The Legend of Futian
330 Pessimistic
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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330 Pessimistic

Chapter 330: Pessimistic
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Beside Qin Li, the Qin Dynasty's powerful cultivators released their pressing energy onto Ye Futian. Meanwhile, Qin Li smirked coldly as he stared at Ye Futian and said, "I was thinking the same thing." Their eyes met and both of them radiated a murderous intent.

Ye Futian's eyes swept toward the guards next to Qin Li. All of them had terrifying auras. Naturally, he knew there was no way he could kill Qin Li here. Averting his gaze, Ye Futian's eyes landed on Emperor Liu. This was the Liu Kingdom's imperial palace. The only way he could kill Qin Li was if Emperor Liu wanted to make him stay.

"Qin Li." Just then, a voice rang out coldly. It was Emperor Liu.

"Yes, Your Majesty," answered Qin Li.

Emperor Liu took a step forward and in a split second, a force of terrifying energy crushed down on Qin Li. Witnessing this scene, the cultivators of the Qin Dynasty advanced beside Qin Li one by one in order to protect him.

Qin Li lifted an eyebrow at Emperor Liu. "Could it be that Your Majesty wishes to kill me?"

Emperor Liu continued forward and his outreached palm curled into a tight fist. Immediately, a horrific formless rush of air pressed onto Qin Li. It was like a giant invisible hand. Qin Li became stiff and the look on his face was not good. His body twitched here and there as if in immense pain.

BOOM! The Nobles of the Qin Dynasty released shocking forces. All of them were extremely powerful.

"You know well and clear what happened today. The Qin Dynasty also knows. The reason why I'm not killing you is not because I don't understand, but because I want you to relay a message to Emperor Qin. Never take things too far because we will meet again." Emperor Liu stared hard at Qin Li before saying coldly, "Scram." With that said, his palm shook and with a loud boom, Qin Li's body was propelled into the air. He spat up blood following a soft groan. However, he did not care too much of it and quickly wiped the blood seeping from the corners of his lips. Staring at Emperor Liu, a dark smile appeared on his face. Qin Li didn't question Emperor Liu's intellect. It was because he believed that Emperor Liu was a smart man that he knew the emperor wouldn't kill him.

Although Qin Yuan had died in the Liu palace, not all had been lost then. Nobody knew what the Qin Dynasty would do to the Liu Kingdom, what methods would be used against them. But what would the Qin Dynasty do if Emperor Liu really killed Qin Li?

With the lives of the entire Liu royal family on the line, would Emperor Liu really disregard it all just to kill them?

"I will commit Your Majesty's words to memory. I shall take my leave now," said Qin Li. He turned to leave with Qian Shanmu, Qin Mengruo, and the others followed behind him. Chu Yaoyao looked back and looked in a specific direction. So many feelings rushed through her. She never expected what happened today and she didn't know the entire story behind it.

But the result for the Qin Dynasty's visit to the Liu Kingdom was the death of Emperor Qin's youngest son, Qin Yuan. He had come to propose a marriage alliance but ended up dead right here in the Liu palace. Naturally, she knew what this event would lead to. It seemed the peace in the Eastern Barren Territory was no longer.

As Ye Futian watched Qin Li leave, his fists clenched tight and he sighed inwardly. Emperor Liu understood that this was part of a scheme set up by the Qin Dynasty, yet he let Qin Li go. It was obvious Emperor Liu took the lives of the royal Liu family into consideration. However, Ye Futian was not optimistic about this situation. Even though Emperor Liu didn't kill Qin Li, did it necessarily mean that the Qin Dynasty would go easy on them?

Ye Futian did not think so at all. Since the Qin Dynasty had gone through the lengths to set up all of this, they were most likely already well-prepared for every and all scenarios.

The people from other powers watched Qin Li and the others leave, and knew they should depart as well. One by one, they stepped forward to bow to Emperor Liu and left. Of course, they also knew what the events of today would mean for the future. They must hurry back to their clans and report to higher-ups in order to make appropriate countermeasures.

Not far from the palace, Qin Li and his group came to a stop in the air. In a lowered voice, he said to the people next to him, "Monitor everything that goes on in the Liu palace."

"Yes." Multiple Nobles descended to return on land, not leaving with Qin Li.

Qin Li led the rest of his people further into the skies while a sinister smile escaped.

In the Liu palace, there was tension in the air outside the princess' residence. Every palace official had a thought of their own. Emperor Liu had a darkened expression on his face while Liu Feiyang stood with fury in his eyes and a murderous intent radiating from him. Liu Chenyu was hurt and leaned quietly on Ye Wuchen. At this moment, she had no will to do anything but to stay peacefully in his embrace.

"Chenyu, Father has failed you. I'm sorry." Emperor Liu looked at his daughter with guilt-stricken eyes. His daughter, Liu Chenyu, a devastating beauty as described poetry, graceful and pure as she was, had experienced such a terrible thing. All the while, as the emperor of the Liu Kingdom, he couldn't protect her as a father should have. At the very end, he didn't even make all those from the Qin Dynasty stay. Only Qin Yuan was killed.

Liu Chenyu did not reply and remained quiet as she had been for a while. Of course, she knew her father did what he did for a reason. He had so many things to considered. But to have such a thing happen to her, one could only imagine the pain she was in.

Emperor Liu lifted his head. Looking out to the crowd, he said, "Relay my order, Princess Liu Chenyu of the Liu Kingdom is now betrothed to Ye Wuchen."

Only then did Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu lift their heads to look at the emperor. Although this was something they wanted, it was hard to be happy at a time like this.

The officials standing around did not have a single word to say. At this point, it was useless to attempt to convince Emperor Liu otherwise.

"You can all go now." Emperor Liu waved his hand at the officials signaling for them to leave.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Everyone nodded and left contemplating what they would overcome this difficult situation.

When everyone was gone, Emperor Liu's attention returned onto Ye Futian's group. "I'll go get some medicine. You guys wait here," he said. The emperor left after that.

Ye Futian turned around to look at Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu. He watched Ye Wuchen wrap his one arm around Liu Chenyu and told her, "I will kill Qin Li." His voice was filled with determination. He sounded so sure, nobody would question his determination. Whether it be Ye Wuchen or Ye Futian and their other friends, everyone wanted Qin Li dead.

Not long after, Emperor Liu returned with a jade green bottle. He arrived beside Liu Chenyu but instead of feeding the medicine to Liu Chenyu, the emperor handed the bottle to Ye Wuchen. "You should do it."

Ye Wuchen nodded and supported Liu Chenyu as they sat on the ground. His arm lifted the bottle to Liu Chenyu's lips and fed her the liquid medicine. Qi rushed through her body, a flow of life. A jade green light radiated from her wound which slowly began to heal. This was obviously a sacred healing medicine treasured by the Liu Kingdom.

After that, Emperor Liu took out an intricate looking box and opened it in front of Ye Wuchen. Inside was a sword with an extremely thin blade. It looked to be light as a feather and the light reflected off the blade seemed cold and cutting. Under the sword was an ancient book, weathered and pages yellowed.

"These are treasures of my kingdom, this sword and a book on sword tactics. A dowry of sorts. Take it," Emperor Liu said to Ye Wuchen.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Ye Wuchen nodded.

The emperor's attention turned to Ye Futian before placing another open box onto the ground. In the ancient box was a long robe. It almost looked transparent, shining with silver. A hint of Spiritual Qi could be felt from the robe. It was obviously a ritual implement.

"You're a disciple of the Cottage, so naturally, your cultivation should be guided by the people of the Cottage. There isn't much I can give you. This sorcerer's robe has the ability to disguise. Perhaps it will be of help to you in the future." Emperor Liu handed the robe over to Ye Futian and continued, "As a favor, I asked you to take care of Feiyang and Chenyu, but now that things have progressed to this point, I can only be thick-skinned and beg you to bring them to the College. Even though their gifts are not enough to get them into the Cottage, they are qualified enough to enter the College."

Ye Futian stared at Emperor Liu. As the leader of an entire country, he was here begging Ye Futian. It was obvious, he anticipated the dangers that could come, but even so, he still let Qin Li go.

"If Your Majesty is so pessimistic of the Liu Kingdom's future, why didn't you take care of those people from the Qin Dynasty?" asked Ye Futian.

"What's the point of killing them? Would it be enough to destroy the Qin Dynasty?" said Emperor Liu. "On the contrary, killing them would give the Qin the perfect excuse to attack us. Right now, even if they used the death of Qin Yuan as an excuse, the people of the world are not idiots. If the Qin did something wrong, other clans in the Eastern Barren Territory and the people of the world will obviously be able to see."

Ye Futian didn't have anything to say. Emperor Liu continued to explain, "I already gave orders to get everyone out of the palace. Hopefully, the Qin Dynasty doesn't plan to wipe us out completely. Other than that, I plan on escorting you guys back to the College personally. There's no time to waste, let's head out now."

"Alright," nodded Ye Futian. The Qin Dynasty didn't dare to make a move on him just yet, but the same could not be said for Ye Wuchen, Liu Chenyu, and the others. They had to leave the Liu palace immediately and hurry back to the Cottage to see if his senior brothers and sisters were willing to help.

"Wuchen, let's go," Ye Futian turned his head and said. Ye Wuchen supported Liu Chenyu as she got up.

Emperor Liu personally escorted them. He led them to the Liu Kingdom's entrance to the Ancient Barren World. Then, Emperor Liu, Ye Wuchen, and other powerful cultivators entered the upper Ancient Barren World. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were still not in the Arcana Plane, so they could only enter the lower world. All of them made plans to meet up at the exit to the College.

The news got out from the Liu palace and spread through the imperial city like a forest fire. Everyone was in fear and had the feeling that a horrific storm was about to hit the country.

When these people had arrived, everyone gossiped about Emperor Qin's youngest son, Qin Yuan, and how he planned to ask for the princess' hand in marriage. They gossiped about whether Qin Yuan and Liu Chenyu looked good together. But now, there was the sudden news that Liu Chenyu almost committed suicide and the Qin prince, Qin Yuan, was killed in the Liu palace. Also, Emperor Liu ordered that Liu Chenyu be betrothed to Ye Wuchen. This was all too shocking. Even the common people had a feeling that the Eastern Barren Territory was going to be shaken up.

What would the Qin Dynasty do?

People left the palace gradually. Emperor Liu had actually ordered for everyone in the palace to disperse. This made the citizens of the Liu Kingdom understand, Emperor Liu didn't think it was at all possible to go against the Qin Dynasty. He was truly pessimistic about this situation.

The people from the various powers returned to their own clans. All of them had originally thought that the Qin Dynasty had genuinely wanted to create a marriage alliance with the Liu Kingdom and have the Liu follow the Qin. However, it was now clear that they had all been wrong. From the looks of things, this was the Qin Dynasty's first move against the Liu Kingdom.

From this move, it was also obvious to them just how confident the Qin were.

What was going to happen in the next battle? Was the Liu Kingdom, a top power in the Eastern Barren Territory, going to be wiped off the map for good?
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    《The Legend of Futian》