The Legend of Futian
336 Mr. Du’s Aspiration
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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336 Mr. Du’s Aspiration

Chapter 336: Mr. Du’s Aspiration
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A grand feast was being held in the Qin Imperial Palace, drawing many cultivators from various places. Most people in Eastern Barren Territory had already arrived, including many leaders and important figures.

Outside the Qin Imperial Palace, countless people gazed at the open palace from afar. The entire place was packed with cultivators. They lined up in a neat row which extended from outside the palace all the way to the central region of the feast. There, the king of Qin and the crown prince Qin Yu were sitting on the thrones above everyone else. There were many groups of people around them, each of which represented a top force in Eastern Barren Territory. Behind them, there were also people from various forces. They were the top-tier forces in Eastern Barren Territory, such as Yin Family from Chaoge City whose members took orders from Qin Dynasty directly. Now, they also responded to Qin Dynasty's call and came to attend the event.

On the right of the king of Qin, a group of people with outstanding temperament stood proudly. All of them were extremely talented and famous in Eastern Barren Territory. At the very front of this group of people, there were two charming ladies. They were stunningly beautiful and had attracted much attention.

Hua Qingqing was as pure as a fairy who had descended from the heaves. From her eyes, one could not see any distractions. They looked perfectly clear and pure. Beside her, there was another fair lady. She was also a very famous beauty in Eastern Barren Territory, Lady Yuxiao.

In the past, Lady Yuxiao was also known as Goddess Yuxiao. She was a very famous lady in Eastern Barren Territory. Later, she fell in love with the then handsome young leader of Donghua Clan. Lady Yuxiao was the wife of the Donghua Clan leader at the moment.

It was said that the Donghua Clan leader was cultivating in seclusion and did not come himself. However, nobody dared to ignore Lady Yuxiao. She obtained her position today definitely not because she was married to the Donghua Clan leader. Instead, some claimed that the Donghua Clan leader had such a renowned status today only because he married her.

Countless people stared at Lady Yuxiao. She was very honored and seldom appeared in front of other people. However, today she was still here. It was clear how important Qin Dynasty's announcement was.

Apart from Lady Yuxiao, a leader from Qianqiu Temple was also here. He was an eminent monk and had brought with him the Arhat and many other disciples. Apart from that, many leaders and important figures from Fuyun Sword Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, Witch Clan, Moon Clan, and Ji Family were also present.

Seeing these people, many cultivators around sighed in their hearts. This was all because of the destruction of Liu Kingdom. Qin Dynasty invited all the cultivators in the world and countless people responded. Although various top forces did not declare their position, they still could not ignore the Qin Dynasty. Indeed, they were all present, including many important people. Qin Dynasty had, after all, easily destroyed the Liu Kingdom. Moreover, Donghua Clan was also Qin Dynasty's ally.

Two out of the three most powerful forces in Eastern Barren Territory had allied with each other. Their influence was well understood.

The banquet which was filled with people was somewhat noisy as different people discussed various matters. Suddenly, the crown prince Qin Yu stood up and signaled for everyone to be quiet. The many noises immediately started to diminish. Eventually, the place was in total silence, apart from the occasional discussion among the people from top forces.

The king of Qin scanned the vast crowd and said politely, "I am indeed honored to have all of you from so many distant places here." Many cultivators folded their hands and said, "Your Majesty, we're honored as well."

"I will not be too polite or indirect. I think that everyone can see the situation in the Eastern Barren Territory at the moment clearly. We happily sent a group of people to the Liu Kingdom so as to propose marriage as my son Qin Yuan wanted to marry Liu Chenyu, princess of Liu Kingdom. However, he was assaulted in the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace and died miserably in a foreign kingdom. Every time I think about this, I feel great pain. The Liu Kingdom is cruel and inhuman and should be destroyed. Because of this, many people in the Liu Kingdom paid the price. However, the culprits Liu Chenyu, Liu Feiyang, and the murderer, Ye Wuchen, are still happy and unpunished today. The Cottage is protecting these murderers."

The king of Qin said angrily, "Because of this, they even killed Qin Ge who went there. My son Qin Ge was very talented, but he died in such a petty way. Even during a war between two nations, no one kills the messengers. The Cottage is simply frenzied and does whatever they want. I think that all of you have also heard about and can remember the seven sins they committed. Such a force should not have even existed in Eastern Barren Territory. Today, we invited all of you here to discuss this. What are your opinions?"

The eyes of the people from various forces all sparkled. They each had their own plans.

"The Cottage is in indeed lawless and ignores the hidden rules in the Eastern Barren Territory. Fuyun Sword Clan now officially announces that we have expelled Ye Wuchen from the clan. Your Majesty, you can punish him in whatever ways you want and you do not need to care about Fuyun Sword Clan's view," the leader of Fuyun Sword Clan suddenly declared.

Everyone's eyes sparkled. This was also an outcome they had long expected. Fuyun Sword Clan did not agree to fight alongside Qin Dynasty because it would be extremely risky.

The Cottage slew Qin Ge. How could the various forces not be frightened? Arrogance and boldness were built upon immense confidence, while confidence came from power. The boldness and confidence of the Cottage caused them to be very afraid.

The king of Qin glanced at the leader of Fuyun Sword Clan. Indeed, although they managed to summon various forces here today, the different forces all had their own thoughts. They would clearly not make a decision just because of his words.

"Over these few years, the Cottage has indeed crossed the line, especially this time when they killed Qin Ge. Qin Dynasty should go there and make sure that justice is served," a lord of Royal Xuan Temple said. His reply was very ambiguous.

On the other hand, the people from the Moon Clan, Ji Family, and other forces all watched quietly and did not say anything. They had to observe the situation first. A major change was imminent in the Eastern Barren Territory. None of them knew what was about to happen.

"Master, what do you think?" Suddenly, the king of Qin looked at the eminent monk from Qianqiu Temple. He was wearing a kasaya and had prayer beads around his neck and in his hand. At the moment, he grabbed the beads around his neck and closed his eyes. Then, he made some obscure noises and shook his head gently without replying to the king.

The king of Qin looked at everyone present. It seemed that they would not make a decision until they could see a clear objective.

"Over these years, the Cottage has become more and more uncontrolled. It now already has the potential to threaten the entire Eastern Barren Territory. If we wait for a few more years, Eastern Barren Territory will probably be ruled by the Cottage. By that time, all of your lives will be in the hands of the Cottage." The king of Qin said emotionlessly, "Therefore, I want to put an end to this situation. I invited all of you here to create a new era." The moment when he finished speaking, the place turned even quieter. Was the king of Qin planning to show his cards to Eastern Barren Territory?

Create a new era? Whose era?

"Your Majesty, do you want to unify the Eastern Barren Territory?" The leader of the Witch Clan stared at the king of Qin with a sharp look. He asked the question which everyone else wanted to.

"No, I want to change Eastern Barren Territory, together with all of you, because I do not want you to disappear into the river of history just like Qin Dynasty," the king of Qin said.

"Disappear?" Goddess Wangyue from Moon Clan looked at the king and said, "Your Majesty, is that too exaggerated? Although the Cottage is supercilious, its members do not seem to have the intention to rule the world."

"Goddess, do you know why the relationship between the Cottage and the College is not good?" The king of Qin stared at Goddess Wangyue.

"Why is that so?" Goddess Wangyue asked.

"This is a top secret. Even I only know bits and pieces of it," the king said emotionlessly. "The reason is that the chief of the College and Mr. Du from the Cottage have different aspirations.

"That time, the eldest disciple of the Cottage, Sword Saint, was extremely powerful and shocked the world in just one battle. Everyone thought that they could already see the glory of the College as another super-being had been born. However, when Sword Saint asked Mr. Du if he should stay on Book Mountain, Mr. Du asked him to leave and build his own clan.

"The College has the Cottage with them. Even at this point, they can easily become the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory. When all the Cottage disciples are strong enough, what position will the College have? They can conquer the world. Everyone has ambition, including the College. The College wants to become the totem head of the Eastern Barren Territory, but Mr. Du did not follow the will of the College. Instead, he only did what he wanted to. Is it because he does not have wild ambition at all?"

The king looked at the crowd and said in a serious tone, "It's the opposite. Mr. Du's plans and ambition are even larger, wilder than the College Chief. The eldest disciple, Sword Saint, built Sword Saint Mountain. By the time the second, third, and even fourth disciples begin to establish their own clans, the entire Eastern Barren Territory will belong to the Cottage. The other forces will no longer be able to do anything about it.

"If there is really such a day, ask yourself this: how are your talents compared to the Sword Saint and Gu Dongliu? By that time, the Cottage disciples will establish their own forces, and will anyone join your forces? The Cottage does not even have to fight. They just need to wait for time to pass before they can become the symbol of the Eastern Barren Territory. At that time, who will remember the Witch Clan? Or the Moon Clan? You will just vanish into the river of history.

"This is Mr. Du's aspiration," the king said, staring at everyone else.

They knew what the king had just said was very likely to be true. If there was really such a day, the Cottage would not have to battle at all to unify the Eastern Barren Territory. By that time, the Cottage would become the absolute holy land in Eastern Barren Territory. Furthermore, even if they wanted to fight back by then, they would not be strong enough to deal with the Cottage disciples.
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    《The Legend of Futian》