The Legend of Futian
335 Declaration of War
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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335 Declaration of War

Chapter 335: Declaration of War
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A head-on conflict had erupted between the Qin Dynasty and the Cottage, shocking the entire Eastern Barren Territory. Countless people waited for the Qin Dynasty to respond.

Qin Ge, the third prince of Qin Dynasty, was killed by the Cottage when he went there to ask for Ye Wuchen. If Qin Dynasty did not respond to this, everyone in the world would think that Qin Dynasty was not qualified to unify Eastern Barren Territory after all. Just when everyone was discussing it, some news spread from the Qin Imperial Palace.

Qin Dynasty officially announced to the world the seven sins of the Cottage. Firstly, the Cottage was overbearing in its behavior and had been killing the innocent. Gu Dongliu had eliminated a top-tier force in Eastern Barren Territory. This was cruel and inhumane.

Secondly, Cottage disciples had robbed others of their possessions. In Chaoge City, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had taken the treasures from Yin Family by force, namely the Five Element Rod and the demonic tripod.

Thirdly, Cottage disciples had been bullying others because of their status and did whatever they wanted. They had once forced He Xirou, the daughter of the fifth lord of Royal Xuan Temple, to kill herself. Furthermore, they still did not leave the matter at that, eventually killing the Royal Xuan Temple disciple Luo Junlin, his father, and many others who had a deep resentment for Ye Futian. They were brutal and killed everyone who tried to oppose them.

Fourthly, the Cottage protected murderers, in particular, Ye Wuchen. They ignored the decision of Fuyun Sword Clan and even killed the people from Qin Dynasty who went there.

There were still the fifth, sixth and seventh sins. It was as if the Cottage had done much evil and could not be forgiven.

Qin Dynasty announced that they would send their army to the Divine Capital and attack the Cottage in order to protect Eastern Barren Territory. In addition, they invited all the powerful forces to gather in the Qin Imperial City and discuss the situation in Eastern Barren Territory. They also hoped that the leaders of these forces could attend themselves to determine the future together.

The news spread and shook the entire Eastern Barren Territory fiercely. Were the most powerful forces in the Eastern Barren Territory finally going to collide head-on with each other?

It seemed unlikely that the Cottage would be able to fight against the Dragon Army of Qin Dynasty. Apart from that, the Qin Dynasty invited all the powerful forces to gather in the Qin Imperial City. They probably wanted to attack the Cottage with the aid from these forces. Of course, the Qin Dynasty did not say it directly but only claimed that they would discuss the situation together. However, everyone knew the truth.

Qin Dynasty had already officially declared war on the Cottage, so the various forces obviously could not reject the Qin Dynasty's invitation. At the moment, the Qin Dynasty was extremely powerful and it had easily destroyed the Liu Kingdom. Even if they did not want to fight with the Qin Dynasty, they had to give Qin Dynasty some face. Moreover, the battle between the Qin Dynasty and the Cottage would be considered a top-tier one in the Eastern Barren Territory. Everyone wanted to watch it for themselves.

The Eastern Barren Territory was stirred up. Immediately, the cultivators from various top forces left their places. The leaders of many forces also departed themselves and headed towards the Qin Imperial City, leading their fellow members. Even they would be involved in the great change that was imminent in Eastern Barren Territory.

The Cottage, of course, also received the news, but it was expected. Qin Dynasty wanted to rule the world and Gu Dongliu killed Qin Ge directly. This was almost like declaring war. How could the Qin Dynasty not respond to it?

The Qin Imperial City was filled with many talented people. For a moment, the forces in the Eastern Barren Territory all gathered here. It was not just the top forces; cultivators from various forces reached one after another, especially those subsidiary forces under the Qin Dynasty.

Very quickly, news spread from the Qin Imperial City: Fuyun Sword Clan had arrived. Even the leader of Fuyun Sword Clan, together with several summit lords, was here. Afterward, the people from Royal Xuan Temple also arrived. All the five lords were present. Then, the leaders of Ji Family, Witch Clan, Moon Clan, and many others arrived at the Qin Imperial City one by one.

There had never been such a grand occasion in Eastern Barren Territory before. Many leaders from top forces were here themselves. This was clearly because of the fact that Qin Dynasty had declared war to the Cottage. The influence of this was way too big, as it would very likely determine the future of Eastern Barren Territory and affect the entire situation. It would determine what would happen in the future and even where the various people would end up in. In such a situation, even the leaders of different forces must pay absolute attention. After all, not long ago, a person who had been as famous as them, namely the king of Liu Kingdom, died in the Qin Imperial Palace.

This would be a huge change that had never happened in Eastern Barren Territory in the past hundreds of years. Qin Dynasty and the Cottage would be the main players leading to this change, while everyone else would also be involved trying to maximize their benefits.

At the moment, the people from Royal Xuan Temple were gathered somewhere in the Qin Imperial Palace, including the few lords. The first lord of Royal Xuan Temple was wearing a loose robe and had black hair that filled his head. From him, one could feel a very powerful temperament.

"First lord, if Qin Dynasty asks us to attack the Cottage with them, what should we do?" someone suddenly asked. After Qin Ge died, they guessed that a great battle would probably happen between the two forces. Because of the relationship between them and the Cottage, they would surely not be on the Cottage's side. However, the question was whether they should participate in the battle at all.

Qin Dynasty declared war on the Cottage first and claimed that the Cottage had committed seven sins. Then, they gathered all the forces in Eastern Barren Territory and invited all the cultivators, which was really cunning of them. If Qin Dynasty asked Royal Xuan Temple to participate, what should they do?

"What do you think?" the first lord asked.

He Yulu's eyes sparkled. Obviously, he hoped that they would fight against the Cottage, but he did not dare to voice his opinion so easily at the moment.

"Clearly, we cannot participate in the battle easily," Xia Luo suddenly said.

"Xia Luo, what's your opinion?" the first lord asked.

Xia Luo looked at his master. Bowing, he replied, "Qin Dynasty and the Cottage are both extremely strong. They probably both want to unify Eastern Barren Territory. Even though we cannot prevent this from happening, it will be dangerous for us to get involved easily. Furthermore, after Qin Dynasty eliminated the Cottage, Eastern Barren Territory will be unified. We will definitely need to benefit sufficiently from this so that in the future, we will have the same position in Eastern Barren Territory."

"You think that Eastern Barren Territory will certainly be unified?" the first lord asked.

"Yes, master. Since the Qin Dynasty wiped out the Liu Kingdom so simply, it can do the same to other forces. After all, there is a huge difference between their strongest cultivators and those from other forces. I think that only the College Cottage can deal with the Qin Dynasty, and this general trend cannot be stopped. Master, we can only try to get more benefits in order to secure our position. After all, even if Qin Dynasty unifies Eastern Barren Territory, it will make no difference to us as long as they do not control us directly," Xia Luo said slowly.

The first lord squinted and his eyes sparkled. He could understand Xia Luo's words, but it was still somewhat difficult for him to accept the reality. Moreover, they would surely need to pay a price first before being able to benefit. This meant that ultimately, they still had to fight for Qin Dynasty.

In another pavilion, the disciples of the Moon Clan were all gathered together. Even the leader of Moon Clan was present. At the moment, a group of ladies was gazing into the distance. They were all exceptionally pretty, especially the first lady. It was as if she was an ethereal fairy that should not even exist in the mortal world.

"Leader, Virgin Chu Yaoyao and Qin Li had been very close to each other. They had already confirmed their relationship. When the Liu Kingdom was destroyed, Chu Yaoyao even followed Qin Li there. I am worried that we have already been tied to Qin Dynasty since then," a lady said.

After all, the Virgin of Moon Clan had a very high status and her words were often influential. She could represent Moon Clan when she was outside.

Goddess Wangyue did not say anything but her eyes sparkled.

Chu Yaoyao had been very close to Qin Li and was already Qin Li's girlfriend. On the other hand, another genius from Moon Clan was the girlfriend of Ye Futian, a Cottage disciple. This was indeed very tricky. How should they handle the situation?

Apart from them, all the leaders in Eastern Barren Territory were thinking of the same question: if Qin Dynasty asked them to attack the Cottage, what should they do?

Qin Dynasty was really too cunning. Instead of just declaring war, they summoned everyone in Eastern Barren Territory to this place.
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    《The Legend of Futian》