Kingdom, was hesitating. On the other hand, Ye Wuchen directly attacked and killed the person who humiliated her.

She looked at Ye Wuchen and her eyes were filled with resolution. In this lifetime, she would accompany him regardless of what would happen. She would live if he was alive, and die if he was to die!

In the distance, the people from various forces looked at the scene. Different thoughts raced through their minds. As for Qin Li, there seemed to be a sneer in the depth of his emotionless eyes.

He finally died! Qin Li thought. Of course, he knew why Qin Yuan looked at him like that before he died. Qin Yuan was not stupid; instead, he was extremely clever. Qin Li was the one who had ordered Qin Yuan to do what he did. Just now, he clearly had the chance to save Qin Yuan, but he did not.

Because, this was the real plan!

Qin Li did not expect it to work out so easily. Even Qin Yuan did not know why they came to propose the marriage this time. Only Qin Li knew everything.

Alliance through marriage? They did not need it. Qin Dynasty was not interested in allying with the Liu Kingdom, because it would be meaningless. The king of Liu was very cunning. At most, he would only sacrifice Liu Chenyu in the marriage and ultimately he would still not listen to Qin Dynasty's commands.

Now, what the Qin Dynasty really needed was a battle, one that would shock the entire Eastern Barren Territory. They not only needed a battle, but also an overpowering victory, and they needed it urgently.

Just like what the king of Liu had thought, the few disciples of the Cottage had already grown to this level. How could Qin Dynasty wait for them to become even stronger? They had already planned many things. Now, they needed a battle that would ignite the whole situation. Therefore, the scene just now happened. If he really tried to stop everything, nobody could really kill Qin Yuan, unless, of course, the king of Liu wanted him dead himself. If he stepped in, Ye Wuchen's powers would be insignificant.

Qin Li was extremely excited. A useless b*stard died, and they completed the plan perfectly. How could he not be excited? Of course, he would not display it. At the moment, his body was only filled with a cold murderous aura.

The people from Qin Dynasty went beside Qin Yuan one after another. Their cold and terrifying aura engulfed the space.

"Take him down," someone shouted coldly. The person who gave the order first was actually a minister from the Liu Kingdom. The lords and ministers stared firmly at Ye Wuchen with an extremely cold look. Although Qin Yuan was killed by Ye Wuchen, he died in the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace. He came here to propose marriage.

Sword qi whizzed in the air as the cultivators from the seventh summit of Fuyun Sword Clan went before Ye Wuchen to protect him.

"Who dares to touch him?" Liu Feiyang roared angrily. He was still holding Liu Chenyu. Suddenly, Liu Chenyu stepped forward. Dragging her injured body, she walked towards Ye Wuchen step by step.

Ye Futian similarly stared coldly at the people around. These b*stards! He naturally knew the consequences that might be caused by Ye Wuchen killing Qin Yuan, but he did not stop Ye Wuchen. Liu Chenyu was Ye Wuchen's girl. If such a thing happened to Hua Jieyu, he would kill the culprit as well. If Ye Wuchen did not kill Qin Yuan, he would no longer be his true self. His sword would also no longer be sharp.

"People from the seventh summit, get out of the way." Suddenly, another group of cultivators whizzed over in the air. It was the people from the first summit of Fuyun Sword Clan. Among them, Zhe Song stared at Ye Wuchen and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Ye Wuchen was from Fuyun Sword Clan. Because he killed Qin Yuan, they had to give him away. If the people from the seventh summit wanted to protect him, it would surely affect the whole Fuyun Sword Clan.

Sword will flew on the cultivators from the seventh summit. A terrifying sword qi whizzed and they did not back away at all.

The sword of the seventh summit would not give way to its enemies.

Qin Yuan deserved to die.

The atmosphere in the Imperial Palace was extremely tense. On the ground, Qin Yuan's corpse was still lying there, but there was no longer anyone who cared about his death. All anybody cared about at the moment was the consequences his death would bring. Everyone was thinking about his own benefits and losses.

Liu Chenyu approached Ye Wuchen and stared at him. The event had changed their affections from lukewarm to scorching hot. She went beside Ye Wuchen and then leaned on his body quietly. Ye Wuchen looked at her similarly. He extended his right arm and held her gently. Lifting his head, he looked at the people around him. There was no fear in his eyes at all. If he was afraid of death, he would not have killed Qin Yuan.

Liu Feiyang looked at the two who were surrounded by many cultivators. Yet, the scene at the moment seemed so warm. His eyes were actually filled with a terrifying red light. Staring at the king of Liu, he shouted, "Father!"

The king's heart trembled. He was also affected by the scene before him and felt very guilty. That was his daughter. She was humiliated in such a way in the palace, but he did not manage to do anything for her. On the other hand, Ye Wuchen attacked the perpetrator directly. What did the ministers under him do? They wanted his daughter to be married to the man who humiliated her.

Crack. The king clenched his fists and his eyes were filled with coldness.

"Uncle." Suddenly, Qin Li walked to Qin Yuan's corpse and said, "You came to the Liu Kingdom to propose marriage. At first, you wanted to be married to the princess in a gorgeous manner. But you ended up like this." After that, he raised his head. Glancing coldly at the king and Ye Wuchen, he said, "Your Majesty, how do you plan to solve this problem?"

"What do you want?" the king asked, staring at Qin Li.

"Hand the three of them to me. Also, kill the people from the seventh summit of Fuyun Sword Clan," Qin Li said. He wanted to bring back Ye Wuchen, Liu Chenyu, and Liu Feiyang. Furthermore, he wanted the people from the Liu Kingdom to kill the people from the seventh summit.

"What if I don't agree?" the king said.

"My uncle did not die for nothing." Qin Li's tone was emotionless but he appeared to be very domineering.

"Your Majesty, please think of the general situation," Lord Kang said to the king, bowing. Many people also started to urge the king one after another.

The king looked at these people and only said one word, "Scram." The lords and minister were stunned for a while. Seeing the expression of the king, they bowed and left.

Qin Li watched and sneered. This was, of course, the outcome he had expected. "Your Majesty, I see what your attitude is," he said. Then, he looked at Zhe Song and said, "How about Fuyun Sword Clan?"

"The death of the prince of Qin was definitely not the intention of Fuyun Sword Clan. As for Ye Wuchen, do you want him dead or alive?" Zhe Song asked emotionlessly.

"I'm fine with either." Qin Li smiled.

"Alright," Zhe Song nodded. Then, he stepped forward and an appalling gust of sword qi swept out, engulfing Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu. The cultivators behind him also walked forward one by one.

"Scram," the king said again, looking at Zhe Song.

Zhe Song's expression froze. He lifted his head to look at the king and said, "This is an internal affair of Fuyun Sword Clan. Your Majesty, do you also want to interfere with this?"

"This is my Imperial Palace," the king replied coldly.

Zhe Song looked at the king of Liu. Then, he looked at Qin Li and said, "It seems like I can only go back and report first. From this moment on, Ye Wuchen is no longer a disciple of Fuyun Sword Clan. We will automatically finish anyone who tries to protect him."

"Okay. I trust Fuyun Sword Clan," Qin Li nodded. Zhe Song turned around and left along with the people from the first summit.

Qin Li looked at the king of Liu. Then, he bowed and said, "Your Majesty, goodbye."

Then, the people from Qin Dynasty brought Qin Yuan's corpse and went about to leave.

"Wait," someone suddenly said. Qin Li stopped and turned around slowly, eventually looking at Ye Futian. "You ordered Qin Yuan to do what he did, right?" Ye Futian asked.

Qin Li's look froze as he stared at Ye Futian. "What are you saying?"

"From the beginning, your goal was not to propose the marriage. You seem to be neither sad nor angry about Qin Yuan's death." Ye Futian cultivated in the Freedom Meditation and was thus very sensitive towards the feelings of others. Qin Li was not sad at all. Instead, Ye Futian could feel that he was excited. It was as if he was anticipating Qin Yuan's death all along.

Thinking about the abnormal things that happened earlier, he suddenly realized that the Qin Dynasty never wanted to ally with the Liu Kingdom through marriage. The Qin Dynasty wanted to rule the world, and their greatest opponent was the College Cottage. They had already allied with several forces. Also, Liu Chenyu from the Liu Kingdom and Ye Wuchen were very close to Ye Futian. After today's event, Liu Kingdom and Ye Wuchen would be in great danger.

"Qin Yuan was my uncle, the brother of my father, and my grandfather's beloved child. What are you thinking about?" Qin Li stared at Ye Futian and said coldly, "Do you want to take the blame off of Ye Wuchen and say that my uncle's miserable death was caused by me? How ridiculous."

"I am thinking about whether you will have the same expression Qin Yuan had when you die." Ye Futian looked at Qin Li and did not continue to argue with him. Qin Yuan was already dead, and any argument would be meaningless. As long as they had this as an excuse, they would create huge bloodshed in Eastern Barren Territory. However, no matter how this storm would evolve, Ye Futian knew that between him and Qin Li, only one would survive!
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    《The Legend of Futian》